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Dr Vivian Balakrishnan: I am very ‘disappointed’ with tone of anti-foreigner feelings on Facebook

Posted by temasektimes on June 2, 2012

Despite rising concerns and frustrations among Singaporeans that they have been ‘short-changed’ by the government’s ultra-liberal immigration and pro-foreigner policies, PAP leaders continue to turn a blind eye to the problem and blame Singaporeans for being ‘anti-foreigner’ and ‘xenophobic’ instead.

Speaking at a dialogue during the Sinda Youth Leaders Seminar yesterday, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Dr Vivian Balakrishnan expressed ‘disappointment’ at the ‘anti-foreigner’ sentiments prevalent on the internet and urged youth leaders to stand up against such tirades.

‘We need to keep Singapore open and I am very disappointed with the tone of anti-foreigner feelings that I was reading on Facebook,’ he said.

Dr Vivian then repeated the centuries old PAP ‘mantra’ that Singapore ‘succeeded’ because it is OPEN to foreigners:

‘We should never forget how we got here and succeeded because we are an open society and took in talented people, and so we flourished. We need some of you to stand up for us and say this,’ he urged.

PAP leaders have often reminded Singaporeans that they are also descendants of immigrants to force their unpopular immigration policies down their throats. However, the first-generation immigrants came to Singapore to build their homes while the present wave of immigrants are mostly there to take advantage of the benefits made readily available to them.

Meanwhile, anti-foreigner sentiments continue to run high on social media with a Facebook page set up recently calling for Pinoy PMETs to be ejected from Singapore.


93 Responses to “Dr Vivian Balakrishnan: I am very ‘disappointed’ with tone of anti-foreigner feelings on Facebook”

  1. Tan young ren said

    The stupid and useless minister just know how to talk nonsense. In other country, I think you have already force to step down, spent so much money in Youth Olympic Games. Where was the money you spent to. Traitor…..

    • Mel said

      Lets play fair…Just find a cheaper foreign talent to replace him.

      • Saniy Tay said

        Mel@ beautifully commented …..replace this moron.

      • Hammer said

        Maybe a piony to replace him

      • Sher said

        good comment

      • Many China minister could replace Singapore minister said

        Many China minister could replace Singapore minister, and if you pay them one one fifth of Singapore salary, I am sure they will come over, why not do so to cut tax payer money for high minister salary of one million Singpaore dollar a year?

    • Absolute power corrupts said

      Hear, hear.

      “Dr Vivian then repeated the centuries old PAP ‘mantra’ that Singapore ‘succeeded’ because it is OPEN to foreigners”

      There’s a stark difference between being open to foreigners and opening your legs for foreigners.

    • Snoopy Says said

      I think if in other country, he might be shot dead.

  2. alex said

    You and your PAP people are up there dont feel anything but we the people on the ground who is suffering and feeling the heat of your stupid foreign policies. Who make us feel that way…blame your pappies. I got two words for u… FXXX YOU.

  3. Jon said

    70 percent of jobs created in Singapore went to foreigners last year

    tell me why why will Singaporeans not feel resentment towards foreigner?

  4. George Tan said

    The anti-FT sentiments are all the direct result of government approving too many foreigners to come into our tiny Singapore to compete with the locals for jobs, for car COE, for hawker stall operation, for both HDB and private housing, for medical services, for road space, for bus and MRT travel, etc.
    We have now to do a U-turn on foreigner intake very urgently.

  5. Leow Wei Lin said

    Problem is that they stayed throughout and even started families here, and the people of the past are grateful that they have a chance to live in Singapore.. Law abiding citizens as well..

    You should really take a look at the ‘foreign talents’ we have now.. I believe I don’t need to mention the series of cases that happened all the way till the point today..

    And imposing a two yr NS will turn them away, which we Singapore Citizen have no choice (This is our home)..

  6. Cancer said

    ‘Yes… we never forget how we got her & succeeded ie. being an open society and took in TALENTED people. Can the govt now convince Singaporeans that you are taking in TALENTED people like hawkers, cashiers, prostitutes and any Tom Dick & Harry who wants a piece of our Country?

    Dr VB should examined why we are very frustrated with the immigration policy. We are disappointed with his statement. The anti-FT sentiments have never been so strong and if the govt continues to be stone deaf….we will ensure our voices will be heard in 2016!

