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ST: Most Singaporeans still ‘welcome’ foreigners

Posted by temasektimes on June 2, 2012

The ‘majority’ of Singaporeans still ‘welcome’ foreigners though many want the pace of influx to slow down, according to a ‘survey’ conducted by the government’s mouthpiece Straits Times.

‘More than eight in ten’ Singaporeans feel Singapore still needs foreigners, but they should only be hired to do jobs that Singaporeans do not want to do.

Of those who want Singapore to keep its doors ‘open’ to foreigners, 54 percent want to slow the influx of foreigners, 14 percent want to slow the influx of high-end workers and 10 percent want to admit only foreigners who are younger and able to contribute.

Due to the government’s ultra-liberal and pro-foreigner immigration policies, an increasing number of foreigners have flocked to Singapore to study, work and live for the last few years, leading to rampant inflation, especially that of public housing, stagnant wages and a noticeable deterioration of living standards.

Foreigners now make up a third of Singapore’s workforce and nearly half its population. Compared to other developed countries, it is very easy for foreigners to obtain Singapore PR and citizenship.




14 Responses to “ST: Most Singaporeans still ‘welcome’ foreigners”

  1. SGT33 said

    Hey, Since when Straits Times became our mouthpiece. Sorry, do not trust the survey by shit times.

  2. GhostMan said

    Crap BS from Shitty Times

  3. Tan young ren said

    Don’t trust the straits time which has never reported the true news. I personally have been boycott local newsapapers long time ago. These local newsapapers are all controlled by puppies. Puppies have completely destroyed our country and they are all traitors.

  4. aloysius12 said

    Firstly, conducted by a “mouthpiece”. Secondly, the survey was selectedly conducted.
    If one is interested get an independent group of collecters.
    Thirdly, we know this is to cushion the fallout of the adverse result of a referendum.
    You can fool some but not all!

  5. Jon said–y–poll.html

  6. Compatriot said

    Singaporeans are hardly a xenophobic society
    As Alexandra The Great once said at the battle ground when his out numbered army were facing the Persian empire with these words
    “Have No Fear In You Then You Can Conquer Death”

    Singaporeans being the origin people with a multi-national upbringing and backgrounds practised civility,we stood and see to that,and Singapore can never be ruled with a communalistic communist idealogy unlike those that were brought in, were indoctrinated and remained embedded in their subconscious mind have landed at our shores,squatted to be taken as a squatter sovereignty

    The current influx of these (forsake or not forsaken) foreigners,who have already landed at our shores is a matter of “cloak and dagger” an issue that is precarious and will be very problematic for Singaporeans hereon and thereon

    The PAP ruling government chose to remained being obstinate and obdurate

    By placing and played deaf ears to Singaporeans their very own people,and with no compuction,to denied their crying and pleading voices of their impending and immediate domestic problems caused by these influx of migrated squatted foreigners

    Being obstinate and obdurate and with no rebuttle or objections the PAP carried on to ply these foreigners into our shores then,they (PAP) like Midas the greek (greed) can count the pennies in their pockets (eg,to pay millions of S$ into their salaries)

    The PAP with their already practised policy to stopped at two has ruined the birth population of Singapore and will inevitably and virtually forsake each and every Singaporean with no “duty of care” when these foreigners are brought in.Deemed so as to cover the shortfalls

    This is another spitful policy which the PAP is playing and plying again
    This must not be continued and have to be stopped

  7. Saniy Tay said

    propaganda……pappies liaison.

  8. bb said

    Here in Australia same problem on using foreign workers. But the unions insist the workers joined the Union and they are paid the same as Australians. The logic is there is no incentive for employers to employ forieigners unless there is a shortage.
    and see Australian Union website|19|192|61686750

  9. PleaseBeRational said

    I want foreign workers too. I want sweepers, consturction workers, toilet cleaners. Jobs that we DON’T WANT. Not foreigners to come and steal the jobs we WANT..

  10. ali said

    “I want foreign workers too. I want sweepers, consturction workers, toilet cleaners. Jobs that we DON’T WANT. Not foreigners to come and steal the jobs we WANT..”

    They maybe undesirable but hey, Singapore will be very disgusting since Singaporeans won’t do this task!

    And besides, I think being a CEO of a foreign company based in Singapore is also a disgusting job for most Singaporeans. I don’t see any of them as CEOs…. Singaporean news reporters in foreign media companies are INEXISTENT so I guess being in the top positions is not an agenda for most Singaporeans that’s why they want foreigners?

  11. Dogmeat said

    *** 8 out of 10 Singaporeans agree that foreigners should only be hired to do jobs that Singaporeans do not want to do.

    Foreigners work permit should be limited to a fixed set of jobs, such as sanitary worker, maids, road sweeper and construction worker. The rest of them are not welcomed because local jobs are the birthright of Singaporeans, and Singaporeans, by virtue of being an evolved race, is better than PRC, Pinoys, Indians and ang-mohs.

    So, the survey is not doctored and reflects the reality. Foreigners are good for thrash picking but stay out of our job markets and society at large.

  12. Sick said

    After the report of 70% jobs goes to foreigner, do you think i will still believe the shitty times, get a life, ST. You are just worthless piece of shit.

  13. Ng Ek Seng said

    i believe Fts can come to assist in jobs..they can help develop skills if its a very important one..after that is accomplished..they should go back to their country and do their own job and help their own economy..

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