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Alex Ong defends pushing elderly woman off SMRT bus: I am the product of the decay of morals society has on individuals like myself.

Posted by temasektimes on June 7, 2012

Alex Ong, the young punk who sparked a massive outcry by pushing an elderly woman off a SMRT bus has defended his actions on his Facebook.

In a Facebook note posted two hours ago, Alex explained that he was ‘provoked’ by the elderly woman into doing so after he tried to advise her against hitting the bell at the last minute:

“I was quite agitated when she just shouted back at me like this. We got into an argument, and I told her to “get off this bus”. She simply shot back, “no, I won’t.”With emotions running high, I let loose a “I will slap you!” to her, to which she said “come!”. I reached breaking point and gave her a light push, which resulted in her falling off the steps.”

He added that anybody else in his shoes would have exploded as well:

“Now, I know I should never have done this, but if you were in my shoes, you of course could have exploded as well.”

The bus driver subsequently called for the police and ambulance who arrived and took statements from both parties.

Alex claimed he suffered from clinical depression and obsessive compulsive disorder which explained the ‘rage’ he felt.

“I do not represent a society of decaying morals. I’m a product of a society that has abused me, neglected me, and ultimately, misunderstood me. I do not represent the decay of morals, I am the product of the decay of morals society has on individuals like myself.”

Watch the shocking video below:


91 Responses to “Alex Ong defends pushing elderly woman off SMRT bus: I am the product of the decay of morals society has on individuals like myself.”

  1. P Koh said

    What type of rubbish statement is he saying that he is the product of a society that has abused and neglected him and ultimately, misunderstood him. Morality is self taught and society never taught him to behave that way and he has no right to even suggest that he was a product of moral decay, If society is morally wrong then Singapore is no longer a safe place to live in. His defence is totally out of balance as is his high-handed attitude. Shame on him to be so easily angered at such a tender
    age and I dared not imagine what he would do when he grows up. Only punishment will be able to bring him to his senselss immoral self.

    • Deagol said

      Its all just excuses. Blaming it on disorders and autism and what not is a really stupid excuse; criminals always try to use that sort of defense. Blame everything else but oneself. Pfft. Such a nonsensical notion.

      Judging fairly and equally, if everybody else, who has any kind of disability of sorts can actually act in line and place as per moral values, then he should not have any excuse not to at all.

      Simply put, there are plenty of other people who are autistic, disabled, mistreated, with difficult backgrounds, and facing the same ‘society morals’ as he is. And YET they do not act out like he did. If he gets away, its an insult to all the law abiding citizens here and everywhere.

      What a disgrace.

  2. Ace said

    what a load of rubbish. stop making excuses for your poor behavior! you should never lay your hands on women, children or the elderly.

  3. wanker10 said

    Can anyone give me his contact? I wanna knock him out!

  4. Lazy Pinoy said

    I do blame the govt. in many ways but to push an old lady? It’s basically not Kewl. If I am the one you push, I’ll make sure you get sodomise by rhe lazy pinoys.

  5. Dr XYZ said

    This bloody hell guy should be canned!

  6. 陳一峯 said


  7. Free Trolley said

    Superb English.

  8. Free Trolley said

    I do not have an impression that an autistic person can speak such superb English.

    • sweetbean said

      It could be Asperger’s Syndrome – that’s also on the autism spectrum. They can be very high functioning and yes some speak superb English.

  9. Terence said

    He blames the elderly woman, layed hands on her, he blames the society, and in times of trouble, called daddy for help. He is biggest coward i have seen. What a shame to the new generation. He has to be punished.

  10. Vitani said

    The guy’s depressed and has OCD. Give him a break.

    The comments above reflect the ignorance he’s talking about. He is talking about being in the heat of the moment and how YOU would react if you were REALLY THERE. These comments are nothing but a dismissal of his defense as well as a black and white view of morality.

    Nothing in this world is ever black and white when it comes to things like this. It always depends on the circumstances and the given situation as well as the person’s state of mind. The person has OCD and is clinically depressed (state of mind) and the old woman shouted at him (situation). I would understand why he shouted and pushed.

