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PRC ‘FT’ jailed 10 weeks for using ‘kungfu’ to knock police officer unconscious

Posted by temasektimes on June 2, 2012

A PRC ‘FT’ Hu Yaoqiang has been jailed 10 weeks for assaulting a police officer on duty.

On 20 December last year, Hu was in Chamber 17 of the Subordinate court to see a judge when he received a letter of warning from a police officer Li Jianxin for a separate case of criminal intimidation.

However, Hu refused to admit he was the person the police inspector was looking for and was led out of the chamber for a ‘personal chat’.

When Li tried to drag him away, Hu turned violent and gave him a push which caused him to fly four meters away hitting the ground and became unconscious.

Hu was subsequently apprehended by security officers and was arrested.

As expected, the state media did not print his photograph to protect his identity. His occupation is also not revealed.



29 Responses to “PRC ‘FT’ jailed 10 weeks for using ‘kungfu’ to knock police officer unconscious”

  1. kenny said

    what?? only 10 weeks in jail??? that is cheap.. should give him at lease 3 strokes on his butt as a gift from S’pore govt..

    • Compatriot said

      Michael Fay the american citizen who committed vandalism in Singapore were found guilty by the Supreme /Subordinate Court Judges were sentenced and canned

      Our Judiciary courts of law is deemed to be biased and prejudiced.Michael Fay only found guilty of a property damaging with no threats to life

      This PRC was found guilty of physical abused with the threat to life by assualting our police officers and was given ten(10) weeks in jail

      I believe there is a miscarriage of justice borne from our judicial courts

      What will the American Embassy and its Ambassador will have to say about this miscarriage of justice that treated its citizen with biased and prejudiced and favours the PRC that were given only ten(10) weeks jailed for assualt and battery

  2. samdolmat said

    what stupid dumb report is this, are u people from TT no brain?

  3. Singaporean said

    Look like the authority do not want to aggravate
    the already unhappy feeling, Singaporeans
    had against PRC FT.

    • Compatriot said

      This has led me to think is Singapore with its ruling government of the day is beholden to the PRC ?

      • With eyes wide open said

        beholden to LAN JIAO.
        Whoever’s LAN JIAO bigger, they beholden. Pap will suck and carry for a fee.

  4. Ken Lee said

    wow good to be a PRC!!

  5. Injustice and Inequality said

    This PRC FT himself is certainly not underaged, and his crime does not involve a minor. I believe the judge did not issue any gag order as well. Thus, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to protect his identity. The state media did not spare the 40+ men involved in the other case, and now they kept all mum about this case. This is preferential treatment no matter how you look at it. And yet, they dare to claim they are fair in media coverage. The truth is out there, and it speaks for itself…


    His name is not even published. This kind of reporting can it be trusted? no wonder ojr MSM ranked 150th in international freedom of reporting ranking.

  7. 龍的傳人 said

    useless singapore police force being kicked by an weaponless foreigner 4 meters away. 中國功夫萬歲,二毛子滾回家睡.

  8. Saniy Tay said

    dun worry..this PRC moron will have a good party time during detention..i can assure you that when you harm a police officer..makan pao do your job..

  9. slayer45 said

    Assualting a public servant is a very serious offence. Assualting a police is even more serious and attacking within the court premises is surely disregard for our law. I’m surprised it’s only 10 weeks. How come there is no deterant sentencing?

    • Andrew Lee said

      That judge is in sin….let see if Singaporean happen to do that…

      • Compatriot said

        The sins committed without atonement of that particular judge without a doubt,will inevitably go down and passed on to his grandfather,grandmother,or before,his wife and children and his whole family

        A shameful judicial miscarriage of justice

  10. bb said

    Sg police good to bully sg ppl. FT dun care about authority. Some other countries ppl whack up the police.

  11. young sg mummy said

    yeah….jail him than send his ass back to whr he came frm…

    #go home, u stupid prc man!! Shoo!!shoo!! I believe my cat has more rights to be here than u…!!

  12. spotlessleopard said

    Only 10 weeks jail……

  13. SPFails said

    HAHAHA SPF so buay gan???????

  14. lsvop said

    after 1/3 discount for good behaviour, he’ll eat jail rice for 6 weeks. That’s what OUR police officer is worth. He is worth less than the walls of the underpass or MRT train. Vandalism gets canning, causing grevious hurt only 6 weeks. The moral of the story is wack up the guy, but don’t dirty his shirt.

  15. Daft Peasants said

    This bloody PRC beat Polis only kena 10 weeks ah…..????

    Being a FT is a blessing in $inkapore……..

    And by the way, the polis-man also ” aw-ta ” lah… push/slam unconscious liao…… tout spf got teach unarmed combat de??

    * shakehead *

  16. Dr XYZ said

    I really don’t understand why is the culprit being protected from his identity? No photo?
    It’s not as if he is underage or involved in a sex abuse case.
    He hurt a law enforcer, for god’s sake! Just because he is a Foreign Trash, that’s why media protect him?

  17. Wolfglare said

    The police should have open fire and kill these PRC FT at least that way we will have one less PRC to worry abt

  18. Steve Lee said

    @Ken Lee. Not just good but GREAT to be PRC.

  19. Jo said

    Maybe we have to send our officer to China to learn kungfu now…

  20. Ng Ek Seng said name..hmm wonder why….

  21. Duncan said

    Wow…more and more WONG FEI HONG in this tiny red dot. Not even our enforcers can match them.

  22. 01dsk001 said

    Next polis open house nobody go.

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