  7. Exaggerated said

    You should not be disappointed. Being a minister, you should be happy that the people are telling you what is happening on ground and do something to serve in the directions of the people. By you saying that you are disappointed, the people are disappointed! (Do not forget how much you weight, you have failed in many aspects and its time you learn to listen to the people.)

  8. Jo said

    Wait till the minster job is also replace by FT when the FT is willing to take the job for a lower pay and deem better than local Minster den we see what else will the minster say

    • mahbok tan said

      Ha ha ha no need to replace them just outsource our GOVT to the save on the millions that were being paind to all these useless shits….!!!


  9. P Koh said

    The harm has already been done and blaming the government for their short-sightedness in bringing a huge influx of foreigners in such a such a short space of time is not going to help diffuse the situation. I believe they can see the resentment but what is more important now is to find the solution to address these social ills rather than cursing and attacking which fuel the anger and hatred. The old guards were very good in the past for organising all sorts of campaigns but what is stopping them from doing the same thing now to inculcate graciousness and harmony before this matter gets out of hand.

    • plese step down if your are not capable said

      Yes, government is short sighted, may be Dr xx, some MP or minister who proposed and accepted more PR into Singapore should step down themselves from causing chaotic situation in Singapore.

    • mahbok tan said

      So you have repent is it…????

      Good for you and please be more diplomacy in advising them and tell me the result…??? In 2 months or 2 generation….!!!????

  10. Mel said

    Well, you have no problems to make ends meet because of your film star wages and a job for life. I bet you don’t have to compete with foreigners too. Zip it and go fix the floods!

  11. black cat said

    halo, balakrishnan: I am very ‘disappointed’ to the flawed pro-alien policies too!
    Feeling resentful towards foreign trashes sentiments is actually reflection of resentful towards the flawed, stupid and useless ruling party in reality!!

  12. slayer45 said

    Singaporeans are not against foreigners. In the 80s, 90s and the turn of the century, we welcome such talents without any problem. But the policies and the rate that we see in the past years, it is too extreme. It’s “flooding” every corner of this little red dot. Who did we bring in? The rich and very rich, the PMET and the low skilled workers. They are competing with sgpns in every aspect of our lives. Jobs, transportation, housing, hospital beds, uni places, scholarships, school priorities and what not? Please show your intelligence. It is the policies that we are upset with. Just by this speech that you have made, it simply shows you don’t fit to be a minister.

    • Hammer said

      Yes..!! Even as a tourist guide. STB is going to allow piony to be tourist guide in Singapore..

    • mahbok tan said

      But the IGNORANT 60.1% of SGporean do not see it…!!! But they are facing the reality now….!!!
      Pay them millions and we the COS are living ilke the 3rd world country citizen….!!! Where are our SWISS standard of living as promised by the KNN goh chok tong….tell him to ba;lik kampong la….!!!bull shit… and there !!!

  13. SGT33 said

    What the shit is he taliking. Only he is disappointed. What about us, our disappointment with the govt, in having too many foreigners in our country. Only he is human we are not…what the hell?

  14. Alvin said

    I am deeply disappointed with the current government who clearly is just providing lip-service to the plight of the Singapore Citizen. They actually have the cheek to say how we got here. Did the current government forget that it was on the backs of our parents and grand-parents who believed in the government and believed that the Singapore government will look after Singapore and Singaporeans, who fought and worked and delivered the means for the government to be in. The wealth of our nation comes directly from our forefathers and all the current administration does is horde the wealth and demand we earn more to put into their coffers.

    Does the current administration need to be reminded the the current low birthrate is due to the “two is enough” policy which limited the number of childbirth. And instead of working with the citizens of Singapore to increase our birthrate, the current administration is taking the easy way out by inviting foreigners with different loyalties, agendas and values into Singapore.

    Instead of engaging and working with Singapore Citizens to resolve the issues at hand, our government has the cheek to blame Singaporeans instead for our current sentiments. If we are constantly kowtowing to the foreigners who are constantly taking the prime cuts in Singapore, what will be left for Singaporeans? If we are told to kowtow to the foreigners, what difference did the current government have made to our previous colonial masters?

    Our forefathers had foresight to see the potential of Singapore, it is really sad when our current elected officials lack even the hindsight to notice the mistakes they have done.

