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Law Society employee Nicholas Leong: It’s good to take MRT to connect with the ‘peasantry’

Posted by temasektimes on June 3, 2012

Taking MRT to school and work is an onerous daily task for most Singaporeans, but for some, it is merely an exercise to connect with the ‘peasantry’.

An employee of the Law Society Nicholas-Seth Leong posted a thread on his Facebook about taking MRT for the second time this year:

“I had a meeting this morning out of office. My boss told me we’d take the train down….I told him its the second time I’m taking MRT this year, its my first time in Clarke Quay MRT….”

He added that he could feel his own ‘angst’ riding with ‘common people’:

“But I suppose its good to get the feel from the ground every now, and then to connect with the peasantry.”

According to his Linkedin account, Nicholas graduated from Temasek Polytechnic and is currently working as a ‘Customer Service Professional’ at the Law Society.

His comments caused a stir in cyberspace with many netizens criticizing him for being ‘elitist’:

“Can someone tell me how does taking a train ‘every now and then’ connects u to the ground?” – Mira Azhari

” LOL … how to u even connect with ‘common people’ when u look down on them in the 1st place ? this guy a joke” – Kenny Ong



47 Responses to “Law Society employee Nicholas Leong: It’s good to take MRT to connect with the ‘peasantry’”

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  2. aloysius12 said

    Well if you are intentions are food, you will connect and not like those who will travel in buses and trains after laying the groundworks -so they can articulate to the nedia”seem fine”. Just feel like us, the crowds, the jostling and never-ending wait for buses and trains that come along only to leave with you not being able to board and when you do get an opportunity you look downcast finding no room to rest your tired feet. Then like us ask, “do we still need a population explosion? Mr. Population expert will response “yes” and give a thousand reason notwithstanding the fact Mr. “stop at two” passed the bill and his generation of ministers only travel in air-con cars, maybe with Ahmat in tour. For foreigners they have no issues as they all come from places that are not only over-crowded but villages that is reminiscent of old Singapore; something our forefathers shares but our current environment minister is not aware.
    Keep moving around with us “peasant” and then like one great early writer who penned “to be a leader you must know the pains of the labourers”.

  3. lim said

    There are one too many such young elitist snobs which a bad global recession will teach a good lesson. Peasants like me have been travelling on pathetic public transport for decades.

  4. wMulew said

    Strangely enough the only thing pointing to his political alignment is his him liking an anti-PAP comic page. Seems like we have us an opposition elite

  5. jaesh said

    get a fucking law degree before you call others peasants you fucking customer service rep

  6. Singaporean said

    He has bad English and feels that he is above the vast majority of Singaporeans who do depend on the MRT to commute. He has forgotten his humble beginnings. How much can he possibly be earning, to only travel by taxi or drive a car? As my mother would always say, it is not how much you earn, but how much you save that makes you a rich man. Smells of the type of pretentious. Readers who actually are his friends, should tell him the virtue of humility. His boss should have mentored him and tell him his attitude sucked!

  7. singaporean deserved said

    give me a break! u r just a poly grad and dare to speak of such ‘snobbiness act’,there are millions of normal sporeans,taking bus and mrt to work everyday and they are armed with professional degree,like of lawyers,doctors,etc and i am one of them,but i dont feel the ‘peasantry’ that u had mentioned,be real pls!

  8. Regime Change said

    Another asshole

  9. Singaporean said

    I wonder what kind of attitude he has as a customer service personel if he himself is in-born with evil attitude towards the common public? Or he only “reception” those upper class only?

  10. stevenado said

    Some people talk through their ass…Once in a while, the mouth got a chance to talk.Not used to talking, the mouth puke, so rubbish comes out of it!!!!

  11. Joke in Singapore said

    ‘Customer Service Professional’ at the Law Society is a special breed?

