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DPM Teo on why he asked students to ‘think’: I want them to think ‘deeply’ about their choices

Posted by temasektimes on June 8, 2012

Beleaguered Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean has stepped forward to explain his questionable performance during the Pre-University seminar held last week.

DPM Teo was accused by some participants of dodging questions posed by students and counter-asking them for solutions instead.

Many sensitive questions were raised during the seminar including the freedom of press in Singapore, the political system and the relentless influx of foreigners which appeared to be too ‘difficult’ for DPM Teo to handle.

Despite the desperate attempts by the state media to add a positive spin to the seminar to portray it as a ‘constructive dialogue’ between DPM Teo and the students, word soon got out on the internet showing otherwise.

On student from Saint Andrew Junior College Reuben Wang later blogged:

“The participants made it extremely clear they were dissatisfied with DPM Teo- and when we asked about our concerns which we do not know what can be done to solved, he will give the fucking ridiculous reply “What do you think (can be done)?”.

He was also disgusted with the answer given by DMP Teo to ‘smoke’ them and hurled vulgarities at him:

“We seek your opinion. You gave us none. And when someone manned up and replied, “I am 17 years old, I don’t know what to do”, the crowd went berserk in applause. Fxxk you, sir.”

However, in an interview with the state media, DPM Teo defended his ‘thinking’ questions:

“I had avoided simply giving students answers during the seminar as I wanted them to think deeply about the difficult choices they had to make,” he explained.

He added that he was glad Reuben realized he was ‘wrong’ without explaining why it was so:

“I am glad he has taken the time to reflect, and recognises that what he said, as well as the way he said it, were wrong.”

DPM Teo had taken the extra effort to ARRANGE for a special meeting with Reuben Wang and his parents on Thursday during which Reuben ‘apologized’ in his presence. He also said he now “understands” Mr Teo’s perspective “much more deeply now after consulting friends, teachers and netizens”.

So, after hearing what DPM Teo has to say:



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46 Responses to “DPM Teo on why he asked students to ‘think’: I want them to think ‘deeply’ about their choices”

  1. NJC said

    You don’t even have the fucking answer yourself, don’t pretend. FUCK YOU AGAIN!

  2. Kate Monster said

    “He was also disgusted with the answer given by DMP Teo”
    What’s a DMP?

  3. Hannsg said

    DPM please don’t try to smoke again. May I ask whether it is Q&A session or Q&Q session? If Q&A then if the student ask you a question then you MUST jolly well give then a good answer?

    • Kate Monster said

      What else should he smoke? Weed?

    • Injustice and Inequality said

      Exactly what went through my mind! Why call it a Q&A session when there’s no answers involved? In fact, what’s the point of having the seminar at all when the participants will only go away with more questions unanswered? May as well call it a confusion session…

  4. P Koh said

    It must be remembered that it was a dialogue session in order to understand more of what the government is going to do with the problems confronting the nation. It is defintely not a lecture session where the lecturer throws a question back at the students to induce intellectual thinking. The students were there to learn and to understand and not to be challenged to provide the solution and that was basically what went wrong and angered this student. However, it is really unwarranted to use foul language and show so much disrespect to a Minister who has a different view of providing an answer to a question however awkward it was.

  5. TK said

    Will you feel threaten if suddenly some big fuck ask you to lim kopi with him? It is an obvious ‘extra effort’ to shut the student up and he has to apologize so that his DPM reputation is intact. Who doesn’t worry about possible legal actions from a man in power?

    • Ron said

      Agree with “TK”.

      Its obvious, the “extra effort” is a nicer word phrase to say, but the real motive is to give the student gao lat gao lat and let him see color, and make sure he dun do it again…

    • Sgt33 said

      Again, the fu.king straits times make it seems the dpm is right. What a smoke scene. Respect the 17 year old. He is able to express how he feels but of cause you are talking to a man in power, so its a smart move to admit defeat. Lets live and fight another day.

