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VIDEO: Young punk shouts at elderly woman and pushes her off SMRT bus!

Posted by temasektimes on June 7, 2012

A young punk was spotted shouting at an elderly woman “Get out of the bus!” before pushing her off.

It is not known what happened between them earlier.

Watch the video below contributed by Dennis Lum:


31 Responses to “VIDEO: Young punk shouts at elderly woman and pushes her off SMRT bus!”

  1. Janet Yong said

    What right does he has to chase an elderly lady out of the bus? Why is the bus captain keeping quiet? What if he becomes violent and start hitting people? Getting up the bus does not seem so safe now..

  2. pussywagon said

    i believe its a family dispute, I may be wrong so dont judge first- every house got a hard-to-read scripture

  3. Sgian said

    Get out of the bus now!!

    I told her nicely to get off the bus….lol

  4. Jason Ong said

    goodness. what a rebel and disgrace

  5. why the boy every sentence zhao xia one. he must learn to be more courteous and work on his vocal chords. but i admire his sense of fashion , singapore so hot already , can still wear scarf .

  6. Stone said

    This guy(Alex Ong) is kinda autism and socially awkward as mentioned by his friend.

    More details:

  7. Phebe Yeo said

    I am a Singaporean living in the US for my studies, looking at how younger Singaporeans treat their elderly is just disappointing and embarrassing. What am I as a Singaporean going to tell my American friends about Singapore? =(. If i was there, i would suggest that the bus driver can ask the young guy to leave, as he is the bus driver. Indeed, they may have a fight earlier however, doing physical act may show that physical abuse is also shown in his family. Or the bus driver should call the police. I do feel bad for his family and what his future would be.

    • lol said

      you silly phebe! just show your american friends the video and they will tell you he is autistic and mentally unsound. we should be ashamed of you instead, phebe. haha and where the hell have you been living? there are things happening in america everyday that’s 100 times worse than this! lol

    • Blame the PAP said

      Last week we had a JC student using vulgarity on DPM Teo , now this case … the young in Singapore are getting very easily agitated and frustrated by the huge foreigner presence on our tiny island after the PAP let in hordes of aliens, leading to strange behavior of our young. . . . . still, this guy’s pushing the older lady is unforgivable . . . .

    • EG said

      Why shouldn’t you be proud of your own country? This is just an unacceptable behaviour from an individual and that does not equate to Singapore’s whole population. One cannot expect any country to be perfect isn’t it? Amercia does have its fair share of problem and I have lots of american friends and business associates telling me how bad they feel their country is compared to Singapore.

  8. P Koh said

    Such behaviour from a young man against an old lady is totally unacceptable regardless who is in the wrong for the commotion. There is a video on board the bus and SMRT should take this video to track down this punk. He can be prosecuted for
    using violent and disturbing the peace. The police should have been notified and the boy taken to the police station for questioning and if the explanation given is not satisfactory, then the Police Authorities should charge him for his uncivilized acts. We must bring law and order in Singapore or it will get out of hand. Also I noticed that there is little respect for the judiciary system here with many reported cases being lodged in court and the parties or sometimes one of them do not even bother to turn up for the hearing. It is a very sad state of affairs if this is allowed to go on. Wake up Ministry of Law.

  9. Phebe Yeo said

    When i wrote the first post, i had ONLY LISTEN TO THE 1st PART OF THE STORY. I had the chance to listen to the “punk” side of the story. I hope to put it up there, so people would know that 1. We should not judge the book by its cover, but by listening to the entire story. The punk who push the lady does have some challenges that he has to deal in life. He struggled with clinical depression and from studying psychology, we do know that it is a challenge to dealt with it. So i hope that before you comment on my previous comment, please read this.

    • singaporean said

      Read. He’s still an asshole.

