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Grassroots leader Kelvin Chan Kum Poh jailed for molesting 5 year old boy

Posted by temasektimes on June 5, 2012

A 31 year old grassroots leader Kelvin Chan Kum Poh (pic left, source: Singapore Police Force) has been sentenced to18 months jail after pleading guilty for molesting a five year old boy.

Chan was then a committee member of the Bishan East Sports Community Sports Centre (CSC) and Youth Executive Club.

According to court documents, Chan met the victim at a video game arcade in Woodlands on Oct 1, 2010, and wanted to bring him to a basketball session as he was looking for young players.

After failing to persuade the boy to go along with him, he showed his grandmother his grassroots’ leader’s card who eventually agreed.

Chan reportedly molested the boy after the game by fondling his genitals in the premises of the Community Club.


26 Responses to “Grassroots leader Kelvin Chan Kum Poh jailed for molesting 5 year old boy”

  1. Mel said

    One sick son of a bitch!!!

  2. Iceman said

    this guy from which PARTY ???

  3. Voice from the Genuine Singaporean said

    face like Kena S….MIW

  4. Anti Affairs said

    Chan was then a committee member of the Bishan East Sports Community Sports Centre (CSC) and Youth Executive Club.— bishan which party incharge u guys donnoe meh???

    • big genitals welcome Kelvin in Changi condo said

      the PAP has set the standard for appointing grassroots leaders, they can take pride he was only a molester and not a rapist or murderer.
      I am sure WarrenF and his bunch of spin doctors in S.T. will agree …..

    • tryme said

      PAP.. wong kan seng

  5. Ken Lee said

    sick party come with sick grassroots leaders!

  6. Ken toong said

    You all need more PRC to immigrate to Singapore if u have characters like this Adrian Lim protege.

  7. Jack Ng said

    fortunate that this best man has not been selected to be the next MP yet. Which party is he from again?

  8. Summerashley said

    Sick phedophile!!! Should be jailed for life! Disgusting low life creature!!!

  9. Invictus said

    He’s a sicko.. Doesn’t matter from which Party – Party affiliation doesn’t make it less perverted. Let him enjoy how it feels like becoming a victim in prison. Enjoy your stay in prison Kelvin !

  10. Leo said

    PAP has been making a big scence when ex-WP MP Mr Yaw’s private life was been unearthen. Now what do they have to say for Mr Chan’s arrest?

  11. wow now dirtbags are working for the papayas

  12. only 18 months said

    after 18 months can come out and molest more young boys, is our law too lenient towards pap grassroot leaders?

  13. Rustatin said

    PAP ( Party Of Aggessive Perverts)……….LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. i say what i think only... said

    didn’t know grassroot card so powerful, like kempeitai like that. will the s-pass or WP card have the same power in future?

  15. PervertedActivitiesPeople said

    Don’t blame the poor pervert lah coz no girls in the party wants to date him.

    • PervertedActionParty said

      no worries for Kelvin, plenty of hardcore inmates with big genitals waiting to welcome him in Changi holiday resort.
      Kelvin can always insist on extending his stay if he enjoys the company and attention.

  16. Daft Peasants said


    the boy boy must be damn cute and handsome and smart…….. or else how come he play boy boy’s kuku-jiao instead of a girl girl’s …….??

  17. Anonymous said

    Goodness… he’s my camp-mate!
    He was from the 8th Mono, 3rd Singapore Infantry Regiment. A Private, if I remember correctly. He AWOL-ed and ended up in Charlie Company with the 9th mono intake.
    The last time we met was during last year’s annual ICT.
    He was quite a loner, because he used to boss the recruits around when they first enlisted. He was a storeman at that time. But as soon as the recruits were promoted to ranks above him, he started to shy away.
    He is a little weird, but I didn’t expect him to be like this.

    • Jack said

      luckily his vice is exposed, else he may be standing as a candidate in the next GE.

      • adeline said

        he will never stand in the next GE. this guy is a good for nothing. has no job. only does part time. and he all her does everyday is to play basketball and arcade games.. he goes out with secondary school kids who are half his age. useless.

    • grassroots role model said

      a good example of the PAPies stringent selection.
      after serving time, the PAPies should award him a blue ribbon and re-employ him as care-taker of PAPies playschool. .

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