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A Singaporean’s experience of working in the Philippines

Posted by temasektimes on June 9, 2012

About 15 years ago, in my profession as a Researcher, I was sent to Quezon City. It was one hell of an experience. Even when I was working in Jakarta. I did not have to fear so much for my safety!

But in Quezon City, the boss of our research partner company even forbade me from going anywhere by myself, not even to the office which was literally a 5 mins walk from the hotel that I was staying in.

Instead, I was given a personal chauffer to take me anywhere I wished to go to. The boss even doubled up as my personal bodyguard when he was not too busy.

He told me that in Philippines, the number of women and children being raped are just unbelievable and many of such cases went unreported due to the cultural and social stigmatisation associated with rape act. What a sad country!


*The above was first posted as a comment on Facebook


18 Responses to “A Singaporean’s experience of working in the Philippines”

  1. P Koh said

    That was fifteen years ago. I hope the situation has changed today. If not, those Pinoys working in Singapore should be thankful that they are given employment here and should stop criticizing Singaporeans for whatever they are worth.

  2. Kate Monster said

    Ignorance begets ignorance amongst the rabble.

  3. Tony said

    Now you know why so many Pinoys are running away from their own country.

  4. hachoiji said

    I am not surprise at all. Been there and its a cowboy town. Residents there formed their own security guard posts too.

  5. SgGuy said

    I have lot of colleagues from other countries (as most of us do, by choice or not) and when you hear stories from them about where they come from, you will understand why many choose to make it home in SG. That said, there is nothing wrong with their decisions to be here in SG. However, the problem lies with the opening of the floodgates in the search of GDP via cheap labour. Who are the actual ones that screw us up?? The foreigners or our own elites??

    Things have got to a level that the citizens can no longer tolerate and start to speak or act out. This is good for our country as this is a sign of a country’s maturing and perhaps to rid one more lousy oppressing government from the world’s map.

    • mahbok tan said

      That’s the truth , the GOVT of the day are not having their heart with the people of SGpore .
      Blame ourself for situation that we are facing now .

  6. Ron said

    I have not visited the Philippines and do not intend to go there after hearing about how unsafe it is and the frequent kidnappings of the Chinese. Two Chinese businessmen from Guangdong were kidnapped a week or two ago in Southern Phillipines.

    Why risk my personal safety even though they have some very nice scenery? I am sorry that Phillipines has not demonstrated it can take care of itself and provide security for visitors.

    I recall the botched rescue operation in which many HK tourists died in that bus hijack incident. I lived and worked in USA, China, Batam and many other places. Yet, somehow I felt safe enough to go out by myself in these places.

    • adapting to locals lah! said

      The victims obviously attracted attention by displaying wealth….wearing a gold rolex, gold chains, pendants, bracelets, talk big in public about their wealth, saying everything is cheap, cheap, dress too well, giving all the clues they are some big time business man or tycoon.
      My friends and I have been in and out of many places in the Philippines for the past 3 decades and we still enjoy our stay and the hospitality shown to us….LOL

    • Andre said

      please don’t come here I will personally kidnap you

      • he's asking for it said

        And don’t forget to sodomise him many times as a farewell gesture so he can consider going back to relive the same experience.

  7. Often there said

    I just back from Quezon city yesterday and also
    Often travel there including other ASEAN countries every week. Sad to say for my last 18 years of traveling I am only being robbed onces with knife point. That is my own country Singapore in the evening when I was strolling in the downtown near orchard road. So I just like to say every countries has it crime. There is nothing to be alarm.

  8. Hojing said

    Sounds like a shithole of a cesspool, fuck up country that breed pigs.

  9. Just Spreading The Word To Other Countries said

    The writer was a foreigner in The Philippines and was treated with utmost respect and the people ensured she was protected. yet instead of being grateful, you further defame the country by calling it “sad”. Yes, it maybe sad, but at least they are aware of the dangers and made sure to protect you. That hospitality is worth mentioning. Crime is everywhere my dear readers.

    • Admit it said

      At least sad is better than worse. Hospitality is different from bodyguard protection due to the writer was in a highly dangerous country. Yes crime is everywhere but sadly philippines has a much higher crime rate.

    • admit it said

      Sad is still better than worse?
      Bodyguard protection is not hospitality, it was provided for her becos that country is just too dangerous.
      Yes, crime is everywhere but sadly that country has a much higher crime rate.

  10. Just Spreading The Word To Other Countries said

    Also, I am very sure the Filipinos in Singapore are grateful for living in Singapore. But with all this animosity against them how do you expect them to show it or even attempt to integrate when they are criticized left right and center by certain Singaporeans. I admit some of their ways may seem inappropriate and often misunderstood for vile and rude, but if no one tells them anything personally and immediately hold their actions against them, how will they know? there has to be compromise on both sides. I have the highest respect for Singapore especially having been raised there and I admit there are some bad representations of Filipinos, but like any other individual, they are all different. Qualities should not be classified into races as any individual can possess them.

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