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Hougang cleaner files summons to order PM Lee to appear in court

Posted by temasektimes on June 3, 2012

Despite the Hougang by-election being held a week ago, cleaner and Hougang resident Madam Vellama is going ahead with her suit against Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

On Friday, Madam Vellama filed a summons via her lawyer M Ravi to order PM Lee Hsien Loong to appear before the court to give evidence for remarks which he had made in Parliament with regards to his powers of discretion.

PM Lee had earlier said in parliament that he will “take into account all relevant factors, including the well-being of Hougang residents, issues on the national agenda, as well as the international backdrop which affects our prosperity and security” in deciding when he would call the by-election in Hougang.”

The affidavit said it is ‘imperative that the PM be cross-examined on these matters’ and asked the courts to settle the question of whether the PM has ‘unfettered discretion’ in calling by-elections.

Meanwhile the Attorney-General Chambers has filed a separate application to strike out Madam Vellama’s affidavit, describing it as ‘frivolous’ and an ‘abuse of the courts’.



12 Responses to “Hougang cleaner files summons to order PM Lee to appear in court”

  1. 换我新加坡 said

    Hi Temasek Times, do you guys have to specifically state that she is a cleaner? can just put it as hougang resident? is it to imply that how does a low paid cleaner files summons to order the highest paid PM in the world to appear in court?

  2. papsmear said

    Dun be stupid lah. Wasting ur time. If u sue and win, jeyaratnam, tang liang how, francis seow, where got face to put? Face reality, we are living in this dungeon.

    • True Singaporean said

      We know that AG is biased towards the PAP and LHL is politically corrupt like his father – from the gerrymandering of political boundaries to the GRC system. Let’s hope that the Judge would squeeze the PAP by its … and make it repent for all the sins it committed over that last 53 years of power in Singapore. If the judge does not do anything, then we the citizens of Singapore should make the PAP repent through our votes in 2016.

    • Andrew Lee said

      Today is a difference world,,,even in Singapore. Middle east Iron fist government have to go…Singaporeans is just use a nice way to handle the situation.

  3. Nasib said

    Madam Vellama should be accorded with due respect due to her bravery.There is nothing degrading with working as a cleaner. It is an honest job. Just like LSL, he is working as a civil servant holding the appointment as a PM.

  4. TTakaTNP said

    TT is lyk dat one lah. Read and dun bother lor. Have ur own opinion. TT jus wan traffic n at times hidden agenda to their reasons/liking….

  5. Rustle said

    Wow. A cleaner and she has the money to engage a lawyer and file a lawsuit as well. I wonder where the money comes from. Sponsorships, eh?

    • People power said

      Yes, from Singaporeans.
      Just like CSJ was slapped with a 20k fine prior to GE2011 to prevent him from getting involved in GE2011. Guess what? His 20k fine was paid off just before GE2011. This is people power, dun play play ok.

  6. mani semb said

    Does vellama know what is imperative and how discretion is used in government? Its the people behind I guess

    • DIY said

      Mdm Vellama don’t know that she’s being used as lamb to the slaughter. It’s all in M Ravi’s mind to advertise his profession. Mind you that lawyer’s cannot advertise his work. The case is ‘pro bono’ and in Latin means ‘done without usual payment for lawyer’. In this case, if the verdict is not in Vellama’s favour, M Ravi will join WP.

      Hell will break loose. Gay minister will be proposed. Then what’s next. I don’t know.

  7. JJ Lim said

    So much for giving us a voice when we have the AGC to silence us.

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