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25 year old woman arrested for spraying ‘My Grandfather Road’ graffiti signs on various roads in Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on June 5, 2012

A 25 year old woman has been arrested by the police for painting graffiti on several roads in Singapore, including the tongue-in-cheek “MY GRANDFATHER ROAD” on Maxwell Road directly facing the Ministry of National Development.

She was also allegedly behind the circular, black-and-white stickers with captions such as “Press to time travel”, “Anyhow press police catch” and “Press to Nirvana” which were pasted along Lau Pa Sat and on road traffic signs along Robinson Road in recent weeks.

The graffiti was spotted by the Land Transport Authority which proceeded to lodge a police report. The police found several paint-stained stencils and stacks of stickers at the suspect’s house and have since seized them for investigation.

Speaking to queries from the media, the police said they take a serious view of such irresponsible actions and warned that offenders will be dealth with severely.


20 Responses to “25 year old woman arrested for spraying ‘My Grandfather Road’ graffiti signs on various roads in Singapore”

  1. RU YI Gee said

    She must be angry over some issues,hope to know what is in her mind?

  2. Singaporean said

    This leaves a bigger issue to be tackled. Where is our road surveillance? She managed to strike more than once. And you have to ask where were the policemen? It’s understandable that we can’t have policemen on our streets day and night. But it opens up a can of worms. How is Singapore safe from a greater, hostile foreign threat? Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.

    Does this case not remind you of how our Post Office boxes were painted over as a part of its publicity stunt? Did the average Singaporean even bat an eyelid and think of the worst to report to the police?

    Singaporeans need to be more alert and be civic minded enough to report any strange happenings.

  3. peking Dog xu sunn said


  4. Daft Peasants said

    Ha ha ha…….’ My Grandfather’s Road ‘…….. Powerful sia…………

  5. John Ng said

    Aiyo….suck trivial case and the police got to make a big fuss….can’t even take humor in strive. No wonder design talents will head towards the New York, London and Paris.

    • Amanda said

      wonder if she draws on your door, will you keep quiet

      • Spirit said

        If she is talented graffiti artist, I would want her to

      • Blood suckers said

        Why not? It is harmless. Why cannot say your grandfather road meh? Our society has been so intolerant meh?

        Can tolerant so many foreign trashes but such humor cannot tahan?

        Go get a life lah Amanda

  6. Danny said

    Also must agree by grandfther before painting

  7. Somethingwrongsomewhere said

    very artistic! She is merely reminding us that our grandfathers and grandmothers too, contributed to our nation building.

  8. Realist said

    This woman has a sense of humor which is clearly lacking in the authorities.

  9. oute said

    Why must be so serious, that LTA needs the police to do the investigation.

    Where is former LTA chief Yam Ah Mee.

  10. i like what she did. it’s humorous seriously.. definitely artistic too. 🙂

    thanks so much dear govt for limiting our freedom of artistic expression. -.-

  11. dum said

    Lucky is a woman, no need kana rotan…

  12. papsmear said

    KNN, want to spray let me know lah. I lend u my grandfather road, kim seng road to spray lah! Or my uncle hospital in novena also can lend u spray. If not yuen ching road or ho ching road also can!

  13. einltshnyl said

    i believe it is not an act of rebellion or anger. she is a smart woman with wit and humour. what she has displayed is nothing by art. its a matter of perception. most of us see it as art. the authorities sees it as vandalism. honestly, i do not foresee any damages made on the property and what not. is that not what forms the basis of “vandalism”.


    Nowadays young generation is very dissatisfy with the old fashion govt.

  15. KT said

    I am shocked that there is a loud support for someone who vandalised public property! Some even called what she did art and condemned the authorities for arresting her. This is in stark contrast with the condemnations that the two foreigners received for sprayed paint our MRT trains sometime back! For the train’s case, why didn’t people stand up for them and said that those were expressions of art as well and that the law should be lenient for them? And what about other vandal cases? And who can forget the publicity stunt that Singpost pulled by getting people to ‘vandalise’ their post boxes…wasn’t there a loud outcry against Singpost then? Why the double standards? I say the sticker vandal would have to be serve the full arm of the law. No two way about it. Yes, she may be artistic…but by the same standard, so were the MRT spray paint vandals. What made her action any different from the train vandals that she should be punished less? And there was not many who stood up for them as they did for her now. Why?

  16. Abel Cheah said

    It’s true that these roads and the nation are built by our (born Singaporeans!!) grandfathers and grandmothers. Now stampede by foreigners who took it for granted .

  17. SG Suck said

    Can’t do this…can’t do that…but want to foster creativity…wtf. SG govt suck

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