    That’s not to say I approve of the push, but I understand why. “Understand” and “approve” are two different things.

    Besides, Singaporeans to me are rude, and it’s time someone brought it up.

    • mei mei said

      I agree with you. singaporeans are rude. sometimes, i think the eldery are taking things for granted- priority seats etc.

      Also, we do not know what is the actual story. What all of us have seen from the video is just a portion of what happened at the scene. So it is not enough for us to get the facts correct.

      yes, alex is wrong in pushing the woman off the bus. But could have the lady said something to provoke him?

      • P Koh said

        Provocation is a lame excuse for someone to turn violent. He was the one who raised his voice and even raised his hand to threaten to slap that lady. Even when he was seated again, he was shouting at the old lady again. If he has
        all the conditions that he is suffering from then it is only right that he remains at home or let loose only with supervision before someone else become a victim of his violence.

    • ahkun said

      Would you be understanding if the old lday was your mum?

      • Quiksand said

        i give him a break… i’ll break the punks nose!
        i agree with Ahkun, wat if it was ur mum?

      • sfng said

        yes, if my mom was rude to him and provoked him, i would apologize to the fella and would request him to apologize for being rough to my mom. instead of being protective, we need to be fair and honest too.

    • Hui Fen said

      Things were being said too easily. It was lucky this time nothing serious had happened with the push. Elderly are fragile. What if something grave happens? Who’ll take responsibility? You, the “understanding audience”, Alex Ong, or the Govt? Think far, not facially..

      • P Koh said

        Simple solution is to send him for medical assessment and give him the benefit of the doubt if he is proven to be suffering from OCD but that doesn’t mean that he should be let off scotfree. He has to undergo treatment for a period of time for anger management otherwise he could still be a menace to society. If he is normal then the Police should take the appropriate action to prosecute him for using force on the old lady and some form of punishment be levied to prevent him from repeating this hideous act.

    • Heather J. said

      Heat of the moment? HE is the one who started it! HE took it upon himself to scold the old lady for pushing the bell late. Who in the world died and made him bus monitor? If some young punk started yelling at me for something so minor, I’d be offended, too, just as the auntie was. Seriously, talk about over-reacting to something so small. He has no business being out and about walking the streets after this. He should be behind bars or locked away in a mental institution. He is a walking time-bomb waiting to go off……again…..and God help the next person he attacks! But, by your logic he will have an excuse because we were all so ignorant and mean to him about attacking an elderly lady, But I guess that would give him an “excuse” to kill someone next time and not be held accountable for it.

  11. LKY said

    Spastic – let him be pushed down the steps when he retires

  12. Pinky said

    We are not at the scene so we are not one to judge who’s right and who’s wrong…thou it was not morally correct for the guy to push her down the bus, sometimes old pple doesn’t mean that they are definitely right too…ask urself, if the lady had started hurling abuse and curse ur parents or something along the line, would u be able to take it?

    • LXJ said

      You are right that we are not at the scene, but even if the elderly lady was wrong, it still does not justify the fact that he pushed her down the stairs. Regardless of the strength he used on her, he should never have even touched her.

      If the lady had started hurling abuse? clearly from the footage she had not hurled any sort of abuse, not even cursed him, neither was there any sort of violence. So what is there that he can’t take? the fact that he was in a public bus, and that nobody but him can press the stop button to stop? And that provoked him? She may be slow in pressing the button (she’s not young, she may have forgotten that she had to stop, or that she has a slow reaction), but that does not justify him shouting at her or even pushing her down.

      Look, the lady was not hurling abuse or cursing his parents, she did nothing but only wanted to leave the bus at the stop. Had the lady curse my parents or have done anything rude, it gives no justification for me or anyone for that matter to push her down the bus. I won’t be able to accept that a person is being rude to my parents, but I will NEVER push an elderly person off a bus or even touch them with any intention of being violent.

      So before you justify his action, think about what he did to the elderly lady. Ask yourself what if that elderly lady was YOUR mother.

