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NTUC FairPrice: ‘Only’ 10 percent of our staff are foreigners (excluding new PRs)

Posted by temasektimes on June 4, 2012

Following our exposure of NTUC FairPrice supermarket chain of organizing job fairs in China to mass recruit cashiers and storekeepers, NTUC was forced to issue a ‘clarification’ via the state media that only a ‘minority’ of its staff are foreigners.

In an article published in the papers last week, NTUC FairPrice director of human resource Rebecca Teo said only 10 percent of its staff are from overseas.

She added that there is a ‘need’ to hire foreign workers from China and Malaysia because of a ‘labor crunch.’ However, she did not reveal the percentage of Singapore PRs and new citizens among the 90 percent who are ‘locals’.

Under Singapore’s labor laws, companies need to maintain a quota of ‘locals’ before they can hire foreigners. Both Singapore citizens and PRs are lumped under the same category of ‘locals’ which provide a loophole for companies to exploit by ‘fast-converting’ foreigners to PRs so as to free up more ‘slots’ for them to hire more foreigners.

The Assistant Manager (Corporate Communications) of NTUC Fairprice, Mr Winston Ng had earlier written to us explaining that it has always been a policy of NTUC FairPrice to hire Singaporeans ‘first’.

Attached below is a recruitment ad put up by NTUC FairPrice in China:


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PHOTO: NTUC mass-recruiting cashiers and warehouse storeman from China


13 Responses to “NTUC FairPrice: ‘Only’ 10 percent of our staff are foreigners (excluding new PRs)”

  1. C.H. Tan said

    What has this Straits Times director of human resource Rebecca Teo related to NTUC Fair Price???? Is she also the Hr for them?

    • YKLim said

      Yah, what has it got to do with Straits Times director of human resource?

      • Ryan said

        “NTUC FairPrice director of human resource Rebecca Teo said only 10 percent of its staff are from overseas.”

        I don’t understand where did you get that Rebecca Teo was a ST HR director?

  2. Singaporean said

    Aiyo, somehow I feel that they are selling out Singapore. Now everywhere I go, there are foreigners everywhere. What are our govt doing?

  3. Singaporean said

    I have lost all respect for our govt. They don’t deserve to lead us.

  4. bb said

    Does it mean 90% PRs are good enough so that they can employ Foerigners.

  5. cc chia said

    Perhaps only 10% of NTUC staff are Singapore citizens. The other 90% could be PRs and foreigners. For NTUC or Rebecca to prove me wrong, please let us all know the true breakdown of their employment by citizens, PR and foreigners.
    But maybe they are unable to dp so, since the real info is a “state secret”?

  6. abdcution said

    Why all the way recruit people form China? How about the neighboring countries?

  7. Ken Lee said

    NTUC so great! they donate million every year to charity! but use who’s money? money from the front line staff! pay $940 work for six day per week! start at 7am in the morning end at 3.20 afternoon. no fix off day! who want to work? when are they going to adjust the pay? in my dept there is only two full time almost all are part time aunty and uncle. no like the old fair price where there is lot’s of full time staffs, part timer only come when school holiday.

  8. Ray said

    You know you are screwed when your trade union prefers foreigners to locals! $730 and $1000 salaries. How will locals compete?

  9. invictus said

    Can the PAP and all semi/quasi government bodies stop lumping SINGAPOREANS and PRs as one local block. If you have a SINGAPOREAN first policy, they be brave enough to announce what percentage of your manpower is actually SINGAPOREAN. Otherwise, we can assume you are just bullshitting about this SINGAPOREAN first policy. Big FAIL for honesty !!

  10. Sean said

    it’s not rocket science & we aren’t stupid. today it’s ONLY 10%. tomorrow it will be ONLY 12%. a few months down the road it will be ONLY 20%, & in a few years’ time it will be ONLY 40%. funny how things happen, isn’t it? if they remain a cooperative they need to have certain obligations towards society.

  11. Walls have ears said

    thank you Hougang
    Cheers !!!

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