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Ex-SCDF Chief Peter Lim charged for accepting sexual favors from several women in exchange for IT-related tenders

Posted by temasektimes on June 6, 2012

Former Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) chief Peter Lim Sin Pang was charged this morning for corruptly obtaining ‘sexual gratification from two female vendors and one potential female vendor to the SCDF on 10 occasions between May 2010 and November 2011, as inducement for showing favour by advancing the business interest of their companies with SCDF’, said a statement from the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB)

Lim was spotted arriving at the Subordinate Courts at about 8.10am this morning after dropping off in a black car and entering the building alone.

Investigations have revealed that Lim had allegedly accepted sexual favors from several women in return for tenders for IT-related contracts.

The case raised eyebrows among many in Singapore as Lim was the highest-ranked civil servant charged for corruption in recent years. Another high-ranking police officer former CID Chief Ng Boon Gay was also implicated in the case.


32 Responses to “Ex-SCDF Chief Peter Lim charged for accepting sexual favors from several women in exchange for IT-related tenders”

  1. P Koh said

    Such is the power of sex and the moment of weakness that destroys the very fabric of good governance. Don’t play play.

  2. spotlessleopard said

    Who says Singapore is Aqueaky Clean and its Civil Service is clean and incorruptible?…..

  3. SgGuy said

    Some streaks of accountability n transparency coming along? Let’s all wait n see….. by the way, what happened to our billions?!??!

  4. Too bad he was caught.

  5. Zam said

    No wonder…Lot of IT vendors employ Filipino girls to attend their customers.

  6. hachoiji said

    I guessed it’s more thrill that way rather than paying for a service. Highly educated yet IQ and EQ is lower than man in the street. All the years of hardwork went down the toilet ! Pity the family .

  7. Realist said

    There are still many out there who are not caught but now taking precaution and lying low.

  8. Singapore Researcher said

    not one but many

  9. Senile Senior said

    Comparing those bitches opening their legs for some lucrative contracts and the streetwalkers of Geylang.

    What’s the difference.

    Walau, I didn’t know that up there, it’s the same as the hooker business in the back lanes.

    Times are really different now.

  10. Lim said

    Good. Now all the ladies who slept with him allegedly to clinch contracts will be exposed.

  11. i say what i think only... said

    he can afford any women he want. just that it is more kinky to get it for free and because of your power and authority. 英雄难过美人关

  12. Seak tS said

    He deserved to be punished with an enhanced punishment as he abused his position for sexual favours. He tarnished the good name of SCDF built up over the years by his predecessors. He thought he could get away with his acts. Too bad ,Nothing is for free. You pay for what you receive. Now is payback time.

  13. Unknow said

    Singapore gov have high salary to prevent them from corruption thru $$$ but now seen that once they have enuff $$$, they will go for “sex”.. so will Singapore gov give themselves “free” sex to prevent them from corruption thru sex?

  14. Peter said

    Yes, too bad. Statistically, for every case that was caught there must be at least another 9 cases that escaped undetected. This case therefore shows how rampant such an offence has been going on in Singapore today.

  15. NSmen said

    So what is LKY going to say now? When Teh Cheang Wan got caught for money laundering, LKY proposed raising the wage structure of civil servants and Ministers. So now, should he be giving discounts to social escorts, prostitutes for civil servants and Ministers?

  16. keepgoing said

    don’t drop the soap, peter.

  17. voice fron the origin singapore said

    Knn…fucking shia sway

  18. black cat said

    incorruptible????? No, no, no, corruption is Leegalised in papapayayaya party!!!!!!

  19. Anthony Tang said

    The three female sles coordinaters are worse then the whores who ply in Singapore’s streets, clubs and red light districts.
    At these ladies do it for money.
    Well, actually this three also do it for the commission.
    How are they going to face their loved ones?

  20. Ron said

    From fame to shame. What a sad ending to a good career. His next posting could have been a Perm Sec job or higher. What a pity to succumb to such human weaknesses. The government cannot be expected to watch every Tom, DICK, and Hairy. Each officer has to uphold his duty to the nation. It is so easy to go to Thailand and fuck all you care and no one will bother you.

    What a shame.

  21. Whitest of the whites, cleanest of all. Best joke in town.

  22. Clem li said

    Man will be man,even in the beginning of biblical time,the first man on earth was already entice by a single woman.

  23. 龙的传人 said


  24. hachoiji said

    High salary is not enough these days……providing comfort women is an add on benefits it seemed to be !!!!

  25. Alvin said

    governments can be never clean no matter what humans basic instinct will always want more. Corruption is everywhere but singapore governments are smart.. they hold stocks and family hold high positions in the corporate world so they are corrupted in the legalized way.

  26. Ta said

    So “clever” to do this at the work place????

    • P Koh said

      What clever!!!!. I think he has never heard of the expression “Never shit in your own backyard” You know why?
      Nobody is going to clean it up for him and it stinks the whole work place.

  27. P Koh said

    Cheapskate. He has himself to blame. Now the people who will suffer most are the families of all those who are involved and exposed. Men at this level should have known better than that. He forgot the 3 Fs principles…..Find…..Fxxxk. pay and Forget.

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