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Pinoy FTs insult Singaporeans on Facebook and call a Malay netizen ‘f**king bastard’

Posted by temasektimes on June 7, 2012

In a sign that anti-foreigner sentiments are on a rise in Singapore, a fierce exchange erupted in social media between a group of native Singaporeans and Pinoy ‘FTs’ on a Facebook page set up to ask pinoy PMETs to ‘f**k off’ from Singapore.

One pinoy Marie Hilario asked Singaporeans to ‘f**k off’ as they cannot do without them:

“Without Filipinos in Singapore, you are NOTHING!”

Another pinoy Mickey Bebe boasted that Filipinos made up about 25 percent of almost all the companies in Singapore:

“if you hate us…then ask your government not to hired filipinos here… and im sure u can’t do without us… coz almost of the company half or 1/4 of their employee was PINOY’s…”

Another pinoy Marcelo Franciso jeered at unemployed Singaporeans:

“Even we are a cheap type of labourer at least we got a job!!!hahahaha.”

One Margauz Janz Castro Gutierez even hurled vulgarities at a Malay Singaporean:

“watch out isz julz..almost malay like u is a fucking bastard..”

In other countries, foreigners are expected to integrate into local society, but it seems to be the other way round in Singapore with PAP leaders exhorting Singaporeans constantly to make the newcomers feel accepted, welcomed and happy in Singapore.

Judging from the responses of our precious pinoy ‘FTs’ above, Singaporeans must seriously reflect on their own behavior and heed Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s call to ’embrace’ them with an open heart.

*Disclaimer: We are not related to affiliated to the above Facebook page in anyway.


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143 Responses to “Pinoy FTs insult Singaporeans on Facebook and call a Malay netizen ‘f**king bastard’”

  1. Ron said

    Time for the embassy or the govt. to urge their citizens to cool down and be respectful of the country. They are guests workers.

    Also, do not play with fire. The word “amok” comes from the Malay language. It does not take much for insults to lead to street violence.

    • Sgismycountry said

      Pinoys are a joke. They are showing their true colours – ingrates and political trouble makers. Look at their nuns and priests in Lala land can march and protest in the streets. Too much delusion in their people’s minds. Their battleships more like Lego toys and dare to patrol in oceans. One torpedo from a Chinese ship, game over. Empty vessels are the Pinoys. Their English is real bad. Hot air people wannabe Developing Nation. Go suck baluts!

      • American said

        You have the gall to make a page telling Filipinos to fuck off.. You disrespect them as humans and you refer to them as guests in your country but treat them like trash.. And then to top it off, you say they are bad for being upset with this page??.. You threw the first punch SG.. Wouldn’t you fight back if it was you??

        You start a fight, then when you get one, you cry online about how horrible everyone else is for fighting back.. It’s people like you (Mind you, not all Singaporeans), the ones that support this crap are the real joke.. So what if they come there to do jobs that you consider too far below your high and mighty selves.. Just let them do the jobs you refuse to do, let them have some peace.. They are away from their families trying to better themselves.. That sacrifice should be commended not crushed..

      • Shree said

        Pinoys tend to be very subservient towards whites. If you do some research on Pinoy history, you’ll find out that their ”revolutionary government’’ meekly let the Americans annex their country in the wake of the Spanish-American war.

  2. Wmulew said

    Look at the freaking nick of the idiot who went in there and commented about the pinoys. No reward for guessing who started the fight

  3. Boycotted Japanese Restaurant Employing Pinoys said

    I’m glad I’ve done my patriotic part.

    I used to patronize a Japanese restaurant for years drinking sake and eating sashimi there twice weekly, until one month ago . . . so many Pinoy waitresses there . . . I like the food, but I decided to boycott the restaurant in protest against them employing so many Pinoys who cannibalize jobs that could have gone to my fellow Singaporeans in need . . .

    If the Japanese restaurant want me back dining there, they must do national service, show me a bigger percentage of Singaporean waiters/waitresses employed there . . . .

    • mahbok tan said

      So am I , i hv boycott eating at vivocity long john silver due to the philipine manager fail to do his job n are arrogant enuf to piss me off.

      • Gauchos29 said

        Have you been to the Samsung Service Centre at Plaza Singapura Basement2?….Just look at MOST of the workers there. It’s like stepping in onto a Manila mall. I’m not kidding you.

      • i say what i think only... said

        i went junction 10 ” Korea BBQ Chicken” and it is pinoy from head to toe, front to back. firstly i wonder where they get their quota. secondly, the food is really shit, no taste at all, 0 salt or spice in pasta. I took 1 mouth and ask to reject other orders that are not served yet. I say i will pay for the shit pasta i taken and they accepted it gratefully. i am not pissed about the $10 but rather, the 0 attempt of salvaging an unhappy customer. boycott shops filled with pinoy. especially pinoy. i walk into PRC restaurant i expect to be served by PRC but not pinoy chicken or pinoy long john silver fries. nothing personal or racist but if any employer keep thinking just because these pinoy got some weird english accent that will make your restaurant feel professional, please think again.

    • Smeagol said


      There are others who feel the same too.

      We’re alright if sushi parlors employ local students on their break as part time waiters/waitresses. Local staff are still familiar faces in the end.

      Bt somehow, nowadays, it just doesnt feel ‘right’ anymore. Uncomfortable really. Just saying. We have a right to preference of treatment and ambience, especially if we’re paying for it.

      • Angry Bird said

        that’s right, no need to curse and swear, just boycott them, it is the best weapon to deal with establishments that employ so many FT rather than locals becoz they are cheap hire!

    • Clarence Lee said

      Well done, my fellow citizen! They are a big problem now, more like a scourge. The infiltrate into other nations and proceed to call it their home, they have no qualms to just walk right in and reap the benefits. If we talk about the Americans doing the same, at least they were really better, in the sense that they had guns, than the natives Americans. They fought and won the land, such is the nature of conquering lands. However, pinoys come into Singapore without much merit, with a lower pay grade (though that might change as recently, I have seen Pinoys drawing salaries in excess of 2k) and they just form a little hub here and stick their flag and Pinoy pride here.

      I have known a few Philippinos through the years and they are some of the most talented, jovial and hardworking people I’ve known. However, the quality of Pinoys coming into Singapore in recent years are a stark contrast to that image. The newly introduced Pinoys are incompetent. I mean, just call up Singtel, Starhub or a local bank, or better still look at the Pinoy staff around the office. Some of them cannot even string a proper sentence together, much less solve my IT problems.

      I’ve tried to test one Pinoy before by switching my computer screen orientation to be upside down and I asked the company IT staff (a pinoy) to check. I was shocked at his level of dullness, it took him 3 hours of acting like he’s trying to find the problem, when all he really did was call his other pinoy colleagues and then proceed to shake leg in my office. He shook his leg for 3 hours in my office pretending to solve an issue which takes 3 seconds to solve if he had the knowledge, which he obviously didn’t. In many of the companies I work in, pinoy IT staff are the worst because they really don’t know their stuff and yet act like they do, add to the fact that they are also arrogant and prideful, and the fact that they are getting costlier.