    • Heather J. said

      Many people live with the same problems he CLAIMS to have, but they don’t attack an elderly lady on the bus. I say “claims” because there is nothing except his word to prove this… doctors statements, medical records, etc. have been brought forth to prove he has these conditions, so pardon me if I’m skeptical of the word of some lawless punk that would attack an elderly person. I’m just so sick of people making excuses and blaming others for their bad behavior. As Singaporean said….He’s still an asshole!!!

    • halala said

      still makes you a fKing moron for posting without understanding the situation in full..

      and you still there dare write “don’t judge a book by it cover”, didn’t you just did that?

      You, Pheobe Yeo, am a bigger moron/asshole compared to alex ong.

  10. KINMAN said

    guy is a freak…..or a gay. Probably a foreigner again?

  11. wanker10 said

    I wanna punch him. Punch him real hard!

  12. wanker10 said

    Dennis Lum, wtf u r doing there, taking video? U shoulf have stood up & punch that mother fucker!

    • Heather J. said

      He better be damn thankful that I wasn’t on the bus with him. Even being an old lady myself, I would have wiped the floor with his punk ass!!

  13. Tru Blu Sinkie said

    Using OCD and depression as an excuse is an insult to the millions of ppl out there who struggle with such issues on a daily basis.

    • Heather J. said

      Amen!!! And somehow they manage to not attack elderly people. I’m sure these are just more of a long line of excuses as to why he is such a pathetic excuse for a human being!

  14. Dr XYZ said

    This bloody hell guy should be canned!

  15. All kind of shitty excuses kids these days will give huh? Autism my backside. His mother should have aborted him. Wait, his mother should have been neutered in the first place. A pity.

  16. Furious said

    What is really sad is that a whole bus full of idiots do not know how to deal with the punk.

    Well done Dennis Lum, all you can do is just sit there comfortably and film the video. Why can’t you do something?

    That’s the problem with singaporeans, no one will stand up and stop injustice.

  17. Andrew Consolacion said

    now that this video had gone publice, i am interested to know what the police intend to do about it….

  18. singaporean said

    Read his pathetic attempt in getting people to ‘understand’ his plight. He seems to sees everything as everyone else’s fault, He blames it on OCD, his parents for pushing him to get a job (at 25, living off the parents and it’s the parent’s fault to push him!), the society not giving him a dream job on a silver platter (not his inability to get or hold a proper job, or his academic ability to qualify him for a ‘better’ job), and the Ferrari guy (seriously, what has the Ferrari crash got to do with this at all?)

    He deosn’t search his own soul to see what he could do about anything, and justifies his act in harming others.

    Pity his wife if he ever gets married.

    He won’t learn from this, even with the ‘stern police warning’. He’ll kill someone someday and blame it the old lady he pushed down the bus many year ago.

  19. Heather J. said

    I read his “explanation” in The World News about his behavior and I have a few things to say directly to him…….We all have hard times, but we manage to control ourselves and not get violent towards others. You have to work hard to get what you want out of life, but you complain that you are being pushed out of the house at 25 years old. What self-respecting man of 25 still sponges off his parents? No one is going to hand you what you want on a silver platter…you have to work for it. Somehow you expect to be GIVEN a job above your qualifications but then you are bitter and blame everyone else but yourself when that doesn’t happen? Maybe you should have worked harder at school or at your past jobs. Then you sit there and complain about your last job and how horrible it was, when unemployed people are out there that would do anything to have any kind of job. The rest of us put up with shit jobs and don’t quit like a whiny little baby and go running back to mommy and daddy to take care of us. All I hear are excuses, excuses, excuses for your bad behavior!! There are lots of people that HAVE walked in your shoes….many of them have had it FAR WORSE than you can ever imagine…yet they don’t resort to violence. YOU are the one who started everything by scolding the lady for pushing the bell late. Who appointed you the bus god to scold others if they do something that you deem as wrong? You CHOSE to scold her, so you have to also choose to accept her speaking angrily back to you, as she had every right to do! You have NO excuse for pushing anyone, especially an elderly person. Apology to her or not, you need some serious help and you should not be allowed to be in public until you get that help!!!!

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