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Enquiry to MOE on why certain polytechnic courses are not open to ITE students

Posted by temasektimes on June 1, 2012

Enquiry to MOE:

I have a question/suggestion that I would like to make regarding why some of the courses in polytechnic are not eligible for ITE students. It seems that ITE students are only allow taking those courses prior to what they have studied back in their ITE.

We could have given a chance to enroll a different course but all the courses are only eligible for O level holders. Since that O level holders have just graduated from their secondary schools, they will also be totally new/fresh with diploma education; they have no knowledge about IT, engineering, psychology and etc as compare to ITE education system.

Why are all courses not open for enrollment to ITE students, when their good grades are eligible for them to enroll into respective polytechnic? How can we be fair to the ITE students? Perhaps, MOE could allow ITE students to switch to a completely different course within their interest whereby they have finished their Higher Nitec and not just post a constraint to choose courses prior to what they have studied back in ITE . I appreciate your time spent to read my point of views and suggestion.


Replied from MOE:

2. A NITEC or Higher NITEC qualification is higher and more specialised than an O’level qualification. Hence, applicants seeking a polytechnic education who do not meet the Minimum Entry Requirements (MER) for admission into a polytechnic course may first obtain a Higher NITEC or NITEC from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), if they meet the MER for the latter. Upon obtaining a Higher NITEC or NITEC, eligibility to be considered for admission into a polytechnic course would depend on the relevance of the ITE qualification to the course, and subject to the applicants meeting the minimum Grade Point Average entry requirement. This helps to ensure that applicants have the sufficient foundation to cope with the rigour of the polytechnic course.

3. Similarly, not all O’ level applicants are eligible to be considered for all polytechnic courses. The courses applicants are eligible to be considered for would depend on the subjects for which they sat for the O’levels. Applicants who wish to gain admission into any polytechnic course must also meet the MER for the course. The MER for O’level applicants include their ELR2B2 scores, that is, the minimum grades for English, two relevant subjects for the course applied for, and best two other subjects excluding CCA. This also ensures that applicants have sufficient academic foundation to cope with the rigour of the course.

4. Nevertheless, we note your feedback and suggestion.


5 Responses to “Enquiry to MOE on why certain polytechnic courses are not open to ITE students”

  1. asd said

    Not all ITE applicant is good enough to cope in Poly courses, i am from ITE, i have friends from ITE your GPA in ITE don’t represent your ability in Poly. it maybe better or worst as such most are the latter. This is what my friend did get a 3.93 GPA in poly and change course in Uni. if you are that confident in your ability there is no issue.

  2. Poly Student said

    But if a lot of student from ITE comes into a popular course in Poly then the new batch of students from O levels for that year will have less chance to enter the course am I right? Cause the spots are taken up.

  3. hachoiji said

    The writer should also asked how many foreign students got to study at the poly and what are their qualifications as pre-requisite ??? I know there are some with only so so educations dn they get to study at poly. This OLD rules has to be reviewed, just like the UNI quota on one hand for local and other qualifications for the foreign students. My point is that all local Singaporean should get a chance to study what they are inclined to .

  4. Ken Lee said

    don’t waste your time here, go oversea to study. it’s more cheaper and save your time.

  5. Annoyomous said

    Because in ITE, you need to boot lick teachers to get high GPA. They know the tricks, that is why they won’t accept ITE.

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