      I seriously think they bring more harm to the social setup in Singapore than to help. The Chinaman has a chance to integrate if they are willing to accept the culture here and talk more like the average Singaporean. The India Indian can integrate as long as they stop looking upon themselves as a superior breed than our Singaporean Indian brothers and sisters. The bangalas are essential in helping with our nation building and in the 20 over years, we have not received as much troubles as the rest. Though more could be done like increase their wages slightly to enable them to return home. The Pinoys are more like social outcasts. They are immediately recognizable by their facial features and their language or the volume of their language. They have an immense amount of pride stemming from insecurities as an economic refugees. The worst traits they have is an overabundance of confidence, resulting in arrogance by thinking that they are better than anyone because of their European “heritage”. Having Spanish sounding names does not automatically mean you have European blood, you just simply have a Spanish sounding name.

      In all sense, we need to educate these pinoys on their standings on the social scale in Singapore. Let them know that they are not are good as they like to think they are. The 2nd is to stem the flow on them, stop them from bringing their old, sick and weak into our nation. 3rd is to make their youngsters serve NS. Finally the most important step is to keep them away from the HR recruitment occupation.

      • Mel said

        well commented..they’re really not as good as they think they.

      • sfng said

        “They have an immense amount of pride stemming from insecurities as an economic refugees.”

        I like this sentence 🙂 Calling us insecure.. oh boy, not as deeply hidden as theirs!

      • Heron said

        Oi clarence. That one on fb, the one they threaten, is you ah?

        If its really you..Hahaha. Relax bro. All no brain, no balls also. Their talk is as cheap as their wages that brought them here.

      • Sakii said

        You said too much. I can sense you have so much INSECURITIES and FILIPINOS are a threat to you aren’t they?

        People pull you down because you are great. “other” Singaporeans says nasty things because they are below Filipinos.

        If you want peace why not try to resolve not make the fire bigger. You have a puny brain of explanation. All are simply complains how Filipinos work hard for your country.

    • spotlessleopard said

      I used to dine in one of the Chain Restaurants of New York New York…then one day a Waitress from PRC. who speak hardly any English served me….I wrote to the Management and told them I will stop patronising them..until they remove such incompetent waitresses and Waiters…A few months later I noticed ONLY competent Employees in Servicing the customers were assigned in the Restaurant.

      It is time the customer put their foot down…

      • Sakii said

        Yeah I think I need to do that as well. When I went to compaspoint somewhere in Senkang, they where a lot of Chinese serving people and I hardly understand them. I think some of the servers of food where owners of the stall. Can they fire themselves?

        Oops I’m just a tourist. Touring in Singapore that time, toured to Malaysia as well and Indonesia and HongKong.

    • Andre said

      If we are going to the boycott route then lets start boycotting Singtel, Starhub, M1, DBS, Citibank, UOB, NCR, KFC, McD’s and the list goes on most of this companies are staffed by a lot of Filipinos

      • Sakii said

        haha! boycott everything lah and we are all dead. I can’t live without my credit card. I can’t live without McD! ( I don’t cook) and etc.

        Oh now I realize how important this Filipinos are! they are everywhere like cockroaches! damn I must accept and start being nice to them.

  4. Alan Lau said

    in GE2016, its time to punish the PAP heavily

  5. P Koh said

    Making wild claims and promoting self-important is not conducive to good living in Singapoe. Singaporeans may need pinoys to help in domestic work but if there is no choice, I am sure that we can do without. I have at one stage two maids but right now, there isn’t a single maid and we are coping well with it. Please learn to live peacefully in a foreign environment and be thankful
    that you are given the opportunity to work here and sending money home to your families.

    • KNN said

      People talking about Pinoy PMET la.
      Wait till your job get stolen by a fucking cb Pinoy, I see how you get maid. knn.

      • Sakii said

        Pinoy is like a mirror. Whatever you do to them, they will do to you.

        They are fine to me. Very hardworking. Maybe you should start thinking positively so that you can have peace of mind. You have said too much bad things. And its not good because you yourself is not perfect.

    • mann said

      Well said.

  6. EFI said

    ‘almost Malay like u is a fucking bastard’ well the creature tat says tis nvr study history or ignorant of their roots…pinoys r in fact malay u scolding Urself…omg!!! Lol

    • Smeagol said

      Yeah, maybe in a far off old distant land in time, perhaps the roots may have been similar, and that encompasses almost all the Peninsula countries, inclusive of the Pacific islands and Australian aborigines.

      But please i beg you, never ever confuse true Singaporean bred Malays, with Pinoys.

      I guess its the same sentiments the Chinese here must be feeling, if they’re mistaken fr a PRC. Clear no-no.

      • Clarence Lee said

        I totally agree, our Malay brothers and sisters are true Singaporeans. The roots might have been similar but the cultural change over the years are light years apart. They have been influenced by their European masters to the point of creating a false sense of grandeur and an inflated ego. We are Singapore, be it Chinese, Indian or Malay. That does not change. A pinoy with pinoy pride can never be one of us.

      • josh said

        Clarence Lee a “pinoy with pinoy pride can never one of us” i respect that. Regarding to what happened, it just my opinion to all pinoy and Singaporean who have bothered with those insult. To a Filipina who put a comment that without pinoy you are nothing. That’s not true… i am sorry to tell. The fact is we are part of economy. I have seen races like Indians, Vietnamese, Myanmar, Korean and other races. They are also working hard for the Singapore economy. So, we Filipino’s cant say we are the reason. Yes, Singapore is a very progressive country. That’s because they are discipline, they have laws that more fearful you could imagine. without that laws it will be chaos. People are determined to respect each other, even what races you are. I worked before in Singapore for 1 year. it’s quite amaze how wonderful there country and how discipline there people. And that 1 year, i have encountered different life style experience, races and culture. I couldn’t imagine how they can respect each other. Like for example young ones offered there seats to the elder one and respecting the use of bin. I met lots of friends in Sg. Singaporean, Malay, Chinnese, Vietnamese, Bangla, indians and etc. They are quite good, and respectful… and to Mr. Hsien Liao La who said Philippines is full of craps. Yes, that might true! If we put a law like Singapore laws in our country. I cannot assure it will work, it is not the law that can make one country progressive. It is the people… you can make changes. By having self discipline… I am sorry to all Filipinos who have read this. But this is to awakened all of us. I just remembered my previous boss in Singapore, a Malaysian Indian told me once if you want to be successful you must “open your f…kng eyes and brain”. Yes, I know it is hurtful to hear but he is truly right of what he have said. So, we all know that Filipinos are working hard and part of SG economy. I just want all to know that even we contribute our skills and hard work but we must see ourselves to respect there country. It is not our house it is there house, and its houses are st with different house rules. So, we must lived with it and follow with it… Even what hard work we do, it is still there country. So respect it as what you do to yourself… For all Filipinos, it isn’t our country the problem and to be change. But ourselves, we have to look at ourselves before we talk back bad to them. A wise man says “Good people, Good Government, leads to Good Country…”

    • Voice from the Genuine Singaporean said

      Pinoy are not malay,but their culture are closed to malay

    • Anak nusantara said

      U got it right bro, these region is call the malay archipelago bcos of the malay ppl in it, malay muslim in malaysia, Indonesia, brunei.. Malay christian in Indonesia and Philippines.. Malay hindu in bali,..

