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VIDEO: Is this my home, Singapore?

Posted by temasektimes on June 4, 2012

An updated parody of Kit Chan’s home which reflects the reality in Singapore today with relentless influx of foreigners:


13 Responses to “VIDEO: Is this my home, Singapore?”

  1. Steve Lee said

    Lol. Is this the next National Day song? It’s funny yet tragic both at the same time.

  2. Daft Peasants said

    Ha ha ha ha……..GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. like said

    Liked the song.. would be better if the vocal is… good job anyway..

  4. aloysius12 said

    What is becoming to “Our Home”?
    Getting(making it mandatory)for FT to be conscripted into NS just so they can be given citizenship only to declare or worst case silently longing for their former home.

  5. Singapooran said

    Super good… super true!!!! I love it…

  6. Anakpakkassim said

    Wow!!!! Took m y breath away… Great lyrics and soooo sooo true…

  7. invictus39 said

    send to PM and let’s sing this at the NDP

  8. Passerby A said

    I remember some minister or national day event urging Sporeans to show their love for the country by posting videos of them singing the national anthem. Looks like the author really “loved” this place so much that he took the time and effort to show his “patriotism” !!!

  9. Sianzzz said

    Interesting points raised. But YES, singapore is still my home. It may be screwed up by an increasingly arrogant, irrelevant and self-centered government, but it is still my home. We shouldn’t abandon home just because it’s messed up – we should stay around and FIX things.

    • DIY said

      Yes, Do-It-Yourself my way. Read lots of books. Compare and contrast scenarios. Look around and tour the neighbouring countries, Bring up the good points and fix them evenly. Eventually everything will be back to normal and a glorious place to stay and live.

  10. yooho said

    our home is no longer our home..taken over by FT..left right you see them,everywhere…garmen also no care…for us true locals, struggling to make ends meet..

  11. True sinkie said

    Love it. Post it on my Facebook

  12. Rachek said

    Lol.. Truly reflex the “inner voice” of LOCAL BORN, TRUE BLUE SINGAPOREAN!! Give us back our Singapore.. Before e invasion of those so cal FT!!

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