    • Tend to forget when u make it said

      It no surprise this is the second gen already so y would they remember what the first gen have done or promise when in front of them is already stable they dun have to get the support of ppl anymore and just do as they please if they say using history to reflect on the current situation den as most China dynasty goes the first is best cos they have to fight hard to gain ppl surpport den after a few gen they take it for granted when they are in power they tend not to see how the ground ppl tt use to support them is doing so isn’t this happening here and now

      • Alvin said

        Actually it is a huge surprise to me as anyone who studied history would note that unless the country was ruled by a despot – it takes generations before that civilization crumbles. The Romans, The Qing Dynasty, even the Americans and the Brits all took centuries to be where they are before they fell apart.
        Mind you, even in the Chinese Dynasties – Most of them fell apart due to ministerial power struggles, power hungry eunuchs and elitist courtiers – Let’s not forget a ruler who is happy being ruler in his gilded cage and not at all willing to appreciate and comprehend the plight of the common man in his country. Then again, is Singapore any different?
        We only have had 3 Prime Ministers, our grandfathers still remember the struggle for independence. We are technically still a young nation.
        Yet when we ask for a fair wage, a reasonable housing to raise a family and an equal opportunity to work, study and live.What is their reply? “They” give themselves a huge raise and give the lower income earners $50/-. HDB homes are valued at such a rate that it takes 2 incomes to pay for it over 30 years and feed us with the PR nonsense of HDB homes have not shrunk and you can buy a HDB home with a salary of $1k. We compete for jobs, infrastructure usage and placements in schools with foreigner who are constantly insulting and taking full advantage of our hospitality and what does the current administration wants Singaporeans to do? Welcome them and help them integrate better into our society. I mean serious, who are “they”trying to insult?
        When news came out that 70 % of jobs went to foreigners last year, what did the current administration say or not say?
        It is just really disappointing that this highly paid, pragmatic and efficient government can’t even provide a clean answer to the needs of Singaporeans.

    • mahbok tan said

      The new sets of leaders are similar to the leaders in Malaysia….!!! same policy and same pattern….they expect US to follow their leadership , when we are the one who are feeling the crunched?????

      Reform our GOVT and its bias policies…!!!

      • Alvin said

        Actually when you have a country with ruled First Class Leaders but is only capable of governing via Third World Standard Policies you always end up with Second Class Citizens in your own country.

  15. Wolfglare said

    Why is it these PAP dogs can’t get it in their thick skull that Singapore belongs to Singaporean only all these FT trash are here like beggers…bloodsuckers stealing our job causing suffering to us….we just don’t want them here

  16. China... again said

    Some Singaporeans are more equal than other Singaporeans.
    Therefore, their disappointments are worth more than the disappointments of all other Singaporeans combined.

    Such is the sad state of our Singapore society.

  17. One Eye Jack said

    Hey Vivi

    You have still not given us a proper accounting of the S$ 250 million you overspent on YOG.

    Until you do so, please shut up and sit down.

    Nobody is ever going to listen to you again.

    • stevenado said

      Dis guy always pretend that YOG case has been closed.People have forgotton about it.
      vivi dear, u r dead wrong!!!! The more you puke rubbish, the more we remember YOG!!!
      Should replace him with a blanga!!

  18. stop talking cock said

    You want us to open like Geylang pros opening up legs for all these foreigners? How wide you want us to open?
    How to “stand up” when you import so many foreigners within a short period of time?
    We are disappointed with you especially on how you spent away our money in YOG with no accountability.
    Hope majority of your voters will not be disappointed with you in GE2016. Yes, highly likely that they will not as your GRC is fortunate enough not located in the East side.

  19. anti foreigner sentiments is common in the world said

    Anti foreigner sentiment are common in the world, because most of them did not contribute to their country!

    American anti-foreigners sentiment went to the highest point at 1924.
    In China, other races took over the government and formed Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. Anti-Qing Dynasty was succeeded by the communist party and form the new China today. Anti-foreigner or anti minority races sentiments are common and it is not just Singaporeans have it. So please do not blame on Singaporeans.

    The first generation came when there was little establishments in Singapore, and they help building up Singapore. It is different from now the new immigrants PR that came here to take the advantages of it. It is wrong policy to give out some many PR’s status, they are working but not contribute to our country. When I mean contribution is not just working alone.

    Can some one name a foreigner who contributed to Singapore new technology, that bringing growth and benefit to Singaporeans? Einstein had bring technology and benefit USA, there was not anti-Einstein in America. We want to be world class country, can we bring in world class foreigners, contribute and benefit to Singapore?

  20. CheapSingaporeCitizen said

    Why are we paying multi million dollars in salary for such a crap person like VB who only knows how to TCSS?

    Do not understand the rationality & mentality of these 60.1% daft singaporeans who had voted for these papayas during GE 2011…what stupidity & live to regret!

