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Resorts World Sentosa rejected job application by Singaporean, but gave jobs to pinoys on the spot

Posted by temasektimes on June 6, 2012

In 2009, before Resorts World Sentosa (RWS )opened and was during mass recruitment, I went for a walk-in interview during one of the job fairs conducted by RWS. They were recruiting for theme park operators for the Universal Studios theme park in Sentosa. I was in dire need of any kind of employment as despite having 20 yrs PMET work experience and was an overseas grad in Economics & Finance, I couldn’t even get any job for asking salary of $1.5k per month.

At the job fair, I noticed lots of Pinoys , all looking like domestic helpers and I was one of the few Singaporeans there , dressed in long sleeves and a tie. I was then told by one of the RWS staff that they were recruiting massively due to the soon-to-be opening theme park and were giving out on-the-spot employment contracts.

My turn came and I was faced with a smirky female RWS HR manager, who proceeded to throw me super-tough interview questions and scenarios , as if I was interviewing for a management level post. However, I aced it (since I was a HR practitioner during my PMET days, before my retrenchment in 2008). Easy-peasy for someone experience in this line of work. Guess what? Despite being told that the theme park operator job pays only $6 per hour and was part-time work at 22 hrs per week, I still desperately wanted the job. The idiotic RWS HR interviewer, at the end of it, just gave me a quirky smile and said “we let u know”, which translated to “no chance in hell”!

When I left despondently, I saw a queue of the Pinoys all being given their employment contracts on the spot while I, a desperately out-of-work Singaporean, was simply neglected and made to look stupid!

In 2009, I must have attended more than 20 such job fairs and industry previews for IR jobs at e2i, submitted countless job applications and resumes and written applications or other job submissions to e2i staff without a single reply or email from both MBS or RWS, let alone getting any proper job interview. How many of you Singaporeans were like me then attending those useless “industry previews” without getting any reply? Do you guys remember the ordeal we went through?

I certainly did because the PAP govt proudly boasts that there were 68,000 jobs available for Singaporeans yet how many of us unemployed Sporeans were actually taken in by the IRs? In terms of percentage staff count, I bet you my last dollar that the IRs were shunning locals and all opting for foreigners like pinoys and prc and indians and malaysians , whom they dont have to contribute CPF and find them easier to hire.

Look at the same scenario in the casinos in Macau and u will see that they actually employ their locals first but here it is the opposite and locals always lose out to fts due to our discrimatory govt policies against Sporeans!

I also clearly remember a lot of govt & PAP propaganda about helping jobless Sporeans with their constant proclamations in the media about “retraining” and spending lots of tax-dollars on “SPUR training” etc etc. This is all a lot of bull!! Each time any Singaporean goes to e2i, they will recommend to u to register for a “upgrading course” and offer incentives like free course fees and even pay a daily allowance. However, all these “SPUR” training courses, conducted by WDA and e2i and SNEF are all a waste of time bec no employer recognises it and u can never get a job on the course qualification itself as employer have an abundance of foreigners to employ from.

The government however uses all the SPUR progammes as a tool merely to advertise to the public at large that it is doing a huge part in helping jobless Sporeans so it is no better than a sales pitch.

I remember going for one useless course for 8 days called Certified Service Professional. Complete waste of time because they basically just teach you to become like a waiter and adopt a friendly customer service mindset. Did I get any job after that, even as a bell-hop? Rubbish, not a single employer give me any call-up!

Don’t believe me? Go to MBS and RWS, see for yourself and do a headcount to see how many Singaporeans vs foreigners are in their employ. You see, so long as we have this unthinkingly selfish PAP govt , we will never get a job we want because in the end, the government don’t care for Singaporeans and prefer that we all kick the bucket faster so they can continue to replace us all with the cheap and younger foreigners!


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times


50 Responses to “Resorts World Sentosa rejected job application by Singaporean, but gave jobs to pinoys on the spot”

  1. voice fron the origin singapore said

    Pinoy bastards …make us lost our jobs

  2. spotlessleopard said

    Who did He vote for the last few elections? If He voted PAP he must change his vote to Opposition….any opposition…ONLY when Parliament is controlled by Opposition will the rules of employment change…Meanwhile maybe He can volunteer to do some ground work for the Opposition.

  3. Lost said

    What happen to our society as whole?Where is my beloved country that once upon a time that I know?We are in a sorry state sooner of later replace by all this “FT” aliens.

