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Alex Ong hauled up by police for questioning for pushing elderly woman off SMRT bus

Posted by temasektimes on June 8, 2012

25 year old Alex Ong who shot to instant fame when he was filmed shoving an elderly woman off a SMRT bus yesterday has been hauled up by the police for questioning.

In the video clip, Alex Ong was heard shouting at the woman and threatening to beat her before pushing her off the bus.

One passenger Ms Tina Chang who witnessed the entire scene told the media:

“It was not a light push, it was really hard! Had she not grabbed hold of the handle (on the door) when she fell, she would have flown off,” she said.

Alex Ong later claimed he did so because he was suffering from clinic depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

However, Associate Professor Munidasa Winslow, a psychiatrist at Winslow Clinic said having a condition is not a carte blanche credit to misbehave.

“(For) the early generations in Singapore, when we went to school the prevailing sentiment was that life is difficult. But in later generations, some people at least, seem to go in with the feeling that life is supposed to be easy, and why is it that everybody is making life difficult for me?,” he added.

Police investigations are still ongoing.


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21 Responses to “Alex Ong hauled up by police for questioning for pushing elderly woman off SMRT bus”

  1. Kate Monster, MD said

    Cherchez la femme!

  2. Janet Yong said

    Good job police…

  3. David said

    charge him in court and jail him..

  4. Alex Ong thought he had the last laugh when he pushed the old lady off the bus. He probably thought that he cld get off the hook to plead this sickness and that, being ignorant that the dastardly bully in him wld come thru crstal clear in the police investigation. Now that the joke is on him, it should wipe the smile off his face. But if it doesn’t, he’ll answer the harder when he appears b4 the judge in court.
    This dastardly young bully shd be given a deterrent sentence for the general good.

  5. Ron said

    Our bus drivers are badly trained and of course underpaid. In such incidents, the bus driver (man or lady) should stop the bus, activate the emergency button (is there one?) and call the Police. This idiot called Alex Ong had raised his hand ready to strike a woman. What an idiot and what a coward.

    I take buses often. I would have confronted him, even fight with him. I will call the Police and make sure that this rascal is arrested.

    I hope the Judge will give him a few strokes of the rotan so that he can carry the scars of the caning for life. Cowardly bastard.

  6. Melvin said

    I sympatise with him as I too was bullied in school (Primary) . The Education system sucks as it is but it still does not warrant the fact that he pushed the lady. Argue and scold her might be understandable but the slap and the push? You sound like gay fag anyway.

  7. Puzzled said

    Hooray for the police! I’m glad they know that the decision to charge Alex Ong should be made by the AG and not the police. Hope Alex Ong gets the deserved punishment – medical help if he’s really sick in the head or jail term if he is just been nasty and cowardly!

  8. theminoritydude said

  9. tccs said

    what about the 1.8m ugly Fatty. She get off scoff free for raining punches down on old Granny?

  10. SPFails said

    EHHHH. Police would bother with such a case??
    That’s so fucking rare, or was it because it’s a Singaporean aggressor.

  11. Peter said

    Alex Ong should be punished sufficiently to show the need for young people to respect their elders. Singapore should never degenerate into a country ruled by young people with stronger muscles against the weak elderlies. It is bad enough to argue loudly and behave in an unruly manner in a public place, but it is certainly an unpardonable criminal offence to apply criminal force on the sick, elderly, young children, and weakling.

  12. The Gardener said

    He’s local. Sure die cock stand.
    If FT, they can even go home to pack their stuff then go airport to catch a flight.

    • Dangel said

      You’re right man!! I’m very sure he will get punish as long as he is a s’pore.
      As for FT, especially PRC. i’m also very sure they will be FREE, the most only kana question by police only.

  13. Kate Monster said

    That’s what happens when you take public transport.
    Commuting with the (native) stinking rabble.

  14. Ken Lee said

    anyone ever wonder why? did our education really a success?

  15. pocupine said

    Alex, I hesitated if I post my comment. Who am I to judge, I asked myself? But after watching the video and your persistent ou
    tcry, I have only this to say to you. Please don’t give yourself any excuse about suffering from ACD in your facebook and seek an apology now. Some people are truly sorry for mistakes they made in life and should be forgiven. After watching this video and reading your comments in your facebook, I am sorry to say in my opinion, your apology is simply to put yourself in a better position. Alex, there are times when we felt people get on our nerves. Similarly, there are times we are likely to get on someone else’s nerve. I felt sorry for your parents. I can imagine how your parents would have felt if they get to see this video. I ain’t no saint, on the other hand I am a sinner. But at least I cried after watching this video Best wishes…

  16. pocupine said

    Sorry typo error… ‘.. I hesitated if I should post my comment.’ ‘Please dont give yourself any excuse about suffering from OCD…’ I mean to say.

  17. Kate Monster, MD said

    Crucify the cock-sucking son of a bitch.

  18. Aw, this was an incredibly good post. Spending some time and actual effort to create a great article… but what can I say… I put things off a lot and don’t seem to get anything done.

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