    • Mel said

      Maybe half of that 60.1% are new citizens….that’s why they bringing in more in preparation for 2016, I think….

  21. bobo said

    at least filter a bit la.. you sure so many PRC come all talents ah? talent in wad? drive bus knock down people?

  22. Non dafted like you said

    The keyword is “Talented” and not any foreign worker that this government open its flood gate to. Open you eyes and see, at the hawker centres, the construction sites, the banking sectors, the hospitality service sectors, the hospitals, are the workers talented, and Singaporean are not. The ordinary Singaporeans are being replaced by cheap labour and certainly not by talented foreigners. Stop shooting yourself… and stop being daft.

  23. aloysius12 said

    For anti-foreigner sentiments uttered, out of their mouths come this charade -“we should never forget how we got here”.
    Let it be understood mr minister(maybe not your forefather)when our forefathers came here, the island was for most part swampy – we had no water at the flick of the hand, kerosene was our main source of lighting, some fortunate enough had electricity after 6.00pm,etc; we had our waste carried by Chinese(night soil)in a multiple compartments lorries.etc.etc.
    Now foreigners choose our island – clean drinking water at your fingers’ tips – flick 0f the switch, lights comes on, press the button and the lift’s door open and you are down, covered footpaths to take you to the bus-stops, mrt, foodourts etc; something, they do not have in their countries-and the list goes on.
    Mr. minister’s father never experienced this, possibly came in when we were established. My father took a drasti pay-cut due to the British pull out and so all my elderst. So rightly when they made such comments they reflected on the last of the British. There were jobs-yes, those the British did not want or too low for them to fill in.
    Why can’t these foreigners choose countries like Cambodia, Burma and the newly emerging countries and develope them like our forefather did?
    Our forefathers were welcomed with open arms; in fact brought in by the British. Now our Minister is taking on the role of bringing them in for a dubious reason.
    Wake you can fool some but not all. Some of our oldies have left without any comoensation for their paycuts but their children live on – thankful for the availabity of the internet.

  24. So Sad said

    The power of Keeping Your mouth Shut…

    He who keeps his mouth shut, dies without confession.~ Walloon Proverb


    Accept life, take it as it is? Stupid. The means of doing otherwise? Far from our having to take it, it is life that possesses us and on occasion shuts our mouths.~ Albert Camus
    A fish wouldn’t get into trouble if it kept its mouth shut.~ Korean Proverb
    A hero is someone who can keep his mouth shut when he’s right.~Yiddish Proverb
    Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.~ Ernest Hemingway
    Come children, let us shut up the box and the puppets, for our play is played out.~ William M. Thackeray
    Each man is forever thrown back on himself alone, and there is danger that he may be shut up in the solitude of his own heart.~ Alexis De Tocqueville
    He who keeps his mouth shut, dies without confession.~ Walloon Proverb
    If A equals success, then the formula is A equals X plus Y and Z, with X being work, Y play, and Z keeping your mouth shut.~ Albert Einstein
    If you keep your mouth shut you will never put your foot in it.~ Austin O’Malley
    If you shut up truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way.~ Emile Zola
    It’s better to keep your mouth shut and give the impression that you’re stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.~ Rami Belson
    I wish Frank Sinatra would just shut up and sing.~ Lauren Bacall
    I wish people who have trouble communicating would just shut up!~ Tom Lehrer
    Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open.~ Traditional Proverb
    My face is set, my gait is fast, my goal is Heaven, my road is narrow, my way is rough, my companions are few, my guide is reliable, my mission is clear. I cannot be bought, compromised, detoured, lured away, turned back, diluted, or delayed. I will not flinch in the face of sacrifice, hesitate in the presence of adversity, negotiate… at the table of the enemy, ponder at the pool of popularity, or meander in a maze of mediocrity. I won’t give up, shut up, let up, or slow up.~ Robert Moorehead
    The way it is now, the asylums can hold the sane people but if we tried to shut up the insane we would run out of building materials.~ Mark Twain
    To keep your marriage brimming, with love in the wedding cup, whenever you’re wrong, admit it; whenever you’re right, shut up.~ Ogden Nash
    When Jerry Lewis and I were big, we used to go to parties, and everybody thought I was big-headed and stuck up, and I wasn’t. It was because I didn’t know how to speak good English, so I used to keep my mouth shut.~ Dean Martin
    When you are in it up to your ears, keep your mouth shut.~ Author Unknown
    You can do one of two things; just shut up, which is something I don’t find easy, or learn an awful lot very fast which is what I tried to do.~ Jane Fonda
    You will have many opportunities in life to keep your mouth shut: You should take advantage of every one of them.~ Thomas A. Edison

  25. Busybodyl said

    This idiot million$ minister paid by our taxpayer shd be replaced by Cheaper, faster n better FT….