  4. Ec said

    The singapore government should do what the macau administration did, ie. Limit the number of work permits to overseas workers unles proven w the right qualifications and experiences. Their strategy yield great successes as their unemployment is so low, even old aunties and uncles were employed in the various sectors.
    I have thought the government stand is
    ‘Singaporean first” pertaining to jobs. I think the singapore government should really take a leaf from the macao administrations….

  5. mikey said

    2016 we will make the miw out of jobs.

  6. aloysius12 said

    Is this still the policy of RWS and MBS NOW? This is our Home our Land and the Govt. invites Investors,who nonchalantly recruits foreigners using our space, hounsing, transportation,which then squeezed us out, but only to send profits back home. The Govt. reaped in taxes non-concerned of our plight. India’s MNC invited to use our space only to recuit their kind, so with others MNCs.
    What is happening to us? Does anyone cares? All I read be kind to foreigners. I don’t think they hear us.

  7. Only stupid people keep voting in traitors said

    Absolutely not surprised. I am in my early 40s now and was recently replaced by a China National my ex-company brought in and had me train! 4 months or job applications and not one interview!

    I’m a graduate with numerous professional qualifications and 18 years of work experience… All down the drain cause of these f**king PAP thoughtless, ultra-liberal imigration policies!

    They talk about competition, yet they themselves tightly protect their own jobs with media control, gerrymandering and by keeping the elections office under their wing!

  8. KT said

    I’m just wondering, based on the comments above, this guy seems to be such a cynical person. So what if he was a HR practitioner before? His attitude based on his comments is quite bad IMHO. Perhaps the interviewer smelled a difficult person.

    I interview many Singaporeans and Filipinos, the attitudes are way different. Singaporeans although may want to workfor a lower paying job, but do they know what it takes? Filipinos often serve from the heart (most of them) as their culture is as such. We Singaporeans even for lower paid jobs do not know what it takes to do the job. Perhaps his answers were PMET answers. I suggest he checks his attitude at the door before the interview. BTW, I’m a Singaporean.

  9. You can listen to them ONLY and if you believe in them I am sure you will have to wait long long, even then after long long wait you will not hear from them.

  10. Very Angry With Pro-Foreigner PAP !! said

    After reading your experience, feeling even more furious with PAP !!! Most of us have siblings and relatives with similar experiences . . . . . .


    We need to vote in MORE oppositions. We need PAP to loose some more GRC to send them a clearer message. Wake up or we can replace you with alternative parties.. or FT MPs!

    • Kebabs said

      You want PAP to lose power or to have a better standard of living ? These are 2 different ideas. Can you propose something ?

      • lamb or turkey kebabs? said

        PAP in power = lower std of living for ordinary folks
        PAP as opposition = higher std of living…..because they will speak up if the policies are not making sporeans lives better.

  12. Compatriot said

    I can empathize with your distasteful journey of finding employment ….. legally as Singaporeans we must all act and stand united to stopped this biased,bigotry and predjudical exploitation and manipulation of our own citizens from these unscrupulous employers locals or foreigners alike

    These employers without a doubt have ill premeditative intentions towards our own citizens …Knowingly that the cost of living (COL) is so high and these employers obdurately employs low paid workers to enriched themselves and made life harder for Singaporeans

    The PAP government knowningly with intent,played with deaf ears to our plight and betrayed our own citizens Singapore citizens who has voted them as their MP’S to represent them in parliament

    “LANKA JEMBATAN BUANG TONGKAT” a malay proverb

    The Employment Act and the Singapore Employment Federation must be repealed
    lets not waste our energy and time any longer and be dogmatic about this

    I believe Singapore have the Standing Professionals much more better than what the PAP has with their lackeys for the remaking for a better Singapore and ever wanting when the time comes

    For a better Singapore for Singaporeans and the future of our generations to come Singaporeans must be adamant and must see that all the 81 constituencies must be fielded and contested in the GE2016

    This is the only avenue to take through parliamentary elections and crush the PAP and their cronyism symphatisers

    I suggest that favourable and favoured contributions for the precise representations to stand for the GE2016 can be made (eg Rotary Club donation of S$100K to the PAP losing candidate for HG/BE)

    Singaporeans of all the respective electorates 81 constituencies,ultilmately you can make this real to come true by your contributions to defeat and kick out the PAP from their insidious acts and their overall majority in parliament or even better to a total good riddance

    Just sharing,during the GE1959 the PAP fielded all the 28 polling districts with their party candidates such as Postman,Butcher,Fisherman,Village Headman Barber,Fireman and some other well to do people just to name these few

    These were common village folks people peasantry at their true self at that time

    I am not trying to underestiimated these group of people who stood as Oppositions
    These were the people with a cause that they were brazenly cheated of their fundamental rights when the Labour Front government sold Christmas Island to Australia without their knowledge

    The Labour Front government headed by Lim Yew Hock lost the GE1959 when the PAP exposed them out by secretly selling Christmas Island to Australia without the consent.of the people.The people were inflamed by then

  13. John lim said

    I was in fact interviewed by a filippino hr of rws when I attended the interview for their lab tech post. She was not familiar with bio and life sciences and confusing the interviwees. She was only focussed on recruiting a fellow countryman. so sad that there is bias agains tg the locals in our own land.

