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Dr Vivian Balakrishnan: Dr Lim Hock Siew was a good and honorable man

Posted by temasektimes on June 6, 2012

Dr Lim Hock Siew was a good and honorable man and Singapore has lost another member of the founding generation with his passing, wrote Minister of Environment and Water Resources Dr Vivian Balakrishnan on his Facebook.

A founding member of the People’s Action Party and its splinter party Barisan Sosialist, Dr Lim passed away on Tuesday night at 81 years of age. He was the second longest held political prisoner in Singapore, being detained for 19 years without trial under the Internal Security Act from 1963 to 1981.

In a note posted on Facebook, Dr Vivian recalled his first meeting with Dr Lim:

“I remember meeting him 24 years ago at a party hosted by my mentor Professor Arthur Lim. They were classmates in medical school and life long friends. He introduced himself as “I am Lim Hock Siew, and just came out of prison a few years ago!”

Dr Vivian remarked he was struck by the lack of bitterness in Dr Lim in spite of what he had gone through:

“We had a good chat and he freely shared his life experiences. I was struck by the absence of bitterness despite all his sacrifices. I think he knew in his heart that he was a patriot, and was proud that he never gave in.”

Interestingly, Dr Vivian consulted Dr Lim before he joined the PAP:

“I consulted him before I entered politics. He did not discourage me. On the contrary, he told me to focus on doing the right thing. He told me he did not bear any ill will to the current leaders. He reminded me that he was a founding member of the PAP.”

Dr Lim leaves behind his wife and a son Yue Wen. After his release from detention in 1981, he focused on his medical practice and retired from politics altogether.


24 Responses to “Dr Vivian Balakrishnan: Dr Lim Hock Siew was a good and honorable man”

  1. Jack said

    so the 19 years of being detained without trial was a mistake? and or face matter of someone?? It is very sad Dr Lim Hock Siew had to suffer for so many years for wanting to do good for Singapore. Glad that Dr Vivian speaks up, what about the rest of the Politicians?

  2. black cat said

    vb, are you doing the right things now as advised by Dr Lim Hock Siew???
    The answer is noticeable……!!!!
    vb, Dr Lim Hock Siew was a good and honorable man; how about you???
    Again, the answer is noticeable…….!!!!

  3. Compatriot said

    Vivian Balakrishnan is a hypocrite why he talked now of Dr Lim as a good honorably man.Why didnt he proclaimed earlier to talk good of Dr Lim before his passing

    I think he knows if he lashes out his tongue he would get whacked by his PAP boss

    Vivian Balakrishnan knows that Dr Lim was detained for 19 years without a trial which was unjustly,atrocious and an insidious act permeated by ther PAP government

  4. Invictus said

    How does one reconcile joining a political party that imprisoned its founding member for 19 years.. A man you admitted was good and honorable. I find it disturbing.

  5. doggie said

    Vivian is minister of the environment and water resources.

  6. Mikey said

    Obviously Vivian did not listen to Dr Lim about doing the right thing..

  7. mahbok tan said

    That’s why he should ask his conscience….and do not talk cock…!!!
    Talk without sincerity ….. act as a hypocrite…!!!
    Do not say a word is better than to say rubbish when someone is not around….!!!

  8. denzuko1 said

    Obviously Vivan did not heed Mr Lim’s advice. He is doing all the wrong things. If Vivian value Mr Lim so much, he should spear head to push for investigation on the Marxist conspiracy scandal to clear Mr Lim’s name instead of TCSS.

  9. stevenado said

    Watch out for those who claim that the deceased was a “good man”.They will never mentioned when alive.Why the hypocirite now?Sometimes ago in Penang, someone asked Dr.Lim whether he will shake hand with LKY.He replied only if LKY apologizes to him and his wife!.

    • why like dat said

      Dr Lim is a saint if all he wanted was a mere apology for 20 stolen years!!
      LKY needs to seek forgiveness from Dr Lim’s family before it’s too late

  10. Money can corrupt one’s integrity. This chup-cheng-neh is a good example of a bad testimony.

  11. Don’t be a hypocirite, all those who wants to say Dr Lim is honorable man now, since he has pass. They should have said so earlier while he was alive, not now.

  12. Macoy said

    VB typical PAP hypocrite.

  13. +60 said

    There are still living members who was thrown into jail without trail, what VB going to do for them. Throw LKY into jail for putting all good men and women behind bar with trail. Compensate their families and apologises.

    • Compatriot said

      LKY ought to thank Tengku Abdul Rahman,former PM of Malaysia.

      Tengku allowed and let him free to go with the separation of Singapore from Malaysia or he will be arrested and jailed

  14. Vivian Bala creator of CPF Life ? said

    Vivian Bala, when he was MCYS minister, created compulsory CPF Life scheme that deprived us of our CPF money?

  15. K said

    Good & honorable man also get thrown in jail for no rhyme or reason. What good is VB as an MP for not being change anything?

  16. SGT33 said

    To the pappies, if a person still alive, he’s a bad man, if he dies he is a good man. What bullshit you are talking about, Vivian.

    • Jack said

      at least Dr Vivian dares to admit that he consulted Dr Lim before joining PAP. What about the rest of the Ministers, and those who were involved in the ISA operations. Are you able to sleep well at night?

  17. Ken Lee said

    Dr are you sure what you are saying? o i forgot we have change to Communist already so we should say good about him!
    long life communist!

  18. Whatsupp said

    So Dr V., what is your opinion about Dr Lim being imprisoned under the ISA without a trial?

  19. fairplay said

    * * * * * * * * R.I.P. Dr Lim Hock Siew * * * * * * * *
    Curst be the hands that tied your bond; Curst be the minds that plotted your end.

  20. tim koh said

    I will surely take out my hat and salute Bala if he dare say Dr Lim is a good and honourable man in front of the cruel dictator.
    I bet he dare.

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