  12. Tru Blu Sinkie said

    This type also can be considered ‘elite’? LOL

  13. Be Humble said

    Who does this bloke Nicholas think he is? A member of one of the world’s remaining royal families? What a real snob! What’s wrong with taking the MRT? In many of the major cities of the world with urban trains, people have no hesitation to take trains to and from work. And they include professionals such as lawyers, doctors, accountants. There’s nothing wrong with professionals in Singapore taking the MRT to and from work or to meetings. Despite all the well-publicized technical problems that SMRT and SBS Transit have been facing recently, our MRT system is still one of the best urban transport systems in the world. Of course, there’s still lots of room for improvement – as with all things, including Nicholas’ EQ. Nicholas should learn to be humble and less snobbish in his attitude to the rest of Singaporeans. He should realize that his wealth (which presumably allows him to buy and drive his own car) is transient – it’s here today and may be gone tomorrow. And if it goes tomorrow, he will have no choice but to take the MRT to and from work. Welcome to the world of the masses – or the peasantry (in Nicholas’ eyes).

  14. P Koh said

    Just three months back I sold off my car and decided to take on the challenges of riding on the everpacked MRT and buses for three reasons. One, to save costs as season parkings at home and office are no longer cheap, so are the parking charges in the CBD (ERP not to be overlooked at the most ridiculour locations). Secondly, so that I can get to understand how the transport system works. Finally so that I can get some long needed exercises as my belly has outgrown my trousers. Now, I have no regrets as I saved on fuel, insurance and quarterly car servcing and perhaps the risks of receiving tickets for parking or traffic offences. I started taking notes and even photographed the information on bus service numbers that pass my home and the office and the places that I frequently visit and find that this has made my transportation knowledge and needs quite interesting. Understanding how the fees are charged and the connectivities between trains and buses have now become second nature to me. This is the first time that I resort to this mode of transport after owning cars for almost 45 years and
    I do enjoy it. You be surprised with the different behaviour of commuters and ‘connecting the peasantry’ can be an interesting eye-opener too. I of course took advantage of the discounted senior citizens fares.

  15. papsmear said

    Poly grads, work as customer service only. KNN. What the hell. I feel sad for ur parent. Never teach u what is value. Maybe they oso dunno. Kiang do ho. Mai kay kiang. 22-dec-2012, we all see where u will be.

  16. spotlessleopard said

    Hahahaha this is one GUY who is like the FLEA who thinks that the DOG is there because of him…and that He actually is around because of the DOG.(what a delusional character)…this is a serious problem with People like Nicholas Leong

  17. SGdieliao said

    With Singaporeans like this guy, I think the Country will self destruct in no time.

  18. Singapore Peasant said

    This guy need to apologize to the peasantry
    who has the privelege to be sharing the same
    MRT ride with him on that day.
    I think, we peasants should be honored that this
    Temasek Polytechnic graduate was willing to
    ride the MRT with us, we the low class peasants
    of elitist Singapore.


    Nicholas Seth is a gay

  20. Big internet troll said

    He’s been trolled hard. See the missing comments? I actually asked him sarcastically as a joke if he felt the angst of the common people. And that’s the sarcastic reply he gave me.

    Unfortunately Temasek times decided to mislead their readers by not showing the full comments. There are only four comments, two hidden two displayed, yet they decide to show only the latter two. Tsk tsk….

    And you guys have been trolled too by Temasek times too!

    #as if we do not have enough real bullshit to report

  21. wanker10 said

    Just a diploma holder & think so highly of himself…wtf. Plenty of them around. I personally would like to tell him fo fuck off from my sight if he were to step into my office. What a loser! There are around a dozen of them, my staff (diploma holder), working under me. Although i have a Honours degree in Engineering via the polytechnic route.

  22. Ng Ek Seng said

    shows how much arrogance he has..and how blinded high paid workers are now cause they have so much money to toss about..and his friend who commented win^^..shes another stupid being..if my friend said that kind of shit..i would f them upside down for it..