  13. Rollseyes said

    That lao bye is not all that innocent either la. Some of these lao cb behave like the world owes them a living because they are old. Look at old fuck himself, don’t you feel like giving him a slap too?

  14. Lol said

    Lol. Now I am embarrassed by myself to comment behind an anonymous veil. But seriously mr Ong. I don’t feel any sense or degree of remorse or sincerity in your apology.
    How is society even to blame for your rash act.
    To how u react and response to changes of societial moral standards and expectations, is your own liberty and choice. I feel u should concede your mental incapability to anger manage in your apology and keep society out of it. Seek help promptly and I wish you all the best.

  15. Singaporean said

    to be fair i have to say sometimes the old aunties of singapore deserve punishment

    • LKY's golden period said

      the PAP policies are punishing many old folks, you can see them working for pittance in food courts or as cleaners in public toilets.
      these old folks are the product of LKY’s so called ‘golden period’.

  16. Morally depraved scholars said

    he is a product of the Singapore education system. A competitive system which has its entire emphasis on performance in exams and grades. In fact, moral values and civility are either never taught or simply given perfunctory attention.
    Look at the three corporate women who prostituted themselves for career advancement in the SCDF scandal. All of them were high-flyers in school and some even graduated with 1st-class honours. But does that mean anything in terms of widsom or integrity? No.
    If there is a common trait among these women, they are all ambitious and desperate people. Only ambitious students will do well in school with straight As. Our education rewards students who are hardworking and ambitious. These ambitious people will go on in life to achieve what they want, even if it means using unscrupulous means.
    Unfortunately, the government is infested with such scholars. And this is the root cause of the problems that we are facing today.

  17. John Bell said

    fucking bronies

    • Alex said

      This isn’t representative of bronies as a whole, you idiot. Bronies are caring people who embrace love and tolerance. Some of them are rotten apples though. Besides, I’ve seen some bronies even worse than this.

  18. pearlsea4 said

    What a bunch of BS??!! You are a 100% spoilt brat. You think you are entitled to everything, the world runs on your time and revolves around you. If I ever see you lay hands, lift a finger, raise your voice on any elderly person, I promised you I will kick you under the bus and make it look like an accident. You belong to the lowest of all living beings in our world. If anything bad were to happen to any elderly person that you ever touched, I will make sure that I sweep you under the jail floor, not in the jail. You are a scumbag, you’d better pray hard that you don’t grow old or even be in a vulnerable state, or I will find you and make sure that you live a miserable old age. Go lock yourself at home and do not even think getting out as you are totally not accepted by society. This is the path that you have chosen, live with it.

  19. iSpeakSense said

    Nice try with the clinical depression and OCD appeal buddy. That doesn’t make someone want to push anyone off the bus though. Next time, go for the insanity angle.

  20. Johnny said

    I wont judge Alex for what he did. In fact, I’m glad he did it because it was so very entertaining. LOVE IT !!!

    He seems like the artistic sort, wearing a scarf on a hot sunny day. hahahahhaha

  21. dzxyzptlk said

    a lot of people defending him are usually arguing about how we don’t know the ‘ full story’ behind it

    well kudos to those that are’nt gullible enough to believe someone is sick just cos he says so,without proper documents from any doctor

    i found this on the internet and this might just explain the way he acted
    i saw this and would like to share with everyone…
    could this be the real reason behind his behaviour?

  22. jack hawksmoor said

    personally,i dont think he’s all that he claims to be, especially without any official document from a doctor.

    could this be the real reason behind his behaviour?

    i saw this and would like to share with everyone…
    could this be the real reason behind his behaviour?

  23. jack hawksmoor said

    worst part is..a MP offered him a job just because he claims to have autism. does he even have proof to back him up?
    how gullible is that mp?

    cos doing what he did gets more notice than actually helping the elderly

    • P Koh said

      MP wants to be a nice guy to a bad guy. MP – Mental Paralysis.

    • singaporean said

      Wasting precious resources helping one that doesn’t help himself. Wouldn’t this encourage him to do more evil things?

