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MBS waitress used dirty table cloth to wipe forks plates and forks of demanding Indian customers

Posted by temasektimes on June 3, 2012

Be careful of your manners to waiters and waitresses serving you at a restaurant next time as you never know what they will do to your food if you are rude to them.

One waitress working at Marina Bay Sands was so pissed with a group of demanding Indian customers that she used a dirty cloth to wipe their plates and forks:



“I took our dirty table cloth and wipe their plates and fork/knife!! That’s what I did today!!” she posted on her Facebook.

According to her Facebook profile, she is probably a Malaysian working in MBS:


50 Responses to “MBS waitress used dirty table cloth to wipe forks plates and forks of demanding Indian customers”

  1. George said

    FT ?

  2. P Koh said

    Sure going to get the sack. Customers may not always be right or nice but they are still important. If she cannot handle them perhaps she should ask another to do so to avoid the frustrations.

  3. din said

    job well done!…

    • One Eye Jack said

      I agree.

      She did very well, in my opinion.

      Deserves a raise.

      • Summerashley said

        Agree!!! People dont realize that servers are humans too! It doesn’t give anyone the right to push ppl around just Becos they were born with sliver spoon in there mouth…put yourself in other ppl’s shoes so you know how that feels. Treat others the way you want to be treated back!

  4. Mr x said

    she is from Singapore staying is in malaysia

  5. studentinsg said

    Gd thing for her, Indians have very bacteria-resistant stomachs, as those with weak stomach would have already died during their childhood. She wouldnt be able to handle the medical bills if those Indians were to suffer from food poisoning.

  6. Allgooner said

    Ah…..when u have too many FTs they will begin to fight amongst themselves! Hahaha

  7. 1st World Nation - 3rd World Governance said

    yes this happens very often. You think food in restaurants and food courts is hygienic? The more demanding you are, the higher risk you run in getting unhygienic food.

  8. Play Play said

    Good job! This is how we should treat these fussy pots! Agree that those from India are especially fastidious. They thought they are rich and can boss around. No class. People who are really rich usually have class and behaves like nobles.

    • antiracist said

      go to hell man… dont judge indians based on just one example… i am singaporean and not rich but i dont behave like that…

  9. Rustle said

    I hope her boss gets to read that.

  10. Singaporean said

    Service. It’s most of the time demanding. It is so wrong of her to do what she did. Regardless of the race of her customers. Shame on you!

  11. Anthony Tang said

    Obviously, she his not suitable to be a waitress. Some more Malaysian. Simple job, no brains and education required. Why not employ Singaporeans?

    • mahbok tan said

      She is not a malaysian definitely….a singaporean living in johor.
      The problem is this people do not care about the consequence of their action by posting it online.
      OMG what happened to younger generations…..????

  12. papsmear said

    Well done!! Best is nicholas leong go there eat and u clean the plate with ur underwear!! Haha!!

  13. SSS said

    She even commented that she wanna slash china ppl’s throats… omg disgusting person.

  14. Ng Ek Seng said

    shame on her..dare work in an FnB industry and show this kind of poor hygiene and sanitation…if i see my service staff do that..i will F them upside time customer get food poisoning.but its not the food but the cutlery in the end the chef gets screwed..

  15. Finished said

    Finished. Sacked.

  16. Cp said

    All kinds of bastards in this world. Some obvious and some try to be obvious.

  17. Mikey said

    Rock on!

  18. Ron said

    Understandable. We are humans not robots. We have feelings. We get stressed and angry. The customers deserve that and worse. Some restaurant stuff spit into the food or maybe put their nose dirt into the food! If they unburden themselves like this girl did, I say it is okay. Go and vent your feelings.

    She is not that typically. As customers we should also think of those who labor who serve us… the cooks, the restaurant management, the service staff. A smile, some pleasant words make their days better. We too like others to be pleasant to us don’t we?

    And this is not racial. The guests could be any race.

    • ProubToBeIndian said

      Not racial? “best part is all Indians” Isn’t that clearly obvious which race she’s pointing her finger at?