  23. A Common Person said

    My office is very nearby, should pay Nicholas-I-am-an-elitist-piece-of-shit-Seth Leong a visit and have a chat with him on his revolutionary comments.

  24. LocalAlwaysRight said

    He usually goes by bus?

  25. Bimbo prick said

    Another insensitive idiot. Feel the wrath of the netizen, you snobbish bimbo prick

  26. Sam Tan said

    What a deluded fool. People with this type of behaviour are typically those who only inherited their riches and spoilt absolutely senseless since born. He probably never had to break a sweat for anything in his life, and everything was handed to him on a silver platter.

    Self made men know the true harshness of reality, and this fool clearly does not. The reality slap, when and if it comes, will be more devastating for fools like these.

  27. anti pap said

    From his comments, this Nicholas bastard must be a PRC. Thanks to PAP that we have these shameless self-attas PRC in Singapore.

    • James Squires said

      Talking out of your arse.
      Christian first name + dialect surname = “a PRC”?

      You’re joking aren’t you?

      Are you seriously that bigoted?

  28. rubbish said

    From his comments, this Nicholas bastard must be a PRC. Thanks to PAP that we have these shameless self-attas PRC in Singapore.

  29. Cp said

    I did not realize that there were royalty in singapore. Probably a wanna be that nobody cares a f@@k about.

  30. singaporean said

    Applause to the ‘boss’ that suggested taking the MRT, and “-_-” at the guy’s attitude.

  31. hachoiji said

    Must be from a SAP school , Cultured to think they are special from a very young age.

    Lawyer’s joke ; Lawyers are like sperm…only one in a million will become human.

    • A resident said

      I actually lol’d at that, Hachoiji, Good one!

    • Mrs Smith said

      Good onee!

    • Bewildered said

      I was from a SAP school and my father was a hawker. I’ve never had tuition but I made it to the top schools. All I learnt at SAP school was to be proud of my heritage and be very effectively bilingual. The fact that you generalize means you’ve not attended SAP schools. Sour grapes?

    • cash said

      Hachoiji – don’t be an utter moron. This Nicholas Seth-Leong is ONLY a POLY diploma holder. He does not even qualify to be a lawyer – therefore he has less than 1 in a million chance to be human. Nicholas Seth-Leong works as a non-managerial customer service plebian at Law Soc – lawyers would not do that kind of plebian job. WP’s Chen Show Mao is a lawyer, btw.

  32. Neo said

    I wonder Mr. Chen Show Mao is in the same train? MPs = Pleasants

  33. nep said

    tp graduates are elitist? lol

  34. RealityCheck said

    Peasant? Man took a step forward when we went to the moon, but unfortunately the world took a few step back when the day you were born Mr. Leong. i hope someone exposes which “elitist” law firm that nurtures such an individual. i for one will not want to engage such firm for a representation.

  35. Kosaka said

    Connect? I think it simply show the difference in our life habit. If politicians would be bothered to take the mrt and start realizing the mistake that was caused “regularly”, we might get a change to have a 2$ COE bidding price!

  36. lin said

    the identity of a peasant is not define by as long as you drive a car or take private transport you are no peasant ok! please learn your stuff well. And who knows, i believe there are people who took public transport might have more $$ and investments than you in the bank, dude. And obviously you are not a elitist, but you are definitely a striving wannabe.

  37. js said

    to Hachoiji: I don’t think he is from a SAP school. Not everyone from a SAP school think they are special. Not everyone from a non-SAP school think that they are normal. Please don’t generalize.

  38. Everybody in SG is on an uproar. I work in japan for almost 6 years now . I am a filipino engr. If you make a comment like that here, I doubt if you can get 5 comments in your FB account…. I wonder why?

  39. Commoner said

    I search his profile…….This guy is a nobody who work his way from the bottom as an avertising person in a small firm …No University Degree ..NOTHING and dare call people peasant//// he is a real the real Peasant!!!!! WTF!!!!

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