  6. jaded said

    a representative from the school was also present during the meeting. go figure it out…

  7. Mel Chong said

    Well, first and foremost, saying “F*** you!” to anyone is unacceptable lah.

  8. Eric said

    Don’t bullshit. Why government paid u so much? RESIGN!!! Don’t waste our resources to a useless person.

  9. i5htar said

    Cock is “””TALKING””” again!!!

  10. Anon said

    I think i should stomp my feet and say ‘ i dunno what to say ‘

  11. Von said


    “I had avoided simply giving students answers during the seminar as I wanted them to think deeply about the difficult choices they had to make,” he explained.

    IF YOU DON’T KNOW, SAY YOU DON’T KNOW. At least be frickin’ honest rather than defending yourself with such stupid excuses. If the students themselves know the answers, they will not ask you, idiot.

    I just can’t wait till 2016, as I will never ever vote for such person in PAP. Dear Singaporeans and the next generations who are voting in the next election, think twice before you vote. If after election some stupid citizens still vote for them and let them win, MIGRATE.

    • Sgt33 said

      What a f..king excuse to look good. Dont bullshit dpm. There is still many people around, angry with the pappies policies.

  12. Free Trolley said

    Strictly speaking, this a lecture size seminar. If he had wanted a discussion, everything should be conducted as a group discussion.

  13. WTFFF said

    (1st pic)…. Want to F*** me? I still got the last laugh(if you know what I mean) NOOB citizens.

  14. Singaporean said

    Our DPM is only good in bully people.. Mr DPM, what do u think? Please think deeply on why u were so dislike!! Too bad FB do not have this dislike button – or u confirm e winner!! Only know how to bully e weak!! Sigh!

  15. hodora said

    i think for sure
    next time electionsure wont vote pap

  16. Wmulew said

    typical anti PAP comments and post. U guys complain about PAP always telling what to do. Now they are asking what U would do to explain why they do not do it this way and everyone is slamming him for it. What do U want. Do U want them to tell U wat to do or not?

    • PervertActionParty said

      TeoCh should bring TinPL along for the next meet the students session and let Tintin humour them during Q and A.
      The students can see for themselves why she is selected as PAP MP, how well she can think. Not a bad idea to include LeeBW too.
      What say you ???

    • mahbok tan said

      First of all , the GOVT n the Party are two seperate entities.
      A minister is in the govt ….. Wrong?
      If dpm cannot answer simple request , be honest , do not hide in the bush.
      If you are employ to handle customers complaint n u do know how to handle , your boss will definitely fuck you rite….!

  17. Rustle said

    I guess people are just too lazy to think. They prefer to be spoon fed. Hahahaha.

  18. Jondemusiq said

    Dear Mr Teo…

    So you’re trying to make us think “deeply”?

    Do tell me how you’re helping by evading the questions.

  19. epnsg said

    Well, well, well. As can be seen, more and more youngsters these days are getting more politically aware and are not as pro-PAP as previous generations. DPM Teo kind of embarrassed himself with such answers. His response that he wanted students to think deeper is kind of ahem… pathetic.

    Then again, Reuben was kind of rude in his comments as well.

  20. gilbert the loser koh said

    typical high horse civil servant losing touch with the youth…good luck, the next GE they will wake up!!!

  21. HK said

    My question: If i write a personal blog (meaning not for public reading) and it was somehow being reported by the media, who should be responsible if problem arise? Who should do the apologize????

    Lucky i dont have a blog……phew…….

  22. Mugger Scholar said

    DPM TCH is the prototype of a government scholar. These people see themselves as superior beings and will not ‘condescend’ to reasoning with others. They expect others to simply listen to them.
    Over time, they have lost their faculty of reasoning and behave like fools without realizing it and oblivious to how others see them.

