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Sexy university lecturer Melviana Fu prostituted herself after losing money at Resort World Sentosa casino

Posted by temasektimes on June 6, 2012

A sexy 30 year old university lecturer Melviana Johnson Fu (pic left, source: Flickr) was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment for multiple counts of theft.

Fu reportedly started stealing after she lost money at Resort World Sentosa Casino in 2010.

She offered to have sex with a 47 year old man in exchange for cash. However, when the man was bathing in the hotel room, she stole $6,300 in cash from his wallet as well as a credit card.

After her initial ‘success’, Fu repeated the same scam on two other 39 year old men, stealing their belongings after having sex with them.

It is not revealed how much she charged for her ‘services.

Fu was a lecturer in a Malaysian private university and also worked as a part-time model.


34 Responses to “Sexy university lecturer Melviana Fu prostituted herself after losing money at Resort World Sentosa casino”

  1. 龙的传人 said


    • Wicked Brain said


  2. ymc said

    actually i feel sorry that she became a gambling addict and ruined her life. the only winner here is the casino.

  3. Morally depraved women said

    From the SCDF sex scandal involving 3 female company directors and this one involving a university lecturer, this shows women are just as morally depraved as men. They should be subjected to caning and public humiliation as well, just as men do.

  4. unknown said

    Dear Government,
    This is the kind of mess and evil, you have created to those driven to desperate situation. How many sad stories are there happened to those citizens who fell temptation to gambling, especially when the casinos are at their doorsteps? Sad to see government place more importance on profit driven for the country, instead of overall welfare for happiness of the country.

  5. an island open to evil foreigners said

    Foreign talent come to Singapore for better pay/salary as Lecturer in private school, tried her luck at casino but lost and resort to “Prost-ti Tuition”. Went the wrong path deeper and stole from the men. What can I say as a Singapor Lang?
    Singapore Bagus!!? Singapore Number 1!!?

  6. lim said

    If only we have a few white angel whales who swoop into these 2 casinos & win a few hundred millions off them so that they close shop once and for all and stop harming people and break up families. The main stream media seem rather reticent about reporting stories of those harmed by these 2 casinos and why regular water corpses are found in a certain reservoir.

  7. Kate Monster said

    Dear Sir,

    I must politely object to the use of such subjective adjectives such as “sexy” that serve to attract superfluous attention.

    Not only is it of moot point, it is quite degrading to the subject involved and to women in general. Not exactly what you’d call ideal journalistic value.

  8. sadsingaporean said


  9. When she comes out of prison she can resume her business. She will take VISA & MASTERCARD . No cash please.

  10. Singapore Researcher said

    Malaysia university, not Singapore University. Huge gap.

  11. I read through all the news fr most of the sources and wish to ask all readers to think carefully before answering some of my question . I do hope reader after having read will consider all angle and not give an answer just by reading the sad news on Melviana johnson fu . Do not answer if u not satisfied with the way she did things because you may give our views base on the news you read from papers or give yr personal views if u know her and especially when u dont like her or u had experienced being cheated . This is very important because today it does not happen to yr family , yr beloved ones , or someone that u have blood relationship and u may never know tomorrow it may happen to our family or love ones in a different way . Now when it comes to our beloved ones or family the first question we always ask is what made her gamble in the first place ? Even an uneducated person example our kind mother may know its totally not right . What more she is a lecturer . In everything there is a cause if u study and the cause will start from a small spark of fire example a boy who likes to eat egg but family very poor to even buy one . He decided to steal just an egg . Upon reaching home the mom found out but beat the child very badly and return the egg . Fr there on he never never steal till he died at age 76. that was my brother . But my sister had two sons and they also steal small things as usual children they know its wrong too. But my sister did nothing and when he grew up he became a robber and died at age 28 when his condition ripen for him to steal bigger items such as gold shop etc . Now the second son is worse he steal peoples wife and have sex ,lately he was attacked by a group of people and i can see he will never change because of his habits has been for years . Again lately he force his mother to sell her house and force his wife to be a prostitute . Lets ask a simple Question is in the first place why did Melviana Johnson Fu gamble ? She may have started gambling at very early age or she has been cheating people from very young age or she come fr a family that cant control her during her young age . It all started from a small spark of fire but if we dont put off the small sparks when condition arises it will burn the whole house . Let us ask ourselves have ever make mistakes in life and then decided to stop and be a better person . Lets us ask ourselves are we a really responsible parents apart from giving our children money and provide the best things ours children wants . The way you all write in the blogs or comments . Are you responsible for yr action ? Some even are researchers in Singapore said it can happen only in Malaysia university not Singapore university . As you can see the “moral” of people has become very low and worse people are not living like humans as their are very egostic and worse than an animal . We should all wish her to change and never take life for granted . Thats is why there are many cases of suicide . Let be mindful of our action and changed to be more responsible toward ourselves and others .

    • Daniel said

      Just wanna say – Thank You, Karunacitta!

      • Welcome . Every obstacle , failure , set back , is a step nearer to the life success & from there on we change the habits , the way we think , the way see friends , society , we repent and look forward , we can improve our situation better than those who never fail because they never try so how can they understand what life is all about . She has paid herself a very high price and lets wish her to repent and change for better . Through the experience she see and experience another type of life in the prison . Many great people went into prison and changed themselves if they find their true self or thyself .

