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Pinoys threaten to ‘peel’ off skin of Singaporeans and hurls vulgarities like ‘cunts’ on them

Posted by temasektimes on June 8, 2012

In other countries, foreigners are expected to show respect to the locals and assimilate into their society, but in Singapore, it seems that native Singaporeans are becoming increasingly marginalized by the relentless influx of foreigners who are forming ethnic enclaves within their own communities due to their large numbers here such as the Filipinos.

The sense of solidarity among Filipinos in Singapore was clearly demonstrated by a fierce exchange with Singaporeans on a Facebook page calling for the expulsion of pinoy PMETs from Singapore.

For the third day in a row, Filipinos continue to hurl verbal abuse and vulgarities at Singaporeans with one Ricardo Luiz even threatening to ‘peel’ off the skin of one Singaporean Kelvin Tan:

“kelvin tan you fucking dog…you and clarence better lock all your door and window..if my punjabi dogs didnt get yu get this weekend…i would fly to singapore just to to fucking peel you alive…”

Instead of condemning Ricardo Luiz for his intimidating remarks, fellow pinoys rally around him with one calling on them to ‘keep fighting’:

“Nothing to worry my fellow filipinos…keep fighting…..there is no law against us. .We have the ryt to express our feelings here…”

After Kelvin Tan replied that he had screen-shot his remarks and will be lodging a police report against him, Ricardo Luiz continue to issue veiled threats at him and his friends:

“Kelvin Tan you fucking dog…i screen shot all d pictures of yur friends here in facebook and locating is a piece of telling yu singapore police cant touch me…tell clarence lee to hide,,singapore is a fucking small city and you cant hide yu fucking vermin.”

Another pinoy ‘FT’ Russ Lister even used an offensive term to attack a Singaporean who is defending Kelvin Tan:

Meanwhile PAP leaders continue to condemn Singaporeans who are trying to defend themselves against the hordes of foreigners flooding into Singapore.

Speaking during a community event last week, PAP Minister for Environment and Water Resources Dr Vivian Balakrishnan ranted at patriotic Singaporeans who dared to voice their concerns at the government’s immigration policies:

“The person who contemptuously speaks about immigrants could also be capable of turning against the minorities here at home.”

*Disclaimer: We are not related to affiliated to the above Facebook page in anyway.


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49 Responses to “Pinoys threaten to ‘peel’ off skin of Singaporeans and hurls vulgarities like ‘cunts’ on them”

  1. Just spreading the word to other countries. said

    -_- Seriously, you are angry that the filipinos are saying these things in a Facebook page that is called ” Pinoy PMETs – Not welcomed in Singapore”, This page provoked them. How would you feel if there was a “Singaporeans suck” facebook page.. Their actions do not represent filipino foreigners in Singapore, but it does represent their trying to defend themselves from hate against them. Know the difference people. This Pinoy PMETs – Not welcomed in Singapore page is just promoting hate and increasing the already high tension. You shouldn’t be supporting this page, really.You have even gathered attention from filipinos in other countries, even The Philippines. Temasek Times, you claim you aren’t affiliated in anyway but you promote the page which in turn is delivering a different message altogether. How is hating on a race going to get you what you want (employment, better wages, the government changing, etc)? How is hating on a race represent the voices of the Singapore people? It is no wonder the government is closing an eye to all your rants (even if some of them maybe significant). Maybe if you come up with a better argument as mature sensible people instead of simply promoting hate and playing the blame game. You want a change? Prove it, not in useless, childish hate games.

    • Jenny said

      U should see the page, it only posts things from other people or sites. Its not provoking at all.

    • Smiley said

      well said june, i m a singaporean, but i must said we (including singaporean and all others foreigner, filipino, chinese, idian etc etc) should stop all these hatred game / exchange ofd words. hate will only create and invite more hates. dont let the emotion part get us.

    • Pinoy doing themselves more harm said

      So u mean when provoked, it’s right for them to provoke the host nation back and threatened to kill their people?? Now u know the quality of foreigners we have in SG. Look at the India Indians, why they have the least conflict with us among all the foreigners. Cause the keep their mouth shut, mind their own business, and maintain a low profile. We respect that. But going online to add on to the flame wars are not doing the Pinoys any good at all. Let’s just see who will have the last laugh. Keep up the flaming and death threats Pinoys.

    • sibeiho said

      you know what…politics is a useless, childish game which plays the blame game and promotes hate…i hate to say it but this game of breeding hate will actually work…especially in the years to come…

  2. Stone said

    Many Singaporean have gotten into trouble for ‘racist’ remarks and have been charged. I wonder if such law applies to foreigners as well…

    • not racist said

      Pinoy does not belong to any 4 main races in S’pore, hence no charged and moreover most of them are “FTs”?

    • Andre said

      Your law only applies in Singapore and Singapore based website, the website is Facebook and they are posting from far away Australia, Philippines and the US go get an education you dumb fool, no Filipino PMET in Singapore would dare post in that site as they are already scared and shitting on their pants.