  14. moo said

    Singapore is doomed! There is no singapore anymore! next time vote all the FT into parliament turn this tiny island into china. I’m moving tubad i’m stuck

  15. SG said

    Lee Kuan Yew already made an economic political (first WAVE employment opportunities) agreements with ex-Philippines President Gloria Arroyo by reserving least 5 thousands job vacancies in Singapore for her citizens.

    As soon as both governments settled for whatever they’ve agreed upon in exchanges, Arroyo made an announcement during her press conferences on her national TV.

    So there is no doubt that MBS managements must adhere to government “Standing Order” by giving jobs vacancy to Filipinos first followed by other nationals instead of Pink IC holder(s).

    So, do you really think Singapore government really cares about Singaporeans well-being? Regardless of whether or you are Pro-PAP (unless you are so closely knitted to LKY and/or his family), LKY simply can’t be bother about affair of your heart.

    After all, die is your business.

  16. I have to disagree with the author. I too attended the interview in 2009 for Resorts World Sentosa. Though my friend who went together got an offer on the spot, I did not get it. However after 3 months, Resorts World contacted me and I was hired.

    Being deployed in Universal Studios, I went for training together with the rest of the successful candidates. I dare say there are many more locals compared to foreigners. And I dare say even if you go Resorts World now, you would find that there are still a lot of locals.

    To sidetrack, I too went for the Service Professional course as well, and other courses provided by E2i.

    I understand and too acknowledge the flood of foreigners in our job market. And believe me when I say I am frustrated with many of the jobs going to them, especially PMETs positions.

    However, we should not judge the entire basket of apples just because there are a few rotten ones in it.

    My two cents of view 🙂

    • SGT33 said

      Hey man, you have not being rejected before, You must be in your 25 to 35 age group. You will come to this situation soon. So don’t talk big.

    • 50+ Oldman said

      In the first place, why are there foreigner? Are they better than us Singaporeans or are they CHEAPER? the rich getting richer?

      • sink or swim said

        I am afraid I will reply, they are cheaper and they will tahan long hours and arduous task. That is why I go for further study, training, and career progress before they will catch up on me.

    • Compatriot said

      You sir/madam are indeed a naive person with a lacking developed power of analysis

      You got that job later after 3 mths probably you dont realise that you are taking and replacing another person from his/her job who were found to be incompetent or otherwise and got the sacked

      You failed to understand the full implications of the whole matter,as I have said you are indeed a naive person

      So stopped bull-shitting and yelping like a pariah

  17. Old Singaporean said

    We all must vote PAP out to teach them a lesson so that they can wake up!

    There is no country in the world like Singapore that the government did not protect his own local people!

    I used to support PAP but many years ago after being replaced by foreigner, I gave up on them!

  18. disappointment said

    I am a local working in RWS. There are more foreigners than SIngaporeans.

    Sadly, I strongly believe the reason why most Singaporeans are here working is that they have a quota of Singaporean- Foreigners to meet.

    We are also paid very little; probably because I dont have high qualifications, but my colleagues are getting more than I am; some even told me they go home and convert to RMB or Ringgit also earn more than what they can earn in their own countries.

    I don’t count in CPF that is contributed to my account because I dont think I would live past the age to get to use it; I probably get paid 1.3k a month only if I never OT.

    How to get married, buy house, or car with that salary? I’m old liao, too stupid too, cant get further studies, my colleagues all get this amount and convert also can buy house and good car in their own country!!

    So hard being a Singaporean, so many disadvantages.

  19. PAP Needs A Lehman Moment said

    The PAP needs a Lehman moment when it is staring into an abyss before it will change its pro-foreigner policies.

    The ouster of George Yeo from Aljunied GRC is only a Bear Stern moment, not calamitous enough to wake up the PAP to initiate reforms.

