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Singaporean applying for job at RWS has to pay entrance fee to enter swimming pool for test

Posted by temasektimes on June 8, 2012

I applied for a job at the soon to be opened marine life park position for a managerial position., I went for a swim test in April (which RWS called me to go at last min, and which I have to pay the entrance fee to enter queenstown swimming pool) and also a interview at a CC the next week (actually it was more like a RWS mass recruitment session).

After enduring the RWS briefing and waiting for my turn, the interviewer (actually a life guard) said that RWS senior managers were not available to interview me and he (lifeguard) will interview me (applying for a managerial position instead). To date I have receieved no reply from RWS on the status of my application.

This is the sorry state of our affairs. Big firms may not be prioritizing Sporeans for their hires and they don’t care a hoot about the rank-and-file Sporeans who are actively seeking jobs.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times


22 Responses to “Singaporean applying for job at RWS has to pay entrance fee to enter swimming pool for test”

  1. spotlessleopard said

    As long as the Government (now PAP) marginalise its citizens …the Employers will take a cue and do likewise…

    Things can only change when the PAP sits in the Opposition Section Benches of the Parliament.

  2. Clowny said

    Its a decoy, if u think hes just a normal lifeguard then u are wrong.
    Its a kind of situation test whether u treat everybody equally..if u can post that u mind having a lifeguard to interview you…
    yes, i think they are right not emply you

    • Thomas said

      I am HR practioners with more than 25 years of broad HR experience incl last 7 years in local airline.

      I speak for my company. We may test a cadet pilot’s social interaction in luncheon with senior pilots & management but expectations are clearly communicated to candidates. We do not use decoy & never require candidate to pay for anything thru entire interview process.

      All candidates, incl pilot applicants, who are not selected for interview will receive an email rejection. All who went thru physical or phone interview will receive both phone & letter rejection. Even if candidate is based overseas.

      My view is that all applicants should be treated with respect & empathy (for the unsuccessful ones).

  3. TaxiUncle said

    Bro, I emphatize with you as I went thru a similar experience with MBS. Went to e2i for “Industry preview with IR” and applied for their car park valet post. They were then recruiting many due to just-opened IR. They gave me a job “trial” with MBS, whereby we had to do a trail run drive thru the parking area with the new BMW5 series. No problemo for me as I did some part-time work as car park valet before and can drive even Maseratis and Porsches. I passed the test with flying colours.
    Unfortunately, I broke my toe and had my leg in a cast some time later. MBS called up for interview proper, I told the HR I broke my leg and asked them to give me 2 weeks to get back to them as I was keen to obtain the job, which pays a basic monthly sal of $1,200. Guess what?? They not only refused me but didnt even bother to give me any reply despite my many follow-up attempts.
    These IRs are here at invitation of the stupid PAP govt, they make billions in profits, yet no authority bothers to regulate their unfair HR practices against Singaporeans. In fact, they intentionally discriminate against Singaporeans in many of their hiring policies, many disguised and remaining unchecked bec our just-as-idiotic MOM don’t give 2 hoots and only use policies to protect the interest of the “impt foreign based MNCs”.
    Personally, I have made hundreds of applications to both RWS and MBS and applied all kinds of jobs from theme-park operator to any casino job that pays not more than 1.5k sal. Did not get a single interview , yet all the unfilled positions go to fts by the many thousands! Isn’t there something really wrong with this picture???

    In the end, I drive taxi since no job offers from anyone or anywhere. Can tell u that all government agencies such as WDA, e2i, SNEF, CDC,MOM and eventually the shiiity PAP gamun, all bloodly useless and only good meeting the needs of all the fts who come here so easily to obtain jobs. Singaporeans, esp those of us above 45, we are the those they prefer to forget as we have outlived our expiry date!!

  4. Jaded said

    the driver has fallen asleep… time for the co-drivers to take over!

  5. Puzzled said

    For a potential manager, why quibble over entrance fee to enter Queenstown swimming pool? From the letter, I can’t see any connection between the “RWS Senior Manager” who did not turn up for the interview and “not prioritising Singaporean” for the job? Is the writer saying that the interview was conducted for Singaporeans only?

    • Su shing said


      I was one of the many others, applying for lifeguard, technical & other marine life park positions that were called up for swim test like writer correctly said.

      Futhermore the tester did not & cannot explain why I, applying for a shore technical position, needs to do the 1 min tread water w arms out of water test. I poised this qn to interviewer a week later & he can’t explain why too.

      We had to pay for pool entrance. I think what he meant was not really the amount but absurdness. When one goes to zoo for job interview, does one buy an admission ticket?

    • Downer said


      I turn qn back to u.

      Why can’t a company with HUNDREDS OF MILLION $ in PROFIT, foot the one dollar entry fee for applicant?