      But from what I see is that the pinoys don’t see themselves as malays , they live in a delusion that they are Hispanic or American.

      • mahbok tan said

        Its true that they see themselves as more towards and Hispanics coz they have been under the spanish regin some 400years ago…..remember the santa maria , nina and pinta….the ships that get to anchor in the philiphines…thats history lesson guys back in the 60’s~70’s….!!!
        Yes the philipines are under the malay archipelagoes and they have the same culture but due to the spanish rule for 400years thats why they have the tagalog language….mixture of all the languages in that period of time.

        Back to issue of PMET FT’s , pls fellow SGporean do not make it worse……I know your feeling being deprived of fair employment from companies in SGpore. We should channel our anger towards the root cause of the problem that is the GOVT of the day in SGpore , not towards the FT’s directly.

        I have been there and done that , so positive thinking is required from all fellow SGporeans and hopefully we can get out of this crunched as a sane citizen of SGpore. Its bad for our health and mental torture to read all negativities in the news , MSM or internet. Please get back to them with more intellectual way.

        Wishing all fellow SGporeans good health and stay cool…..!!!
        Adious amigos………!!!

    • Use your EQ said

      Well said, there are evolved from the same ethical group. Nevertheless I believe not all pinoys think that way, I have met some pinoys who are disgusted at the bigotry and antics of their countrymen.

    • Sakii said

      You’re comment made me laugh! Scolding themselves! WTF.. good thinking there!

  7. addice said

    someone should post this on Mr Lee’s fb page.

    • Jardel said

      Get real. It will be deleted at once. His FB is for 60% and praises only.

      • Anfauglith said

        The other tactic is for them to delete the unruly comments by the FTs. So it would seem like we are the ones who are trying to find fault with the harsh undertones in our comments. They can then justify their claims of us being xenophobic.

  8. whatever. said

    “Even we are a cheap type of labourer at least we got a job!!!hahahaha.”
    Well yeah… We Singaporeans take pride in everything we do.. obviously we’re not CHEAP. 😉

    “Without Filipinos in Singapore, you are NOTHING!”
    Really? I never had a maid while growing up, and still don’t. If we’re such a loser country, get your butt back to your country and starve, as you should.

    “if you hate us…then ask your government not to hired filipinos here… and im sure u can’t do without us… coz almost of the company half or 1/4 of their employee was PINOY’s…”
    HMMMMM strange. I thought the majority of your ”talents” service the banglas every Sunday they’ve got free?

  9. SGGuard said

    Seriously, instead of spending time having a war of words with these pinoys, I rather spent my time finding for opportunities to complain against them to get them deported from SG. Once I know that they do not have proper permit, I will report them the relevant authority & if the authority don’t take action, I will make a big hooha out of it.

  10. Just spreading the word to other countries. said

    Seriously, the one who started this are Singaporeans, the one who continued the argument is a Singaporean. Do you realise that the filipinos only retaliated once they were called sluts, cheap, etc? They wouldn’t have said all those if they weren’t attacked. Won’t you react the way those filipinos did if you (Singaporeans) are insulted? Many locals believe that foreigners come JUST to take your job. That is not true, they have families to feed, and are just looking for a better life for them. I know Singaporeans have to do that too, but they don’t make choose to be hired, they are hired. Cheap labour, yes, they’d take anything just to keep afloat, that is how bad The Philippines is. Those who haven’t lived there won’t understand. You expect them to assimilate and forget their roots once they come to Singapore, will you be able to do that if you choose to migrate somewhere else? No! You will always remember where you come from. Doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate being in Singapore. Growing up in Singapore, the races have always aggregated within themselves, the Chinese are usually amongst themselves, the Malays and so on. Yeah, there were mixed lots but at the end of the day you feel more comfortable being with your own race. How much more for these filipinos? they are home away from home, and now with all these tension and hate against them, the more they are going to stand together. Yes, how they responded was not appropriate and sounding too almighty etc, but how about those statements mentioned by our fellow Singaporeans?

    • sfng said

      The FB war is plain childish, locals being provocative and pinoys reacted negatively. Both are playing into each other’s hands.
      One thing, don’t thrash people’s countries lah. Every country has its own woes. The people from within do not need to be reminded of the pain points. At least, give some respect on this. Healthy arguments please – agree to disagree.

      • Sakii said

        I agree lah no country is perfect. Who cares if they are maids only? atleast they are not thief. Let us not generalize people in one country.

        Make Peace not War.

    • whatever... said

      Childish or not, this is a second order observation to the fact that there is indeed a group of economically disenfranchised Singaporeans that is growing in numbers and hostility each day. It doesn’t matter if all the Pinoys, PRCs and whatnot leaves. Unless we can find gainful employment for these Singaporeans, there will always be a someone to shoot at. As a society, it is our collective responsibility to ensure that everyone is moving up the ladder no matter how little. Pointing out the obvious is not going to help anyone.

  11. singaporean said

    If you pinoy are smart. Yr govt can create jobs for all of you back in your own country. I wont say all maids, but most of them are actually hookers in disguise. Just go balestier hotel 81 on sunday. See how many pinoy there.

  12. Dogmeat said

    foreigners have to respect the locals while being a guest here. enuff said on who’s overstepping here.

  13. bb said

    It may come a time where GRC must include a pinoy for election

  14. Ok let’s all take a chill pill! Singaporeans, please don’t fall for the govt’s wicked little ploy, this is exactly what they want to happen. And FTs –pinoys, indians,PRCs etc..– don’t think the Singapore govt is good and great. You guys are nothing more than collateral damage for what they want to achieve — vote figures.

    We all know that Singapore can’t sustain such a huge population. How can this little red dot sustain 6 milllion people when the Philippines, India, etc.. with all your massive land area and natural resources can’t? That is why the Filipinos, Indians and China Nationals are so nomadic. What is happening in Singapore is called belligerence. When the PAP did not get the percentage of votes they clamoured for, they conspired to punish the people. As we have no natural resources or land, it is very easy to frustrate and oppress the people by taking away their livelihood. They deliberately open the doors to foreign talents like yourselves and refuse to impose minimum wage for they know that each plane load of foreigners will be cheaper that those before them. With salaries falling so rapidly, the locals with all their financial commitments will find it hard to lower their salary expectations. y It is not had to figure out. Which govt in the right sense of mind would incensed its citizenry by doing and saying the things they said? It is irrational unless of course there is an insidious reason. And I believe you foreigners can see and feel what is really going on here in the Garden City. Political Eden is no more.