  26. Saniy Tay said

    These pappies are traitors to our forefathers….that’s all.

  27. cartman said

    I came to Singapore when I was 2 years old. We stayed in a 1 room flat. My father worked like shit to make ends meet. I grew up here, went to local schools, learnt to speak with my friends in Malay and Hokkien, and of course Singlish, did my NS, sacrificed my back for SIngapore (I suffered a serious injury just before I ORD), and even after that I went for my reservist almost every year. I have been here 40+ years, and I am a Singaporean thru and thru.

    Today all the foreign talent I meet, they come here, sacrifice nothing, but take everything. Their attitude sucks. One foreign talent I knew even waved his f***ing Pink NRIC at me and mocked me by saying how easy it was for him to get it. I was a PR all the way in school – cos the SIngapore govt never offered me citizenship. Even my father got rejected dunno how many times, before he eventually got his citizenship after almost 20+ years in SIngapore. The worst thing is I went for NS without hesitation and I ORD in 1989, but only got my Pink IC in 1993. So when this KNN foreign talent mocked me, I really wanted to hammer him.

    Sadly, a lot of our so called “foreign talent” are like that, and I feel really angry that our ministers take this tone with us. We went through a different Singapore, we helped build it, we have no place to go but here. You cannot compare immigrants today to those like me who came 40+ years ago. It’s an insult.

    I really hate the PAP today though at one time many years ago I was a fan – Goh Keng Swee was a hero to me. I think all these ministers they have no idea how angry people are. They don’t see the shit we go thru everyday. I have friends who were perfectly capable but lost their jobs to f**ked up “foreign talent” who help the PAP make more money.

    Vivien can go eat shit.

  28. spotlessleopard said

    Hey Minister….You have not redeemed yourself on theYOG fiasco….AND NOW YOU COME with your Bullshit?…..We are not Against Foreigners perse….We ar AGAINST PAP POLICY OF ALLOWNG 1.9MILLION foreigners INTO SINGAPORE AND TAKING UP AND REPLACING SINGAPOREANS’ JOBS ……MAKE IT ILLEGAL TO EMPLOY FOREIGNERS AT LOWER SALARY…PROSECUTE THE UNSCRUPULOUS EMPLOYERS AND AGENTS …then Minister You can continue to be our Minister…..if not We will vote you and your whole Gang out of Parliament in GE2016……THIS IS NOT A THREAT….this is a Promise.

  29. M wong said

    Here my thoughts, out of 100% , im sure 1% are the good talented foreigners here.

    Foreign talents in the 99% , nein. Majority of them live a babaric life, and they will bring their barbaric culture here to singapore which disgust us.
    Cultures like this over here are long gone, we do not need to be reminded of the barbaric levels we use to have in many years past.

    Dont you think you flush in the foreigns a little too much?

    Plus , i doubt this minister take trains that much as we do.

    I cant bloody breath through my nose anymore in the train.
    It not about being racist or not anymore.
    Everyone feels the same way already.
    It irritating.

  30. Generally I feel Singaporeans welcome foreign talent as long as their own standard of living is not compromised in any way. It is a basic survival instinct to protect oneself when his/her own territory and likelihood of survival is threatened. If you can balance that, the resentment would disappear. And to balance that would be very very difficult.

  31. bb said

    Wat to do he will continue talking nonsense and more nonsense. Why because the daft sg ppl voted him in. If you don’t want him to hv facebook and nonsensecial sppech vote him out the next GE.

  32. Descended said

    Has the minister asked himself why the sentiments are what they now are?

