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17 year old babe Yap Siew Ting pleaded guilty to extortion

Posted by temasektimes on June 6, 2012

A 17 year old girl Yap Siew Ting has pleaded guilty to extorting $150,000 from a 22-year-old man together with her boyfriend Alexander Soh Zhi Ren by threatening to upload a nude video of him over the Internet.

Yap allegedly stripped in front of a webcam to entice unsuspecting men to do so as well, one of whom is a son of a medical doctor who was extorted a total of $97,000 as reported initially over a period of nine months under the threat that the footage of his naked body would be circulated online if he did not pay up.

The man reportedly paid $97,350 via 89 fund transfers to different POSB savings accounts. However, Yap remained unsatisfied and continued to extort more money from him, eventually forcing him to lodge a police report.

According to media reports, Yap was born to a single mother from Indonesia and lived with her in a 3-room flat in Marsiling. Yap and her boyfriend are currently unemployed.

In mitigation, Yap claimed she was coerced to commit the crime by her boyfriend as she was afraid of losing him. Soh did not plead guilty.


13 Responses to “17 year old babe Yap Siew Ting pleaded guilty to extortion”

  1. Anthony Tang said

    Avoid partipating in Web Cams

  2. is there someone to tell her to GO GET A PART-TIME JOB to get the money?? not harass men for $97,000 and still want more money and that boyfriend better go get a job,he is not a teen anymore…

    • honest living said

      they can star in their own home-made porns and distribute for sale.
      alot better than blackmailing.

  3. FUCK THIS BITCH! said

    Sentence the bitch to a 10 foot broomstick up her fucking cunt.

  4. FT again said

    Foreign Talent again! False Talent again.

  5. Steve Lee said

    No morals, no brains, no heart……… hopefully now no freedeom. She’s cold and cruel. Please lock her away.

  6. Kate Monster said

    I would like to take exception to the sexist term “babe”. She is not even good-looking.

    Why are Singaporeans sexist?

    We in the west would never treat the female gender as anything less than equals.

    • your name kate monster indicate that you are a person of a hideous
      nature. physically and mentally. i bet you are one of the foreign trash living and working in singapore

  7. If all seventeen years are protected they can commit crime rampantly, no way lock her up together with the seventeen prostitute so as to stop those making use off the loop holes to commit protected crime.

  8. ahbeng said

    well a damn fucking hot foreign talent

  9. Fed Up Singaporean said

    You guys want to bet she will be given a lighter sentence, not because she’s underage but she is a FOREIGNER?

    If it were up to me, I’ll jail/keep her in detention until she reach 18 then CHARGE HER FULLY.

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