      • P Koh said

        One good suggestion is to get the MP to employ him and ask him to work in an old folks home to take care and serve these people in their twillight years. Only fear is that he may cause more harm than good and the old folks home may turn into a hospital instead. This is the decision the MP has to make since he has so much compassion for a misfit in
        our society.

  24. Ben said

    He really need to go IMH to have a check up , normal ppl won’t do this to an old lady .

  25. Eleneimich said

    What a bullshit comment. He’s just trying to justify himself in a situation where there is NOTHING to justify. The consequences of your actions is yours alone to bear and blame.

  26. Regime Change said

    Victimhood is never an excuse for bad behaviour. This man is a jerk.

    When I was a child I lived in an attap house, had no electricity, flush toilet or toys. I don’t go around stealing from Toys R Us.

  27. I find it difficult not to want to slap him back and forth after seeing the video. He is a sorry excuse for people with some disorders. My best friend has severe OCD, but he doesn’t push or lashing rage. Shame on you Alex Ong!

  28. Leo said

    Whether the old lady is right or wrong, it is wrong of him to push an old lady. It is just a lame excuse blaming the society & government. He should think of the consequences. If the old lady could not survive the fall, is he going to feel better?

  29. Michelle said

    To Alex,

    Having travelled to the so called “superior” west, I’ve learned to love Singapore. OCD or not, is only your cowardly excuse for darnedest action. And please do not speak as if other will do the same, because I don’t suffer from your sort of mental distortion. If you hate your life, change it. You live in a land of opportunity, I’ve never seen more un-employed and debt as I have in the west.

    In my opinion, you won’t survive anywhere until you straigtened out your mind.

  30. *Firstly, if you, Alex Ong, are easily agitated by elderly pressing the bell at the last minute, please take a cab. not being considerate towards their slow judgement & action (due to ageing) does not ive you ANY RIGHTS to push the old lady. Never under any circumstances should you raise your hand, especially at women.
    *Secondly, I am surprised you still have the cheek to sit down on the bus after the incident and plugging in your earphones, as if nothing happened.
    *Thirdly, where is your doctor who can prove you are indeed suffering from a string of your self-proclaimed illnesses? If you are simmering inside for so long that the old lady can provoke you, it is either you are not taking your meds or your doctor did not prescribe a stronger dosage. Being unhappy with the society and having a traumatic childhood do not entitle you to flare up on a public bus and commit such a heinous act. You are not the bus driver and if the driver can stop at the last-minute, who are you to ‘kao peh’? If I am present, you will be down the bus in no time. I know God will punish you in the ways He deems fit. You can deceive everybody, even yourself, but you can never deceive God.
    @ Free Trolley : you will be surprised how much autistic people have evolved nowadays. They are very clever people, albeit in their own worlds. However, if Alex Ong is really autistic like he claimed to be, he will be in his own world even after the incident and not apologising at all. You get what I mean right? 😉

    • Kate Monster, MD said

      “you will be surprised how much autistic people have evolved nowadays. They are very clever people, albeit in their own worlds. However, if Alex Ong is really autistic like he claimed to be, he will be in his own world even after the incident and not apologising at all.”

      Not always. Some of them do have a sense of social justice.

  31. damn, my third sentence missed a ‘g’! it should be ‘give’. paiseh! 😛

  32. Steve Lee said

    I am so very proud of the man who jumped up in defence of the old lady and the young woman who backed him up. Alex Ong was so much taller but they put him in his place. Well done people.

  33. Maria said

    My heartfelt thanks goes to the few who stood up and went to help the elderly woman, esp to the girl who had the guts to speak to Alex. What a shame to all others who sat there stone dead.

  34. Anthony Ho said

    Today he apologised for his action but i think he deserve to be locked up for his few days becoz his action would have seriously injured the old woman.

  35. Singaporean said

    Finding excuse to cover his act of doing!!! What a coward!! Bring shame to us as a Singaporean and also to your family!!!

    Be a man and admit your mistake!! what light push!!! helo, she’s an old lady, ok???