    • Jo said

      They don’t cos they are not affected wait till minister job also can be replace by FT den they see what we see feel what we feel until den to them it not a problem when the figure show everything is in good order but ground level is not

  33. Ptui! said

    Why don’t the PAP dare to call a referendum once and for all about these and other issues if they come out one by one to say they are not happy with our responses to this and that? Or call a snap elections? Let the people decide what they want in a government. Don’t dare right? Come on then stop this bullying by bombarding the citizens almost everyday and with the MSM trying to cover up for so called FTs breaking of the law, killing people on the roads etc etc.
    I really want the 60.1% to reflect on what thier dearest PM said when he cried in Raffles Place- all wayang . Are you guys dumb not to see what’s thier strategy? You guys will just have to wait till you get displaced,misplaced and replaced and then you will regret it too late and I hope your families will never forgive you for not exercising your rights to put in some check and balance into government.
    I am really sick and tired of hearing these overpaid Ministers talking down at us and collecting STILL too much salaries. Look at the Aljunied team and ex Ministers. Which one was invited to join the biggest companies in the world to be thier CEO? WKS? RL?GY?LHH?
    When Singapore was developing, every race worked together because we had equal opportunities, hardship and so we became a band of brothers and sisters for survival. We borrowed salt, soya, curry powder, rice and oil from each other without any problems. Every festival we visit each other, wilingly, happily and merrily. When we had a good recipe we shared our food even with neighbours who lived a few floors away, we would bring to them and vice versa. Singaporeans still lovingly call each other “brudder, bro, man, auntie, uncle”. Can you call an FT the same ? Look at the situation now, it’s totally different, these so called FTs – many have no Talents whatsoever in even taking orders for my meal mind you and you tell me to integrate with them when they come to my country? They don’t even deserve their salary! Let us do the same thing on you, challenge you to scrap GrC and call a general elections if you don’t want to hear our unhappiness over your policies. At a minimum call a referndum so there are no election boundaries, everyone gets to vote yes or no. I dare you!
    Ptui Ptui Ptui !

  34. Allgooner said

    And we r disappointed to see d govt persistence to giving away good money to ungreatful foreigners!

  35. Observer said

    At the rate of foreigners coming here it’s about 100 times the rate that USA takes in and bear in mind theirs is a huge land mass whereas ours is one tiny dot. No wonder the roads are jammed everywhere, Coes are sky high, cars cost the earth, lack of hospitals beds and doctors, lack of university places for citizens, scholarships given to foreigners to tune of $144 million a year ( 4.3 Bln over 30 years), expensive private and public properties, sardine-packed mrt and buses, lack of cabs at crucial hours, jobs (70%) given to foreigners accordingly to Bloomberg reports, etc and etc. What kind of government is this? Try to apply for jobs in UK, Europe or Australia and one can bet, jobs won’t come a begging to Singaporeans but to their own citizens. Somehow something is very wrong here. God bless Singapore and save us from the miseries that we have to endure daily.

  36. Dogmeat said

    Can someone check if Vivian Balakrishnan is Singapore born, or his parents are PRs or new-citizens?

  37. Tan Yan Ren said

    WE the citizens of SINGAPORE are not ZENOPHOBIC NOR anti foreigners , REGARDLESS of RACE language or RELIGION….. you , vivian like many other Ministers dont quite understaND MANY ISSUES AND the CAUSE of the problems…SO HOW and why are we paying you so much to have NO solutions but blaming the PAYMASTER…WE THE sINGAPOREANS>!!!!I am not paid at all BUT i will tell you the reason so that you can go back to classroom to revise.
    the reason is that ALL these years the ruling party is not paying ENOUGH ATTENTION to its people and the media DID NOT help but aggravate vthe situation by censoring anything they dislike….let me give an example..
    Singaporeans are like BABIES crying for food and in pain ALL these years.All the parent do is to play the music louder with the help of the media, and JUSTV IGNIORE because the neighbours or any electorate cannot see or hear it…A BIG PARTY in Parliament!!!!BUT NOW!!!>>>the internet is like the amplifier someone gave the child who amplified the CRIES and suddenly all the neighbours get to hear the abuse and cruelty…so what is the consequence…YOU TELL US……….ANGER..not at foreigners BUT YOU the pARENT in Parliament….incidentally i LOVE fpreigners and all SINGAPOREANS ….you dont love Singaporeans…but your selfish ambition!!!!!Show us !!!

  38. CHC said

    is it xenophobic or is it reaction to competition? are they so narrow minded until some negative comments about them, and they can’t function properly? Also, regarding the OPENNESS, they should earn it, and not expecting to be given. For example, in military as sentry, when stranger approach we also need to halt them and then check identity and intention. Likewise, this is the case, but in more unstructured (civilian) style. If they pass it, then everything is good to go and performing should not be a problem.

  39. Daft Peasants said

    Come on all people…….if we are like him, also will talk lan jiao way!!!

    Bcos FTrash doesn’t threaten his ricebowl, and he is paid millions……10 million more FTrash come in also will not effect him…..

