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‘F**K you Sir!’ – Angry JC student scolds DPM Teo for dodging questions at Pre-U seminar

Posted by temasektimes on June 2, 2012

Despite the positive spin added by the mainstream media on Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean’s lecture during the recently held Pre-University seminar to a group of young students from junior colleges, polytechnics and centralized institutes, many were disappointed with his speech and the way he dodged their questions.

A report on the seminar by Channel News Asia gave the erroneous impression that the DPM Teo was ‘engaging’ well with the students:

“I’m quite cheered by that because it means that the students don’t have a blind optimism. They understand that there are challenges, but those challenges can be overcome and if we do put in that effort together, we can do that.”

However, one 17 year old participant of the seminar later wrote on his blog that the students were very unhappy with DPM Teo for using the usual PAP gimmick to ask the questioner to provide solutions when confronted with an intractable problem:

“The participants made it extremely clear they were dissatisfied with DPM Teo- and when we asked about our concerns which we do not know what can be done to solved, he will give the fucking ridiculous reply “What do you think (can be done)?”.

He was absolutely disgusted with the answer given by DMP Teo to ‘smoke’ them and hurled vulgarities at him:

“We seek your opinion. You gave us none. And when someone manned up and replied, “I am 17 years old, I don’t know what to do”, the crowd went berserk in applause. Fxxk you, sir.”

His views appeared to be shared by MediaCorp celebrity and Young PAP member Tay Ping Hui who tweeted two days ago:

“Was told if I was going to comment on something, I should provide solutions instead of just talking. My reply:” then what am I paying u 4?””

Read the full article here.


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99 Responses to “‘F**K you Sir!’ – Angry JC student scolds DPM Teo for dodging questions at Pre-U seminar”

  1. Daft Peasants said

    Ha ha ha ha……..honestly, he have no answer himself……

    nevermind lah, 4 years later, these 17 years old youngsters are eligible to vote liao…… So……………. 😉

    • Lisa said

      Not necessarily so! Like if they were to be 17 this year, that makes them 21 in 2016. However, to be eligible to vote, they need to be 21 as of 1st Jan 2016! This was what happened last year for me as I turned 21 only in October!!! But those 18 year olds who above, please keep your eyes open to all these and act tactfully in 2016! 😀

      • Ray said

        So what If… the people votes for the opposition, ever wonder, would it ever become a cycle?

    • ZG said

      In 4 years time… 2016… thousands of foriegners will be here to counter balance them.

  2. P Koh said

    Please do not expect the Ministers to give the answers or the solutions. They are there to collect big fat salaries while the PAP machinery cleverly engage a lot of grassroot leaders who offer suggestions and solutions from ground level so that their PA Managers will record and feedback to these ministers for their consideration and implementations. Who now do you think are the actual thinkers when problems arise? These grassroot leaders are not even paid for their contributions and time spent in meeting the MPs or Ministers who are being worshipped with funfare each time they make a visit to their respective constituencies.

    • Compatriot said

      Those so called to be known as grassroot leaders (Singaporean or foreigner) of the PAP dont you realised that what you did has indirectly and will inevitably hurt your very own families.You supported to decimated Singaporeans think about that

      What kind of honour or integrity is that?

  3. YOUMAD? said

    Well… then isnt it time for a smaller government? What the fuck is a minister mentor anyway. Too many ministers , Too many laws in a fucking small country -.-

  4. GOh said

    Another balless sinkie who dare not confront him face to face and acted very garang, well behind the keyboard only

    • iori said

      lolzz . balless u said ? i say smart . if u wanna die young probably you can demonstrate it to us . i will be more than happy to spare my time to watch u do that .

  5. It is with regret that this youth went a bit out of context. What I can see that he is not without Respect but he lacks Life’s Experience in the way he presented himself. Gone were the days when Ministers would say anything Right Or Wrong and just bull dose through where Students and all those present listening would kept Quiet. Today they need solutions to answers before They Mentioned Something Which Is Not
    Realistic or Irrelevant. TODAY IS DIFFERENT FROM YESTERDAY 今天不同往日

    • Ray said

      Couldn’t disagree with you over the fact that these youths, air their thoughts without weight.

      But do realize that, the Singapore government plans for the country is with the opposition.

      Of which, the public does not notice. It is a pity that majority do not know that changes and procedures take a long time to come into effect.
      Though there were hiccups in policies which resulted in an uproar, nevertheless.. its all based on an experiment to see what is best needed for the country as a whole. Which is why, we learn from our mistakes to make a change for the better.

      Changes cannot be implemented at an instant for this generation to notice, but for future generations to compare between their present and our past.

      Singaporeans need to understand this.

      • Siapa Rajah said

        Where are the good policies? Stop at 2 (Severe Blunder)? Have vision??? CPF withdrawer from 55 to 60+ or maybe to 70? HDB pricing going sky rocket high? Medisave usage with restrictions? Singaporeans have to compete with the cheap labors from abroad? Sponsors for foreign students to study here and pay them good pocket allowances? Infrastructure (Buses, MRT, Hospitals, Housing, Polyclinics, etc) ready to cope with all these flooding of so called “FT”? I can never finish asking…..How to understand all these policies!!! All these are not so called by the “White Rats” helping Singaporeans but are actually penalizing us!!! How many of those who went to abort or sterilized back in 70s and 80s when stop at 2 policy is being implemented??? What a sad story…..

