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ST: JC student who hurled vulgarities at DPM Teo online is a ‘keyboard thug’

Posted by temasektimes on June 5, 2012

The government’s propaganda mouthpiece the Straits Times has lashed out at the 17 year old JC student who hurled vulgarities at Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean on his blog, describing him as a ‘keyboard thug’ who lacked ‘proper’ upbringing.

The student had earlier blogged about his unpleasant experience with DPM Teo during the recently held Pre-University seminar, criticizing him for dodging questions posed by students and counter-asking them for solutions instead:

“The participants made it extremely clear they were dissatisfied with DPM Teo- and when we asked about our concerns which we do not know what can be done to solved, he will give the fucking ridiculous reply “What do you think (can be done)?”.

In an lengthy editorial yesterday, the Straits Time took the student to task for not respecting DPM Teo:

“However, when a student does not have the grace to respect an elder person, perhaps it is time to acknowledge that there is a rot of somewhat in his upbringing instead of making him out to be a hero.”

It asked if Singapore is ready for this generation of ‘keyboard thugs’:

“Are we ready for this generation of keyboard thugs? The local media often receives flak for not highlighting or spinning government issues in a positive light. The truth is, every news piece we put up has to have evidence behind it. We do not rant or rave, we simply present the issue.”

The Singapore media was recently ranked 150th globally in terms of press freedom by U.S. NGO Freedom House below the likes of Russia, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The mainstream media had earlier portrayed the Pre-U seminar as a ‘constructive dialogue’ between DPM Teo and the students and many would still be misled if not for the frank blog post by the JC student.


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75 Responses to “ST: JC student who hurled vulgarities at DPM Teo online is a ‘keyboard thug’”

  1. peking Dog xu sunn said

    Boycott st

  2. singaporeans said

    So what do you really think?

  3. spotlessleopard said

    One is a psychophantic mouthpiece, one is a keyboard thug and the last is an established Mafia….

  4. thug??? said

    everyone who dont like pap is a thug????

  5. P Koh said

    Any form of vulgarities against anyone for that matter is not to be condorned. Let us not also blame it entirely on upbringing because the present society and peer pressure make it rather difficult to control a child if he does not want to listen. It is society let alone upbringing that has resulted in such poor offsprings. There is always the ‘loose’ child however well family values are taught at home and exposure of these children to the ills of bad influences seen on TV and news media are taking its toll on the younger generation. It is therefore not just the education system but also parents that have to be vigilant to ensure that their children do not go astray in such environment. Children often blame their parents for not looking after them while parents also blame their children for not listening. But change must first come from the parents in order to understand why their children are
    behaving the way they did. Change or be chained.

  6. Jardel said

    We shall see some actions from ISD every soon. Not that this saga had not happened during the 50s. Instill fear and round up the dissidents. Dun underestimate the power of ISD and their master, PAP

    • Jardel said


    • DIY said

      This saga ever happened during LKY at the Singapore University in 1960’s. One U student came down from the aisle went to the table and drank the glass of water meant for the PM. Terror is it not?

    • Eric said

      Human rights groups around the world are probably just waiting for an opportunity to orgnanise an economic boycott of Singapore if their are signs of human rights abuse.

  7. Jack said

    It is not right to condemn the elder regardless how brainless the elder is. This boy is too honest and need some social skill training and need to be counseled to have some respect for elders and others, probably too much influence from the western culture.

    • James Squires said

      Respect is earnt, not a right of age. It’s what the person does, not how old they are that accords respect. Would Hitler have deserved respect, had he lived to old age, by virtue of merely being a senior citizen?

      • ad said

        Well said, James!

      • Appear said

        You are right, it should be for what the person does and not just the seniority.

        If you are a teacher and you have taught for thirty years but you have never value added a single student, do you deserve respect? As compared to another teacher who have only taught two years but produced a class full of value added students, and on top of that gave the students hopes and dreams of being someone different, I guess the younger teacher should deserve more credit and respect. Respect is really earned and not a given.