    TCH, you are a joke. You are only good enough to be a mugger. Perhaps you should go back to school and take your A-levels year after year just to prove that you can still think so as to regain your pride.

  23. can a PAP stooge think? said

    what a cunning excuse given by DPM Teo, when in truth, he and his fellow PAP stooges cannot think deeply on issues themselves, how else to explain the screwups?
    it should be noted he was caught taking a nap when parliament was in session, the true reflection of the number 2 man in charge of spore.
    not surprised many students found the Q and A with him a fucking waste of time.

  24. Singaporean said

    SIANZ I am staying in a police state.

  25. ad said

    That bo was forced to apologise. Since that went public, nothing was heard from TCH because the PAP machinery was working overtime to spin a nice closure – get the boy to apologise – and make TCH look good. Its all PR …. wonder what they did to the boy …

  26. Alan said

    @TCH, there are many ways to posed stimulating questions to the students. Instead, your question posed to the students reflect the lacking of depth on your part. Example of provocating questions could have been “how would absolute press freedom bring about economic success?” or “how would absolute press freedom bring about democracy ?”
    Your performance at the dialogue is really disturbing and disappointing as a DPM.

  27. George said

    Why in the first place the media did not report the exact happenings in the first place ?

  28. Dumb said

    If I’m the student, I will answer him back “I don’t know, so what do you think?”

    I don’t think he can ask that qns twice w/o giving some answers.

  29. Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Teo, KCMG, PBM, BA(Hons), MSc said

    As Teo Chee Hean’s nephew, I feel obliged to speak up in his defence. My uncle is charged with the enviable task of being 2i/c of this country; an onerous job that few admittedly have the courage and moral fibre to step up to. Uncle Chee Hean is putting up an insurmountable effort against overwhelming odds because he has the guts to.
    And more than that — from young, I have been brought up to believe that we select few at the top are a breed apart; morally infallible and logically endowed. Everyone else is a lower form of life. The leadership of this nation and the responsibility of steering it onto the path of glory is ours by birthright because we are gentlemen that keep our cool under pressure.
    Please, Singapore society is inherently unequal and socially immobile; has always been and must be to ensure our prosperity. It is as much for your good, the commoners, as it is for us aristocrats. Accept it as the serfs of the Russian and French Empires did.
    Maybe one day, just maybe, your sons and daughters might become a Professor or a Prime Minister. Anything is possible if you love the system. For the moment, accept that the battle for Singaporean hearts and minds was won at the playing-fields of Raffles.

    Thank you for your obedient understanding.

  30. Bye pap said

    It is a sad day for S’pore and a very sad future for S’pore if this guy becomes 4th generation leader…
    Anyway glad that I am an Aust PR now after GE2011 and thanks to PAP. If not I will be the one who really worry for myself and my children future in S’pore.

  31. whatever... said

    This boy did think deeply. TCH just didn’t want to acknowledge his deep thoughts.

  32. 60+ said

    If we are to think deeply, what do you think in your office, idiot.
    look at your scholars, one after another loking for free sex.
    2016 election………………….prepare to be kick out

  33. Ridz said

    What ever TCH did or did not do,does not give anyone to use vulgarity.More so coming from a student made it even worst.Be constructive in once criticism whether it’s positive or nagative .Agreed,there are issues which we Singaporean are unhappy with but it should not be the way the student presented it.As some one commented that if it so,than he will also be give the impression that he can say this to his lecturers and principal.God bless Singapore.

  34. mahbok tan said

    I will give him another “FUCK YOU , SIR”.

    Pity those 60.1% of those who vote for the Pro Alien Party.

    F U…..dpm teo….

  35. As usual the highest paid DPM in the World still did not answer the questions….put to him…..I will certainly vote him out if He stands in my constituency in 2016

  36. kaypoh said

    Haha a typical TPL reply.

  37. Francis said

    Using a question to answer back another question can be used to avoid the question altogether. Hard to know whether he is ignoring the question altogether.

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