    • hisham76 said

      Mr. Ng, there is not much different between now and then. In those days, ” when Ministers would say anything Right Or Wrong and just bull dose through where Students and all those present listening would kept Quiet.” But what was uttered among friends over kopitiam on their opinions of the speech was even worse. Mind you those peoples are adults and that’s the way people those days voice out their feelings and shared by the few. Like in those days too, I believe the article did not in any way mention the JC student uttered the forbidden words right in the DPM’s face. Nowadays, we are in the technology era, like the JC students, we channeled our feeling in a blog site. The difference is, it is shared by hundreds if not thousands both foe and friends.
      The moral of the story here is, when talking to someone face to face whom we are not well acquainted with, do not answer a question with a question for it insults one’s intelligent and we might not like what comes out of that persons mouth next.

  6. leo said

    Great to see our youths standing up for the country and recognising the importance of building a country. Kudos to them except for the vulgarity. And I again never expect our best actor to stand up pointing finger at the ruling party. Guess he is joining WP soon. Hahahaha

  7. jaded said

    there is hope for 2016!

    • ProSingaporean said

      yes, we definitely hoping for a good caring government that will serve the people of Singapore with their heart and not their pockets..

  8. boleh said

    Worker’s party has all the answers. These students should ask LTK and be wowed by all the brilliant solutions to the challenges posed by the world to Singapore.

  9. Walls have ears said

    Shiiiiii …i Walls have ears….!!!!

  10. M wong said

    This is really ridiculous.
    While we strives for the country as they would demand us to be.
    Foreign students are getting free lodging , schools fees fully paid by the government ..
    i mean seriously. it obvious it unfair
    we are the child of the country.
    Yet the mother spents money on foreigns and give them free education and money.
    In the end foreigns kill our children.
    We starve for educations, we starve to survive, we hardly have much freedom ourself to enjoy life. in A never ending cycle.
    We work to die.

  11. yayaya said

    hey kid, when u suggest a solution that either make PAP look stupid or something not within their manifesto or affect their salary/policy, they claim u are troublemaker and just online noise. when u ask them for solutions they ask u the same question. in short they are just as lost as u, just that they have to look intelligent.

    why did everyone cheer when someone mention i dunno what to do? because that is what they are all thinking about. i asked for solutions, not BS. maybe ah teo is clapping in his heart also, hoping abit of humour can allow him to smoke through this awkward

  12. Wtf said

    “fuck you sir”? As he himself pointed out, he has no life experience, have not stepped into the workimg world, have not faced the realities of life. Who the hell is he to use such a tone to the dpm. Where is the basic tone of respect to your elders.
    Do not get me wrong, i am all for intelligent debate but he clearly didnt give any edvidence to substantiate his claim. What exactly were the questions asked, whzt concerns were they talking about. To me its all a long list of complains from someone who has never served ns and contributing to thhe economy by spending his parents money. If this is the face of the young who proudly declare they want change, I am very sad. You want change but do not know what you have and what can happen if Your sort of change happens. Very immature.

    • SGT33 said

      I salute this 17 year old. He got the guts. Do you have it?. You must be one of those 60% who are pappies supporters. Pappies says sit, you sit, pappies says eat shit and you eat.Ha Ha.. hiding behind your DPM and talking shit. Who is inmmature now. I say F,,K to you too.

      • WorkerParty? said

        Hey keyboard warrior (SGT33). I would dare you to do the same. Would you dare to really do what this JC kid did if you also attended the seminar. WOULD YOU? Would you say “F you” to the dpm? would you? I doubt so. Truthfully Speaking. Don’t act like a hero defending some guy you don’t know. Pappies supporters are not. Do you say F you to your parent too that brought you up? Do you say that to your grandparents? Do you? Do you know the question he asked? Or did you participate in this event too and was given the cert. I believe not. You didn’t think before you post. Idiots like you blindly follow. Pappies are also human, no? Do you go about using your tone and words like this?

      • Wtf said

        What guts does he have typing fuck you sir in his blog? Did he raise hus hand, stood up and say those words? I doubt you have the guts to. So you think being part of the 40% makes you a brave hero? All you did was to cast an annoynomous vote. I voted for the PAP becuase the MP in my GRC listens to my problems and solves them. Its simply a personal choice. People who like to talk shit about the Pap mostly think themselves on a moral high ground yet behave in a totally babaric way ONLINE. When dr chee ask you to gather for civil disobedience, only 4 people turn up. E rest hang around pretending they happen to be in the area. Full of guts eh? Hiding behind your TOC and TRE Reading them e face of opposition supporters…how sad if only more intelligent ones show up

      • ForeverSG said

        Just what has talking about basic respect got to do with supporting the PAP!? Only an idiot would equate the two. You’re so typical of the majority of Opposition supporters, rude, boorish and uncouth. Only know how to think with your arse and echo all the sensational government-bashing out there. Just look at the things you say – nothing but mindless crap. Not even an ounce of rationality or an attempt to use what little trace of intellect you have in your peabrain (if any at all). You should be ashamed of yourself, “SGT33”. Can’t even spell ‘immature’, and you dare to speak? Learn how to use s-p-e-l-l-c-h-e-c-k-e-r before you even attempt any political debate. You’re an embarrassment to true Opposition supporters. Seriously, you don’t deserve this space. Salute the 17 year old? Why, you’re no better than a whiny 7 year old prick yourself! Why don’t you come back when you’ve got more intelligent things to say (which I doubt would ever happen).

      • +60 said

        fully agree with you bro, I will repeat to Wtf……..F,,k to you.

      • Poodeh Arshole Partyman said

        @ SGT33
        Well said ! I couldn’t have expressed it any better !
        The 60% jokers are such idiots that they refuse to change their loyalty to pappy even when being screwed wholesale.
        S’poreans are so frustrated with this situation of not being able to oust the MIWs during elections that they now don’t care about even using vulgarity at the pappies. This attitude can be seen in posts in other forums like Yahoo News, etc. as well.

