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SCDF sex scandal: Peter Lim had steamy sex with Esther Goh Tok Mui in his own home!

Posted by temasektimes on June 8, 2012

Ex-SCDF Chief Peter Lim Sin Pang was so horny that he even brought one of the women involved in the sex scandal to make love in his own home!

Peter Lim was charged with 10 counts of corruption for having obtained sexual gratification from three women between May 2010 and last November in exchange for favouring their companies during IT-related tenders held by the SCDF.

One of the women, former NCS director of business development Ester Goh Tok Mui. reportedly had sex with him seven times in his Tanjong Rhu apartment which he lives with his wife.

Other than his own apartment, Peter Lim is said to have engaged in sexual trysts with Goh in public places such as at various car parks and three times in a Clementi flat. Goh has since left NCS.

Peter Lim also engaged in oral sex with Pang Chor Mui, a general manager at Nimrod Engineering, at a carpark near the Singapore Indoor Stadium; and sex and oral sex with Lee Wei Hoon, a director at Singapore Radiation Centre a carpark at Big Splash in East Coast Park and in a hotel in Paris.

According to media reports, Pang reportedly had a huge fight with her husband at her East Coast condominium two weeks ago and he was heard hurling profanities at her in Hokkien. The couple had a 17 year old son.

Till today, no photos of the three ‘enterprising’ career women have been made public.

*Illustrated photo


24 Responses to “SCDF sex scandal: Peter Lim had steamy sex with Esther Goh Tok Mui in his own home!”

  1. Teo said

    How can this pass for proper journalism? TR please stop giving your opinion and stick to facts. You bring your “news” down to the level of gossip when you start flowering your stories with words like “steamy”, “horny”, “even” and believe it or not, “EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!” Real news make people gasp, but !!!s tell people they’re supposed to “gasp now!” . And for goodness sake what’s with the numerous grammatical errors in most of your write-ups? Don’t you have editors?

    • Why like dat said

      LOL. That is part of the charm of TT. However as this site is less about actual journalism than incendiary gossip, it should call itself Temasek Tabloid.

      • TR's fan said

        Lol. How true.. except that its painstaking charm is an utterly disappointing watered-down version of news. A real tabloid has higher standards where real pics are shown and needs no illustrated pics to garner interest.

        I personally hardly read STOMP till this matter and they did a great job in giving details though it maybe from other sources.

        TR states that “We focus only on ‘sexy’ news which are of interest to Singaporeans instead of the mundane run-of-the-mill stuff.” (

    • TR's Fan :( said

      This is an undeniable fact.. pls restore our confidence in you, TR. Thank you.

      • TR's Fan :( said

        Surprisingly STOMP – Courtroom provides objective reporting of the case. Do live up to your academic training.. please?

    • EG said

      well said.

    • HORNY PICTURE said

      TR please try your very best to hunt down the picture of the women.

      • TR's fan said

        You will probably see the pics of the women in the mainstream publications or websites before TR ever shows them.

    • Ariarania said

      Ditto on that

  2. 3 BJ queens.

  3. jack the horny toad neo king of all horny toads said

    fact is fact…why so worked up? fact is that this idiot civil servant used our hard earned money to get his education and his career thanks to us…he abused his power and think he can get away! that is the programme!!! so why do you want to do editing and proper journalism at this point? you retired english teacher nothing better to do issit?!!!

    • TR's fan said

      Good point on that the country’s money has been used to groom him. Singapore is a place where children are brought up in a incomplete education system ie. character is not nurtured to enable a high performer to apply their knowlege and capability rightly. Somehow over the years, education has lost its meaning here except the impartation of knowledge and skills, and time is spent on admin stuff rather than helping children to learn creatively (feedback from teachers).

      MOE recognises that they need to foster the climate it once used to be:
      – Mrs Chong (
      – Mrs Cordeiro (
      Oops… why no portrayl of male teachers 😦

      If Peter Lim and the ladies are single and there is no corruption, we need not be bothered about anything here should there be mutual consent of normal, willing adults in a relationship unless there are laws that governs dating behaviour. Just stating facts…

      All of us wants to know the facts else we could very well read some romance novels or view a library of R(A) pics. I think “Uncle Teo” meant a honest presentation of facts without hype and not being perfect in english and grammer per se.

      Wonder if anyone in TR involved in reporting on Peter Lim’s incident is a government scholar? Besides money, time is very precious too and TR knows very well that most would not pay for the “romance” reports they published.

  4. Qwerty said

    Fully agree with the above commentor. TR really gotta buck up. This isn’t edmw site.

  5. Meghan Xie said

    Teo, TR is fucked up. They’re always posting news with the purpose of inciting anger amongst Singaporeans. I stopped reading their news.

    • KP said

      Agree. Should provide more harmonious living as a gracious society. Inciting dispute is likely
      If one’s is weak in thinking processes. There are nice people
      From all races and all walks of life. One people one nation One Singapore!

  6. Bernard Deng said

    “News these days are not news anymore. It has become gossip.

  7. Ron said

    It is so unfair on the wife and family. This accused Peter Lim is now a criminal and is a nobody. He is lower than even the humble toilet cleaner who has never committed a crime. He is jobless and will be for a while. Anyway, unless he has good connections, he is not likely to get a good job. And he better not tell a lie when he fills in his entry forms to many countries: Have you committed a crime?

    Migration? Forget it. How to get the Good Conduct report without mentioning this crime?

    All because he allowed his lust and his dick to rule his head. He had a very well paid job, one that many will envy. He had the chance of being promoted to even higher levels… even to be inducted into the elite circle and be a Minister. He gave it all away.

    I wish him good health. In extreme stress like this, his body is suffering internally and can break down. His life may even be shorter as a result. What a tragedy.

    He is confined mainly to his condo which is now an unbearable prison facing his family and probably deserted by many sunshine friends. In Sporel, you can become a pariah once you fall from grace.

    • TR's fan said

      If this matter just consist of extra-marital affairs, it probably would not be discovered and at most his family can deal with it discretely coz we know “everyone makes mistakes” (not condoning it).

      Well, this is the route he has chosen and one needs no academic degree to be aware of its consequences. I would not worry about his financial situation and it’s probably not a worry for him too. Furthermore, the family and close friends will give him emotional support eventually.

      “If convicted of corruption, for each charge, the former SCDF chief could be jailed up discre to five years and fined a maximum of $100,000.” (

  8. kaypoh said

    high pressure top job need to “release pressure”… now no job lagi need to release pressure…. Maybe he can get a job hiring cleaning aunties, where in order to confirm job can give “special benefits” ??? Quite convenient somemore, got toilet to do it in. :))

  9. Wakey said

    This kinda things are happening all the time. Only he suay kena caught la. Singaporeans wake up la. Want become first world still want to pretend to live like kampung days. Face reality. No wonder PAP still so strong in power.

  10. Anjali Narasimhan said


    Exactly. And also, do you also remember what had happened to TT Durai? And Chee Soon Juan? Late Dr LIm Hock Siew? And the list goes on.

  11. Hartono J Ong said

    Aiya… Down a SEX Educated Chief, no one find out mah

  12. It takes two to tango!

  13. Adrian Chai said

    I only read when theres a link sent to me. I must say when i first started noticing TR, it seemed objective and unbiased. However, it feels like a personal forum/blog rather than journalistic or editorial content worth reading. Im glad there are others who feel the same like me on TRs increasing lack of journalistic integrity.

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