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PHOTO: SMRT staff caught drinking inside train

Posted by temasektimes on June 1, 2012

A commuter spotted a SMRT staff drinking inside the train and wondered why passengers are not allowed to do so.

Photo by Mark Chua:


12 Responses to “PHOTO: SMRT staff caught drinking inside train”

  1. samdolmat said

    you so stupid, drinking and carrying is two different things. such a dumb goondoo reporting. i view gutteruncensored like this better

  2. Jaren said

    If he was drinking, please take a picture of him drinking. Many a time I have seen a staff pick up a thrown cup from the floor. Furthermore, the cup looks empty. Show the full story.

  3. Mad Cow said

    A sweet in the mouth, fine $30. This guy should be fired.

  4. speechless said

    he is holding it. not drinking it. wat is wrong.. i ever hold my half-filled bubble tea in my hands to take the mrt, in front of the staffs n the cameras. as long as din drink, there is no offense.

    anyway, it is just about bringing food into the train, either in plastic bag or in hands…

  5. cost that matters said

    this is crazy, are we having nothing better to do then to witch hunting !!!! OMG … or as usual blame on PAP again !!!! … MAD

  6. George Tan said

    He was not drinking. He was just holding a cup with a protruding drinking straw. Anybody can hold an empty cup in his hand. This case should be treated differently from that of the Indian girl who was fined $30 on the spot for sucking a sweet to calm her motion sickness.



  8. Brandon said

    Hello! He is merely picking up a plastic cup that was left by other commuters and was about to drop it away the next stop!

  9. dol said

    TT is dumb stupid media to post this kind of crap.

  10. P Koh said

    In life there are always the pessimists, the opptimist and the realist and while there were discussing whether the cup is half-full or half-empty, the opportunist came along and told them that he had already drank the water while they were still discussing about the issue to find who is right or who is wrong in the assessment. Ha! Ha! Ha! Must educate people to adopt the Principles of JAS – when you see something, do not be quick to Judge, Assume or Speculate. Always wiser to find out the truth first by using the two eyes and two ears that God have given us and use the mouth sparingly as there is only one mouth nstead of two for a good reason.

  11. D Tay said

    I was told by the SMRT staff not to carry the drinks (eg. koi or what ever drinks that could not be capped) into the mrt station and i WOULD be fine $30 dollars if i do not carry it in a plastic bag. He made me finish an undrank KOI ON THE SPOT (or he would impose on the fine).

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