        There is a saying “From the mouths of babes come truths”. Likewise, this 17 yr old, although inexperienced, has no life experience (which he admitted by saying ‘I don’t know what to do), never done NS or contributed to the economy, was only asking a multi-million $ salaried DPM for solutions. Now if this DPM try to throw back the question instead of presenting possible solutions, it insults the intelligence of the 17 yr old questioner, isn’t it ? If DPM can’t come up with solutions, then what is he there for ? And why is he there at the students’ forum if he is clueless about problems happening in the country ?!!

      • thisguydamstupid said

        kpkb online also call got guts? got guts tell dpm straight in the face and embarrass him. u can embarrass him at the same time not b rude. whats the use of ranting online? keyboard warrior only , hide behind com and rant v good , in front of teo like mouse like that.

      • Wtf said

        I believe of all the replies only people like foreverSG truly understand the gist of the whole message. The rest are probably like Thisguydamnstupid says “behind com rant v good in front of teo like mouse”. If DPM could answer very well the problems brought out, you think we all will b facing them in the first place? Perhaps be did give answers and solutions, all we have read was an opinion which can be very biased. Whats the point of DPM replying when ears are closed and hearts already determined to roast him as admitted by the jc student. Unfortunately while some opposition strive for a first world parliament some of their supporters still have a third world mentality.

      • WTFFF said

        Using multi-nicks(Workers Party?, Wtf, Poodeh Arshole Partyman etc) to reply to SGT33, Get a life PAP DOG. 🙂

      • IronMan said

        WorkerParty? – Respect should be earned, regardless of who u r. The kid speaks his mind that he is pissed off by DPM. A man of his status (DPM) answering questions to the future of Singapore in such manner, even I get pissed off. DPM should be able to explain why the govt implement such policies to the youngsters at the very least. And most of the PAPpies r not humans, they r worst than dogs. Always complain n whine abt high cost of living, but when comes to GE, still vote for PAP. Phathetic!

    • double confirm PAPies are scums said

      It is a very very positive response.
      Imagine one day the PAPies try to use the army on sporeans in the event they lose the mandate to rule, sporeans can trust such young men that they will not blindly obey orders to shoot but instead f**k the bloody PAPies till kingdom come……

    • ProSingaporean said

      i am m/c/51yrs…and served the country for many donkey years..You’re also smart behind the keyboard…WTF with know only shits…dun hide behind the pappies pantat…Cbai 2 you….

    • USS iowa said

      Harmony is not 100 people saying one and the same thing . harmony is 100 people saying 100 different thing and respecting one another..

    • Compatriot said

      If you sir wants to help,which I believe is much welcome and should be very much appreciated.Walk your talk by asking what and where are the problems and grey areas and I am sure that brave angry JC student would very happy to share with you

      Instead you snipe at that gusto JC student and eventually exposed yourself yelping as a demented and mental disorder person with a low mentality

      You are a hypocrite

    • :) said

      the thing is that you are writing off his opinions due to his young age. If you applied that logic to politics then voters above 50 should have more votes than those below 30. But a democracy does not work that way. In a democracy we respect each other’s views and learn from them, coming to a consensus rather than conflict, which ultimately benefits society as a whole. At least his views offered constructive criticism, which is to provide solutions rather than keeping up public appearances, albeit in a fit of angst. The same can be said of your views as you ask youth to be more informed about the choices they make, which is constructive, but casting a negative judgement on them at the same time “never served ns” “very immature” etc. The lesson is to learn from the positives and reject the negatives of all our opinions, only then can satisfactory solutions be found.

      • DIY said

        Yes, you are wise. Nowadays youth want instant gratifications. Too much multi-tasking make them confuse and disconnected. The new normal is the SMS thinking. They remember half of what they would utter out. It’s a brave new world. It’s bad for the country.

    • tabeatha said

      dont wanna start a long comment/ discussion but just my two cents on why the 17-year-old felt so angry. its because DPM was clearly not answering their question sincerely, or not willing to seriously consider the questions that the floor was presenting. personally, i think an answer like “what do you think” warrants no respect, and all the sarcasm this kid feels. if DPM could answer truthfully, even an “i dont have answers now” would have been better, i am sure this youth would not have flared up as strongly.

    • CKMPD said

      Who is he to use that kind of tone to DPM?

      Because the DPM deserves to be fxxked!

    • iori said

      what is there to respect if he is out to manipulate ppl only juz to keep the shitty pap going on and on for eternal life of in singapore . veri immature ? lolzz u r damn dumb . how old is he SIR ? some ppl juz no brain nowadays b4 they talk . u r a disgrace to singaporean ‘again’ .

      • Wtf said

        Wow! I am impressed! You have just proved my point that many opposition supporters show really low intelligence. Congratulations … Your website link tho i have not seen is very apt. Nonsense. I’m not surprised it does not lead anywhere as thats where you are forever heading…

  13. bb said

    What kind of DPM we are having can’t even answer questions posed by 17 yr old. Does he deserved the million salary he is getting and he supposed to take over as PM if anything happens to PM. PM -better look for another DPM before its yoo late.

  14. cys said

    grill him, expose his incompetence, let him be found wanting, this is the dawn of a true democracy, our pre-Us, our future. as our elected leaders, it is their responsibility, to propose a solution, put it through scrutiny in the parliament, and when the bill is passed, the people shall have our final say. in other words, you provide the solution, we the criticism and just maybe, our final endorsement. not the other way round. we did not pay you to listen to our solutions. get that into your system. to address you as sir in my opinion, is overdoing it. to screw you is about just right. i also suggest to all PAP leaders, the next time you ask the people for our proposal, please first put your salary on the table. as fees for an education in democracy.