      • Give Respect said

        Respect is given by us voluntarily. Otherwise every disturbing character would claim that so-and-so has not “earned” his respect and therefore deserves to be assaulted.

    • V said

      Why would you blindly respect anybody just because they are older? So you mean you would have respected a criminal if he is 20 years your senior? Respect should be earned. Sure, we do have basic respect for him as a human. But he have yet to earn our respect as a leader. On the other hand, if the boy had excluded vulgarities, his argument would be so much more convincing. With the added plus that ST would have nothing more to pick on him.

  8. shernise said

    issit xiaxue a keyboard thug too ? and yet they glorify her now and then …

  9. alex said

    How about those FTs who call all Singaporeans dogs cunt…..etc.
    Did the ST call them thugs too and condemn them in the news???
    See how double standard and bias Straits Times is…..

  10. NSmen said

    I would praise his upbringing instead of condemn it. After all, his parents have taught him to see the truth behind the facade of today’s world under the PAP, much better than those who are under the puppetry of the PAP. And ST coming out to talk about evidence, when they falsely reported Png Eng Huat closing down 8 companies which 4 of them belonged to NTUC income instead. None of the remaining 4 were in debt.

  11. denzuko1 said

    I think there is good up-bringing for the teenager. At least he knows what it means by TCSS and that respect need to be earned. DPM Teo certainly does not earn the respect of the people especially the participants in that seminar. He is certainly lacking in respect to the audience time and intelligence.

    If one person here need to learn something about respect, it is DPM Teo.

  12. Ray said

    swearing is wrong. period.
    While we may agree with this teenager’s view point, it is never correct to swear at someone.

  13. ATLK said

    Which is worse – A student who writes vulgarities in a blog but is brave enough to speak his mind OR an incompetent Deputy Prime Minister who can’t answer simple questions asked by youngsters but for some reason we are paying him millions??

  14. Jaded said

    since when is ST interested in parenting?

  15. Foxie said

    I can do any seminar at all levels. All that is required is that I join the ruling party and a pre-recorded message: “What do you think”.

    Any repercusion because of that, SPH will cover for me.

  16. i say what i think only... said

    support the 17yr old kid. he is not a keyboard thug, he is expressing himself in the ways possible. what does the straits times expect him to express his thoughts? go istana rally? write to ST forum (which definitely will not be published?) he can only tell his friends and write on blog or facebook. remember the poly kids who got into trouble for saying some racial remarks about indians but the china dog scholar who got off with community warning only? i call him a keyboard hero and hope he turn into real heroes to lead singapore in the right directions in future

  17. cys said

    he simply called a spade a spade. teo’s comments during the by-election is simply deplorable and even despicable. while his hosting of the pre-u seminar merely highlights how unprepared he is for true democracy. the 17 yr old merely said it straight up. in taiwan, teo will be at the receiving end of a volley of rotten eggs, as he truly is one such rotten egg in the basket.

  18. slayer45 said

    1st of all, TCH must reflect on how he had presented himself during the seminar. If he can’t even answer the questions posted by these teens, how could he blame others for not showing respect to him? Respect is to be earned, not forced. And mind you, he could be the next PM if our present PM suddenly resign or kick the bucket. If he can’t even give convincing answers, how is he going to lead the country? Shame on you miliion dollar men.

  19. triad members in white said

    LOL… the young man is obviously aware he is dealing with a thug masquerading as a politician. And he knows the smart dress code in white and whatever political title counts for nothing….but rather the adverse deeds done to ordinary sporeans.

    Surely the S.T. can find in their archives how the biggest thug openly challenged his political opponent to meet him in any alley and served warning he has a sharp hatchet and knuckle dusters. For the record, he is also the undisputed mentor….

    ps: not surprised the young man knows about this, either from the internet or from his parents, etc…LOL

  20. Sure. And totally close a blind eye to the vulgarities spewed throughout NS, hurled at recruits and at each other to the point that it becomes a “culture”.

