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Nicole Seah pleads for leniency in ‘My Grandfather Road’ vandal case

Posted by temasektimes on June 6, 2012

Popular young politician Nicole Seah has pleaded for leniency on behalf of a 25 year old woman by the name of ‘Samantha’ who was arrested two days ago for multiple acts of vandalism on public property.

Samantha was suspected of painting graffiti on several roads in Singapore, including the tongue-in-cheek “MY GRANDFATHER ROAD” on Maxwell Road directly facing the Ministry of National Development.

She was also allegedly behind the circular, black-and-white stickers with captions such as “Press to time travel”, “Anyhow press police catch” and “Press to Nirvana” which were pasted along Lau Pa Sat and on road traffic signs along Robinson Road in recent weeks.

In a posting on her Facebook, Nicole Seah wrote that she was surprised at the ‘swift action’ taken against Samantha:

“The arrest of the Sticker Lady has caused a public uproar, because many are understandably disappointed that such swift action was taken against a person who executed street art, against the backdrop of other more serious cases that warranted public attention in the past but were not addressed publicly.”

Nicole explained that she was not advocating a ‘chaotic’ society, but that “we need to acknowledge that there needs to be a certain degree of tolerance for organic, bottom-up creative activities if we want to progress as a cosmopolitan society.”

“We cannot purely enforce economic growth without strengthening our culture. It causes imbalance and limits our true growth as a nation,” she added.

Nicole ended her note by urging the authorities to refrain from meting a severe punishment on Samantha:

“I urge the authorities to refrain from severe penalty, and to treat such incidents that border on the artistic with a light touch, although there still remains the need to be vigilant against acts that threaten public security.”

If convicted, Samantha faced up to three years of imprisonment. Last year, a Swiss vandal was jailed four months for spraying graffiti on SMRT trains.


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18 Responses to “Nicole Seah pleads for leniency in ‘My Grandfather Road’ vandal case”

  1. voice fron the origin singapore said

    She still a little girl

    • thisguydamstupid said

      25 years old still little girl? obviously she knows what she done is wrong thats why she did it in late night/ early morning. if today the girl is some ah tiong will ppl still support her tht much?

      • LoveSG said

        we all know the answer if the perp was a tiong… slap on the wrist and let off with stern warning…
        case closed

  2. moo said

    seriously.. art/vandal get up to 3 years.. PRC FT knock down our singaporean student get a week.. Kungfu kick singapore police officer get 10 weeks.. what sense is this? only recently PRC FT threaten to bring down a tiger air plane and such terrorism actions get just a verbal warning.. PAP is a disappointment!

    • thisguydamstupid said

      maximum is 3 years la not confirm get 3 years la. maybe she will get fined only. also haven sentence yet so many ppl kpkb make so much noise.

    • Another Singaporean said

      Indian man press female’s karchng twice got 6 months jail compared to 1 week in prison for prc killer driver. What ridiculous law we have!

      • Puzzled said

        Don’t be so bias lah! Indian pervert press female’s karchng really deserve 6 months jail. PRC or no PRC, it was an accident, very unfortunate but it is an accident. If it’s drink-driving and still kanna only 1 week jail, then I say the judge is really sleeping!

  3. Matakia said

    How come the Swiss bastard got a lighter sentence than Samantha where stickers can be simply removed n warning given. It’s juz a mere mischief. At the most, just sentence to sweep the floor for two days. I’m terribly disappointed why that 40s lady diner who recently beat up a 79yr old lady cleaner got scot free whereas this simple mischief was heavily penalized? Where’s the logic? Where is the ‘base on justice and equality’ since brain-washed since young??

    • why double standard said

      Yes, Why there is double standard? We have pledge ourself as democratice country.

    • thisguydamstupid said

      she also painted words on roads and buildings which require repainting. Not just pasting of stickers like what you said only.

    • mahbok tan said

      Its because they , the GOVT of the day , have not repented since the last GE2011.
      Lets show our solidarity to our Lady Sticker by pasting more stickers everywhere and anywhere……!!!
      Even Ahlong-san and their runners paste and sticker everywhere and the authorities cannot get them….!!!
      All semi professional adverts pasting anyhow oso goes scot free , even with the tel number printed on it….!!! especially the key/lock smith who paste sticker in at our gate or front door…!!! next time must make police report and see what SPF will do….!!! Lets make more police report on this issue and see if SPF will take action or not and sent it to temasek times to highlight it here….!!!

    • Another Singaporean said

      Swiss head of state did make a visit to Sg when case was going on. Guess to help him qiu qing (plead for mercy). His sentence was clearly reduced.

      • Puzzled said

        Why you all so kan-chiong? Not sentence yet and you all start to compare the previous sentence of AhLong, swiss….. Wait lah! Maybe she really get warning only…..

  4. tolerate Singaporean first said

    Set example to tolerate your own people first

    Yes, government said that Singaporeans must tolerate foreigners, so government should set example first to tolearate our own citizens first, by not making many “tight” laws and regulations to Singaporeans.

  5. loo said

    I actually find what she did pretty interesting. It has a local flavour. Especially “My Grandfathers Road”. She must have brought a simple laugh to those at the traffic light. Imagine, who can give u a good laugh in the middle of the day at a road junction? She did just that. U know what? I want her autograph.

  6. True Singaporean, but sad to be Singaporean. said

    If you want to break the law in Singapore, you better be a FT – because the punishment is very light for them. If you are a Singaporean, your punishment can be very harsh.

    No wonder many FT don’t want to be Singaporean; just come here as PR and scoop the benefits, earn S$ and go back home to enjoy. Singaporeans suffer and go back to their pigeon holes.

    We all should know what to do come GE2016.

  7. Mr Anderson said

    That’s what you get(double standard) for voting that party in.


    Sticker Lady should defend herself using terms such as “she had meant it as tongue in cheek”, “a honest mistake”, “impossible to please everyone” , “let’s move on” and

    “I am sorry I didn’t get it exactly right, but I hope you will understand and bear with me because I am trying our best to fix the problems,”

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