    Vote the Pappies out next GE !!!!!

  40. Ni Hong said

    What are you talking about. What we got here before is different of what you flood here with . Y:O U guys just simply have no ideas to build this little nation.

    Before all of us are not FT. we human with our blood and sweat and build this country from scrap and have name for our self as “SINGAPOREAN”.

    Please think before you talk.

  41. Bao Ching Tian said

    Don’t bother about Vivian’s remarks. He is already being sidelined by the Party after the YOG fiasco. He has been given the Water and Environment portfolio – the least glamorous of all.

  42. Save Singapore said

    This Minister is just good for Nothing except creating publicity for himself. When there was a big flood in Orchard Road, he called all the press to follow him to visit the scene. He is only keen to promote himself and to earn a big salary. Another stupid Minister !!

  43. USS iowa said

    We need to kick this useless doctor out in 2016. Please vote for SDP if you are in Holland Bukit Timah GRC. A stupid minister don’t deserve his millions dollar salary.
    If he wanted to compare just the Indians community, how can he say the North Indians are the same as the Southern Indians. The Indians in Singapore were from the Tamil regions but now they are mass importing Northen Indians to replace the Singaporean Indians. Got same meh??? One fair skinned bollywood types while the one in Singapore are Tamils. The cultures and languages are also different. One speak Hindi and the other speak Tamil.
    Where got same one!!! Stupid minister he is. Later he will say Malays and Pinoys are family!! Just because both look the same. Ya ya later he say all FUCK the same hole.

    • Khamul said

      Hullo. Never ever breathe that sentence again: Malay and Pinoys are the same simply cos they look the same.

      Fucking insulting.

  44. USS iowa said

    This is the PAP guy who as MCYS minister splashed around $400 million of taxpayers’ money on foreign youth at the flopped YOG, while retorting “How much do you want? Do you want three meals in a hawker centre, food court or restaurant?” when asked by the MP for Jalan Besar GRC to raise Public Assistance for the poor in need . . . . .

  45. Cll said

    Dear minister, who are you going to deploy and defend our country if we are at war? I don’t expect a Pinot, Indian or even prc to do it. We will! Go back to your drawing board and realign your policies! Just take a close look at Ntuc fair price. I am sure there are definitely more than 10 percent of foreigners there. If this is not replacement of job from Singaporean, then what is??

  46. mahbok tan said

    Allo vivian kacheng , u talk with your mouth rite but u think with your small head is it…????

    You are paid in millions and we are paid in ….a thousand !!!

    Where are your party promised of the swiss standard of living…??? Care to comment…??? If not be prepared to go back to general hospital or IMH after GE2016….!!! wad da fug minister!!!!

  47. Sher said

    Remember what the Labour Party did in the UK,open the doors and one of the result is that all these new citizens voted for the Labour Party.Now do you think this lesson has not been learnt by the PAP.

  48. Ron said

    Then and Now. Back then (60s, 70s, 80s, even into the 90s), foreigners were not called foreign talents. Many were from Malaysia and many converted to citizenship and contributed much to Spore development. In the past 15 years, the tide has changed. The new breed of FTs are not from Malaysia but from China, Phillipines and India. Hardly any from Indonesia for obvious reasons.

    And the enormous salaries for Ministers and senior civil servants while starting pay and average pay largely stagnated and has lost ground versus inflation. The fruits of Spore development once touted as the future (Swiss standard of living, increasing asset value, etc.) are now but bitter jokes. No wonder that the population is increasingly frustrated and disillusioned. The teens and their cohorts in the 20s and 30s are the worse affected. Many are still living with parents. No wonder shoebox apartments are popular.

    And with the failures in the system (breakdowns, FTs allowed to escape from Spore, accidents, crimes, etc.) is it any wonder why the anti-FT sentiment is now so big? Cannot compare with Then. Those were different years. It is the Now.

  49. Sick said

    I am more disappointed when you started to protect those FT instead of local Singaporean that have vote for you. Shame on you!!!