  19. spotlessleopard said

    Sometime ago I was a Waiter in a Semi fine dining Vegetarian Restaurant…..and in came 12 Indians…I was assigned to serve them…

    At the end of their Meal; the ostensible Patriach produced a large cake and asked I cut it up and serve them as desert….(I looked towards my manager; who nodded his approval (We have deserts etc. in our Menu)…

    Finally the Patriach asked for the bill….and when He returned the signed slip…He commented : “Waiter; I want you to know I have never experienced such good service in Singapore; thank you”……I dutifully thanked him for his compliment…and noticed He did not leave any tips….(The Restaurant does not have a 10% service Charge)

    The occupational Ups and Downs of a Waiter/Waitress.

  20. Duncan said

    I think she is a pinoy.

  21. solaris8899 said

    simple thing. you treat ppl nicely, ppl will return you in the similar ways. being picky, unreasonable requests naturally annoy ppl.

  22. Missy said

    Can someone kindly bring this to the attention of MBS?

  23. Zam said

    Karma will follow you lady.

  24. stevenado said

    JOb Well Done!..Actually it is not the race that matters. Custormers can be very demanding.They always think that they were the only custormers around.Waiters are also human not machine.They don’t only serve one particular table.Try watching them especially during peak hours!!!!.For those demanding and impatient customers, you guys deserve something “special”…

  25. Kans Solo said

    She should be sacked. And yes, customers could be any race but don’t publish your sentiments. Is she looking for sympathy? And don’t generalize.

  26. Anti foreigners said

    these farking indian FTs think they are USA elites. whats is the value of their currency?

    stupid rupees and many of their country men are in singapore and australia, US to work as slaves.

  27. YKLim said

    malaysians also human, singaporeans also human, Indians also human lor.

  28. Karan said

    I think some people are rude, some are stupid, some make total fool of themselves….there are different types of people and all have their own way to live life, bu thtey are Not Indians,nor singaporeans nor americans…they are just what they are….just as love doesnt see the borders same way these personality traits exists in all the nationalities,…I am from India and i help all the travellers coming to India…and so mnay of them say they have never met such lovely people that he met in India….and some might ot have very pleasant experience. I myself have been given so mch of love in all th countries i visit…..what you are and how you think and live your life…makes you meet similar people. I am not saying this lady also must have been like those customers, maybe she was a better human being then them, we have just heard her version and i see so many friends giving their opinion put here πŸ™‚ …some of them are really so frustrated in life …maybe they have full faith in the lady who said they were too demanding. So no problem if they give their opinions just hearing one side of the story…i really dont feel bad with what they write because i can see they are not just in their opinions..they are simply venting their own experiences out here πŸ™‚

  29. Lovic said

    She should think twice before posting her comment, esp abt d part where she did the unclean act. Was prev in F&B too, and i’ve encountered same situation, with even more number of ppl, but i dont go and do those things. Furthermore, she’s working in MBS! Should be a high class restaurant isn’t it? What if the customer came across this and sue her ass off? Then she’ll know the consequences. Yes, some Indian customers are fussy, bt not all. Maybe she just dont know how to handle them. Then too bad.. She should get a different job.

  30. Summerashley said

    The problem with people is that they think they are in MBS naturally first thing that pops on their mind ” I am in MBS”, it doesn’t give anyone any rights to boss people around for any reasons. A lot of people who are flight rich thinks they can do whatever they like. This is a free world people should be able to vent. People who have been thru the same situations and experience the same kinda attitude then would understand. People should think twice before bossing people around with their own demanding and ureasonable needs. Especially people who have not worked in and FnB industry thinks that servers jobs are low class dirty jobs. But then again without the servers there will be no restaurant then every where will be self service. Then there is no need for job opportunities. No human is perfect. It’s really not nice to get pleasure for making one miserable. She is human too. People should take it easy on her. Instead of commenting what you think maybe try putting yourself in her shoes then see the whole picture from her angle. We all make mistakes and I am
    Sure she will learn from this incident but as long as she move on and don’t repeat it. It doesn’t matter if it’s racist or not. No human should be downgraded or treated like a slave in anyways just because money are being spent. Money can’t buy a lot of things and money is always the causes of these dramas. Leave the poor girl alone.

    • ProubToBeIndian said

      Poor girl? She has done sucha low class moronic job by cleaning her customers’ plates with dirty cloth! Karma’s a bitch baby. What goes around, comes back around.