  36. spotlessleopard said

    The PAP led Government … a democratically elected Government does not lay their hands on the elderly…in fact they are completely Hands Off…to a point the Elderly as old as in 80s. has to work in Food Courts, as Toilet Cleaners, Collect Aluminium Cans and Cardboard…….

    I consider what the PAP is not doing for the Elderly in singapore as bad if not worse than what the terrible young man did to that elderly woman.

  37. Puzzled said

    What a pathetic guy! Putting the blame on everybody except himself! He really believe the whole world owes him a living! And he actually had the cheek to set up a blog and was trying very hard to create a regular following for the blog by providing bit-size information per entry! Shame on him to capitalise on his poor conduct!

  38. Alvin said

    Huh everything about him..this kind of person thinks the works revolves around him… Never learn patience and letting it go? Sometimes old people can be pushy and stubborn but that dose not mean we hit or push them… Lucky she did not suffer any serious injuries… Or he have hell to pay

  39. Ah SenG said

    just send Alex Ong to Fukushima la, he deserves to be there.

  40. Play Play said

    I think I can empathize with Alex. Although I do not condone his unbecoming behavior towards an elderly woman, he is actually pretty traumatized to be in such a state. He is clearly not in control of his temper and has acted in a state of delirium. This happens when one is depressed and so is easily agitated at the slightest provocation. He should just cool down and reflect on his behavior with desire to change for the better. The rest of us just give him a chance, treat it as a commotion on an otherwise boring bus ride. There are more pressing issues like fighting with foreigners for jobs everyday, worrying that we might be retrenched, or our careers cut short while we are still in our middle age with housing loans still not paid up……

    • P Koh said

      A person who has done hideous things can blame it on society and not accepting full responsibility for his unwarranted outburst, if so easily forgiven will live to repeat this actiion as he will become more brazen by the experience. He needs
      professional treatment more than anything else.

  41. david see said

    A pussy who only know how to bully the elderly and shameful enough to curse the old lady that will die faster than him. What an antique!

  42. spore said

    This is akin to the old court case in the states when a rapist defended his action by accusing the victim dressing ‘provocatively’, to which the judge responded that it was not how the victim was dressed in question. It was his criminal act of raping the victim that was the issue. No matter how a person dresses, the act of rape itself is criminal.
    Similarly, no matter how the old lady behaved, Mr. Ong’s act of wilfully pushing the old lady off the bus with a clear knowledge of harming her is outright wrong and potentially criminal. It is as straight forward as that, all possible explanations for that action are only peripheral which should be considered But they cannot reduce or absorb the responsibilities and consequences that Mr. Ong must face. What Mr. Ong has demonstrated is precisely that, trying to minimise the severity of his action and taking full responsibility of his disgusting and degrading action.

  43. This young bully has yet to see the world for what it is, but he thinks he is the whole world to push his weight around pushing an old lady off the bus. If he had taken on someone his size, perhaps he cld be justified somewhat in what he did, altho still not to be condoned, as he wld likely receive what he gave and perhaps the lesson of his life as a despicable bully.
    Anyway, the heat’s on him and he has to account for his dastardly action in court and to face the penalty. Good for him, certainly.

  44. tommyong said

    who’s the black-dress girl who went to help? ^^,

  45. Kate Monster, MD said

    Confucius say, “Man who spend all day playing Diablo III, only know how to smack-smack Grandma.”

  46. WD said

    Old people look at young people as scum. That’s why some join in and tekan NSFs and students. They only care about their previous SON. Some don’t even respect their daughters.

  47. WD said

    Old people look at young people as scum. That’s why some join in and tekan NSFs and students. They only care about their PRECIOUS SON. Some don’t even respect their daughters.

  48. ram said

    regardless of what happened, one should never push an elderly off a bus, period. So stop defending that idiot.

  49. jobless local said

    dont judge others so harshly anyone who is jobless for many months but see FT come to Sg without doing 2 years of NS like all locals COMPULSARILY MUST DO have the right to go MAD.

  50. Cane said

    10 strokes of cane cure all depression and whatever decay you have. The strokes may come 20 years late though.

