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In response to Dr Vivian’s statement that those who speak against immigrants will turn against minorities

Posted by temasektimes on June 6, 2012

This is such an insidious allegation that absurdly suggests that anti-immigrant sentiments are equivalent to racism.

Until now, delusional and ignorant people like him still refuse to see the clear differences or are simply blind to the deep differences between a Singaporean Chinese and a Mainland Chinese, a Singaporean Indian and an India Indian, and a Singaporean Malay and a Filipino. Either they can’t tell the differences or they believe that Singaporeans are so dumb not to know the differences.

The world is filled with cultural differences between countries, just because someone is from a same race does not mean that culturally, they are the same. A German white sees himself as different from an American white with German ancestry. A Taiwanese Chinese sees himself as different from a Mainland Chinese. So by his logic, the whole world should be racist then? Makes no sense.

We know who our fellow Singaporeans are and we love each other, be it Singaporean Chinese, Malays or Indians. Anti-immigrant sentiments are sentiments of nationalism, saying it’s racism is plain stupid.


*The above was first posted as a comment on Facebook


33 Responses to “In response to Dr Vivian’s statement that those who speak against immigrants will turn against minorities”

  1. Ben said

    even the Beijing chinese dont like chinese from other places. This happens not only in Singapore!

    • Mel said

      Yes and Shanghai chinese think they are different from the rest. This is not about racism. I think we would not be angry if the FTs are of high calibre and quality. It’s like Singapore is now going backwards instead of moving forward by bringing in foreigners with 3rd world culture, work skills and attitude. Going cheap is really not the way to go forward!

  2. MrBenCai said

    I believe it is not where the immigrants come from and whether they are immigrants but rather what kind of immigrants they are as in how they behave and whether they add value to our society.

  3. wonderment said

    Good one, Hanz. When I read what the Minister said, I thought it sounded stupid, but I could not put my finger on it. You certainly did.

    I think the Minister was simply trying to pluck any kind of half-baked reason to support the government’s pro-foreigner stance.

    What that shows to me is that this government still persists in their view, they have no intention to back-track, and what they will do is to try to persuade Singaporeans to buy-in to their position. /impossible, I’d say

  4. foxie said

    saying it’s racism is plain stupid

    I’d say your comment shows that you are defiunitely smarter than Vivian. Darn, another proof that we chose the wrong person for the job.

  5. mr d said

    pap lost touch with common people liao

  6. How stupid can anyone be? said

    Well said. I am truly disappointed that anyone could be so stupid to make such a remark.

    It seems his bosses are not happy too because I can’t find those remarks anyone in the local main stream media online.

  7. Crap... said

    Hey Hanz, what do you expect from his fella? He can’t count to save his life.. Yes! Overblown 300million YOG budget say it all? He can’t make sense out of simple issues.. Yes! Promoting Hawkering as an aspiration for Singaporeans while FTs take away our jobs! VB, like so many of his colleagues, is simply a disgrace and complete waste of millions of dollars of our money.

  8. lima said

    Racism and Nationalism have the same root (judge people based on inborn and unchangeable facts such as skin color, nationality or origin of birth) – both are stupid and reflect a sense of weakness. I am really shocked by the level of intelligence and the logical capability of the editor here – not to mention your strongly biased xenophobia, you are just weak – only weak people will try to put others under him based on the above mentioned factors rather than meritocracy.

    • Don Davis said

      Nationalism is an idea that is usually abused by people. It is used to segregate and limit people’s rights, freedoms, contributions to society because of their heritage. Read about Adolf Hitler and how he used the term nationalism in Germany in the 1930’s. An integral part of fascism is nationalism. Could that happen in Singapore? Keep going down the road people like Hanz is going and you will soon find out.

  9. hachoiji said

    Whether it’s Racism or Nationalism, for a Minister level to make such a public statement in the midst of all the ongoing drama it’s just not sensible at all. It reflects either low EQ or just ignorance on the part of the Minister.

  10. SgGuy said

    When you are in power n want to see the world as you deem fit, you’ll say anything to support the status-quo or mistakes in order to justify his importance and the high pay.


  11. solaris8899 said


  12. Zam said

    Hanz Yeo, Do you remember the discrimination against the minorities before the influx of huge number of FT’s? It was worst than anything else now.

    What a F**king crap you are talking about…You guys love Malays and Indians? F**K OFF lah.

    • mahbok tan said

      Arh this is racism….!!! Lets learned to agree and disagree with each other …… we know that we have experienced as a minority but things have change and the younger generation seems to have accepted it and working it out to be a better SGporean. Because we are all in the same boat and the majority too are feeling the crunched from the FT’s.
      Lets help ourself , to get out of these situation as 1 united people….people of SGpore….!!!