    What they forget is that they have trained up a citizenry that is just as belligerent, proud and arrogant as they are. The people are reacting the way our govt is acting – you don’t give me what I want, I give you hell. Hence, the people took away Aljunied and Hougang from them. And that exacerbated the issue. Both sides have too much pride to back down even tho we all know that it is reaching boiling point. Besides, both sides are in too deep to ease off. When all this explodes, the foreigners will be the biggest casualties physically, professionally and emotionally. My best advice is leave Singapore before it is too late. Singapore may be one of the most peacful and law abiding countries in the world, but you guys may have the misfortune of seeing history being made, but I sincerely hope not.

    Singapore had a Maria Hertogh case back inthe 60s when the Malays were fighting the Caucasians and then somehow the Chinese got involved. Before you know it we had an unforgettable racial riot. The repercussions of that riot are still felt today with the races having an underlying distrust of one another. Lee Kuan Yew had the arduous task of rebuilding that harmony and honestly, it is still fragile. However, soon LKY will realise his dream of harmonising Singapore as the races rally against the foreigners. This all won’t be fair to you guys, so I strongly advice you to get out of before ethnocentricities hit an insane frenzy.

    The saying goes beat a dog but never force it into the corner as it will turn on you. The citizenry is becoming angry but as the people are pushed into the corner of desperation, it would only a matter of time before the outlash will hit everyone, anyone and everything, indiscrimanately.

    I am glad to be a Singaporean as I see so many of my fellow citizens refusing to cower to oppression. Many are sallying forth with their head held high. This grievance is between the peopleand the govt but it is unfortunate that you guys got hit in the fray of bullets.

  15. great shame to singapore said

    It’s a great shame to Singaporeans to have such a facebook site. UN and other human rights organisation should be informed of this facebook site.

  16. SPF 999 said

    Margauz Janz Castro Gatierez police report is already .. or surrender to police

  17. Absolute power corrupts said

    Childish display of behaviour from both nationalities. Don’t punish the foreigners for taking what your gahmen has offered them. Get back at the pro-alien party this 2016!

  18. Voice from the Genuine Singaporean said

    we must aware of Pinoy

  19. Doaa said

    after being insulted and accused for being “loose” , one would expect such a reaction to be normal. take everything aside, pinoys are human beings too. u people seem to completely ignore that comment right before that, and call yourself civilised singaporeans?

    • Anfauglith said

      You can feel insulted, that is none of our business, and we do not care. Just as how Pinoys go on and on abt their ‘pride’ and act highly simply because they are enticed here, without minding any of the locals’ perceptions. Nobody really wants them here. We can get our maids from elsewhere, thank you.

      Besides, stating a fact is not an accusation.

      Even if it is, one can still have freedom of thought. If Pinoys think they really are talented and in demand and more capable than locals, we are entitled to think they are full of crap, cheap labour, used pathetically as tools by higher powers throughout their history, and once again, cheap labour, too. It is because MNCs dont want to and cannot afford locals anymore, that they have to find cheaper alternatives.

      • Sakii said

        BOO! Nobody “really wants” them here..

        My girlfriend wants me here. Don’t involve other people with your crooked thinking. Idiot.

        I actually don’t want to be in Singapore. its a nice country I just don’t like to live there. I like here in Malaysia, so many natural beaches and more lands.

  20. Jondemusiq said

    Three things to say…

    1. FTs are guests, and there are two ways of looking at it. We can play the gracious host and make them feel welcome, or they play their part and not over stay their welcome. As much as some people aren’t as gracious as what would be ideal(though not all thank goodness), our dear foreign friends have definitely overstayed their welcome. Our good government sees the problem, the guests and the members of the house aren’t getting along well. So instead of driving out the guests, they tell the household to be more welcoming. This would work for a while, until the guests leave or the head of house also get mad and everyone happily kicks them out.

    2.As much as I have a strong opinion on the issue of FTs, isn’t it asking for trouble if you set up a page telling Pinoys to F*** off? Tact people, we must be tactful!

    3. Everyone who reads this, remember to Keep calm and carry on! I believe in divine justice and guilty will be punished, but I also believe in working from the ground up. Keep talking about this with your friends, keep spreading the word! And don’t lose your cool! If we do that, we’ll be slapped with the “xenophobic” and “unorthadox” labels before we have had our words considered. I’ve been following the articles closely for some time, and I just felt that I needed to add my own 2 cents worth.

  21. N said

    Can make a police report for racist remarks?
    Do SG police dare to do anything?

  22. Sam Gunner said

    I got a an even better idea.
    Find ways to complain and insult the Phillippines Immigration in their country.
    After that their own Govt will ban them from working in Singapore.
    Problem solved.

  23. DPM said

    any sales pitch for line of credit, credit card, insurance etc by Pinoys, just hang up

  24. White Lily said

    @EFI, you’re right, they are of the Austronesians stock, which is Malay. But they couldn’t be compared to the Malays of the Archipelago around here. Look back in history, the Majapahits and the Sri Vijaya, great Kingdoms of Indonesia had conquered and occupied their land. I don’t think they had played any great part in history except being colonialised by the above, Spaniards and later Americans.
    Even the Champas Malays of Vietnam had built a great Kingdom and Angkor Wat was one of their history legacy which had been named one of the wonders of the world. And in current time, Indonesia, Vietnam and even Myanmar economy are going to give them great competition. By then these arrogants would be replaced. If they think their language mastery of English set them apart, think again. The rest of South East Asians are horning their English skills thanks to the native speakers who had made these countries their home and have been teaching the language.

    • iai said

      A point to bring out: what mastery of English language these pinoys have? zilch if we take the international benchmark of the Angus Ross Literature prize which is almost annually won by a Singaporean since its inception. The Angus Ross prize is recognization of the best literature paper in “A” levels outside UK.

      I have lived in their country more than 25 years ago, It struck me then when I was watching their daily tv channels which were predominantly about this person yakking away with his or her own opinions in some local municipal issues. Full of rah rah but no substance. To take the cake, my pinoy friend who is a doctor there passed this remark “Fiilipinos all want to be leaders.” Where are the followers?All talk and no action.

      Looking at their poilitical leaders’ behaviour is a ghastly exercise of megalomaniac and ineptness. Estrada, Aquino, Marcoses were leechers to their own country with playboy attitude and cowboy rules. I once passed Baguio there and the whole place gave ma a creep – it was dark, alleys with prostitutes, drug addicts openly shooting pots.

      My observation of pinoys here in Singapore is not favourable either. I have seen maids abusing little children by literally dragging the tiny tots while yakking on the phone, infesting the shopping centres with their irritating English slang and tagalog which sounded more like chickens and ducks talking. They are supeficial people in the corporate world, smiling fakely but with a dagger behind – just look at their politicians and political culture which affirm this culturally imbibed trait.

      Now the pinoys are so emboldened thinking a pax-filipino can be entrenched here in Singapore. Look Pinoys! We Singaporeans are gracious and to a large extent our government policies welcome FT or the other FT*****. This is by no means you can shit and feel arrogant here. As pointed out, Vietnam and Mymmar are catching up and we can look to them as alternative source of labour. In addition, they seem more refined and gracious in their mannerisms.

      • Anfauglith said

        Amen to that. If we look on the internet closely, we’ll see that they are pretty much despised everywhere. I was pleasantly surprised at first, to be honest, noting that there seems to be similar views towards them all over the world.

