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Law Society staff Nicholas Leong apologizes: I do ‘regret’ making that thoughtless remark

Posted by temasektimes on June 5, 2012

Law Society employee Nicholas-Seth Leong has apologized for making an ‘insensitive’ remark on his Facebook which sparked widespread outrage among netizens.

Nicholas had earlier posted his experience of traveling on the MRT for only the second time this year on his Facebook:

“I had a meeting this morning out of office. My boss told me we’d take the train down….I told him its the second time I’m taking MRT this year, its my first time in Clarke Quay MRT….”

He added that he could feel his own ‘angst’ riding with ‘common people’:

“But I suppose its good to get the feel from the ground every now, and then to connect with the peasantry.”

His comments did not go down too well with netizens who not only lampooned him, but dug out personal details about his private life online.

When contacted by Yahoo News, Nicholas said he do ‘regret’ making the remark:

“I would like to apologise to everyone for the comment made and any offense it may have caused…It was a private comment made in reference to an inside joke among friends. We, like many people, occasionally make jokes caricaturing politics and politicians.”

However, according to one of Nicholas’ ex-colleagues who declined to be named, Nicholas always try to appear and behave the richest and most successful among his peers:

“This has sometimes caused strong but subtle sense of resentment between him and those who were around him,” he added.

Nicholas reportedly lives in a HDB flat and drove an old Honda Civic. He graduated from Temasek Polytechnic and is currently working as a ‘Customer Service Professional’ in the Law Society, based on information posted on his Linkedin and Facebook accounts before they were taken down.


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23 Responses to “Law Society staff Nicholas Leong apologizes: I do ‘regret’ making that thoughtless remark”

  1. pussywagon said

    that civic must have been zenged to hit 11000rpm and pull 300bhp. so rich

  2. voice of the people said

    oh yea.. just a loser.. still dare to act elite.. what a loserrr… wad a joke… you and your loser friends and lousy jokes and lousy sense of humor …you failed.

  3. Cp said

    This is too much guys. Obviously he was only joking around with his friends on a personal space , which unfortunately went public. Chill guys, we are so frustrated nowadays that we are unable to even differentiate a light comment.

  4. 龙的传人 said


  5. Singaporean said

    As Nicholas Leong has apologized, we should
    let this be a lesson to him and others netizens
    who may unwittingly post unflattering comments
    against society, religion or race.
    We have to accept that he is a young man who has a big ego about his own position in society and of himself.
    Hopefully this episode will help to bring down his over blown ego and let him be more a realist than an inflated egoistic young man.

  6. Ken toong said

    What a loser, no wonder they need foreignershere to work.

  7. Scaramouche said

    If he says he gets the feel to connect with the peasantry, he must be from the Royalty or aristocracy class. No? Well, as the Bee Gees used to sing, “I started a joke”, the song ended, “that the joke was on me”. I think it fits Nicholas like a glove.

  8. Reservist said

    you’re not forgiven……for your thoughtless remark..Go and live in a jungle.

  9. 'daily peasant according to Nicolas-seth leong' said

    Quote:It was a private comment made in reference to an inside joke among friends. We, like many people, occasionally make jokes caricaturing politics and politicians.Unquote

    please, save your stinky slimy bad excuse to yourself. being a 30 y.o one, apparently still not wise up.

    ‘law society’ around CQ offices are not a lot. maybe one day he can give me, a ‘daily peasant’, a glimpse on his HigherThanPeasants looks.

  10. papsmear said

    Good. Apology after making stupid remarks. Typical right wing party style.

  11. Singaporean said

    My guess is that lawyers who read this comment complained to his bosses.

  12. bob said

    give him a break! 🙂 you and i both know we have inside jokes with friends that doesnt mean what it seems literary. it will be sad if some day you cannot tease “go eat shit and die” to your best friend without getting flammed and shammed all over the internet..

  13. Regime Change said

    With just a diploma from a crappy polytechnic and he’s all hoity toity.

    What do they teach in schools these days?

  14. Realist said

    Always remember, “Pride goes before a fall”.
    Better to start being humble.

  15. asshole said

    he’s not fuckking rich!! he is a poor motherfucker!! CSP????? WTF.. so who is he comparing himself with!!!!! low life.. i probably earn 3x more than him.. and drive a better car and have no qualms taking public transport….


    Woot…VTEC kicked in yo!

  17. if this young elitist dare to say this online regarding common singaporean and branded them as peasants what more can we expect from political leaders.

    The law society should sack him immediately.

  18. Jane Wong said

    PEASANTRY??!! Who the hell does this Nicholas guy think he is? Does he then find farmers in the second train ride he took. There are people that are well off but still take the MRT!! Don’t try to act high and mighty! Digusting! Not just thoughless but speaks much of your character. SUCKS!

  19. hachoiji said

    It reflects the very insensible character of himself. Either he was borned this way or cultured in this manner. Riding in MRT its not just able to soaked into the very fabric of the society we live in but also able to learn a thing or two by observing the crowd.

  20. Ron said

    Some have gone to jail. Others have lost their jobs and suffered the shame of having to apologize. I wonder whether Tweet, blogs, facebooks are all that fantastics. We can easily forget that others can catch that off-hand remarks and broadcast it to the world. If it cross the line on religion and race, you might get free accomodation in Queenstown or Changi jail. And if you think Spore jails are pleasant places, be ready for a big shock when you get in.

  21. aun said

    nic leong is a fat gay boy from dunman sec hahahaa

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