      • Heron said

        I don’t see how his honest question makes him a dumb fool.

        Foreigners and those on work permit should be subject to the laws of the country they work in too. So yes, those working here, who post on that webpage will still be subjected to making comments that may lead to sedition. Under old laws, that’s serious enough to warrant the ISA.

        Get yourself educated first, before you make yourself look stupid, and chide others as if you’re better, when in fact, you bear no substance. We have so many of those people here already.

  3. Cequence said

    He deserve to be jail and gang rape

  4. Voice from the Genuine Singaporean said

    don’t bother about these cockroaches…they are like cockroaches

    • DDmVoP said

      Yup. I’ve heard some who boast about them being everywhere all over the world.

      You know what else is everywhere all over the world? Starts with C and rhymes with ‘oaches’.

  5. Rustle said

    Both sides are wrong.
    Singaporeans aren’t blame free either.
    And Temasek Times is also to be blamed for helping to fan anti-FT sentiments.
    Soon we will become known to the world as a racist people.
    What a reputation we are building for ourselves when we go overboard.
    Childish people only react in kind. Mature people choose their reponses.
    How do you expect people to assimilate when you keep calling people foreign trash and all that.
    Do to others what you want others to do to you.
    Do not do to others what you do not want others to do to you.

    • hatchet man said

      eh Rustle, time to recall the one and only hatchet man to deal with bloodthirsty pinoys.
      remind our hatchet man to bring along the knuckle dusters as well and of course you can help name the alley where the pinoys can meet him. LOL

  6. There are Fake Facebook Account said

    Those Facebook account of ricardo, manhater etch.. I cannot find… FAKE? or a Black Propaganda?

  7. Voice from the Genuine Singaporean said

    Pinoy are worse than cockroaches

  8. weiliang said

    lol i hope kelvin tan doesnt listen to bruno mars though, he’s half filipino. hahaha. anyway who’s being the racist here? everyone’s just playing into this hate foreigners thing that some websites try to stoke up, when in reality foreigners contribute to sg much more than we think. an example: the nurses and volunteers you see at nursing homes are mostly PRC. we stake our claim and say that we contribute to sg when we’re the ones leaving our own parents in nursing homes and these foreigners are the ones to care for them. we say we’re singaporean but the ones taking care of the needy, the elderly, the ill, are foreigners. we complain about the speck in their eye but forgo the plank in our own eye.

    • mahbok tan said

      Wrong its the GOVT OF THE DAY , that implement this policies are to blame. Instead of getting more SGporeans to be trained as a nurse , they just import it, its cheaper u know!!!!y
      So everything must be cheap so tht profit can be higher…thats GREED(GLOBALISATION)

      • weiliang said

        there is already a global shortage of nurses. our own nursing schools are finding it very difficult to attract future nurses from the student cohort. if you know a nurse or a nursing student, ask them yourself. i agree that a lot of the foreign worker problems are because of our policies, which then alleviates the blame from the foreigners because its our policy at fault. but specifically, we do need to have foreign nurses coming in.

        you can say that is greed, but that precisely marks our capitalist society. making things cheap so that profits can be higher is a common sense thing. doesn’t it make sense to you? if you own a business yourself, wouldn’t it make sense to go for the cheapest supplier, bar that the quality is the same?

        then again, your accusation is falsified. there are foreign worker levies which make it even more costly to hire a singaporean. however, why do employers still employ foreign workers? i asked a stall vendor himself and he said that he rather hire singaporeans because the foreign worker levies make it more expensive to hire foreigners. however no singaporeans came forward for the job and in the end he had to fork out a few hundred more to hire these foreigners. so is it really foreigners stealing our jobs or pricing singaporeans out? in this example, no.

        i do believe that policies can be tweaked better, especially our immigration policy, but your accusations need to have more construction to be valid.

  9. Dogmeat said

    Foreigners ought to know their place in society.

  10. Ron said

    It will serve Temasek Times to help promote racial harmony. Just cutting and pasting angry remarks without investigating into the background is just lazy biaseness. I agree with the Filipino who said racist blogs like “Pinoy PMETs – Not Welcomed in Singapore” will provoke angry responses.

    Asian Chinese are called Chinks by racists in Australia. We are known as Yellow Skin in USA (somewhat less heard these days but I am proud to be a rich Yellow Skin than be a poor White Skin). Hong Kongers call the Whites as Kwai Lohs (foreign devils). Some expressions are tolerated and taken light-heartedly now but some are not.

    Yes, there is no need to incite racial conflicts. The issue of FTs is with the Singapore Government. Its current policy is to allow in hundreds of thousands of foreign workers. The overwhelming majority are well behaved and are contributing. There is a need for balance though.

    And for bloggers, remember the Filipinos are very good in English. And do not under-estimate them to shy away from verbal wars with you. Be mature. Take this issue up with the government. Help promote goodwill not create hatred.

    For Temasek Times, be careful of attracting the government’s attention that TT is but another racist media. You can be hauled to court and shut down. Every publisher must exercise responsibility over its content.