  15. Benard Lam said

    Maybe Mr Teo did answer. Maybe some of us have too much baggage to hear it. Probably a few weren’t there to listen at all but to be heard.

  16. papsmear said

    Haha!!! WP, NSP, waiting for what? Go quickly enrol these people into your party !!!

  17. Uniquely Singapore said

    R.I.P PAP in GE2016.

  18. Ken Lee said


  19. LkySi said

    LKY when he heard of Lee Hsien Loong’s cancer in 1992 : His cancer affects you, it affects the future of Singapore and Singaporeans. ——– Is his cancer that contagious

  20. David chai said

    Hahaha tats d way to go….nice to kw our young ones r not sleeping !!!

  21. Injustice and Inequality said

    He should have replied: “Hmm… I dunno. I’m not paid millions like you. Don’t tell me you don’t have the answer?”

  22. cc chia said

    Just vote out the useless, arrogant and overpaid PAP ministers at the next GE and the problem will be solved.
    Even the 17 yr old kids now can tell that some of the PAP people have all along been useless Leefamily bootlickers and can be easily replaced by any fool.

  23. Tan Yan Ren said

    I tell you the problem and the SOLUTION!!!its painful but inevitable dosage to reverse the anger against the PAP…but i hope the leadership at the top takes the lead by looking int my antidote ….
    1all of the Ministers and senior position holders MUST be sent for leadership and politically correct training….by ME!!!!…cannot handle that right/..anyway they can prevent the loss of face by consulting the BEST….the best are NOT the MAT SALLEHS that the idiots pay MILLIONS to consult regarding the president’s salary …just an example.
    2a person with local understanding of Behavior in S.E.A country and the perculiarity of the politics and religion around here.and expert in the study of behavior and body language!!!

  24. Abubakar said

    Simply put PAP now is in lots of shit with the people. All their efforts backfired. Their biggest mistake was tobring in lots of PRCs here.

    • Compatriot said

      I say,these PRC migrants that the PAP government brought into SIngapore comes from the Communist country of PRC, they were deeply indoctrinated with communist idealogy since childbirth to adulthood and engrained in their subconscious mind

      These kind of people with an engrained communist idealogy deeply embedded in their mind has no respect for democratic law and order.(evidently shown and exhibited)

      There are about closed to more than one (1) million PRC brought into Singapore by the PAP government

      I believe these were employed more than,as tool workers with low wages an insidious act to enriched certain type of people and their organisations (clans,associations,institutions,..) to attained being millionaires

      With the high cost of living today,and with no better employment opportunities Singaporeans has been deprived,exploited and manipulated for a better living standards and a better future by this insidious act

  25. Kenneth Ng said

    Just my 10 cents. I’m hitting 21 years of living life this year, and so I have not officially voted in any election yet and by definition, cannot be classified as a supporter of any party. I’m like any average youth who has gone through the JC track.
    Being in the lens from a youth’s perspective, I can understand the feelings when your question is not being answered or that you feel cheated by DPM’s reply. I have been following the news and I realize that there may be some aspects of current affairs that leave a lot to be desired. I have many peers which are anti-PAP too and we will engage in night longs discussion on the effectiveness on various democratic parties, and what’s best for Singapore.
    I’m in a way happy to see media giving a voice to the people. Due to media, it has given people a medium to voice their opinion, and therefore contributing members to society. I suppose the Pre-U seminar is a voluntary participation and a person who feels for Singapore will naturally want to see what our DPM has to say about current affairs. I’m heartened to see heightened interest of our generation in current affairs.
    But hey, let’s not forget how difficult it is to be a member of parliament esp. someone like our DPM to reach that position. Recall how difficult it is to be the chairperson or vice chairperson for smaller endeavors like a student council. If the chair weren’t capable, there would be unrest in the council. For someone like DPM, he must have proven his capabilities amongst the various group of people to be where he is, and therefore deserve our respect, at the very least to avoid a vulgarity.
    Next, I personally believe it will be an extremely difficult thing to govern a nation full of scholars since the next generation of youth will be backed by higher, and even higher level of qualification. Let’s face it. In this world everyone has their own interest to pursue, it is difficult to govern a family, more difficult to govern a school, even more difficult to govern a corporation, and worst a country, and even more difficult a country of education people. If anyone thinks that our current DPM or any members is unworthy of his position, then there is a lot of reason for that person to aspire to fill up that position.
    Oh yes, and perhaps the reason why the people are able to sit so comfortably inside the auditorium, and listen so analytically to DPM’s comment is also due to PAP’s success, of making education so successfully so as to +be able to ask questions. No one says PAP is perfect, but seeing that Singapore being such a small country, being able to be featured in so many charts, be it economic indicator, life style indicator, education indicator shows that we are a step in the right direction.
    So who is at fault if it is not PAP? I believe uncertainty is the enemy of today’s age and that the only thing we can be certain in the 21st century is uncertainty. In my discussions with my friends on polities, he bought up one very important thing, that our current Prime Minister might be the only minister in this entire world that has apologies to the nation before. So let us be glad that everyone is trying his or her best to keep our nation in shape in fact of uncertainty.
    Like I said, I’m not a supporter of PAP, and that the easiest thing to do in this world is to get angry. Let us as Singaporean rise up and keep this country in shape. to get angry. Let us as Singaporean rise up and keep this country in shape.
    current Prime Minister might be the only minister in this entire world that has apologies to the nation before. So let us be glad that everyone is trying his or her best to keep our nation in shape in fact of uncertainty.