  51. YNWA said

    For all those who try to defend the indefensible…PLEASE! This “smart” Alex is simply a spoilt young brat, PERIOD! For such a minor incident over a bus “bell” incident, to shout/push an old lady & to curse her to an early death, this brat needs serious anger management. What upbringing is that?! No excuse, his action could have caused consequences unimaginable. And for those who link this episode with politics, government, foreigners…it just shows how pathetic you are. Politics has absolutely nothing to do with this incident, thank you.

  52. koteh said

    cow peh all you want, our frens in blue will let him off with a warning, say “but she not injured what” , and you’ll see the farker on the bus again

    • P Koh said

      I would not only be surprised if he is let off the hook but would be petrified if no action is taken for such behaviour especially the use of force. But lucky for him, the old lady was not injured. Unless it is proven that he was suffereing from OCD but even then it is not a valid excuse and he should have been sent for treatment instead of being let loose into the streets and become a risk to the public at large. He is not above the law and law and order must be the first principle for life to evolve peacefuly in our City State that we call Home.

  53. ng88 said

    Anyone who want to confront anybody should risk retiated with nonsensical remark. He must be prepared to face the unfavouable result and the law if he cannot take the insult. In older day with gangster fested Singapore, this young man might get himself kill by passenger right on the spot.

  54. Jgoh said

    for the sake of ur parents who born, pls spare them the sufferings, GO N DIE’

  55. Just said

    Singaporeans are stupid. What if the old woman says, “I voted for PAP, so what ?”

    The sentiment will be different entirely. Older people tend to vote for PAP. Can you stomach this ?

  56. kaypoh said

    By same logic, can say Ma Chi was provoked by the traffic light changing at the last minute?

  57. Living legend said

    He is very lucky that no one like me , was on the bus at that moment. Mental or not u can’t do that to someone that age. No matter how irritating or or unreasonable she could be. Just wondering what his parents will be going to face when their time comes??????

  58. Kevin said

    that our Singaporeans these days are behaving in this way ! Moral degradation !!! teenage prostitutes , ‘Sick leaders ‘, corrupted individuals , irresponsible , selfish individuals … Singapore is on the path to doom if all Singaporeans continue in this way ! Sad !!!! Our “big family ” is fighting n picking fights amongst ourselves …. This is a sign of a breakup 😦

  59. Jen said

    He shd be canned, jail and write 3000x ” i will control my temper, I will respect eldery, I will not threaten to slap anyone, I will not shout in public, i will apology when i am wrong and i will not give lame excuses when i am wrong”

  60. Vin said

    Oh c”mon, action speaks louder than words. The fact is he did push the elderly down the bus…and he can’t get away from the law by saying I got this and that. Rubbish sissy!

  61. Meena said

    As it is behaviour of the guy is unforgiveable, but I don’t see anyone going to the rescue of the old lady except a couple of them. How could the rest stay so unbothered. ??? Really pathetic…

  62. Clara said

    Disgusting to the max. He blamed the Ferrari? Huh? What has the Ferrari got to do with this? Might as well blame the ground hard also? Lame and brainless. Now, he really can’t find a job already. If he comes to my company, I will ask him to f off.

  63. Dr Quack. said

    Alex Ong is just another punk who wants his name to be known by other people and doesn’t care if he is famous in a good way or in a bad way. I think that all he is doing is finding excuses for his wrongdoing so that he wouldn’t face any legal action. What he is doing is cowardice and it is disgusting. If you do something wrongly, you should face the music and except the consequences. To me, he is an attention seeking, insecure, unreasonable brat. He is the perfect representation of what youngsters these days have become, rash and cocky, thinking that everyone is not as good as him, that he is always the right one. Anyone that defies him is definitely wrong. I am utterly disappointed in what today’s younger generation is evolving into, what today’s society has become. Respect for elders is also missing and so is basic courtesy of politeness. He is an arrogant person who cannot face up to his mistakes and he should be severely punished for his wrongdoings. The education system is not shaping students to become people with morals who are useful to society, but are shaping students to become intellects with low EQ.

  64. observer said

    Send this fella to war. Life has been too easy on him. That’s why he complains about petty things.

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