      • Summerashley said

        Oh proudtobeindian. Not surprise you’re so defensive! I mean poor girl like its enough. She is not stupid and she read enough and she must have learned. For the love of God. Move on people. Build and Freaking bridge and get over it. Why every one acting and behaving like they never made the tiniest mistake in their entire life good or bad big or small! The point is NO ONE IS PERFECT NO ONE IS GOD! We are all humans we make mistake we learn from it and move on hoping and try not to let history repeat. If anyone in this place can say they have been perfect all their life then I will salute you! Geez!

      • ProudToBeIndian said

        If she’s educated then she would have never stoop so low, and most importantly, she shouldn’t have vent her anger via a social network which could actually damage herself like what’s happening now. Every human has their rights to voice out their views, but as human, they should have humanity too! She have to face the consequences for her rash act. She should have chosen other solutions than doing what she has done. Because of her anger, she used a dirty cloth to clean her customers’ plates and stuff. Where is customer service when Singapore is promoting “go extra miles”?!

  31. Summerashley said

    Woah! Pardon me! So it’s high class for filthy rich Indians expats to behave like morons at restaurant just because they got the money? There are a lot of rich people in the world not just you guys. Seriously! Yes! Karma is good! It’s goes around and comes back around. If God given you Wealth and you misuse it for the power to put down the common people at work then Karma will follow you as well! Rich people don’t stay rich forever. People who aren’t rich will keep climbing and progress at least when they finally become wealthy they will know how its like to be not have money and appreciate the word. Not born with money because they came from a wealthy back ground spoilt brat and abuse the society! Shame!

    • Karan said

      “The problem with people is that they think they are in MBS naturally first thing that pops on their mind ” I am in MBS”, it doesn’t give anyone any rights to boss people around for any reasons. A lot of people who are flight rich thinks they can do whatever they like. This is a free world people should be able to vent.”

      Are you a script writer ?? I mean you made the whole visualization on your own !! she has written that the customers were fussy…wo dont know the truth whether they really were fussy or were bossing around !! you are assuming that. And also nobody is perfect but people like you make things worst. Being good is nice, i can see your comment talks about being good and nice to everybody, but being spineless is worst. Why cant we just simply condemt the act bcoz that is the only truth we know from this post. rest everything we dont know !! dont u see people murdering someone and themselves going to police for complain !! come on grow up !! And she is not readin these post. yes i am really of the same opinion as you, had you just mentioned that people can make mistakes and she did it and its over and lets build a bridge and get it over. till here it was good. but how in this world can you assume that the customers were too demanding or bosssy !! manytimes we have to even fight for our right, it doesnt mean we are being dominating. so dont assume what you read. just tht this thing should not have happened and she did it and now let her be in peace.

      Nobody is perfect yeah i agree…but atleast try to be as close as one can !! here i feel all those who read what she wrote and assumed and accepted her version are educated illetrate…people with eyes but blind !! cmon man…dont be like a cattle and go towards wht u read. Use your brain and be Just in wht you guys write !!

    • yoyo said

      you need serious sentence structure classes. got a headache first and then a laugh after reading your engrish.

      • Karan said

        Yeah sorry had typed from my mobile and reading how judgemental this person was in his/her comments i forgot to check the sentences, actually had soo many questions to ask this person, so many things coming in my head, typed some, removed some as didnt want to sound too rude πŸ™‚ yeah it surely must have been like solving a riddle πŸ˜›

  32. Bloodyrozes said

    Good Job Lady~
    U deserve a bloody SLAP

  33. Bella ndya said

    Hi name is Bella ndya, I would like to apologies for what I did in the Facebook..and I’m truly sorry and won’t be repeating the same mistake.. Thousands apologies..

    • P Koh said

      Well its good that you realized your mistake and apologise. This will be a lesson for you to always think thrice before writing something as serious as this on the internet notwithstanding how angry you may be. Take care and move on.

      • Bella ndya said

        Okay thks for those advise.. I’m truly regretted and won’t be repeatin those stupid anger of mine. I have learn my lesson .. To those who I hv offended people out there, pls forgive me. Yes I will move on my life.. Thank you so much for being understand my situation. Thousand apologies people.

  34. bwilly said

    I will inform the management tomorrow if this is not brought up.

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