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Pre-U seminar fiasco: Teo Chee Hean should have done better

Posted by temasektimes on June 4, 2012

What a disgraceful episode. A leader of a nation could not explain and convince the young when asked for his opinion and advice. Teo Chee Hean the DPM is a complete disgrace.

As a DPM is expected to give his opinion and views objectively especially to these students who are curious and very interested to know of the leader’s ideas and vision for the country.

Particularly, like hot issues as mentioned by the students to the DPM. Regrettably, The DPM avoided all those questions directed at him and digress the subject pointedly.

The students got frustrated and so annoyed by the DPM negative response. What is the point holding such seminars if the students were not given the opportunity to discuss and asked questions to the DPM and in return gave them a diligent answers.

It seems he was bombarded with sensitive questions from the students and the DPM did not reply directly but change the subject abruptly.

It shows he was caught by surprise with the students’ reaction. So it’s again proven that Teo Chee Hean is not fit to be a DPM because he is not a real leader material. He is useless and hopeless.

In fact most them in the PAP are non-leader materials. It was very unfortunate for the students did not gain what they are looking for, that the knowledge they are seeking from the supposedly state politician that they thought can taught them better in the seminar’s discussion, but it turn out to be a big let down.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times


42 Responses to “Pre-U seminar fiasco: Teo Chee Hean should have done better”

  1. Lim said

    Many are simply paper book scholars with no leadership qualities at all! Vivian’s replies, Yaacoob’s tenure at NEA, Lim Hng Kiang’s watch at HDB & MOH, TCH’s words during the by-election and student dialogue simply expose this truth. But the MSM obediently spin a different angle to the real hard truth. They are no better than North Korea and sooner or later they will be so discredited by the truth from the internet free information that their demise is assured

    • ZG said

      He doesn’t care. He think he can sit in his chair forever and even if he gets voted out in 2016, gotten the better of us for long enough already.

      Truth is, it’s our fault for letting him sit for so long and for treating students like dirt all these years.

  2. Duncan said

    Singapore is doomed.

  3. Mikey said

    He makes TPL look bright by comparison.

    Is there a video of this somewhere?

  4. spotlessleopard said

    Just goes to show how totally out of touch the Political Leaders of the Governing Party is……The PAP is definitely on the way out and will be seating in the Opposition Section Benches after the GE2016 …….

    A whole generation of young born in singapore citizens will be eligible to vote in GE2016 and these are the voters who will tip the balance of Power….

    • crappy said

      what is worrying is they bring in more foreign thrash and convert them to PR. And these foreign thrash are eligible to vote. Needless to say sure vote PAP. The only way out for them to’win’ votes

      • mahbok tan said

        They will learned from Malaysia on how to inflate the voters….bring in more FT’s and QUICKLY/EXPRESS approved their citizenship….!!!
        Let’s blow their balloon before it gets any bigger.
        ( malaysia have been getting foreigners from phillipines and indonesia in sabah and give them malaysia IC , thus giving the BN much needed votes ) we better learned and be prepared for this.

  5. Jack said

    I am sure the next such seminar will be attended by pre-qualified students only

  6. Henry said

    Alamak … don’t forget … he was not doing his job during throse weeks; he was campaigning to be elected at HouGang … poor thing he lost!

  7. DustyP said

    I think he answered to the best of his abilities! Let’s not forget he did not have anyone writing his replies for him, he had nobody to refer to and he was up against some of the sharpest political pundits in the area! As a DPM I can honestly say he did as well as I would have expected him to under the circumstances.

  8. Daft Peasants said

    Alamak….TT don like that lah…… TCH himself also don know wat to do, no idea about future plans……. don blame him lah…..

    Maybe ah loong also got no idea…….

  9. Ron said

    In Spore, only the WP are true politicians. Of course they still need to earn a living but they have to fight to win. With the PAP we have the parachute battalion…. most went in not because they like politics but were invited, persuaded and given the red carpet of being in a GRC headed by a strong Minister. 2011 upseted that equation.

    So, if you are not a politician by choice but a career officer (military, medical, etc.) how can you make it in the world of politics? I enjoy the parliamentary broadcasts of UK, USA, Australia etc. And I am amused at the fighting that often occurs in Taiwan, S. Korea and the comedy of the recent filibuster in the HK Chambers.

    Even Malaysian politicians are true politicians. It is supposed to be noisy, robust, annoying etc. If we want Spore Inc. then call it the Board of Parliament. Select the representatives and expect a monotonous Parliament and proceedings.

