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PHOTO: Horrific accident involving SMRT cab at traffic junction

Posted by temasektimes on June 7, 2012

A horrific accident occurred at a junction last night involving a Hyundai Avante and a SMRT cab. It is not known if anybody was injured or killed:

[Source: Hardwarezone forum]


19 Responses to “PHOTO: Horrific accident involving SMRT cab at traffic junction”

  1. spotlessleopard said

    From the picture…..Looks like the TAXI hit the other car…

  2. P Koh said

    This happened at night and obviously there are many reasons for it to happen. Beating the red lights, turning without looking carefully, tired after many hours of driving and losing concentration, speeding or even drunken driving. Is there a camera on
    that SMRT taxi that can throw some light otherwise all else are speculations and nothing more.

  3. Ken Lee said

    we got the best train driver in the world! world class transport!

  4. hachoiji said

    Besides the forthcoming durian season, it seemed to be also road accident season up and coming…

  5. fuck pap said

    Only 1 thing to say : “FUCK PAP!”

  6. Muhammad Zaki said

    I believe it is at Jurong East Ave 1. I was driving pass by the junction and saw it. But didnt manage to look at it proper as I dun want to be involved in an accident myself!! Anyway, it was about 11.45pm when i drove by.

  7. Very Angry Singaporean said

    Sure seem to have lots of accidents lately

  8. Why said

    LTA should install CCTV at ALL traffic lights and junctions. Who is in charge of the road? LTA or we, the people? They should be the 1st one to know how did the accident happened, they shouldn’t just wait for other road users to provide them with video images of accidents. CCTV plays a very important role when there isn’t any witness around. Who the hell will walk or drive on the road keep looking out or stand by to see any accident happens LIVE in front of oneself?

    • all are money face said

      All are money face

      you are right! LTA and Police are pushing away responsibilities, they just want to earn money, and for this type of work, is wasting money to them.

  9. julien said

    Jurong Town Hall Road?

  10. SICKnPOORian said

    I had had a few close encounter with these SMRT Limo cab. Just because they are called LImo cab they thought they can do anything they want.

  11. eur said

    LOL another hyundai car….

  12. leo said

    give the elderly their CPF back n they dunn have to come driving….

  13. Anthony Tang said

    Taxi mostly wrong most of the time. I drive and I know. They are the cause of most accidents.

  14. LB said

    The SMRT cab is not at fault. . . the “other” car beat the red light. . . . . .I can see the light is still red in the picture. . . .;-))

  15. Yayrhah said

    taxi driver got die boh?

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