  6. Jardel said

    Please ask yourself. Who did you vote before GE 2011? You reap what you sow. Remember your vote can change not only your life but your family as well. If 60% thinks that PAP is still the party who will take care of singaporeans, then I think we will have to bear with it or if you can’t, please migrate to other countries and where you can see how their government really take care of their own citizens even in the brink of collapse.

  7. singaporean said

    very true spotlessleopard..

  8. Ron said

    This is disgraceful. What qualifications has a lifeguard got to be able to interview candidates for manager’s positions? I am not being biased but a lifeguard is a lifeguard. Is there a job title called Lifeguard Manager or Lifeguard CEO etc.

    The entry fees to the pool is not an issue and this candidate should not even raised that. Might as well complain the he had to pay the bus and MRT fares and buy his roti prata just to be ready for the interview. If he got the position will he be complaining here?

  9. haha said

    lol joke.. need to reimburse you for cab fare or not?

    • Taffy said

      You working? Regardless if one gets selected, how would you feel if interviewer surprised you & asked you to pay for interview when you enter the room. Even if it’s just 10 cents. How will you feel about this company?

      I empathize w chimes. He did not complained about can fare or prata money but on having to pay when he arrived for interview, in this case swim test.

  10. Chimes said

    In my view, the recruitment practice at RWS is quite representative of many large companies locally. RWS tied up with e2i in their job recruitments in their various departments, incl for vacanncies at the casino game tables. While I understand that RWS has volumes of applications to go thru, I am surprised of their poor recruitment and interview processes. I give another example, If you apply to RWS for say 3 job positions in more than two departments or seperately in a span of a few months , you may have to fill up the same sickening e2i AND RWS recruitment forms over again. Ditto for printing and send CVs and supporting documents for different interviews. This is especially frustrating as significant time and money is spent preparing this paper work and RWS don’t even bother to reply on your application status. A few friends and I have feedback (or rather complained to both e2i and RWS) on this but nothing seems to be done. As many of the applicants who suffer the same fate as me are not that highly educated, one seldom hear of such grouses on the social or online media.

    In another example, RWS published for the requsite for the role of dive manager was Australian Diver Qualifications instead of requiring an equivalent internation standard. Guest what? They eventually recruited someone from Down Under for this role. You go put two-and-two together.

    On a personal note, I am disheartened to see that many of the top jobs, i.e. directors, operation managers and vets, are non-Singaporeans. I am not against this if the foreginers has the higher skills to fill these top jobs but it will be a pity if foreigners continue to fill up such roles in the next five years. It means Singaporeans are not groomed to take up these roles and will be forever condemned to simple jobs such as guest relations, park wardens, aquatic specialist (aka lifeguards), and donning cartoon character suits.

  11. Frustrated said

    I applied for park operations & entertaiment crew position a month ago online. Rws staff then called me to attended an interview in north east.

    I was very excited. I thought i was shortlisted. Wore a suit & tie, bind my resume & rehearsed for the interview questions.

    To my great disappointment, it was a e2i-Rws job fair I was invited to. Hundreds of other applicants were there & in front of me. I have to wait, endure a long briefing, wait again to wait yet again to submit even more forms & finally got to interview hall.

    I was sweating, overdressed, & waited more than 3 hrs. Interviewer was kind but I was very annoyed when she asked exactly what position I applied for, salary info & other info. I told her it was Rws tt called me to come & these info were already submitted online.

    Interviewer apologized and revealed that she was not from Hr, cfm tt I was not on shortlist just like everyone else on the hall, & she has to follow an sop on documents to collect. Her manager also did not inform her of the full interview process & if or when I will be called for application update.

    Seems that the hiring process is still as screwed up as before.

  12. Jones said

    Anyone mind sharing what is salary like in rws? Thank you

    • sad said

      I will tell you went I leave rws

    • JIan said

      For shift, theme park crew approx 1.2k entry. Uniform & meals provided. Next lvl is team lead & then area lead (aka supervisors). About $500more. As this is shift work, except for public holidays it is not easy to clock OT or other allowances. No tips also. Then asst & managers. $3k – $5k. Expected to work weekdays & most weekends or major holidays.

      Managers also do scheduling, liaise w training managers for training, etc.

    • Kakoo said

      Rws managed to hire a few experience public pool lifeguards for supervisory positions. The rest r young, newly trained & definitely underpaid ‘aquatic specialist’.

      I am one of them. Mayb I’ll do it for a year & see how. I am no where near 2,000 & do not expect to earn this much in next 5 years.

  13. peter said

    well you have my sympathy but this situation isnt only common here its common every where. nothing that we can do can ever stop it but the only solution to this is to be a F-T too 🙂 my two cents

  14. jobless local said

    what is one swim pool ticket ?

    SAF rob all local males of 2 years of their youth.

    NS is killing Sg.

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