  10. bb said

    Those who attend the seminar did you used the IPhone to record the on goings. Pl broadcast thru the Internet.

  11. Sean said

    didn’t need to attend a Pre-U seminar to know that our supposedly esteemed, & really highly-paid leaders are hopeless. but sure helps to see disgraceful (on him) evidence of what we already know to be true!

  12. Objective said

    What exactly did he say or not say?

  13. bob said

    next seminar is TCH vs PAP kindergarden kids 🙂

  14. Singaporean said

    well said

  15. cc chia said

    Looks like the new PAP leadership are the ones that need the spurs stuck in their sides. They should be the ones having their ranks replaced by FTs too!!

    Old man Lee could have been indirectly referring to the PAP when he made that famous statement about our need for bringing in more foreigners to Singapore.

    Also reminds me about old man Lee’s statement about “any fool can be the PM of Singapore, as all systems are in place”. He must have been really disappointed about
    his son Pinky’s performance and was being in denial, or just letting off steam in his frustration.

  16. Singaporean said

    there are are more watch-dog in our gahmen than a true leader…. i see no hope in Singapore with these bunch of only paper talk puppet..

  17. George said

    They are students and should be 17-18 now. In 2016, they will become eligible voters. As a leader, if DPM Teo is not able to tell them his ideas and vision for the nation, where do you think these votes will go to? Good luck

  18. Must have faith in Singaporeans! said

    although i agree with you, better to rein in your vocab. using extreme words like useless and hopeless can cause you to be sued and TT to be force to apologise or even worse, close down. gd luck guys. play smart not just hard.

  19. hachoiji said

    Typical MIW expected to be bathed in glory whenever they go. This incident truly reflect the negative sentiments on the ground. If the MIW still dont get it….good luck to them in 2016 GE.

    • Daft Peasants said

      No no no….prease no…..prease ask them to continue to be like that all the way till 2016….so that the tulan fweeling will still stay strong during that time….. :))

  20. Black Cat said

    These self-appointed “elite” were, in fact, is nothing but a bunch of “mediocre material”!!!! Perhaps, as man sows, let him reap; retribution for their sin; too bad is their next generation, to accept their ‘karma’!!

  21. mahbok tan said

    So the KINGS and HIS MEN are asking for what they want to hear ONLY ka….??? So cannot critized , cannot give negative comments ya….!!! Alamak like that arh SGpore can die standing hor….!!!
    No wonder la , Temasek Holding is doing VERY VERy the well …??? No wonder la the SGpore GLC is fine and in good health ….n no wonder la our CPF oso cannot take out after 55 years old….!!! So dumb dumb SGporean oso say YES sir YES sir….we follow lor…!!!
    WAD DE FUG….?????

  22. Tony said

    TCH did not follow LKY’s example. When LKY does “dialogue” session with students. All questions and those who ask them are screened. LKY’s dialogue session with students is always a PAP “wayang”.

    • one whole family said

      “South Korea” did not learn from “North Korea”, how to be the next “Dear Leader”?

  23. Iceman said

    Sounds like “Chilly Crap”

  24. Tan Yan Ren said

    I and all of us Singaporean would like the whole Dialog or rather one sided session as mentioned above put on Youtube so that we can all praise or spit at the calibre of our leader…so called….Please anyone? send a youtube recording …at least we dont have to speculate!!!!

  25. invictus said

    a so-called leader with no one to lead… I bet he’s still in denial that and will say that the student’s sentiments is not reflective of the sentiment of all Singaporeans.. LOL

  26. He should answered like what was asked of the old man. The young lady asked on how to be cohesive, answer was do you have a boy friend. Simple isn’t it.

  27. angry student said

    i am 18 now,my frens all complained about govt policies and such and i tell them that we have the power to make the change in few years from now…

    in 4-5 yrs later,we shall see…

    WP for the win!!

    • DIY said

      WP? They have no standards. This standard is important.

      For example, after renovating your house, the ceramic tiles popped up after one month. Everyone will say you hired a contractor without quality standards. When Yaw’s saga popped up, everyone say WP should have standards for future leadership otherwise another Titanic to happen.

      Thanks for the idea.

      • Jack said

        it happens to the other main contractor too, many times

      • DIY said

        The other ‘main contractor’ strove on standards. Being member of ‘builders association’ (UN) we adopted the WHO practices and standards. Just imagine SG can produce New water. It a sullage water from sewage works and now PUB being the regulatory body is being recognized by international bodies.

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