  50. sadded said

    u all la vote him in wats there to complaint Vincent is so much better than him… and Michelle too.. what a waste of talen.. they would have made greater MPs helping to address more concrens of locals instead of helping foreigners

  51. +60 said

    go around all the retails outlet, many supervisor are FT, why?
    are the minister blind, go to food outlet, many stalls are run by FT, why?
    1 reason I know, they have good Uni cert, so they can be PR, don’t you see, they are taking our job.
    they come from neighbouring countries, what have they got to lose, nothing, they are better off here than they are in the homeland.
    I understand we need foreigners to help us, but don’t give them citizenship or PR where they will enjoy same benefit as local bred.
    Look at the housing cost, it rocket high, FT now using CPF to service the loan with no pain, no more rental to worry about, 10 years down the road, sell and go bad home and retire.
    Singaporean, work till die.
    KNNBCCB, pappies

  52. Hawk Cut Weis said

    Speak for your own anti-gay sentiments first before criticizing others, Vivian.

    • clean up prostitutes as many are FT said

      Good point. Also, plesase clean up prostitutes in Singapore as soon as possible, many FT are in these trade, Vivian.

      • SickOfLife said

        I doubt that will ever happen. They might need it for themselves. People will get sick of eating mee siam or laksa everyday. They will eventually want a wider variety of choice, especially those that has too much money.

  53. vin said

    Dear ministers, why dont you just turn Singapore into a place where ‘talents’ are produced without any local citizens. since you are so blind until what’s going on behind your backyard you also have no idea. First world economy? PUI! Make a freaking FIRST WORLD SOCIETY BEFORE MAKING FIRST WORLD ECONOMY! MONEY OVER CITIZENS? GOOD JOB!

  54. Surprise check on foreingers activities said

    Dear ministers,

    Do you do surprise check on foreigners activities in Singapore?

  55. George Tan said

    He will only understand the FT competiion if they are also threatening his million dollar job.

  56. Jackie said

    Time to replace Vivian! He is no talent!

  57. Marcelo said

    You, vivian are a disappointment, for as a member of the elected government, you have–in my opinion– failed in your primary duty, which is to improve the lives of the citizens who placed you in power.
    And on another note, the way you exceeded the YOG budget by such a huge amount and having it ended in such a lacklusture and forgettable manner… Does not accurately reflect your alleged calibre and ability.

  58. solaris8899 said

    do our papa know what’s happening on our fields? do our papa know the feeling of having so congested like sardine fish when taking mrt during peak hours? do our papa know every policy they make to the ground, who r the one get impact 1st?

  59. Ng Ek Seng said

    he is another blind one..obviously doesnt know jack about what happening around sg..only knows the new from his office..should force him to take the public transport around sg for an entire under FTs for a month under a different name like that show called undercover boss..we will see what shit he gets..

  60. USS IOWA said

    If Balakrishnan had said,
    “The person who contemptuously speaks about immigrants could also be capable of turning against the minorities here at home.”
    Then therefore this following should apply
    “The person who contemptuously speaks FOR immigrants could also be capable of turning against the CITIZENS here at home.”
    This is a cheap political trick of grouping 2 different issues(immigration & racial) and present them as one.
    Smells like treason.

    • Singapore bring in too many False Talent said

      Singapore bring in too many False Talent (“FT”)

      Get the point right, Singaporeans are not against “good, real, and kind” FT.
      But look at our FT here, majority are not.

      Singapore are now “polluted” by FT, False Talent, here. When I mean False
      Talent, means there are not good, not real and not kind.

  61. SickOfLife said

    If they seriously still have spare time to read up our comments in facbook, Isn’t it time they took some of it and use it on solving the pending issues like these?


    Abraham Lincoln created a tragedy of a war where hundred of thousands of native blood was shed over these foreigners who were there to rightfully serve their masters.

    It is an extreme scenario, but Singapore is exhibiting a lessor idiocy of the same breed where the govt love and provide for their new citizens more than the native born, the same native people who worked hard to bring success to the country. The govt is more than willing to sacrifice the livelihood and rights of the good natives and unconditionally give it to those who are driven by greed and selfishness.

  63. Siapa Rajah said

    Talk rubbish!!! Don’t buzz your ass in your office. Come and join the ground everyday with the commoner. Take public transport everyday then you will know that you are talking COCK!!!

  64. gilbert wee soo jin said

    this clown with the girly name knows his days are numbered…he kena demoted already and the next GE, this clown will be finished!!! can’t wait for these pappy clowns who can’t contribute to get out! hopeless fools taking up too much space and money!!! pui!!!

  65. OrdinaryMan said

    When did this VB got the idea that just bcos we have become successful with the first gen immigrant than this is the winning formula for success… Is it we Singaporeans are forever label by you as immigrant’s sons and daughters that we must keep our mouth shut about your pro 3rd class alien policy ? KNNBCCB !!!

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