  21. LkySi said

    The keyboard thugs are the ST journalist spin doctors

  22. True Singaporean said

    The boy was respectful. He called Ah Teo – Sir.
    Cur the crap ST. PAP leadership is no longer credible. They cannot even answer questions raised by the youngsters. This show that they are utter rubbish. A real waste of tax payers money.

  23. Bob said

    June 23 boycott all local newspaper and donate the money to the aunty selling tissue instead. Let them know we are unhappy! Spread the message!!

  24. vin said

    obviously ST simply wants to cover up the disgrace towards DPM Teo by saying the JC kid does not have the basic respect of an elder. I believe ALL SINGAPOREANS have the basic respect towards an elder but he is the Deputy Prime Minister, his job is to lead us and thus earning OUR respect! ST STOP COVERING UP FOR THE RULING PARTY!

  25. papsmear said

    What is keyboard thug? Chim! Pai kia say pai kia lah! KNN. Who never scold bad word before? CCB!

  26. Chris said

    His upbringing?blame it on the ministry of education for his lack of proper manners

    • Rustle said

      Yes, yes, you’re so right. Blame the teachers, blame the school, blame the ministry of education, blame the internet, blame his peers, blame his neighbour, blame society, blame the men in white, blame everyone – except blame the boy or his parents.

      • DIY said

        Why start blaming. Put a stop. Don’t blame gravity when maids fall from high building. Educate the minds and don’t let it fall into a cesspit.

  27. 龙的传人 said


    • thisguydamstupid said

      他只会回答学生 “what do u think” 这样的反问学生 , 学生当然会不满。 这样敷衍带过浪费的是学生的时间!

  28. The Gardener said

    Teo ChiKen actually bother to rebutt a JC Student’s comments.
    No wonder he is just a PAP dog.

  29. Someone said

    The media thug calling a teenager “the keyborad thug” who disrespected and scolded a licensed mafia thug …. LOL

  30. goodgirl said

    How about TCH and his mudslinging during the by-elections? Does that make him a thug too?

  31. Blood suckers said

    Why can’t he be a thug? No need to be nice to that Teo guy what. What he did earn our respect?

    He is protected by bias law and media. Otherwise he would have been thrown into god knows shit hole Liao.

    Respect have to earn one. How to respect a white moron dog?

  32. Tan Yan Ren said

    This Press IS THE BIGGEST FU>>>NG JOKE in the world…for being the stooge and prostitute to the ……….u know who!!!!

  33. V said

    Too bad, in our generation, respect is to be earned not to be given just because you are more senior or because you are of a higher rank or just stinking rich.

    • Rustle said

      Hmm…respect must be earned.
      Next time, you meet a stranger who is rude to you, remember, respect must be earned. He does not know you so he cannot be expected to show respect to you.

      • different angle said

        but in the case of DPM Teo, he has earned ‘disrespect’ ….LOL
        same with S.T. for spinning lies and fairy tales, do you disagree ?

        am I right to say S.T is ranked 154th by Freedom House because S.T. earned their disrespect ?….LOL

  34. Confirm Singaporean said

    I am surprised ST felt threatened by what this JC student wrote on his blog. Perhaps they are afraid that he reported more truth with evidence than ranting, than ST could ever have reported? This JC student has reported facts, facts from DPM Teo’s totally, completely and utterly disastrous (dare I even say, disgraceful) student engagement seminar, whereby he was bombarded and blindsided by questions he could not answer, chose not to answer, redirected and deflected. Respect is earned, not given liberally, and in this seminar, he lost the respect of all the JC students present. No sense trying to respect the old man, if he doesn’t deserve it. The JC student managed to accurately report the situation, with the use of some very colourful metaphors, which enhanced the truth. His upbringing should be applauded, because his parents taught him how to cut through bulls**t, and call a spade a spade. ST needs to learn from this JC student’s example of reporting truths, not to sugarcoat it till it is politically obscured. He should get an award or medal for that, dare I even suggest a Pulitzer Prize equivalent for reporting the truth – a true reporter in the making!