    Like I said, I’m not a supporter of PAP, and that the easiest thing to do in this world is to get angry. Let us as Singaporean rise up and keep this country in shape.

    • Rho5 said

      For someone like DPM, he must have proven his capabilities amongst the various group of people to be where he is, and therefore deserve our respect, at the very least to avoid a vulgarity.
      Yes I agreed with you that vulgarity should not be used even in any occasion. My question to you is,
      1) do you know how does a minister got promoted to be DPM?
      2) is it voted by citizens or internally selected by current government?
      3) if he was selected by current government, the next question to you is, what is the criteria to be selected? besides good performance, do you think that being on the same side as the person who has the authority to select you as a DPM plays a huge part?

      current Prime Minister might be the only minister in this entire world that has apologies to the nation before. So let us be glad that everyone is trying his or her best to keep our nation in shape in fact of uncertainty.
      1) I agreed that apologized is not a bad start. But apologized after last year GE votes of just merely 60%+ ?
      2) Do you think that the poor results of 60%+ leads to DPM to apologize? What is your view? Give you a reasonable example.
      Will you apologized to your parents if you scored 80% + in your exam every year? or will you apologized if suddenly you dropped your standard to 60%+?

      I have been following the news and I realize that there may be some aspects of current affairs that leave a lot to be desired. I have many peers which are anti-PAP too and we will engage in night longs discussion on the effectiveness on various democratic parties, and what’s best for Singapore.
      1) Is it online news or any media you can find currently? Name them here.
      2) Who is the owner of the media or news you learned from?
      3) If it is government owned, what is your view on how much will the media side the current government?

      Let’s face it. In this world everyone has their own interest to pursue, it is difficult to govern a family, more difficult to govern a school, even more difficult to govern a corporation, and worst a country, and even more difficult a country of education people. If anyone thinks that our current DPM or any members is unworthy of his position, then there is a lot of reason for that person to aspire to fill up that position.
      1) Let’s say you just bought a new house and went through a tough selection process to offer this deal to a ABC contractor which charges you 1 million to renovate your 5 room HDB into a palace. What is your expectation from the contractor whom you are paying 1 million dollar?
      2) What is your next course of action if you saw a few of your bedroom door frames were tainted with some paintings supposed to be on your bedroom walls only. Do not forget you are paying a premium services but do consider no human is prefect before answering this question.
      3) After correcting to match your requirement based on your 1 Million dollar project, you found out that they still didn’t fulfill your expectation despite you paying so much money. After 5 years, You have bought another new flat for investing your lazy money in the bank but you would like to renovate again. You are again decided on the 1 Million dollar project. The same ABC company came to bid the project again, will you once again offer this bid to ABC company despite not matching up to your expectation? if yes why? if no why?

      Oh yes, and perhaps the reason why the people are able to sit so comfortably inside the auditorium, and listen so analytically to DPM’s comment is also due to PAP’s success, of making education so successfully so as to +be able to ask questions. No one says PAP is perfect, but seeing that Singapore being such a small country, being able to be featured in so many charts, be it economic indicator, life style indicator, education indicator shows that we are a step in the right direction.
      1) I agree that Singapore Government did very well in progressing our nation. With such a short history, we have come so far. That is not easy.

      I’m in a way happy to see media giving a voice to the people. Due to media, it has given people a medium to voice their opinion, and therefore contributing members to society. I suppose the Pre-U seminar is a voluntary participation and a person who feels for Singapore will naturally want to see what our DPM has to say about current affairs. I’m heartened to see heightened interest of our generation in current affairs.
      1) What do you think can be done or the best to change governments policy if you do not agree?
      2) A leader should not deviate from his thinking and belief to make a decision which will help majority but not all because that is quite impossible. If a leader decides on something because member A doesn’t agree then next day the leader again changes his mind because last night member B doesn’t agree on A’s idea. I don’t think this team leader who lead this team to anywhere right? Is the current government making good policies to help us? or the majority of the polices do not solve most of the problems but instead those policies benefits the government. Example, ERP, influx of FTs.
      3) With the huge number of FTs coming in to this tiny island, what has been done to help citizens to secure their jobs? The toughest or brightness win I agreed. But inviting too many FTs will have a chance to defeat our average performing Singaporeans, do you agree? if not why?
      4) It is a number game, let’s say we have 10 job openings, 10 Fts and 10 Singaporeans fight for the 10 openings, will it lessen the chance for the average Singaporeans to get hold of that opening? Let’s assume the 10FTs are not Foreign Trash.
      5) If you are a average performing Singaporeans and are not able to secure a job because too many average FTs are here locally, will you leave the country and search for a better career prospect? will you be disappointed to leave your homeland where you spent your childhood days here..being so comfortable here since we speak the same singlish dialect and share the same culture be it in food or lifestyle?
      6) In a class of 40 students, do you see 40 of them getting the same class position? or lets say 40 if them scored 100points for all their subjects? Do you agreed that in any class, there will always be a majority of average performer students around. last 10% are lazy and don’t care and top 10% are very capable. So the in between 80% have to live very stressfully to fight for jobs after graduation and hardly have time for themselves because they have to find a way to stay in job market. Which leads to less family life and no time for their kids…Do you like this kind of life after you step into the society?
      7) Some cannot take it and rather be a second class ciztizens in foreign countries. They have decided to leave Singapore. It doesn’t suit average performers anymore since there are too many average performers coming into Singapore.
      8) If you have a task to score 85% every year non stop till you are 60+ a retirement age and if you do not score that well you will be out, what is your view on being alive? Express freely.
      9) Will you be happy?

