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Khaw Boon Wan defends government’s liberal immigration and pro-foreigner policies

Posted by temasektimes on June 4, 2012

In a surprise twist, National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan was tasked with defending the government’s unpopular liberal immigration and pro-foreigner policies implemented in 2005 which led to disastrous results for Singaporeans now.

In an extensive interview with a propaganda government mouthpiece, Khaw said it was necessary for Singapore to attract investments in the aftermath of the SARS crisis in 2003 when the economy was still mired in recession.

“People forgot those were trying times for Singapore….when the future was uncertain and the country struggling to attract investments, then suddenly they came in a bunch. Do we take them or miss them?” he asked.

Khaw used the same old PAP argument that had it decided to be ‘populist’ and limited the inflow of foreigners, the country may still be in a state of recession now.

Though Singapore’s economy may have grown by leaps and bounds during the last few years, the cost of living has escalated while the median wages of the average Singapore worker has remained stagnant.

The widespread public unhappiness at the relentless influx of foreigners contributed to the ruling party’s worst electoral result last year where it lost a GRC for the first time in history.


35 Responses to “Khaw Boon Wan defends government’s liberal immigration and pro-foreigner policies”

  1. The Gardener said

    You are very greedy just like PAP.
    Take them must take so much meh.
    FXXK You too.
    Pledge my life to vote against you.

    • ZG said

      Thumbs up!

    • Compatriot said

      How can you trust this man to represent you in parliament with the mentality of forgetfulness that he lives in a glass house and throwing stones at his neighbours

      “Those who lives in a glass house dont throw stones”

  2. Get_tis_in_ur_head-Khaw said

    Mr Khaw, get this into ur head please!!! We welcome real talents!! We understand the importance of foreign workers!!! WE JUST CANNOT TAKE THE SUB-STANDARD FOREIGNERS DOING JOBS THAT POLY GRADS/ UNI GRADS CAN DO!!! And those PRs who feels that NS is not necessary for their kids, those foreigners can get lost too!!

  3. Sgian said

    you guys know what to do in the next GE.

    The truth is…there is something terribly wrong with this country.

  4. Lim said

    `suddenly they came in a bunch’? without them we will still be mired in recession? Do you have to let in the whole bunch good and bad when you can’t even cope with enough housing, jobs, schools, hospitals and transport? – causing great pain and msery to citizens. If the whole bunch of ministers are so talented and worth their salt in millions you mean we need this bunch in lock stock and barrel to lead us out of recession by depressing wages, straining our infrastructure and causing prices to outstrip any economic growth which do not filter down to the masses? Not talented enough to lead us out of recession with better ideas?

  5. spotlessleopard said

    I predict that this Guy will be voted out if He stands for Election in GE2016

  6. slayer45 said

    This is crap. It’s bcos sgp has lost it competitiveness to the neighbouring countries. Labor is one reason and in order to keep labor cost low, these swines open the flood gates to the 3rd world labors. Pls, u don’t need a genius to tell what motives u have in ur tiny brain. U want to secure ur million dollars salaries and sacrisfice sgpns. U bloody blood sucking vampires.

  7. chris said

    If I lived lavishly myself and during though times, I need to rent out my house for GDP growth and make my family sleep outside, SOMETHING IS WRONG!!!

  8. Angry said

    Then what the f**k we are paying for. Taking the easy way out, any Tom, Dick and Harry can do that… Really wonder why are sill yang them for.

  9. studentinsg said

    Let’s remember he is also an FT who havent served NS.

  10. Ken Lee said

    why worry no you die!! import more more FT!! Singapore independence too long already! want to change name leow!

  11. Tan Yan Ren said

    Khaw Boon Wan, dont talk nonsense.You mean you cannot get investment , AND BEING FAIR and THOUGHTFUL to SINGAPOREANS as far as opportunites and previlege treatment is concern?..IF you say you cannot , then YOU and those who say NO ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH to be a MInister!!1I challenge you to a debate in front of the Nation anywhere with all the world’s media cover ..LET ALL SIngaporeans DECIDE!!!whether you are good enough…DONT chicken out@!!!!l TALK is CHEAP

  12. You are my voice said

    Khaw is a malaysian

    • Singapore Researcher said

      Malaysians are fine. it is the pinoys who are coming in DISGUSTING PACKS. like packs of vagabonds

  13. N3 said

    If you never stand firm to the ground you will be moving around. There is no certainty anywhere except in yourself. To quickly grab, is short sighted and open to manipulation. If your decision sincerely for the people the people will know. If the decision is for yourselves the people will see. Now, do you see?????

  14. P Koh said

    A mistake is a mistake. Just be gentleman enough to accept it and find solutions to solve the social ills that such a great influx of FTs have created. It is natural to be defensive and to provide reasons for an error in judgement but not easy to find the solutions to avert the public outcry. So Minister Khaw, youshouldl now need to focus in the right direction when addressing this issue. There are always many ways to solve problems and taking the easy way out by opening the floodgates to admit nearly two millions migrants in just two to three short years should have been given more thought on the problems on the social impact with in particular, jobs, housing and transportation taking the blunt of the discontentment.

