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72 year old granny punched by 40 year old woman in foodcourt for being too ‘slow’ in clearing plates

Posted by temasektimes on June 4, 2012

A 72 year old granny was punched in her left temple by an unknown 40 year old woman in a local foodcourt for being too ‘slow’ in clearing the plates.

She would have proceeded to rain more blows on the granny if not stopped by a few men sitting nearby.

[Source: Hardwarezone forum]

The episode sparked an outcry among netizens with many condemning the woman for using violence on the granny.



48 Responses to “72 year old granny punched by 40 year old woman in foodcourt for being too ‘slow’ in clearing plates”

  1. huat said

    we should put this 40 year old woman in shame!!!

  2. din said

    I would take a nearby tray and wacked her in the head for sure…

  3. SINYoobi said

    The 40 year old woman will grow old one day and will definitely get her retribution.

  4. Mianzz said

    wait till you grow old stupid bitch

  5. Tan Yan Ren said

    ANYONE who saw it and DID NOTHING, SHame on YOU!!!!!!Disgusting!!!Pathetic!!!I hope we Singaporeans defend and protect the underdogs regardless of race language and religion and COUNTRY….PLEASE!1

  6. Tan Yan Ren said

    aNYWAY if you are the one, please report to the authorities ,,,maybe anonymously…BUT DO IT PLEASE…I want that BITCH punished!!!!

  7. bernardliang said

    wait that is my granny

  8. spotlessleopard said

    This can only happen in singapore…poor granny

  9. fpc said

    a classic case of over weighted woman with inferior complex.

  10. invictus39 said

    file a police report, press charges and send the idiotic woman to jail… No excuse for such boorish behaviour !

  11. Ben said

    wait till u are old and slow, see how u feel when people punch u!

  12. lu now said

    she must be the boss

  13. You are my voice said

    sooner or later…many of our citizens will kena punch by FT everyday

  14. P Koh said

    I pray and hope that no one is coming forward to speculate that that act of violence comes from a FT or PR from China and this matter will be blown out of proportion again.

  15. Reader said

    That lady must be crazy to do such thing, how fast can you expect from a 72 year old granny. What the hell she is thinking!!!

  16. Ray said

    Top picture showed “victim” with black hair. Bottom picture showed “victim” with white hair.

    • SomeLittleGuy said

      I believe the top picture is the 40yrs old while the bottom then is the victim. Seriously, that lady will suffer retribution when she turns old. I really hope someone can identify her and let all her friends, relatives, family members know about her personality. Let’s see if anyone will be able to link up all her social network links.

    • lola said

      I believe the one at the top is another staff?

    • Singaporean said

      The one in black hair appears to be the manager in uniform lah!

  17. GanBH said

    Can Anyone identify her?

  18. David Lim said

    Cum on la! Everyone earnin a living! Do u wan it to happened to u when u r old? Pls cum forward let a 20++ lady or guy punch u in the face due to ur slow movement! Totally bullshit tis lady! Should mi taught a lesson!!

  19. Zam said

    Ugly side of Singaporeans exposed

  20. siangneng said

    She will have a taste of her own medicine one day!!

  21. Zephyr said

    @Ray, your observation is poor, culprit is that fat bitch with her hands on hips talking to food court supervisor.
    As some suggested that it could be Tiong Bahru Plaza, look again at the ‘Fillipino Cuisine’ sign behind, not many food court have that…

    This is a serious case for PAP to address the government still honestly wants old people to continue working after retirement.

  22. evil said

    this bitch is from PRC

  23. zzzzzz said

    where does it indicate or imply that the 40yrs old woman in the 1st picture is the above-average weight/size lady in blue/purple top? seems everyone are very quick in making assumptions.

  24. Matakia said

    So did anyone called police to arrest the assailant? That is Voluntarily Causing Grievous Hurt especially to elderly. It is an arrestable crime.

  25. Prata Nathan said

    WTF, we haf filipino cuisine now in our foodcourt too? DAFUQ did i juz see?!?!?

    • Amanda said

      we have western food in our foodcourt decades ago.
      are u ok?

      • Khamul said

        Everybody’s okay. And yes Western food stalls have been around fr decades.

        No bill for comparison with the commenter’s shock at the emerging Filipino cuisine. So what’s your point really?

        Stupid. Draw out your arguments properly if you want to engage in a proper discussion defending immigrants. I dare you.

  26. James Tan said

    if the old lady got wallop by a PRC, then we are in big trouble. we will be displaced.

  27. bochap said

    want gd service go eat at high class place n pay for it.Shld call police arrest her

  28. LkySi said

    This only happens between Chinese

  29. jaz said

    She is really an idiot. Although tat granny is old but she still use her ability to earn a living. Tat auntie have no right to punch anyone. So angry with tis kind of ppl…..Y our country getting bad to worse.

  30. James Jan said

    Why cover the eye? just post FULL resolution pic of this bitch!!

  31. Meena said

    wah now sinkapore got filipino cuisine also ?? Lol

  32. A Singaporean said

    These days there are cameras everywhere. I’m sure someone can check and ID the bitch and have her arrested.

  33. tryme said

    I hope that fucking 40 years old woman is some fucking FT !!!

    If she is a Singaporean, FUCKING PAP Educational System goes down to the drain, FED TO THE DOGS !!!!

    After 47 years of effort, this is what FUCKING PAP churns out. KNN !!!!

  34. i can bet with you this bitch who punched the poor old lady is a PRC. i hope that she will be jailed.

  35. william ong said

    the 40 year old lady, if she live long………….. she too will be 72 year old

  36. k said

    Poor granny, that woman shd be jailed for assault.

  37. Maniandy said

    too much

  38. It is sad that in our first world country that old people have to take on such jobs in their golden years – this is bad enough and well to make matters worse you now get 40 year old filth and bitch hitting one that is almost double her age – did they arrest her and hand her to the police who I hope will put her in jail and throw away the key – such bitches needs to be put away for a long time – and by the way some day she will also get old and hope she will be made to do such job in the old age ! – damn ass bitch !

  39. fatlady said

    I hope she is not PRC. Else, we will be outraged. Fck! that fat ass bitch. No respect.

  40. donttellyou said

    ccb who the fuck this fat bitch think she is knn, ask her clear plate lah, she need punch old woman to satisfy her fucked up ego isit ccb

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