      Last question, 10) After last year GE poor performance of 60%+, Government started to bring down ministers not welcomed by the citizens and begin to make changes to the policies to help Singaporeans. Although might not be enough for now since its the worse results in GE so far. But you finally realised that what works to make your life or your parent’s life better despite voicing your opinions it speakers cornor..facebook..whatever sources you could find to voice out, will you continue to do the same technique since its working or will you try something else which not yet proven to work. But do not forget that any wrong decision which you made, you take 5 years to “repent” That is painful you know.. How many 5 years do you have in your life?

      I was like you.. being neutral and voted wrongly when I voted the first time in my life. I was young..not married..know nothing much because I am like you, I haven’t take on much responsibilities yet. Now I am father a son and a husband. I am the leader of my family. Life is very tough. I am always progressing in my career. I am always improving myself but its quite tiring because I need to be in the top 10% in my industry. Otherwise I will suffer. I find ways to defeat FTs in my industry so that I can survive and stay competitive. besides learning new technology myself and take on more stressful jobs to prove myself so that I am marketable, I worked hard and try hard to come out with smart solutions too. IT is not easy for sure to score 80%+ every year till I am 60+ well thats high tempo till i am so old you know…

      My friend its good that you think and concern Singapore polictics since any polices will and might affect you because you are a citizen here. My questions is to make you think harder. You think hard but not enough. Your thoughts are exactly the same when I just graduated. Its very simple, you are in JC now, can I say that you will never know how hard it is to take A level exams when you were taking your Os… unless you are preparing and taking your A level this year, you will truly understand how tough or easy A level is…when you were in sec school, you only hear comments on A level exams..but you cannot fully understand of feel it until right now you are prepaing it right? So does it apply the same to you now because you havent truly step into the working society or supporting a family right now? ERP doesn;t apply to you.. baby bonus too.. and housing…you know its expensive but you will never truly feel the impact until you reach that stage right? You know someone will be very very sad if they lost their loved ones but until you lose one yourself you will truly understand… is it a good example?

      So wake up my friend and think abit harder…ask those people who are it taxi drivers whenever you take one..average performers like your uncles or top performers you know…ask them question to learn more..gather those info…analyse worries your turn will come 🙂 ….

    • Grunt said

      Sometimes to get to the top, it is not only about talent or capability. It is also about the ‘right’ people you know or which clan you hang out with. So often I see people in top management are nothing but douchebags. You can say top people holds more responsibilities but then again shit always pour downwards. I am sure you will experience that when you are in the corporate world. With that, nope, I don’t think our current DPM or many of the ministers are that good to be justified to be paid that much. They just hang out with the ‘right’ people. As for respect, it has to be earn. They haven’t earn any. Even if they had, they can lose it as well.
      They preach about constantly pulling your weight and focus on performance, they certainly aren’t doing it well. They are slipping away! If they practice what they preach, they better stop harping on how much glory they did in the past. Because if they do, it’s time they recognize how much Singapore-born citizens had done for the country.

      “A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the quality of his actions and the integrity of his intent. ”
      — Anonymous

    • Chloe said

      You have a point- I am 17 years old this year and I understand the contributions of PAP to our country, but I do not think the DPM deserves this reputation of PAP. If he is truly worthy of his status, he will be able to stand soliditary and not be backed up by his organisation- the PAP. Thus he should be thrown out because he is useless.

      You say he has proven himself worthy to be able to rise up to that position. Well, in my opinion if he is DPM material it is assumed that he will be able to handle most situations, let alone questions by JC students like myself… if he infuriates most and is unable to provide any satisfactory answers, he is doomed if he takes over the MP position.

      He is incompetent.

  26. Ni Hong said

    That the way Young man, Uncle can only help you guys four or five more election. The future is in your hand, you got to stand up and for your future and our little land.
    He promise us the Swiss standard living in Singapore. Now what Rojak Standard.
    Very Sad………);):):

  27. USS iowa said

    AS i always say and tell my friends…all these so called ex generals are the most useless with the lowest EQ.

    • Mel said

      wonder if they could lead an army in a battle….the last general who is acting minister or something looks like a retard 🙂

  28. USS iowa said

    In 4 years time, most of them will be 21, 22.. Old enough to vote..

    They’ll be more mature in their thinking after goin 2 years of National Slavery.. After NS, they’ll find it hard to find work due to the competition from the FTs.. Some of them may also be unable to get a place in our local Uni.. No work, no money.. No money cannot buy fancy clothes.. So out of anger they’ll vote for the Oppo in 2016..

  29. Dennis said

    Our govt has implemented too many policies for their selfish desire that went so wrong! It is very difficult for them to make a U Turn, and it will be a real shame for the world’s highest paid minister to admit their mistake!

    • Singaporean said

      Exactly. The old guards must all be turning in their graves. The new generation of leaders we have is rather disappointing. Everyday, they are fighting fires and fixing problems resultant of their flawed policies. Where are the visionary leaders of Singapore? We have so many learned men and women … when they put their opinions and suggestions forward, it doesn’t appear that the government takes them seriously. The chase of economic growth to line their own pockets had been the worst fate that they had dished out to Singaporeans. I don’t see them lead simple lives. Even LHL can be humble and eat simply. The same can’t be said of some MPs and their wives … the million dollar lifestyles that they lead, eating at posh restaurants like Waku Ghin, Tesuya etc. People have eyes, you know. They can’t even spare a thought for the poor citizens of Singapore. When they decide to take office, they must be prepared to manage their public lives. Sorry to say, it’s one of the inconveniences of being in public service. If they can’t handle this scrutiny, and want to continue to live lavishly, then they should not have become MPs.