        Merely stating facts.

        As a note, they should learn something from it. If its only us Singaporeans who are saying it, yea, call us xenophobic, whatever, we have our reasons and we’ll stick to it. But if people from other countries also feel the same way, its obvious there’s something really wrong with them that needs to be considered. We are not alone in this.

      • Andre said

        Proof please, show the URL’s bunch of A holes

  25. mann said

    Excuse me.Should u have to dicriminate smeone.juz do it . directly to the latter witout using vulgarities of a certain ethnic group.It reflects everyone who is of the same ethnic group of the person u r refering to.I married a phillipina n nvr even once discriminate her etnic group.By saying this it reflects u yourself to.A racist should i say.n does ur religion or your parents teaches u dat.I dnt tink so rite.its u yourself who r doing it.n it makes no difference of wat u are calling smeone or smeone else ethnic group.It goes back to u.A fucking bastard too.

    • sfng said

      People tend to react first. The anti-foreigner (in this case, pinoys) sentiments are thickening and came this playground dispute. Just leave them alone, their bickering should not be highlighted to such level, if we give so much attention, we are losing our grace and integrity.

  26. Angry Singaporean said

    Forgive them lah……

    ……It is all because of PAP pro-foreigner policy that flood in all the Pinoy to take away our jobs not because of they are good but just because they are cheap…….

    We have to change the regime to remove this pro-foreigner policy as PAP just too stubborn and lazy to change……On one end said Singaporean come first, yet behind us still import and issue permit to all the foreigners…they can said other Liar, yet, they are the BIG LIAR to all Singpaorean!

    • Glau said

      Yeah of course, its the stupid policies! Scared to lose already what.

      Forgive these ppl? If they really come down here, bow head and respect locals and know their place, then maybe lah. But come here, still dare kpkb, insult locals, crowd everywhere, prideful and disrespectful etc. If other people do that here will also kena slam mah.

  27. i5htar said

    Look like they going to have all front war with local Singaporean. Now pulling Singapore Malay into their arena. Good luck!!!

    • Clarence Lee said

      Singaporeans have to stand together, Malay, Chinese, Indian or Ang Moh. True blue Singaporeans should fight to protect their land from these roaches.

      • Shree said

        Since when were Ang Mohs Singaporean? They are not Singaporeans and never will be Singaporeans, regardless of how long they’ve stayed in this country. Many of these whites commit violent crimes against Singaporeans and even sexually assault Singaporean women, secure in the knowledge that our system protects them and will never hold them accountable for any of their criminal actions .

  28. Fed Up Singaporean said

    f’ing foriegner trash like like this makes my blood boil… you guys wait and see.. PAP will issue some lame statement to insult Singaporeans again..

    • Foxie said

      Well, I hope this time round none of the MP dare to ask our poor malay brothers to reflect why being called like that.

      • Glau said

        Hahah. I remember. Damn nonsense sia.

        Really should give them a taste of their own medicine. MPs efficiency wages too high lah! Replace some with these FTs lah. Their wage will be a lot lesser what. Then see what they say.

        Actually, good idea what.
        Local MP, efficiency wages have to pay tons to discourage bribery.
        FT MP, no need pay so much mah. They happy2 here ready, if kena caught, threaten to cut off cpf and deportation. Confirm no corruption one, and at a lesser price some more

  29. Leo said

    Lets be realistic. It is always wrong for anyone of us to hurl insulting remarks to other nationalities. The facebook with the philippine flag and vulgarity is wrong and does not reflect good our gracious nature. The culprit here is our government policy and not the pinoy or chinese or banga. We should focus on changing our government and not hurl abusive comments towards the foreigners.

    • mahbok tan said

      Agree with you leo….but where else can they channel their anger and frustration….????
      If not for facebook and other social media in the internet…..or else one can go berserk due to the pressure living in SGpore…..!!!

      Or can we have more of IMH all over SGpore…????

    • RealityCheck said

      Well said. Just that some of the masses literally took the slogan “Strike while the metal is hot” way too seriously. Let’s focus on getting the country’s policies balanced the way Singaporeans are comfortable enough to live and work at ease with. Flushing out the entire FT community will only cause Singapore a crunch which in the short space of time, we are unable to deal with. None of these jokers will ever be able to understand its impact.

      There will always be a time for everything. However now it is not the time to incite unwarranted hatred by shooting the mouth off without considering the sensitivity of issues brought up. We need to be matured, People Of Singapore!


      • Glau said

        It is a matured move that people are lashing out. Dont need flush out all FTs. Flush out ALL MNCs that patronize these FTs as part of their capitalism driven implementations! Because it does not add to public welfare whatsoever. The purpose of encouraging MNCs to invest here is to increase overall welfare. They benefit from skilled locals, while we benefit from their investments. If they’re not doing anythg to contribute to SG, why keep them and let them use this place as an outward base. We are not some third world country they can exploit and outsource to.

  30. pay said

    Pinoy. Malays here are singaporeans, if you insult one singaporean you insult all singaporeans. Formal complaint have been lodged, you should seek legal advice already.

  31. cockburned said

    The Pinoy population in Singapore is expanding fast and may soon eclipse the Indian population in Singapore and become the 3rd largest racial group. They are everywhere: restaurant waiters, cashiers, nurses, maids, MNC managers, teachers, IT, engineers, etc.

    Over the past five years, the Pinoy population here has increased by at least six-fold. In fact it is not just demographics changing rapidly, the proportion of Christians in Singapore is also increasing fast from less than 12% five years ago to the current 20%, thanks to the ever increasing number of Christian Pinoy immigrants.

    • iai said

      their form of catholicism in Philippines is rather political where nuns and priests take to the streets exhorting their followers to protest. This is another lightning rod our local government could not forsee. A small group of alleged marxist got rounded up, Can you round up the pinoy-brand of religious protests? God forbid Singapore my beloved peaceful country of multiracial brothers and sisters of Indians Malays Chinese and Eurasians.

  32. Yamasam said

    Thanks to the PAP govt constantly running down Singaporeans with comments like “daft” and “spurs in the hide” that we are now being abused by foreigners in our own backyard.

    We have PRC undergraduates whose education here is fully funded by tax payers monies calling us “dogs”, pinoys who were given opportunities to work here earning far more than what they can get at home calling us “bastards”. What next ? How did we ended up in such dire straits ?

  33. Regime Change said

    It has been said that the Philippines is a country that spent 500 years in a convent and 50 years in Hollywood.
    It is a country with a glorious history but no future.

  34. i say what i think only... said

    hey SPF, someone scolding almost all malay are fucking bastard. so how? pinoy exempted from the law that prohibit racial disharmony is it? they can scold anyone they want as long as it is not PAP it is fine? i still remember the poly kids who are punished for remarks against indians. pinoy is special breed? no worries we still can get maids from indonesia as long as u dont make them clean windows outside.

  35. Someone who remembers where did all current Singaporeans coming from originally. said

    This is a one sided story, how many Singaporeans said those F-words to FT? I am not trying to make any side of the parties guilty. I just think all these expressions are not helpful to anyone, but only lead to riots.

