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Disappointed with government for providing only lip-service to citizens

Posted by temasektimes on June 3, 2012

I am deeply disappointed with the current government who clearly is just providing lip-service to the plight of the Singapore Citizen. They actually have the cheek to say how we got here.

Did the current government forget that it was on the backs of our parents and grand-parents who believed in the government and believed that the Singapore government will look after Singapore and Singaporeans, who fought and worked and delivered the means for the government to be in?

The wealth of our nation comes directly from our forefathers and all the current administration does is horde the wealth and demand we earn more to put into their coffers.

Does the current administration need to be reminded the the current low birthrate is due to the “two is enough” policy which limited the number of childbirth. And instead of working with the citizens of Singapore to increase our birthrate, the current administration is taking the easy way out by inviting foreigners with different loyalties, agendas and values into Singapore.

Instead of engaging and working with Singapore Citizens to resolve the issues at hand, our government has the cheek to blame Singaporeans instead for our current sentiments. If we are constantly kowtowing to the foreigners who are constantly taking the prime cuts in Singapore, what will be left for Singaporeans? If we are told to kowtow to the foreigners, what difference did the current government have made to our previous colonial masters?

Our forefathers had foresight to see the potential of Singapore, it is really sad when our current elected officials lack even the hindsight to notice the mistakes they have done.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


7 Responses to “Disappointed with government for providing only lip-service to citizens”

  1. san said

    That’s why I left….Pointless talking to a bunch of psychopaths running the show. They have the means, the guns, etc…and Singapore is so, so small that it makes it easy for these psychos to run the show. A few years ago, I walked out when the health minister was walking around during a dinner held here and stated that “we take care of our people”. What a load of BS…..

  2. aloysius12 said

    Like I mentioned earlier, mr minister and others like him came after the Pap came int power. Unlike our forefather who braved the Japanese’s bombs and stayed to put the country back into motion often taking on jobs that the British rejected and our fathers never com[lained.
    Life with no proper sanitation, well water for consumption etc. muddy footpaths etc. and night soil collected by chinese workers and deposited into “many compantments” lorries.
    Our father/uncles/aunties slogged with complaints so that their sons, daughters could get a reasonable life.
    Then came “stop at two”. Their folly becomes our punishment. Now all the hard dedicated works our father/uncle/aunties is being offered to outsiders who countries do not have the luxuries of covered walked ways, flick of a swith lights comes on, press a swith and the lifts doors open and takes you down to a bus-stops,mrt,foodcourts etc. Nowonder they love this place. For us,our forefathers would turn in their graves to see all these are happening to their children. Choose Burma,Vietnam,Cambodia etc, they need you.
    Closing mr. minister think with your head,and were your fathers around during the “bomb day” when singapore were “terrible inhabitable state”.

  3. Ng Ek Seng said

    suddenly remembered what the British did to us when the Japanese ended up invading sg during WW2..they abandoned sg and ran away..come here to reap the benefits..and later run away

  4. Henry said

    so sad …

  5. Daft Peasants said

    Ha ha ha ha ha………lip-service is a very appropriate word to describe the pappies……

    But still got 60.1% like their lip-service leh……

    Why huh??

    No wonder the old man call us daft……..

    If this goes on for another 10 years, they will even save up the ‘ lip-service ‘ …..

  6. Compatriot said

    Since 1959 the People of Singapore voted the PAP into government.with the help of our forefathers and docile womenfolks

    The PAP and its party members has already drawn swords and fought vehemently among themselves publicly at the wake of death and also in parliament.

    This led within their party members to broke ranks and called themselves The Barisan Socialists with 13 of their elected parliamentary MP’s

    History have sadly shown that Barisan Socialist with 13 of its elected MP’s
    (taken out from the remaining PAP MP’s) has boycotted parliament

    Barisan Socialists have the supporters of half or even more of Singapore’s population and have also contested in parliamentary elections.

    Should all of them have not boycotted parliament and remained as MP’s the PAP will be denied of their majority in parlaimant and couldnt passed and changed laws to their conveniences and put more pennies in their pockets

    The PAP is very similar to being the Sheriff of Nottingham,with Prince John who intended to usurp the English throne that was entirely challenged and perpetually crushed of their atrocities to its people by Robin Hood and his Merry Men

    If not for the People of Singapore to rendered their support with their public opinion of goodwill the PAP wouldnt be the ruling government of the day

    Our current generations of today can without a doubt with success to address this anomaly and ensure that what our forefathers and parents has done and committed to render support earlier to the PAP must not be repeated to avoid this vicious cycle

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