  30. MarkC said

    Actually when I hear the WP talk I too say to them “FUCK YOU!!” because they only repeat the problems but offer no solutions. And HELL they are also PAID $15K per month each and yet kept silent in Parliament leaving the rookie PAP MPs to raise and debate issues with various state Ministers. Is this the First World Parliament that WP wants to bring in? Or were they too busy counting their pay?

    • 50+ Oldman said

      I voted for WP because the PM said this is their best people to serve the nation during the last GE. Their best team comprises of Wong KS, Mah BT, Raymond Lim (where are they now? ) and now a Dpm who doesn’t have solutions to questions posed by a 17 yrs old. I do not know whether WP will be better, if they were to govern our country. But what i do know is PAP has screwed the job. I am willing to stand by WP coz i dont see what i got to lose. To the young ones, who will be voting for the first time in the next election, its time to see a change. We got nothing to lose.

  31. Aberdyn said

    What a disgraceful episode. A leader of a nation could not explain and convince the young when asked for his opinion and advise. Teo Chee Hean the DPM is a complete disgrace. As a DPM is expected to give his opinion and views objectively especially to these students who are curious and very interested to know of the leader’s ideas and vision for the country. Particularly, like hot issues as mentioned by the students to the DPM. Regrettably, The DPM avoided all those questions directed at him and digress the subject pointedly.
    The students got frustrated and so annoyed by the DPM negative response. What is the point holding such seminars if the students were not given the opportunity to discuss and asked questions to the DPM and in return gave them a diligent answers.

    It seems he was bombarded with sensitive questions from the students and the DPM did not reply directly but change the subject abruptly. It shows he was caught by surprise with the students’ reaction. So it’s again proven that Teo Chee Hean is not fit to be a DPM because he is not a real leader material. He is useless and hopeless. In fact most them in the PAP are non-leader materials. It was very unfortunate for the students did not gain what they are looking for, that the knowledge they are seeking from the supposedly state politician that they thought can taught them better in the seminar’s discussion, but it turn out to be a big let down.

  32. Ron said

    The signs are clear. The incoming voters, those who are now in their teens are no long cowed. Their future is tough and they can see the group ahead of them (the 20s) struggling….. starting pay that are not much higher than 20 or 30 years ago. But properties are beyond reach and they will have to squat with parents for years to come. Cars are out of reach. Forget about those 5Cs or 6Cs. Even the first three Cs (cash, car, condo) are hard to come by.

    Where they once were subdued and crammed their heads with useless info just to pass exams, they are now disillusioned even in their teens. They face a bleak future of competing with FTs in a country they are oblidged to serve NS and to defend with their lives supposedly. But they are thinking human beings not robots to be programmed. So, if the PAP does not change its ways, then the PAP is doomed.

    I feel sorry for Teo CH. He is not a gifted speaker. He got parachuted into power and I guess he is lined up to be the next PM. The incoming voters are giving him the harsh reality of things to come.

  33. Anthony Tang said

    Many PAP Ministers and MP are suitable for thier post. Some are related to the PAPaya king, whilst other are related to the clan. They only know How to draw big fat salary and bonus and “Eh, eh, dont know what to say” Quoted from MP from Marine Parade GRC) Is there a single MP or Minister contributing $1 to the old, poor and needy. Cardboard and Drink cans collecters included.
    Upgrading to wards to gain votes also done with money from Rotary Club.

  34. solaris8899 said

    dont they (papa) feel is a waste of time…where tch he himself wasn’t prepared for tough questions with intelligent answers.

  35. KF Yap said

    You nice young people said it all by calling a spade a spade! What more can an old fart say?
    Except this: “I don’t know what to say lah.” Just you vote wisely in 2016! Cheers, Ye Old Kimosabe has spoken!

  36. Anonymous said

    I just see a conversational deadlock here. Minister Teo must have been hoping for some of the youth’s input on the issues they were concerned about, whereas the students just clearly wanted reassurance regarding housing/job issues or something like that. What is the point of flaming either party and dragging the whole PAP VS WP issue into it if these are perfectly reasonable expectations?

    Honestly, I feel a bit apprehensive about the way this debate is going. Will Singaporeans be fractured over political issues like these? Civil conflict will only lead to the downfall of Singapore. Lest people flame me for being a pappie supporter, I do feel that a more equitable distribution of income is needed, and that yes, our ministers are overpaid.

  37. Well done said

    Give the boy a TIGER, he is a MAN though not yet serve NS, he has the tiger BALLS.

  38. USS IOWA said

    When you reach voting age, remember this day.

  39. Teo Chee By said

    Nowadays students are very pissed with the PAP because they need to complete for first position in schools and after A levels, they are shipped to Pulau Tekong to spend 2 times of their youth protecting the country while FT students go straight to university and have two years headstart in life.

    Seriously, the locals are seriously discriminated upon and I wonder why the PAP can continue to hold on to power

    • CheapSingaporeCitizen said

      So simple for pappies to hold on for power, just simply to keep on importing FTs to Singapore Relentlessly & convert them into PRs & New Singapore Citizens quickly so that these massively imported new citizens could inturn vote for them!

      This will tip the scale in the Pappies favour as native Singaporeans can never outgrow (due to falling birth rate) the newly converted citizens in number!

      Simple logic, right?

  40. Henry said

    Give DPM the feedback on his facebook so that he reply …

  41. CheapSingaporeCitizen said

    It is extremely unbelievable! OMG, a person of DPM Teo’s calibre & talent is supposed to be the “cream” of the crop, the top & brightest brain that you could possibly find in this part of the world & a top President Scholar & yet he could not even answer a few small queries & legitimate questions raised & posed by some 17 years old kids & need to be evasive & detract from the topic some more?

