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PRC ‘FT’ given police warning only for ‘intimidating’ passengers on board Tiger Airway flight

Posted by temasektimes on June 6, 2012

A PRC ‘FT’ was given a police warning only for intimidating passengers on board a Tiger Airway flight from Guangzhou to Singapore.

The 41 year old PRC woman reportedly made a scene on the flight after her request to change to a seat in front was refused.

“Do you still remember the 911 incident? I have the ability to make the plane disappear! Do you have any last words?” she shouted.

She then proceeded to make a din and only stopped when the plan arrived in Singapore. The police was called and she was subsequently ‘invited’ to the police station to take a statement.

As she is a precious PRC ‘foreign talent’, no charges were pressed against her and she was only let off with a warning. Had the offender been a Singaporean, he or she would probably be jailed for criminal intimidation.


43 Responses to “PRC ‘FT’ given police warning only for ‘intimidating’ passengers on board Tiger Airway flight”

  1. voice fron the origin singapore said


  2. Jack said

    if she is a Singaporean, likely that she will be detained for 48 hours for further investigation, why double standard??

  3. Von said

    In 2016, you know what to to do guys.

  4. Jaded said

    disgraceful… our precious Singapore has gone to the dogs!

  5. Walls have ears said


  6. Ron said

    In USA, they would sent up two F-15 fighter jets to escort the plane down, handcuff the offender and treat her as a potential terrorist. Why pussy-foot around? Does not matter which nationality. To jeopardise a flight operation is a very serious offence.

    Why did the Pilot do? He is in command of the plane. Did he not come out and warned her to shut up or else?

    • singapore gahmen has no balls when it comes to apprehending foreign trash from china. the bitch should be handcuffed in front of all at the airport to teach her a lesson that this is singapore and not china.

  7. KPKB said

    f’kin double standards

  8. Noelle said

    i remember an incident about a kid asking her mom why she needs to remove her shoes for the scan at the airport, and the mom got into trouble because she replied with, “they are afraid there might be a bomb”.

    innocent comments being blown out of proportion and malicious comments let off easily

  9. Anthony Tang said

    I dont know why such preferences are given to foreign talents. We dont need them. Send them back to PRC

  10. Kokky said

    Errm… can I check which article says that she is PRC FT?

  11. icefire said

    ft let go with juz a warning ???
    i believe it will be a jail term if is a singaporean do tat … unless he is some rich PApaya minister son or relatives

  12. Dr XYZ said


  13. leedavid said

    Well,this is what we alway says;同人不同命. Anyway,the internal affair will know WHAT to do, i hope….

  14. Lim said

    If I were on the same flight with her and hear her say those things I should get all the other passengers to pin her down and tie her up before she does something dangerous and kill of of us.

  15. Jo said

    There goes our safety

  16. FTs tua kie.

  17. aloysius12 said

    Singapore is a tiny,tiny “RED” dot compared to China; in fact Taiwan has more gusto. Now you can understand the lack of spontaneity in taking drastic action especially if the foreigner involved is a citizen of a very large MNC. We Singaporeans are dispensable.

  18. nan said

    this is stupid act from this chinese national

  19. FUCK THIS BITCH! said

    This bitch should be given a bullet on the spot, aim at her cb.

  20. LkySi said

    If its has been a drunk Indian national, he would be charged in Court. Double standards as Alan Shardarke said.

  21. Poor Filial Cabby Allegedly Threatened His MP; Fined $2,000 said

    A RELIEF cabby who allegedly threatened his Member of Parliament – by saying that he hoped ‘history will not repeat itself’, referring to an incident where another MP was burnt by a man last year – has been fined $2,000.

    Teo Kian Seng, 52, pleaded guilty on Monday to threatening Minister of State for Manpower and Trade & Industry Lee Yi Shyan, 48, at a Meet-the-People Session in Bedok North on March 1 this year.

    At the meeting, Teo had referred to the attack on Mr Seng Han Thong, MP for Yio Chu Kang, by a former cabby.

    The court heard that Teo was at home on Feb 8 when he overheard two representatives from East Coast Town Council talking to his mother, Madam Lim Sia Leng, 79, about the clutter outside the flat being a fire hazard.

    DPP Wong said Teo was unhappy as he felt that the officers had been rude to his mother, a rag-and-bone woman.

  22. Wicked Brain said

    This PRC’s act is near terrorism… and… She was only given a warning.
    The local lady who paste stickers on traffic light buttons might be given a 3 years jail sentence???

  23. Diversifyx2 said

    SPF incapable of dealing with foreigners.避重就轻,TMD

  24. SgGuy said

    Imagine a Singaporean who did exactly what she did. Do you suppose the sinkie will be let off with a warning? Truly Double-Standard!!

  25. Ah Loot said

    Because u Singaporeans are wimps. You will be SWARMED “Enoch Powell”

  26. Sashaqueenie said

    Our dear Singapore Police Force, us netizens are keeping a keen watch on your double standards when it comes to upholding the law. One day, you will regret treating Singaporeans so badly.

  27. Ken Lee said

    we do care! do you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. hachoiji said

    Who ask you not to be borned foreign ? then again, it set the precedent for local to follow and SPF has no reason to prosecute otherwise !!!

  29. Somethingwrongsomewhere said

    tsk tsk tsk clear cut case of double standard !

    Our local lady should also be given a warning instead of possible 3 years jail sentence !

  30. Bernard Deng said

    Try telling the airlines that you have a bomb and see what you’ll get?

  31. Ron said

    I do not fly Tiger Air nor Scoot. Just do not have confidence in their safety…. if a Tiger Air flight can be delayed for 12 hours in BKK, can be barred for months by the Australian government, and the inaugural Scoot flight was technically delayed. What his going on?

  32. denzuko1 said

    I still remember many years ago a Singapore woman was detained by Airport security after mentioning “Bomb” to her son. How is it that this woman can even ba allowed on the plane with such threat even before take off? Tiger Air staff should immediately alert the local authority there to have this woman arrested to ensure the safety of other passengers.

    I am also shock that other passengers just kept to themselves oblivious of such threat. Don’t they realise that it is their lives at stake if this woman carries out her threat? I mean all the people on that plane deserve to die for not taking proper action.

  33. Rich Prc said

    It is good to be a PRC. Become a prc now!

  34. KARMA for YOU! said

    I hope one PRC will really hijack the plane and bomb Singapore, because only after that the G will take action, if there is still a G after that, this is NONSENSE! So much for the extensive checks in airports. I’m pretty sure even a word from a Singaporean, he/she would most likely be fined or detained or anything as such. How wonderfully great our G is to the FT. Come to think of it, it’s even better to be a FT rather than a fellow Singaporean. Killing people wouldn’t be jailed for that long a period, shouting and creating havoc close to terrorist threat only receive a warning, posting things insulting whole of Singapore only receive counselling and still graduates with degree. Whereas pasting stickers receive 3 years jail terms (Max), speaking of a word bomb to son being detained and not even allowed on plane. “I am so proud to say I’m a Singaporean” – The funniest joke of a lifetime.

  35. Voice from the Genuine Singaporean said

    Why MIW are so afraid of Ang Mo ,Pinoy & PRC…

    • Jack said

      what to do, since we cannot give more babies to our lord, they need to source for new citizens from overseas. It is our fault.

  36. patin said

    記得以前新加坡政府花10年20年時間..礼貌運動…教導新加坡人懂得礼貌…但我不知道這些外來人, 在加入本国居民前..是否在其本國也受过10年20年的礼貌運動教育??
    這些進入本國的外來人..難到个个都是..人才..天才…那我們本土新加坡人算什麼 ??

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