    • DDmVoP said

      So now our websites and non mainstream media must also cater to the FTs? Contrary to their own popular belief, they are not the center of the universe. In their own world, yes, maybe. But not here.

      TT only posts news articles that garner the most views and hits. There were pro-Govt articles as well as anti-Govt articles. Thats what an informative news platform should be. Threats of shutting it down, even under other pretexts, still will not hide the agenda; the people reserve the right to unbiased information.

  11. Singapore men like to have sex and no babies

  12. Poster Gamer said

    This is Facebook. For sure, many commenters are from overseas. Any page targetting any specific nationality on FB will sure get this response. Be generic in your complaints next time.

  13. lu now said

    Kelvin Tan should file a police report.

  14. Leo said

    Fellow Singaporeans, please refrain from hating the foreigners. It is not their faults. The root of the problem lies with our government policy. We should never vent our frustration at the foreigners. We have until 2016 to rethink our government and vote for a better future.

  15. i say what i think only... said

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    go talk about it there, more direct. don’t go through facebook, so slow

    • DDmVoP said

      Get out of here, right now. This is not a place for you to leech upon the number of visitors.

      TT would do well to charge for advertising space.

  16. 60+ said

    FT, if you think you are great, go home, don’t come to our land and start begging for work.
    You are a shame to your country. f…k off

    • weiliang said

      many filipinos who come to singapore to work just want to provide for their family, send some money back and give what they can to see their younger brothers and sisters, their children go to school and have enough to eat. their sacrifice for their family is great, thats why they’re here.

      not sure if filipinos are begging for work or we’re the ones providing the demand ourselves..

  17. ahbeng said

    y bother and get angry with a nation of prostitutes, maids and lap dancers

    • Andre said

      You haven’t been there right? If you must know a lot of property in Singapore are Filipino owned and not HDB’s but buildings and private houses

      • Stone said

        That’s the main cause why prices of properties are rocketing and causing so much troubles for the locals

      • DDmVoP said

        Go somewhere else to spread your pro Pinoy sentiments. Fool. Go flock where you are welcome instead.

      • mahbok tan said

        All properties bought by them (filipinos or indonesians or malaysians too )are very suspicious…!!
        Unless they are bona fide business people.
        Coz these countries are well known for their corruption practises.
        We also know that our GOVT are keeping their eyes closed on all these people as its the money that counts , that were park in our banks.
        So do not be proud of these people from these countries unless they are bona fide business people.

    • weiliang said

      three claps for sweeping statements

  18. Willie Tan said

    All the anger and hate have flared. Are Singaporean angry with FTs or are we angry with the policies behind FTs being in SIngapore? Hitting at FTs is not getting to the root of the problem, caused “we” have invited them in with open arms. What have we been doing to be selective with the right FTs? I sincerely think we need to relook before we leash out at foreigners. We, the true Singaporeans have repeatedly allowed ourselves to sink into this situation every 5 years or so. Please think before you blow

    • weiliang said

      agreed 🙂 most problems with foreigners isn’t the problem with them. its whether we’ve let our doors be too open. you can’t fault the foreigners for coming to work. we’re the ones giving the visas, they’re the ones seeking a better life for themselves. that’s just intrinsic human nature.

  19. Law should be strict to deter foreigners from doing irresponsible act! said

    Law should be strict to deter foreigners from doing irresponsible act!

    Why a Swiss had sentence 4 months for drawing on public wall, and Singaporean has to get may be 12 months to 24 months sentences?
    Why an ambassador was given back to his country for killing person in a road accident, and not put in arrest immediately?
    Why “Ah how of Malaysian” was allowed to go back Malaysia when he was suspected to commit a murder case in Singapore?

    Law should be fair, foreigners are Foreigner Talent according to Singapore government, and FT should be good educated and know our law, rule and regulation before they select and come to Singapore. Government will be stupid to let them using excuses such as they do not know our law, rule and regulation. It will use this excuse to “polluted” our well being society.

  20. HumanRight said

    Some people said they are Singaporean and forgot what is mutual respect. As a fellow Singaporean, you have no right to insult people from other country just because you’re from a first-world country. Cause some people just haven’t worked and contribute to Singapore’s economy yet.

  21. Denver 20 said

    All PINOYS HERE IN SINGAPORE ARE DUMB FUCKS FOR SURE! Firstly they gotta brush up on their language alike to their norms and of course mannerisms. TRY sporting that same swag here with me and I will make you forget how your mothers pinoy cunts taste like. Mabuhey fuckers!

  22. solaris8899 said

    can we have this type of so-called unwanted FTs out of my home land?

  23. Ken Lee said

    welcome to sinkapore! our GOV love you! faster create more choa!

  24. lee said

    to these racist singaporeans, u better show some respect to them.
    i m not against pinoys.but also not pro pinoys.just have some manners.

  25. lee said

    i have know some pinoys n they are good.have those who scold them, bettet look for a wall and bang into it.

  26. This is why I left the Philippines in the first place! the place is overrun by idiots! I am sincerely embarrassed.

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