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SHOCKING: Korean ‘FT’ beat Singaporean cabby unconscious!

Posted by temasektimes on June 8, 2012

The police have arrested a 30-year-old Korean ‘FT’ (pic left) for beating a Singaporean cabby unconscious yesterday morning.

According to media reports, the driver had picked up the passenger after receiving a phone booking. The Korean man shouted at him to drive to the airport and threw his luggage into the car boot before breaking a door handle by forcefully pulling open the door.

The taxi driver stepped out of the cab to call the taxi and tried to take a photo of the man which provoked him further. The Korean man then charged at the taxi driver and punched him repeatedly on his head and back till he blacked out.

Upon regaining consciousness, he continued to attack him again till he begged him to stop.

The police arrived just as the man was trying to retrieve his bags from the car boot.

A spokesperson from ComfortDelgro told Yahoo News:

“We are shocked to learn about the incident and certainly do not condone passengers displaying such aggression towards our cabbies, especially since our cabby had done nothing to provoke the passenger in this instance.”


25 Responses to “SHOCKING: Korean ‘FT’ beat Singaporean cabby unconscious!”

  1. This Ft, if a PR or already a citizen, shd hv his PR and citizenship status revoked, plus the outcome of the police investigation if he is proven to be the offender as reported. His expatriation wld be the best solution to his case.

    • Andre said

      talk cock, go do it yourself write a petition to ICA to revoke said PR or citizen let’s see if you even have the guts or understanding of the law

  2. Puzzled said

    Hope this Korean guy get many years jail & many many strokes rotan!

  3. P Koh said

    Oh! Oooh! Not another case involving FT or is it just speculation? Get the facts before writing anything that can stir up anger and hatred of the locals.

  4. denzuko1 said

    The Korean man won’t have to worry, the Singapore judicial system will let him go one way or another. Just apply for leave of absence to handle business oversea.

  5. skeptical said

    oh, the source of information?

    Mod’s note:

    ST, Yahoo News, go and check out yourself.


    Oh wait. 1 day in jail i guess.

  7. spotlessleopard said

    Lets see how the Court handle this foreigner.

  8. George said

    Please do not expect a good pushiment for the Korean, he would get a light slap on the wrist and th matter settled. If tt was our fellow,Singaporean who beat up the cabby driver i can spell the pushiment the Singaporean will get.

  9. Ron said

    This Korean bastard needs to get six strokes on his buttocks and I hope the guy who canes him put in his max. strenght so that this idiot’s backside is shredded to pieces. After that he should languish in prison for a year to learn his lesson. He is a disgrace to S. Korea. Let’s see of the Korean embassy will say something.

  10. Exaggerated said

    Since Comfort Delgro’s spokeperson said, “We are shocked to learn about the incident and certainly do not condone passengers displaying such aggression towards our cabbies…………..”

    So what is Comfort Delgro gonna do? I hope it is not just talk only and no action.

  11. Sporeans really gone fuccked at the mercy of FTS .

    • cloudy said

      dont you know, now we Sporean are the foreigners in our own land & the FT are given the best as locals. Recent news on a maid who try to poison the employer n got only 5months sentence. Do you think if Sporean did this act, will
      we be given the same sentence ??

  12. voice fron the origin singapore said

    We welcome Korean bastard to hurt our Sporean?

  13. UsedToBePAPSupporter! said

    Ai yah…what to do as long as the PAP government reign supreme & rule in Singapore, native Singaporeans will constantly & forever be the punching bags of these so called ‘Foreign Talents’…or perhaps Foreign Trashes & False Talents instead!!!

  14. Ken Lee said

    wow become cab driver also like that! what have they do to us?

  15. Leo said

    FT or not, his action disgusted me. Hope our PAP court gives him the correct sentence. Give our local cabby a fair judgement.

  16. I will be back said

    Sue him till his pants drop

  17. mahbok tan said

    The more SGporeans kena hamtam the better…coz they have not repent….!!!

    Go hamtam somemore…especially those 60.1%…..!!! Wish you all 60.1% good luck.

  18. Singapore men are wimps

    • Andre said

      All that years of NS gone to waste then? I thought all Singaporean men who did NS are real life RAMBO’s like the Swiss

  19. crosscut said

    Voluntarily causing grievous hurt is covered by Section 325 of the Penal Code which currently stipulates that it “shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 7 years, and shall also be liable to fine or to caning.”

    This is the offence that the Korean guy has committed. And I have served my National Service in the Police Force so I know my stuff. Anything less and I’ll see how system in Singapore works. You don’t just punch somebody until he is unconscious and get away with a warning….

  20. Rachel said

    Should send the Korean FT to jail for assaulting. A dangerous man to the public!

  21. Genghis khan said

    Some taxi drivers deserve to teach a lesson and get whack but this time, the fucking FT is too much!

  22. OJ Ang said

    Let’s see how much is the bail this time. And if he could try to get out of the country by giving stupid excuses.

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