    Something must be seriously wrong with the selection & qualification process to select the brightest talents in government to run the show! This proved that he is only a mediocre & ordinary person not some kind of supreme, almighty & talented being that he was made up to be!!!

    DPM Teo, perhaps in future, you should get these 17 years old kids to field & simulate the questions that they would want to ask beforehand first and then you get your president scholars to prepare the model answers in advance to counter the objections and questions raised!!!

  42. Jules said

    I think we should look into their answers rather than just debate on whether the youth is right or wrong. After all, the deed has been done and has gone viral online.

    One perspective is to dismiss the youth and say he has no manners and does not know what he is talking about. But the truth is, he is not alone in his opinions. Other youths feel the same way too. What he has expressed, albeit not too politely, is a dissatisfaction with the system and the stock answers we keep hearing. For example, Singaporeans are concerned about issues regarding foreigners. What do we get and what have we gotten other than propaganda about why we need mor foreigners? Where is the attempt to look at alternative solutions by the actual leaders?

    Another interesting point that I have noted is the “I am 17yo, I do not have the answers.” I could be convinced that a 17yo does not have the life experiences to provide answers. So I would not expect answers from them. But, I would expect from them the ability to dialogue in an attempt to understand the issues. However, this is a skill I do not expect them to have either – after having been in didactic education that seeks to breed obedience and loyalty without question. How can I ask them, ‘what do you think can be done?’.

    So, a note for the DPM and PAP and in the future WP, if you want active citizens who can contribute and provide solutions for their own country and community: Raise them them that way, and do not be afraid of the noise, because democracy is noisy.

  43. PAP Aljunied said

    Firstly, how does a 17 years old elected Mr Teo? Secondly, as a student, what money does he pay Mr Teo? So this only showed that he is not only arrogant but also brainless! So sad, sigh…

    • PAP R.I.P soon said

      did you consider why he reacted that way?

      he is a filial son if his parents have been marginalised by PAP policies.
      he is a true friend to his classmates whose parents are marginalised by PAP policies.
      he is streetsmart knowing that he will lose out in many aspects when he starts work as well as undertake NS duties.
      he may not have voted for DPM Teo or paid his salary, but what about his parents, relatives ?

      a streetsmart person will never jump to conclusion so quickly, but try to see things from different angles
      do you for one moment think the PAP buggers are streetsmart ?.

  44. 34yrs old said

    To the pm and Dpm , f**k u and knnbccb !

  45. Ling said

    Manners aside, at least he has the guts to post this I’d say. At least he bothered to discern for himself instead of taking things in blindly. I’d say he’s a hell lot better than those whom voted for PAP just because they are the most established party without bothering to read up on the other parties. In fact, I find it a lot worrying that our highly paid DPM can’t seem to answer questions posed by 17 year olds.

  46. MrBenCai said

    Nothing to be proud of. If you study until JC and this is the words that comes out of your mouth whenever you are angry then I guess the education in Singapore have failed, at least for you.

    • Dennis said

      Well I think otherwise, Singaporean has been too abiding for decades which our govt is taking a ride for implementing too many policies for their selfish interests. It is a good sign in the younger generation who dares to speak up and defend for their country. If this trend continues in the younger gen, I will see a brighter future for Singapore!

  47. Appear said

    This DPM does not have the solutions. He is in office because he is scholarly smart and not street smart. What this young 17 Year Old did is perfectly right. He stood up to challenge the political vision and made sure he made the point that his peers were equally disgusted by the DPM’s lack of experience and understanding. Singapore needs young gentleman to stand tall and firm and speak out. To the DPM, Low Thia Kiang will do so much better than you in one aspect, he is always on the ground, and he perfectly understands the people. He is there and he is the village chief. Where are you? Where will you always be? Are you there?

    • Kk said

      Just wondering, If the day comes that Mr Low becomes the Dpm, do u think he still has the time to walk around your dream village?

      Have u ever been to Dpm Teo’s meet-the-people session which last to 1-2am?

  48. evil said

    this bastard uses the same trick pap use all the time, if you ask question, instead of answering your question, they ask
    you back to hammer you

    same technique employed by Singapore polytechnic principal, when ask question in a seminar, the principal reply back

    and ask the staff what do you think must be done

  49. Daryl said

    this article is intriguing, having read the different follow ups, i do indeed applaud the bravery of the student who hurled strong words of abuse at dpm. to us all, the all powerful dpm deserves it, maybe. with him and his party clutching by their tips at the seats of power, he probably has obligations to follow, every word he says can be used against him, and in such times of uncertainty, he has little choice but to try and bounce the questions back to the audience for fear of embarrassing the party and himself. but, the irony of it all is that he has reflected to us his incompetence as a deputy minister,and really, if we were to continue leaving our beloved country in the hands of such people, then the future of singapore is definitely compromised. they say experience is the best teacher, yet these people who have a wide pool of experience under their belts seem to have no means to answer questions that are aimed at them by the audience, and that is a rather petrifying thought to us all. could these men who are currently leading sgp have become incapable of giving wise opinions and answers in the heat of the moment? the incompetence of them to provide even politically right answers under stressful conditions let us wonder whether its time to drain the old blood, and fill it up with a new generation of ministers that are able to be even more competent and efficient than the current batch of parliament…

  50. Amellia Leong said

    all I can say to PAP is, Karma will be back in 2016, and she will be pissed 🙂 sooooo…. OBI GOOD CIAKALUT! then when PAP gets defeated in GE 2016, when they seek for answers as to why, all we can reply is, WHADDAYA THINK??

  51. ANTI FT said

    Well done … salute you!!!

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