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East Coast GRC residents ‘bond’ with their PAP MPs through games

Posted by temasektimes on June 4, 2012

About 1,000 residents of East Coast GRC spent Sunday morning together during an event organized by the PAP grassroots organizations to promote ‘bonding’ between themselves and their PAP MPs.

The event, YOUth FUNtastic @ East Coast GRC, covered a range of activities such as an Amazing Race Competition as well as the Singapore National Games (SNG) Community Celebration Road Shows.

The Games, which are currently under way across the island, are aimed at connecting the community through sports.

Residents were also invited to participate in the Inter-Cluster Mascot Customisation (ICMC) Contest, and vote for their favourite Cluster Mascot design.

East Coast GRC was only narrowly won by the PAP in the 2011 General Election by 54.5 percent of the votes.



4 Responses to “East Coast GRC residents ‘bond’ with their PAP MPs through games”

  1. Duncan said

    Wayang nia lah

    • Compatriot said

      A “Picture will speak of a thousand words”

      I am quite sure you have photographs taken to commemorated this your fanfare day
      Comeon man,show the pictures of this GRC bond or (bondage) then will I believe you

    • aloysius12 said

      I have very disturbing thoughts of these so call “crowd” gathering. It most of a show time like in Malaysia where they got buses bringing them in, free flow of foods and door gifts. In HG with PM there, a crowd puller, and one friend came and “confirmed’ PaP will win.
      What happen? Those of us who worked in MNCs know: “tell me what I want to hear/see” so we doctored the spread sheets; after all these so-called “doctored sheets are “management by result”. So WP knows and not bothered as they are wayangs.

  2. haha said

    Too much “bonding” will give them a false impression of “strong” support?

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