  36. They are normally outside far east plaza on sundays and all I can hear is crows when I hear them talk

  37. Juan said

    Hello, I am a Filipino working in Singapore. First off, I really feel sad that many Singaporeans now want us Pinoys to go back home and starve. It is also very hurtful having the Filipino singled out in this attack. I try to be a good visiting worker in Singapore, but nowadays, I no longer feel safe when walking outside on the streets. I’m scared of being mobbed by angry locals or something. I really hope this racial friction will stop in the near future.

    The reason we Pinoys are here is to look for a better life, nobody has any right to hate us for that, provided the Pinoy qualifies for the job.

    The reason locals are mad at Pinoys is because you feel that we took jobs away from you. Nobody can be angry at you for it, I for one understand your sentiments.

    I would even go as far as agreeing to you that there are some Pinoys that does not qualify to work in Singapore. I have seen Pinoys who act as if it was their birth right to work in Singapore, or Pinoys who talk very loud in the bus or MRT, or Pinoys who smoke in non-smoking areas, or small brain Pinoys who give out stupid comments like ‘malays is a f*****g bastard’.

    I assure you that there are a lot of Pinoys like me who do not like how some Pinoys are acting in Singapore. I am not trying to be a Singaporean or be timid about the whole situation, I am saying that I agree that ‘SOME’ Pinoys do not deserve to work here, but a lot of us do and a lot of us feel that the facebook page is unfair for us trying our best to proper in Singpaore. I just hope you will see that not all Pinoys are as stupid or arrogant as you think.

    Thank you for giving us a chance to work here and I hope we can all live peacefully together.

    • sfng said

      Great to have your views here. Stereotyping is part of human nature. I have pinoy colleagues and several times during lunch, I noticed disapproving looks & glances from locals when I lunched with them. Why la.. not all are bad la. Sigh.

    • SeeHarder said

      I think we Singaporeans need to understand that not all pinoys are bastards, unfortunately the bad are always being magnified and thus the stereotyping. Every race and nationalities have bad apples. There are good and bad people but people tend to focus on the bad ones. Such is the reality of societies everywhere. As long you are an outsider in a country, you will be discriminated by some locals one way or the other, it happens everywhere, from Europe to US to Japan to S.Korea to China etc.

      However, there’s one thing Singapore is different from the other countries, is that we usually do not have any racial problem within the locals because we have learnt to accept our differences and adapt to each other cultures since the early 20th century. Do not forget, we have racial riots in the very early days and so we have come a long way in achieving a harmonious society. Even if there is, it’s is very rare. While in other countries, racial discrimination is still very much common and it doesn’t matter if you are born and bred in that country, as long you are of different race from the majority, you can still be discriminated and be treated like a foreigner. If there is any American born Asian, you will understand.

      Many Singaporeans are getting very uncomfortable because of the huge influx of foreigners, especially bringing with them a very different culture from the locals. It’s not just pinoys. Some Singaporeans are also very uncomfortable with Chinese PRC even though Singapore is largely a Chinese population. It’s more to do with cultural differences than racial differences. Unfortunately, they will always be a divide and conflict between the local and foreigners unless the foreigner ratio is kept small.

      In my personal opinion, Singapore is facing a very difficult situation. On one hand, we need foreigners to sustain our economy and Singaporeans are not making enough babies, our local population is ageing and continue to decline, on another hand Singaporeans are getting uneasy with too many foreigners.

      The main problem is foreigners tend to take Singapore for granted because it is not difficult to adapt when it comes to languages. While if you work in Japan, Korea, you have to made the special effort to learn a new language which perhaps is very much appreciated by the locals in their attempt to integrate into their society.

      If only foreigners try to adapt to our culture and give the locals much respect, perhaps all these hatred may be alleviated. Peace out

      • P Koh said

        Can someone please help me understand by defining what is the Singapore Culture.? Only when we know and understand our unique culture can we then expect others to follow.

    • Heron said

      Yes, most of the anger comes from the belief that the jobs are being taken away. But what FUELS it is all these people who act so arrogant and disrespectful.

      Relax lah. We are not so blatantly hateful one. The ones we are angry at, you should know what the types. Even you yourselves dont like them also what.

      We are okay with truly nice and qualified professionals. Doctor FTs, etc. Really got no problem with them mah, they are qualified, nice ppl, earning their ricebowl and we’ve got no quarrel with them.

      Its those who have no substance, jumping on the bandwagon of opportunism to be here because of the policies, and then act out like they are superior, imposing themselves and their culture on everyone else, that are the ones that irk us. They are the ones who should pack up.

      If you play nice, relax, we will be nice too. Singaporeans not so irrational one.

  38. singaporean said

    i alwyas thought tat the pinoys were a gentle humble group..well i hv been proven wrong…garment has given them too much face….u come to our country u respect our pple n our culture..not the other way around…full stop….im just wondering when we will hv protest in the streets against influx of too many Foriegn Trash at such a fast rate..hmmm

    • Sam Lim said

      are you the 60% voters ?
      Then let join the 40% voters who has opposition parties who REALLY REALLY listen to our griefs.

      • singaporean said

        Sam lim, i voted for the oppositon side got 40% votes for WP…wats a waste man..nvr 2016 wil b here soon enuf..

  39. Sam Lim said

    hey pinoys, please do not mentioned that our Govt INVITE you guys to come here !!! In the first place, your peoples from a poor, stateless country are the ONE who WANTS to come here (anyway, our Govt is making a terrrible mistake by getting all these brainless, bastards and the Govt never listen to his peoples. Nevermind, wait for the 2016). Trust me, I don’t call you, Pinoys, Foreign Talents, I call you Pinoys and the others (Mainland Chinese, India Indians) ‘FOREIGNER BEGGARS’ or “FBs”.

    Just the other day, I told a Pinoy cunt to stop talking loudly on the bus. I told her that this is Singapore.
    So, we Singaporeans, we must band together and boycott all these Foreigner Beggars from making a fool of themselves.
    If you see a fellow Singaporean stopping and reprimanding these FTs, give this Singaporean a helping hand. Support him…..

    • Mel said

      some of them are already singapore citizen. soon we’ll have a pinoy mp to represent these people. sigh….Singapore is one messy place now…created by pap.

      • White Lily said

        I hope that would not happen anytime. It would be a ‘slap’ on the minorities faces. It took years before minority group like Malays to be understood and accepted. Or perhaps it was a fragment of LKY’s imagination that Malays don’t integrate well. Anyway, that’s another issue.

        I must say, I respected the Chinese people who had made their home in Thailand, Indonesia, etc and even faraway places like Cuba. They contribute economically and knew where they stand. They integrated into their hosts’ society and only much much later involved in their politics.

        Anything built on long standing foundation will prove its mettle. Sadly to say the foreigners that came to our shore just want quick buck and trampled on Singaporeans’ sentiments along the way.