  35. just curious said

    Here they are… the dogs are barking again.

  36. Marcelo said

    the kid is honest with excellent upbringing. Calling a spade a spade requires courage which many adults do not have.

  37. siangneng said


    • 龙的传人 said


    • Very Angry Singaporean said

      Person above me is Foreign Trash

      • What makes you think I am foreign trash, simple because I write in Chinese? Come on. Be more sensible. Let’s behave more like gentlemen. The fact that we don’t agree with others doesn’t mean we can unreservedly hurl unfounded accusations or vulgarities at them. What have we actually learned from so many years of education? What difference does it make from people who are uneducated? TR and TT apparently is encouraging such hooliganistic behaviour in their forum!! Quite disappointing, even though I am categorically an anti-PAP person.

      • P Koh said

        It is easy to throw thrash at others without looking when it ends. Trash should always be kept in the bin and not to be discarded at will particularly at another human being. The end of education is character. What does a person gain for throwing thrash at another? What is he is on the receiving end? It is always good to be kind and polite and do not get personal even if there is a great difference in opinion.

  38. Rustle said

    When even the adults are standing up for a boy whose behaviour is anything but desirable, defending him, praising him, what can you say of the future of Singapore? So why should anyone express surprise if you are insulted? After all, that is what you are encouraging. Your measurement of right and wrong behaviour is not based on value. It is based on who is at the receiving end of that behaviour. People like you are the ruin of this boy.

    • no quarter given said

      perhaps you can try to recall all the words of wisdom from LKY.

      did’nt he proclaim publicly that he is willing to meet his political opponents in any alley and serve warning he carries with him a sharp hatchet and knuckle dusters ?
      what sort of person in your mind will speak in this manner ?

      did’nt he insult all sporeans calling them daft and that their wives and daughters will become maids in other countries in order to justify humongous pay for his ministers?
      what sort of person will speak in this manner to his people who have been working hard and supporting him for almost 5 decades ?

      did’nt he insult all sporeans claiming they deserve spurs in their hide in order to justify influx of migrants ?
      what sort of person will speak in this manner to his people when he was the one who came up with the ‘stop at 2’ policy.

      did’nt he say he will make JBJ crawl on his knees to emphasize how personal he can
      be ?
      what sort of person can be so vindictive because others have different political views?
      Surely you know about ChiaTP, Dr LimHS and so called ‘marxist conspirators’ etc ?

      as I can recall, none of the PAP ministers or MPs had anything to say.
      what about you Rustle ? Do you support the ex mentor, that he is a good role model ?
      Do you think the current ministers are good role models ?

      Why do you think some countries end up with uprising, riots, etc ?
      Am I right to say it has to do with how a govt runs the country ? Whether those in power serve the people or in reality serve themselves and their party ?

      A leader with a good grasp of EQ will understand the frustrations expressed by ordinary folks and take it to mean he or she is doing a lousy job.

      • P Koh said

        Life is very fragile but above all the havocs, drudgeries and distractions, one must always remember to have empathy
        and compassion for others and learn to forgive which is one of the greatest value in humanity.

    • siangneng said

      Agree. We shall probably be at the receiving end ourselves from our very own children eventually if our society continues to condone such disrespectful behavior in our young. Singapore can never be an inclusive society if this goes on.

  39. na said

    “However, when a student does not have the grace to respect an elder person” Respect is earned, not given. A person may have done alot of this or may be in a high ranking position but as a person, does he/she deserve respect? If ST say we should all respect all elders then why not people show respect to the dictators that were brought down by their own people? Those dictators were definitely in old age.

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