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Chan Chun Sing: We want to protect the financially vulnerable who can ill afford casino gambling

Posted by temasektimes on June 8, 2012

The Singapore government will ban another 25,000 financially vulnerable Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs) will be barred from entering the two casinos in Singapore from July 2012.

Third-party casino exclusion will also be extended to 12,000 individuals who are receiving short to medium term ComCare assistance which provides short term assistance to low-income families to support them.

Speaking to queries from the media, Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Chan Chun Sing said the latest measure is part of its move to strengthen existing social safeguards and to protect the financially vulnerable from casino gambling.

 “We want to protect the financially vulnerable who can ill afford casino gambling. The 2011 NCPG Gambling Participation Survey showed a small but increasing proportion of low income gamblers who betted large amounts. We want to move proactively to address this,” Mr Chan said.

He added that gambling remains a ‘multi-faceted’ problem and more safeguards will be put into place to protect the vulnerable members of society.



17 Responses to “Chan Chun Sing: We want to protect the financially vulnerable who can ill afford casino gambling”

  1. hachoiji said

    is this another way to strangle the lower income group ? obviously there are many ways to gamble besides going to the two casinos like race horsing, gambling ships and 4D betting etc….. why bring in two casinos and make discriminating rules to try and offset the odds. Life itself is already a gamble. they should try other means to try and improve the income of these group instead. running out of ideas ???

  2. 陳一峯 said

    next, you will need a permit to buy 4d and toto.

  3. Lim said

    “proactive”? -that is only after many have committed suicides, commit crimes, jump into reservoirs, harassed by loansharks, prostitute themselves, broken families due to the opening of these 2 casinos? If the govt is really sincere then ban all sporeans and PRs entry – full stop. Not piecemeal, token, wayang action yet continue to reap taxes, casino levies and millions from the misery of pathological gamblers.

    • Daft Peasants said

      If gahment ban Sinkies and PR into the 2 casino…….it will become ghost town…..
      Ha ha ha ha……bcos most of the gamblers ARE SINKIES!!!!
      Ha ha ha ha…… 早知今日,何必当初??
      Why wanna open casino liao then come out all sort of restriction??
      In the first place, don open then no problem le mah…….

  4. Utter Rubbish said

    Don’t pretend to be so righteous! If u really care, you shouldn’t have opened 2 casinos in the first place. PAP’s wayang makes me sick..

  5. voice fron the origin singapore said

    Tcss..hopeless devoted to you..ban all sporean enter casino.

  6. TaxiUncle said

    Another wayang by stupid overpaid short-asssed PAP Minister who is basically given high profile by MSM just to show that he is doing something “socially responsible”!!! please stop fooling us. What u are saying and doing is essentially nothing, remove all the cosmetic small talk and everyone knows that the stupid Minister is just making a meal out of a small statistic. Nothing concrete is really being done here, my dear newbie Minister. If really wanna do something significant, close down the bloody casinos!
    Is it a real deterent?? People on the Public Assistance barred from going casino really that big a deal???? So what!!! Those clowns can still go to Singapore pools and buy your stupid 4d and toto and sports betting! Stop fooling us to make us think you are doing something so important and concrete and MSM , please stop all your silly propoganda as Singaporeans not that stupid anymore!!!

  7. Jaded said

    bloody load of crap! if so caring, why open casinos in the first place? Or why not just ban all Sinkies from entering? Or charge $1000 per entrance fee so that only the high rollers can go in?

  8. If you really care, then you should not open 2 casino said

    If you really care, then you should not open 2 casino

    I support Utter Rubbish comment, If u really care, why you opened 2 casino in the first place.

  9. singaporean said

    they hv truly run out of ideas guys…n to think tat they r paid millions…pisses me off…

  10. Ron said

    I support the government on this. Gambling at casinos is a great way to ruin for most people if they get addicted. I have not stepped into the two casinos and I will continue to boycott them.

  11. Mel said

    Dont act like you care….you are really an ‘acting’ minister! Looking at your dishonest face makes me sick!

  12. bb said

    In the first case Casino sh not allow tp operate in SG

  13. FairGuy said

    dafuq guys? though i dislike this “keechiu” guy, at least thats a good measure right?

  14. gilbert the loser koh said

    pure pappy clown!!! he won’t win any votes in the next GE for sure by talking rubbish and acting like he’s better than everyone else!!!

  15. sher said

    Its like owning cars in Spore.Make them expensive and most natives will not be able to afford them.So in other words increase entrance fee so that only the rich can afford to enter the Casinos

  16. Ray said

    Eh? I thot garmen said that the casino did not cause Singaporeans to gamble more? Then why worry about this?

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