      • P Koh said

        How very true. If we study the history of Chinese civilization they are never hostile to other countries but fight only within the Chinese empire to gain control of this vast country. Hostilities come from neighbours and for this very reason Chinese immigrants who have settled and found roots outside China seldom make trouble for the host countries while they can be prosecuted as in Indonesia and elsewhere but they remain peaceful and have settled assimilated well in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines just to name a few.

    • Flahh said

      I’ve knew it from start they hate singaporeans.. I work with a group of pinoy bout 30 of them.. N 2 Singaporean.. Including me! They really treated us like dirt cos very lil sgreans so they think they are big fuck.. They never talk to me.. Only in their own language.. After I quit, I bcame happier around chi n Singaporean people.. I was soo stress n always cried cos they always left me out n gif

      • Flahh said

        Give me the hardest job n they give their own ppl good life! I’m glad I’m out of that job!! N whenever I walk in orchard I feel like I’m in Manila instead!

    • Andre said

      I can’t even understand your english, what do you mean by stateless of course we don’t have states there we have provinces

  40. worried citizen said

    been saying all along these people are dangerous to the country.they are the disease heed the warnings.

  41. Sam Lim said

    The fault lies with we Singaporeans for calling these foreigner workers “Foreigner Talents”. The word “talent” make them feel superior, wanted and so much needed and demand. WE Singaporeans shold put a stop to these hooligans, bastards, low-class workers. WE SHOULD ADDRESS THEM AS ‘FOREIGNER BEGGARS” from now on. They take our jobs, our spaces in the parks, buses, trains, shopping centres, our joys, our pride.

    Cast them out by boycotting them in all ways (from offices, shopping malls, stalls) then we boycott the Govt policy ……..

    • Sakii said

      yeah boycott everything and see what’s left for you? they are everywhere right? how about thinking of more specific way to shoe the filipinos away?

      Sorry you can’t do anything. Neither your good government. Your good government is being blamed for thinking of its citizens? specifically you Sam Lim, you said it yourself you want to boycott the Govt Policy? I believe they are Sg’s right? Spit on your own race idiot!

  42. pissed off said

    In the phillipine they are nt allowed to divorce.The males dwn there are having a gd time fucking arnd n making babies eventhou they r legally married.They r the only country dat practises multiple poligamy.Juz look at their famous comedian named a wife yet the wife allows him to fuck wit another ladie.All in all this Dolphy guy gt at least mre then 30+fuckable pinoys juz bcause he is famous n wnt his sperm to make baby.nt only him.another pinoy star too.So if u cl our fellow malay a barstard.mayb u r one of the barstard child this guy have been making.So next time to generalise .arrow the person u r calling name.nt the ethnic group.

  43. Elva said

    Filipinos/Filipinas are just happy people. I have worked with many of them (in a renowned MNC here) and my opinion differs from many Singaporeans in here. I am Singaporean and that’s double confirm. The Filipinos/nas I have worked with are friendly, helpful and efficient. That’s a fact. But the truth to why they are oblivious and deemed arrogant is because of the tough lives they went through back home. They had to raise their heads and ‘slut’ (in a good or bad way) because they know they needed to survive and going back to where they come from, they know that the situation is worst there. We cannot blame them for coming here as when an opportunity arise, these hard-lived people from Philippines would not hesitate to take the chance and earn so that they could return in the future to help their families. Beneath their happy nature, they are actually sad. As for Singaporeans, we would see this as competition. Yes, it will be tough and challenging but its not the end ot the world. As most of us are not born with a silver spoon in our mouths, it may seem difficult but not impossible. Life is a journey as we wait for golden opportunities to unfold. But till then, we must hang on tight and stay strong for your future is never bleak unless you deemed it is one.

  44. Teo Chhew hore said

    Pinoys are admired for a few skills:

    hisap konek &
    main pantat

  45. ohplease said

    Um its like these egotistical people don’t even get it do they. They make themselves seem as if we beg or specifically request for them to come over. Please, they know the currency is better and are doing it out of their own accord, no body asked them over. Truth is… They are CHEAP LABOR. A lot of Pinoys in SG companies? Oh sure, you guys should also take the trip down to Geylang or Changi. Its a fact that they are causing an over population and most are so rude. We are nothing without Pinoys? Then please take the hint and go back because you guys are not the only foreign country we have SO PLEASE TAKE YOUR HIGH HATS DOWN. Who’s going to wash and clean and mop and do laundry? I’m glad the person who said this clearly realises she’s a MAID. Seriously you think SG women cannot do or learn to do these mediocre chores? We hire you guys because you need the income and we need more time to earn more money, that’s the difference, get it? Have you ever seen a Caucasian maid in SG? Some Pinoys need to stop thinking you all are all that, because if you are, we will be in your country, not the other way round.

    • Sakii said

      Not all Singaporeans are born with a silver tooth, as well as other Filipinos. Don’t generalize, I came to Singapore many times and not all Singaporeans can afford to hire maids.

      Oh please! they are just maids why are you so threatened about?


    Ok, look, let me put in a more neutral perspective. Obviously the pinoys would be angry, there’s Facebook page dedicated to asking them to fuck off in the country they’re working in! Singaporeans are pissed as well, because, well, you know, immigration policy, depression of wages for low-wage local workers, reduction of quality of life, strain on the infrastructure etc etc. Two opposing views are bound to create conflict. The onus now is on the Government to mitigate and resolve this conflict.

    So if guys are pissed at this, please don’t bash the pinoys or the Singaporeans, bash the government instead.

  47. jj said

    4 More Years… but for now …Fuck off Pinoy Fuck Off….. U guys come here because yr country is corrupted….if u have a problem come down n fight …no point venting yr anger here…only dare to talk dont dare 2 fight … yah saw 1 saying 1/4 of company is having pinoy employee… yah we malay got a saying… Work MAny Many Pay Little Little STUPID PINOY STUPID

  48. PeaceLovingKid said

    What now? Not all Singaporeans are bad ok.
    Don’t discriminate all of us just because of some bad eggs.
    I for one need a Philipino domestic helper because i need someone to help the elderly in the household.
    Don’t hate all Singaporeans please.

    Peace bro.

  49. PInoys Like Shitting Around! said

    If these Filipinos scums are so good, Philippines would have not been known as the sickman of Asia for so many decades. You guys remember how their so called “highly talented” police commandos stormed a bus being hijacked by a rouge policeman…well, they ended the saga but with 7 Hongkongers killed. Up till now, their scumbag president still refused to apologize for their dumbass police commandos’ blunders, and still can afford to smile when making an official statement on the incident. So, if they have such a dumb stupid and highly moronic president being elected by a land of morons, what can you expect Filipinos scums here!!!

    Filipinos trash in Singapore, you bunch of kulang-kulang better just shut your pig mouth and we might spare you some leftovers!

    • Andre said

      You are trash as well, uneducated by the sound of it

      • Andre is a freak! said

        Looks like you have been rejected by your bi+ch mother on bed and have to come here and spill shi+ through that pea brain of yours!

    • Sakii said

      I like the way you said “we might spare you some leftovers”! I can feel your blood gushing up your brain and your face red.