    We need a more awakened electorate at the 2016 National Election, which is highly likely as more frustrated younger voters come into the picture while the older-generation voters pass on to the nether world. . . . .

  20. Rubbish said

    Bullshit, resorts world is flooded with foreigner, I saw with my own eyes, most of them are foreigner and PR.
    PR = Local

  21. +60 said

    I really don’t understand, why still so many Singaporean earning below 1k.
    Worst still, they are working in the civil service, now want to increase their pay by 50 dollar. WTF, why are there still many Singaporean out of job, expensive, company have to cover CPF, compulsary benefit proposed by the gahmen.
    Kick out some more GRC, one GRC is Pasir Ris.

  22. PAP classify foreign-citizen PRs a locals. We know why . . . . . . said

    PAP Classify PR Foreigners As Locals

  23. Eric Lee said

    To clarify, in Macau, it’s mandatory by law for Casinos to hire local Macanese for croupier job.
    All other jobs can be filled by other nationalities.

    I wonder why PAP never implement this since they went to Macau to study how casinos work over there.

  24. Sure or not? said

    After 3 years has passed,only now then you are posting a comment about this?

  25. singaporesucks said

    I worked in RWS previously. And i tell you there are shitloads of FT in RWS. And the company is always flavoring them and ignoring the singaporeans. RWS is always giving promotion opportunities to FT while keeping singaporeans working at the lowest level to fill the low positions. The pinoys and prc and malaysians are earning huge sing dollars and waiting to go back to their country when they retired while singaporeans are left with pathetic savings due to high living cost in singapore. Thanks Singapore. Now i wouldnt care a damm about National Day or any country pride. The FT should be the one celebrating national day because without pap and carrothead singaporeans, they would not be here earning big bucks.

    If singapore expects me to hold the rifle to defend singapore when the time comes, she is DREAMING. Where are the FT? Oops, they are already back at home counting $$$.

  26. Ken Lee said

    they can’t rely on you to vote them so need more new vote for 2016. but problem is they increase even more local people not to vote for them!

  27. kay said

    yes. i’ve had a similar experience. i went to the citibank walk in interview, and guess who was the interviewer? a pinoy of course. they had openings for entry level positions in the contact centre. i spotted only a few singaporeans. the others are all pinoys who came here on social visit passes.

    the idiotic interviewer still had the cheek to ask if i am a local. what a bitch.

  28. Alvin said

    I feel your pain. and probably its because of the foreign levy it is cheaper to hire foreigners because they do not have to contribute to their CPF check out the levy payment

    the minimum for a S pass holder is 2000sgd –

    15% – 160

    15% – 25% – 250

    if you pay 2000 for both a Singaporen and FT 2000sg

    base on the cpf contribution –

    SG – company contribution CPF – 16%

    So total the company pays the average Singapore – 2320 SGD

    Still way cheaper then hiring a singaporen……..

    ON side track from what i hear from friends some companies even negotiate with pass holders to paying less and declaring that they pay the full payment…. we are on a lose lose situation..

  29. Val said

    I applied for a position as well with RWS few months ago. Was called up for the interview, but was “fly aeroplane” as the HR Manager is busy. The whole process dragged for a gd 2 wks with interview arranged and cancelled… Back and forth. I was like askin the local hr exec lady if the position has been filled, she replied no. However, the very next day, i actually saw the job ad in one of the local job portals!!!
    Not quite sure what went wrong… But then again, who knowz maybe its due to my nationality- true blue Singaporean!!! Just wanna share that the person I was supposed to meet was a Senior HR Manager- a lady pinoy!!
    Sigh. ..

  30. ellery chua said

    I find it strange that our author with all his experience and training and education, does not understand interpersonal relationship interaction. If you are going to an interview for a managerial/executive post you need to come across as a potential for that post i.e. dress the part, act the part, talk the lingo and bloody well be polite and not try to project I know your job better than you. For a lower post, for get the tie, forget the super smart, do light smart or smart casual and since this is a service job act friendly, be friendly act like a person and not a frigging exec. After reading his post I did not wonder why he did not get the job. The interviewers will be very wary of such a over qualified and probably over ambitious applicant for a front end service job – to them it make no sense unless you are there to spy for a rival company or even try to grab their jobs from them.

    I am guessing does taxi uncle wear a tie to work as a cabbie ?

    • overqualified? arrogant racist prick said


      you are right. straight to the point. Anyways, I was informed and before they hire other nationality, they were looking for locals. to no avail, we shun the work due to long hours, low pay, low morale.

      Please look at the time rate for the part timer. $6 per hour then 22 hr week. Who would dare to work such low pay.