  13. Bob said

    Can we propose pap put all their useless ministers in one same constituency so we can vote all 5 bullshit ministers OUT at the same time? Save a lot of money if each draws 2mil a year.. That’s 50mil of tax payers money in 5 years 🙂

  14. Fed Up Singaporean said

    PAP and their “yes-man” are now all like children crying in the face of new media. They can’t force their lies on us anymore so they resort to calling all Singaporeans names (Racist, draft, intolerant etc etc) to get attention.

    The fact that this sort of behavior is tolerated, just shows that the 60.1% just don’t care. I for one hope this continues as 39.9% of votes wouldn’t vote for PAP again. Keep blaming all of us Singaporeans.. soon the 60.1% will wake up and ask themselves why the hell did they vote for you in the first place.

  15. mahbok tan said

    Lucky or unlucky for us SGporean to have such a STUPID and HYPOCRITE as a minister and they come from PAP not other opposition party….!!!

    PHUCK U mr minister….!!

  16. stevenado said

    Fellow singaporeans, please try to undertand Dr.Vivi. Please do not be too harsh on him.Afterall he is still a minister.He is just doing his job.By the way, he is the minister in charge of enviroment,.So he speaks, he puke nothing but rubbish!!!! Don’t tekan him too much.He is a minority!

  17. voice fron the origin singapore said

    Sporean is too small to add few more races..

    Ask Pinoy go home

  18. Kelvin Kwek said

    He can mentioned the world racism and yet previous opponents or anyone who mentioned the racism subject in abstract would be considered playing racial politic. Is he inciting or insinuating? Of course not but he is allow to as a regular statement….. Anyone else, the ISA will be invoked. 

    Now, please do not distract from the issue surrounding immigration on native Singaporean. Why is it that the present party is always in a state of denial when a policy does not work or have some deficiency? Giving the mandate to rule does not means a blank cheque for all payment. And stop being the “I know best” as we are PAP and have make Singapore is today. Please just listen about certain issue and not always dismissing it with defending it for reputation for ruling party’s reputation that it’s a flip-flop policy. 

    Man in the street are affected but you politician are not. You can feel it as politician; you don’t like competition that takes away your power and perks, in the way you try not let the opposition take too many seats that one day, they would form the government. But a little opposition is good for policy scrutiny and debate. As such, a little foreigners is good for competition for improvement and economy but not so overwhelming. Would you like to be overwhelm with oppositions in parliament that it threaten your position and policy?

    Well, the answer is clear to the resistant of the immigration policy.

  19. UsedToBePAPSupporter! said

    The heartless PAP government is the only damned government in the world which insists on sabotaging & marginalizing its own citizens. This nonsense has to stop. I was interviewed for a banking position (3 rounds) with the final round conducted by a foreigner (from a certain South Asian country) but was eventually not selected I wonder if he had hired his own kind instead? Also, I have a friend who’s working in a major foreign bank here, and he is being ostracized by his boss & other colleagues from the same South Asian country (my friend is also the only Singaporean in his department).

    And the heartless PAP government is assuring us of a “Singaporeans First” policy when all around us we are seeing something totally different? For the sake of all true-blue Singaporeans & our future generations, this rubbish Pro-foreigner Policy has to go, or else the heartless PAP government which implemented this policy & still relentlessly insists on continuing with it has to go!!!

    There are at least ten (10) reasons why Singapore is the best place to work in for Foreign Workers & FTs as a result of this policy (see link below):

    A True-Blue Singaporean

  20. voice fron the origin singapore said

    Singapore born young generation need to complete with Pinoy over a rubbishman jobs by 2017

    • Lionel said

      Well, they don’t have to compete with Pinoys or any other foreigners if they vote for change in 2016.

      So the choice is theirs.

      Vote for the change to avoid being 3rd class citizens.

  21. muimui said

    Sigh…Singapore has become a “dumping ground” for those so-called FTs (which our govt treasures so much). I am sure those ministers have stopped actively working on the grounds to find out and understand our worries and concerns. They just sit high high up there and open their mouth (as they deem) and hands (to receive their hefty sum of salaries and bonuses).

  22. Ken Lee said

    we care! do you? if there is no more sound, PAP will take the place of WP!

  23. said

    I dont see any calibre that qualify you as a minister, you cant talk you cant sing you cant dance and lok like a piece of shit with bad pigmentation. Talk rubbish and i hope GOD will strike you down by lightning since you are pap with lightning bolt. BTW strike with lightning mean electrocuted…dun play play

  24. anon said

    Bodo Vivian!

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