    • someone who know said

      hooker will always be a hooker….

      • I will try to answer yr reply but hope you can give me a chance to share as a hooker . At one time I was a Great hooker . To me a HOOKER is just a name to let people know what it is . Example red , black . It just a colour ok . Now when i say i am a HOOKER i mean i love hooking fish and like you say hooker is always hooker until i got addicted to hook everyday as i live near the seaside . Very deep habit for years . The HABIT is like drug . It deepens inside our mind and our mind gets hook . SO this time hooking near the beach anymore but hooking out the big “SEA” .I TELL YOU hooking in the beach is no fun but out the sea is no joke as its very dangerous and you never come home . Its very challenging if you ever try it . The first time i went was with a friend JEFFRY and on a small boat and you know what the boat rock until all of us vomited . My fishing line was the first to hook the biggest fish in my life and i was almost throw out of the sea when the fish pull away ,lucky i has a belt on my body I was very excited and it took us almost 25 minutes to get him out of the water . We had to change hands because its so big and strong estimate around 70kgs . HOOKERS really enjoy hooking big fish like Melviana Johnson Fu hooking for big fish too . When the fish was up they had cut open the stomach and i saw a long stretch of eggs which consists of millions of lifes in it .The fish was jumping up and down like a little boy being knock in an accident and going to die any moment . Suddenly i had a strange feeling that this is really cruel . If i had caught the fish a week or month later ,millions of baby fishes will be alife in the sea and how beautiful the underworld of the sea. I finally gave up to be a hooker and now more than 10 yrs discouraging people to be ‘ HOOKER’ or HOOKERS . We sometimes “wake up” in life .

    • sifu said

      agree! i know her well actually.. at first place she’s not like that kind of person..

  12. Bernard Deng said

    I’ve said umpteen times. Most of the death-row convicts in Changi Prison are gamblers. Gambling leads to untold miseries. Losers commit all sorts of crimes and their families are ruined. Gambling is like drug addiction. Very difficult to withdraw.

  13. Naim said

    She taught me Math at KLIUC during my diploma 3 years ago. She was very good in teaching, I believe she still is. She helps me a lot to understand the concept of mathematics – something i had failed to do so for years. I’m now a final year Engineering students – Thanks to her.

  14. keane said

    she’s a good lecturer for your information…a good math lecturer…dont just simply accused her out of nothing….she might have problems that you dont know….as her student…it is sad to hear this but i still love her as my lecturer…our class all love her the way she taught us to solve maths the easiest way while some lecturer before her only teach based on books and u guys never did wrong things…i pray that she find her right path rather that accused her even though she did bad thing…

  15. KLIUC said

    KLIUC cares! KLIUC DARES! haha

  16. Joan Yap said

    The press shud nt show out her face

  17. Joan Yap said

    Shud nt show out her face due to P&C issue! Sad story!

  18. Jolynn said

    Miss Mel was my engineering mathematics lecturer in KLIUC and she is still the best engineering mathematics lecturer I ever had. She made calculus look easy. She made complicated things become easy. She opened our minds to solve complicated mathematical questions with simple methods. And trust me, calculus is tough.

    What happened to her is sad and please don’t mock her face. She is actually attractive even without make-up. The picture made her look terrible. She made a terrible mistake, no doubt. But I believe she deserves a 2nd chance.

    It’s nice to see my classmates Naim and Keane voicing out for her too. Thanks guys. 🙂

    In fact gambling makes a person wiser and smarter . Why i say so , only if one have very strong principles and not too greedy will make some money in casino . Question is how and can one become addicted to gambling after you have won many time ? I discovered a reliable method how to make some money easily in roullette but i have stop after meeting a millionaire who shared his story to me . Most of us will not be able to stop gambling once they got addicted like Melviana Fu . You can win some money no doubt but be very wise . At one time i went for a seminar in kl and was too boring so i went into the casino and sat there . It was just a kind of ” intelligent idea ” came and strikes my mind after watching how they play roullette game in the casino . It will take a while to write the principles involved . Luck also plays an important part but many will lose if you want to play every stake . Although i have won 8 times out of 10 i still feel that gambling its not good and bad for our health too . I met a very rich man who is a ” Dato ” has lost his entire wealth to the casino . I sat down & he Showed me his passport and family photo with 4 wives . He told me the casino allow him to eat for free and stay till he die but gambling is on his own expenses . I was shock to see a guard from far , walk toward him & waive to him. The guard call him ( DATO ) time for lunch . He told me there are many more who are like him and because they have lost everything the casino feels obligated & pity them so they provide food & shelter in the casino for these wealthy who have lost everything . I learn from this man story and became wiser in my life . ‘ VALUE EACH MOMENT OF LIFE .USE OUR TIME TO DO SOMETHING MEANINGFUL BEFORE WE DIE ONE DAY . LEAVE A DEED AND NOT A DEBT TO OUR LOVE ONES AND WE WILL ALWAYS BE HAPPY AND NEVER REGRET” .

  20. Kenny said

    Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your website?
    My blog site is in the exact same area of interest as yours and my users would truly benefit from a lot of the information you provide here.
    Please let me know if this okay with you. Regards!

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