      With your qualification, you are not supposed to be there. That work is highly tiring and rock bottom pay. You do not belong there. The likes of your kind will only last 2 months or so.. longest will be 3mos in that kind of work.

      I speculate you are only brewing rage and targeting certain nationality that most (probably the rest of us Singaporean) will coherent with you, such that you will muster their/our hate and rally their/our minds towards the current admin. Blame them, blame here, blame them for the taxi driver, blame them for the fkc up trian, blame them for the delayed buses, blame them for everything.

      ai yo

    • G M said

      Yes, cab drivers do wear ties n bus drivers wear long sleeved shirts. It’s called being professional and respectful of the job. Something I doubt you’d understand.

  31. 50+ Oldman said

    Hello, we are singaporeans. The fucking filipino cannot generate jobs for their citizens is not our fucking problems. Why are they riding on our sucess? If the fucking filipino are so good and smart they dont have to come to Singapore and yet critiscise us Singaporean as INCOMPETENT. That statement includes you LKY and LSH…….and all Singaporeans.

    • lai lai said

      they are cheap ma. that’s why. They come here for work only. If end contract they go home and we are left empty handed.

  32. goodgirl said

    Foreigners should never be allowed in HR positions or as part of interviewing panel. In almost every case, the foreigner will make a serious attempt to discriminate against Singaporeans and recruit fellow countrymen. When I was asked to train a new foreigner, I was wary of company aiming to replace me with her. So, I deliberately withheld many key knowledge. It was worth the risk to me, as I felt the moment the boss felt the foreigner was good enough, the company would probably fire me anyway. So, I fight back in my own way. Say no to training foreigners to replace your own job. How different is it from asking you to dig your own grave before shooting u?

    • KS said

      Completely agree. I came from a major MNC with a Filipino boss and she had no qualm in saying that Singaporean workforce lacks quality because they have been having a good life and that Filipinos are smarter and better workers as they came from a tougher background. Since she is the hiring manager her intent was clear to hire Filipino and rejected all local applicants prefering to hire her own countyryman with a lesser background and experience.

  33. MT said

    Hi, first visit to…very mountain turtle. I think RWS is a lost course for SG. I went for an interview for a mid-mgmt level IT position in 2009. I was shortlisted and went on to meet the CIO & henchmen. I didn’t get the job. All the interviewers were Sprean & Malaysian, so should be no prejudice. Later I found out that several IT professionals I’m acquainted to went for interview for that same position. None of us got the job. Eventually the job went to a internally referred candidate. I have friends who worked there on project said they heard with their own ears that the department head call their friends to brush up their CV as they have received many good CV through head-hunter and website but they will reserve the position for the friend but they need to brush up their CV. This is nepotism. I decided long ago that RWS is a lost course. Then again, they are run by Malaysian conglomerate…China man style…what do you expect. Forget RWS, go try somewhere else.
    As for PAP, they run this country like a corporation. Hire then fire. When you are young and productive you are welcome. When you reach 40s and beyond, you should just go away to the neighbouring country to rot & die there. PAP will even return your medisave $$ to use there but just don’t stay in SG because PAP must subsidise your medical fee if you use the local healthcare ie. waste gehmen $$ to support unproductive citizens!!!

  34. Chimes Yeong said

    I applied for a job at the soon to be opened marine life park position for a managerial position., I went for a swim test in Apr (which RWS called me to go at last min, and which I have to pay the entrance fee to enter queenstown swimming pool) and also a interview at a CC the next week (actually it was more like a RWS mass recruitment session). After enduring the RWS briefing and waiting for my turn, the interviewer (actually a life guard) said that RWS senior managers were not available to interview me and he (lifeguard) will interview me (applying for a managerial position instead). To date I have receieved no reply from RWS on the status of my application.

    This is the sorry state of our affairs. Big firms may not be prioritizing Sporeans for their hires and they don’t care a hoot about the rank-and-file Sporeans who are actively seeking jobs.

  35. jobless local said

    I feel like being con into doing 2 years of NS for nothing.

  36. lai lai said

    oh my admin erased my reply. arghh..

  37. Geo said

    High time Parliament legislate employment for older workers with compulsory percentage in each company like the percentages given for foreign workers.
    Those young HR Mgr and young persons who has decision authority to hire better wake up and hire older people those in their 50s and 60s or they will never grow old and die young so they won’t need to work a old age!

    If the ruling party won’t do it, let the older workers vote in opposition to legislate it then, comes next election.

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