      But admit it, from maids up to professional IT’s, Architects, there are a lot of Filipinos better than the commandos you are concentrating on. Please help yourself think of good things, you might die of heart attack because of too much thinking about scumbags Filipino. Yes there are lots of stupid Filipinos and I bet more stupid Singaporeans.

      Companies wouldn’t hire outside of your country if it’s locals are fit to work.

  50. Parity said

    I am happy to see the Pinoys so supportive of Singapore’s talent centric policies. Singapore currently allows foreigners on social visit passes to apply for jobs. Pinoyland does not allow that. I believe these admirers of talent centricity as they proclaim themselves to be will now form a group to tell Pinoyland gov to allow visitors to their country to be allowed to apply for jobs and compete in the same footing as Pinoys in their own country.

    Show us you support your own ideals. Come on we know you got backbone to show us you mean what you say to us!

    • Andre said

      There are also foreigner working in the Philippines but they are timid and try to integrate because Filipinos walk the talk and not just try to be internet warriors, remember the cop and the bus thing I will kick a foreigner’s butt it doesn’t worry me if he’s white or yellow since we can get away with it

  51. True singaporean said

    Just look at the numbers of foreigners on the mrt everyday! I feel sad to be overwhelmed by loads of so-called foreign talents in my own backyard…. And I tend to agree that these foreigners in authority tend to favour their own kind. My elderly mum who is now retired, lamented to me a couple of years ago (when she was still employable) that employers favoured foreigners over her as they are cheaper. It’s time for PAP to act – walk the talk – show us that you are putting the interest of Singaporeans first!

  52. Martin L. said

    we’re very sorry if you think that we stole the job/career that was meant for you Singaporeans. we also apologize for the rude manners that some of my countrymen exhibited here in your land. Im just new here in SG and so far i haven’t experience any discrimination from my Singaporean, malay colleagues just because im a Filipino. In fact, I find Singapore a great country not just because of the tourists spots but also because the people have been good to me, to us. There’s just this misunderstanding, cultural difference and sense of desperation from both sides that these kind of conflicts arise as a result. Its really hard for Singaporeans to stand still,do nothing when the job that’s rightfully their’s has been given to others especially when you’re living in a country like Singapore where there’s a high standard of living. but my Singaporean friends, we didn’t mean to take away your jobs. In our case, we were chosen by the Singapore-based company to work here though some of us preferred to work back in our home country.

    Yes, some Filipinos act rude,bossy, arrogant and all that negative attitude but please do not overgeneralise because there are also pinoys who are kind and humble. you may have experienced being abused by a pinoy but not all pinoys are like that. We are foreigners here therefore we must abide by your law, be humble and be respectful to you locals. Some pinoys have attitude but only a few. those attitude problems can be attributed to personal upbringing or their own personality but not due to racial background. I admit our country is poor and that’s our fault as well but we all came here to work and that’s it. we just want to live a decent life. please dont blame us for working here. many filipinos do this because they have a family to feed back home. you can call us cheap but thanks to that, your government prefered cheaper workforce. please look at it as a competition, show your government that you are more skilled than us though we demand slightly less pay. it is your right to complain and we cant blame you for that. IMO, if your government listens to your concerns for not welcoming us and sending us back home, i am cool with that. its just that, majority of us are in dire need of financial income. as for me, i would want to befriend anybody regardless of race and work. For me singaporeans are nice people especially malay. they treat me like a brother eventhough im a newbie and very young(21). some malays hold high position and are seniors who have minimum of 10years exp and yet doesnt wanna be called “sir” now that’s humulity.

    I cant also blame my countrymen because i personally saw some filipinos being socially outcast just because they wear different uniform and name so they just endure the heat and noise instead of staying at the airconditioned, silent rest place rightfully provided by the company.

    lets just end this cycle of hatred in a peaceful manner. we filipinos came here to work and earn money so we can eat at least three times a day thats all to it. my singaporean friends sorry for the headaches we caused you but please let us work for our family. thank you.

  53. Andy Singaporean said

    Let’s be honest, generally Singaporeans are coward as a whole. So whatever government say or do that is against basic human principle, Singaporeans continues to disunity and kowtow [“bow”] or protest virtually. Unlike foreigners, they take very firm action going against government bad policies; even it is means to take on street protest. Certainly I’m not advocating destroying or damaging public property, but with peaceful streets protest can do some help giving a very strong signal to the greedy businesses and government.

    Do you ever wonder why so many investors choose Singapore? Investor(s) and his/her family are well protected from any criminal offences. Human slavery also attracts more foreign investors. Singapore is the only “country” in the world produces slaves working with unlimited time limit in the pretext of “hardworking”. Think about it! Are you already at government mercy right now?

    Singaporeans always wanted to portray as a good citizen in the world, but they never realise that the world community sees Singaporeans as biggest stupid-idiot instead. And if you – Singaporeans are working in overseas now, ask your colleagues or friends opinion.

    So I firmly believed that Singaporeans asses are an easy target for foreigners endorsed by Singapore government and they – foreigners are not to be blame for the open door opportunity.

    I’m not surprise if someday Singapore government decided giving Singapore Permanent Residents eligibility to vote. So like it or not, next General Election, PAP will continue to reign the majority seats.

  54. Sakii said

    No country is perfect. Make Love and Peace Not War please!

  55. Justin said

    First, screen shot. Then, Email to MPs, and CC: PM.

    So these leaders know what is going on.

    And hopefully, sent those who hate Singaporeans so much back to where ever they come from. Bet there won’t face such things there.

  56. Hello and good evening to all. It seems that the war of words, whoever started it, has left both the Singaporean and Filipino sides culpable – no one is without fault.

    Because of such situation, I would like any reader to consider my suggestions:

    1. Filipinos should stop bickering at laughing at Singaporeans. Singapore is hosting them. Therefore, they should treat Singaporeans as if when they enter another person’s home.

    2. Singaporeans should avoid hitting Filipinos, too. Filipinos come to Singapore with the hope to work and are willing to take “lowly” jobs. But every job, as long as its thoughtfully done, is honorable.

    3. Nothing will be resolved if both sides are angry. Things can be negotiated the peaceful way. Distance yourself from hate, racism, and prejudice. Not all Filipinos do bad things. Not all Singaporeans do bad things. For the person who do bad, we have to forgive them (and maybe hold them liable in the future). Remember the holocaust, the apartheid, and all things terrible that happened because two peoples hated each other.

    If we do these, listen more to each other, and negotiate calmly, then there is no limit for cooperation and coexistence. After all, there is no race but the human race.

  57. errata: *stop bickering and laughing, and *for the persons who do bad.

  58. Shree said

    All Ftrash who make insulting comments about Singaporeans, must be deported immiedately.

  59. Annie said

    This website was… how do you say it? Relevant!

    ! Finally I have found something that helped me.


  60. jez said

    Fuck off filipinos, especially those abu sayyaff malay looking desperados, go desperado someplace else, u and yr pp n yr fckin country is basket case of th world, yr jus lazy stupid malay breed church attendees, oh yes, dont fckin cram up our churches too, yr pest everywhere man, house of god not spared.

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