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CNA: Time to promote ‘integration’ programmes with foreigners at workplace too

Posted by temasektimes on June 1, 2012

With more than one third of Singapore’s workforce made up of foreigners, it is time to promote and expand integration programmes at workplaces to integrate locals with them, declared state-run Channel News Asia.

Some industries are advocating structured HR policies to promote cross-cultural awareness and understanding between native Singaporeans and foreigners who form the majority in some companies.

In Standard Chartered Bank where a quarter of the staff are foreigners (excluding PRs), workplace integration programmes range from three days paid leave for staff to participate in community projects, to encouraging cross-cultural exchanges.

Among the programmes are an online cultural awareness training resource which helps employees learn not only about their own cultural perspective, but also other cultures, and an International Dress Day for staff.

While large companies like Standard Chartered Bank have the resources to promote ‘integration’ between Singaporeans and foreigners, small and medium enterprises which also employed many foreigners do not have the means to do so.

Experts interviewed by CNA said it is critical for such sectors to seriously think about implementing workplaces integration policies with more foreigners flocking to find work in Singapore.



9 Responses to “CNA: Time to promote ‘integration’ programmes with foreigners at workplace too”

  1. Zam said

    Fuck all the foreigners. All the bloody FT’s – Get the hell out of Singapore

  2. Mikey said

    I would love to integrate them… with my fist!

  3. yayaya said

    learn punjabi, tagalog and speak chinese with all the 干啥? to encourage good integration. embrace their style of work. ok let’s start with the 5 weeks leave as practised in europe or 1st week of may and october 1 week public holiday as practised in china. pinoy ah… public holiday for independence day (who know independent of what).

  4. hooky said

    “foreigners” in article exclude new citizens?

    • CheapSingaporeCitizen said

      God knows as nowadays it is so easy & simple to become a Singapore PR or Singapore New Citizen as all it takes is a Diploma or Degree qualification from the FT, right?

  5. hachoiji said

    I think its too little too late now. its like putting the cart before the horse concept being practised now.

  6. fu_pap said

    CNA, Ask PAP to lead the way by appointing a FT Prime Minister (eg, Obama), don’t talk cock.

  7. K said

    Hahaha! Let the operation replacement begins. Watch out all u sinkies, yur days r numbered. Muah…ar…ar…ar!

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