  15. Realist said

    So now that the foreigners have served their purpose, stop or limit the influx of FTs.
    Sporeans have to been taken care first.

  16. +60 said

    Rubbish Rubbish Rubbish

  17. +60 said

    with cheap FT, bosses getting richer,
    FT looking at retirement in their country at age 45 to 50.
    True Singaporean, no retirement plan.

  18. whatever... said

    The difficult part behind ANY policies is management of trade-offs but PAP is always choosing the easy way out by disadvantaging ordinary Singaporeans men and women while fattening the pockets of the rich and the foreigners. I don’t think they can blame us for the backlash. For the past 12 years, it is as though we are the stepchildren of Singapore

  19. CheapSingaporeCitizen said

    KBW, is a former Malaysian FT converted Singaporean, thus not born a true/native singaporean, and he did not have to serve full time NS also…WTF! Naturally, he will side with all these so-called FTs!

    He is the worst minister that I have ever came across, the biggest TCSS king among them all!!!

  20. Alvin said

    Actually if you put this argument logically – it holds no water.

    The government is actually stating that in order to get more money to come into Singapore via investments, the results is it will thus create more jobs – And because of more jobs are created in Singapore more foreigners will to come to Singapore – So apart from more money coming into Singapore, what benefits does Singaporeans get? Were these jobs that are created just for Foreigners to come in?

    It does not address the fundamental fact that 70% of jobs created went to foreigners last year. So something if off somewhere.

    Jobs created were meant to benefit Singapore and Singaporeans. Unless the government is admitting that Investments are only accepted to benefit Singapore and NOT Singaporeans, or that they are admitting – they allowed a policy to occur without any consideration to the well-being of Singaporeans.

    Singapore and Singaporeans go hand in hand, one cannot exist without the other.

  21. One Eye Jack said

    What Khaw is telling us is that the PAP Govt is incompetent and can be easily pushed around by foreign investors..

    Let’s kick out this incompetent PAP govt in 2016.

  22. mahbok tan said

    Allo fellow SGporeans ,

    Our ministers are mostly from Malaysia did’nt we know that ?…they have been given Pink IC long2 time ago….so no need to bring out this issue la…….!!!
    Singapore and Malaysia are like brother and sisters with different ideas and perspective but we do have the same law and orders written during the british tenure in SGpore.
    The problem is they keep on emphasising on the NEEDS for FT’s …. and leaving the SGporeans to fend for themselves …!!!
    Then where are their responsibilities as the GOVT of SGpore….which to its PEOPLE….????

    FUCK YOU Mr Ministers……!!!

  23. 爱丽丝九 said

    Will Ah Loong be still around to say SORRY again comes 2016?

  24. Birdie said

    Not a single MP from PAP agrees with Singaporeans about this issue, just take orders and collect salary. Real Shit…… Let’s see who will be the next MP to voice out and support this pro-foreigner policy

  25. China has foreigne investmen, but do not have many foreigners said

    China has foreign investment, but do not have many foreigners
    Act wisely, to split foreigne investment and foreigners issue.

    Do not mix foreign investment and foreigner as one issue. Look at Chian, they take in foreign investment, but they take only good foreigner and not False Talent (FT). You need to handle them wisely, and not let foreingers to take advantages of foreign investment. Singapore should not let foreign investment to mix with foreigners.

  26. WTF! said

    Don’t know what FxxK Government & Policy is this?
    We voted for these MIWs to be in power & sole authority for them to terkan back its own citizens ka!!!

    WTF to them!!!!

  27. Regretted having served NS for NOTHING said

    The problem with the government is that they are too defensive.People on the ground,in the battlefield ,are feeling the pinch and they feel so unhapply and unjust about life and yet,the rulers keep on defending themselves times and times.True,we are complaining and providing no solutions,but hang on,you are receiving big bucks and claiming that big bucks attract talents.Where’re the solutions and where’re the talents.We’re not talents thus not receiving big bucks but how about you?Shouldn’t our policy-making process be contracted out to foreign talents?

    • CheapSingaporeCitizen said

      Yeap…totally agreed with you!
      Should outsource the entire Pap government & policy making process to Obama & his team.

      Much cheaper, better, more talented/capable & better results as compared to these current rascals & idiots!!!

  28. 龙的传人 said


  29. UsedToBePAPSupporter! said

    KBW, you white pig!

    Did we vote for you to mass import FTs here relentlessly to displace native singaporeans of good & decent jobs & make many of them unemployed???

    KNNLBCCB to you!!!

  30. Dondon said

    Another ah peh out of touch… Time for change! We can have better leaders who know how to take care of us citizens better. Enough of these “daft” messages. Out-dated leaders can retire or be voted out soonest. We have no time for out-dated thinking.

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