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Ex-husband of Pang Chor Mui defends her: She is a ‘simple’ and ‘naive’ woman

Posted by temasektimes on June 9, 2012

The ex-husband of Pang Chor Mui who was reported to have given oral sex with ex-SCDF Chief Peter Lim Sin Pang at a carpark near the Singapore Indoor Stadium has spoken up in defence of her.

Speaking to queries from the media, he described his ex-wife as a ‘naive and simple’ woman, stressing that she had never been a ‘loose woman’.

He admitted that he had strayed before, and that his wife had asked for divorce after she found out about his infidelity. They met each other when studying in a local polytechnic and were married for three years.

Neighbors told the media that she moved in with a man with a teenager son five years ago.

Pang’s colleagues at Nimrod Engineering also agreed that she is a ‘simple’ woman who is friendly and wears little make-up.


25 Responses to “Ex-husband of Pang Chor Mui defends her: She is a ‘simple’ and ‘naive’ woman”

  1. grammar police said

    Temasek Review has to go back to Primary school for some English lessons.

    “The ex-husband of Pang Chor Mui who was reported to have given oral sex with ex-SCDF Chief Peter Lim Sin Pang at a carpark”

    So who was the one who did the deed? Husband or Ms Pang?

    This is why trashy inaccurate news requires trashy imprecise journalists to do it.

    • Alacrity said

      Are you dumb or what?
      “The ex-husband of Pang Chor Mui who was reported to have given oral sex with ex-SCDF Chief Peter Lim Sin Pang at a carpark”

      The ex husband of the supposedly woman who was reported to have given oral sex duh.
      Blind fool.

      • z said

        I LOL-ed. It takes a person with bad grammar to appreciate bad grammar. Not only did you not understand and reproduce the ambiguity, you added a gem in the form of “supposedly woman”. You and TR deserve each other.

      • grammar police said

        Alacrity. Well done. You just shot yourself in the foot

        Perhaps you need to take vocabulary lessons on top of the required grammar lessons as well. I’m ashamed as well as perturbed at the the standard of English average Singaporeans have, especially when our government prides ourselves as the best English speaking South-East Asian country.

        Yours truly,
        Alleged Blind Fool

  2. P Koh said

    Let us not dwell further into something which does not benefit any one and allow this matter to pass and hopefully in time it can be buried if not forgotten. For one moment, think of the situation that if we were in her position, what stress would we be undergoing and appreciate that the less this matter is brought up, the better it is. I hope she is strong enough to live through this tiring times and continue with life as usual.

    • continue with her loose life.

    • Hoseek. said

      I put myself in her position, though I want to close the deal very much, but I can’t find myself opening mouth to suck cock leh. How?

      • typical habit of MIW said

        In order to climb fast in the world of the MIW, it is imperative to suck cocks.
        After that you make others suck yours when you rise higher and higher in the ranks. Just look at the behaviour of all PAP stooges to confirm my observation.

    • Dogmeat said

      I blame God/Devil for placing people in such a predicament (and PAP also a culprit here) and allowed this moral decay to happen. Nothing to do with the person who’s doing the sucking.

  3. Hoseek. said

    She’s not loose? Then I feel like a saint.

  4. What isthe difference between the 3 women and our highest paid Politicians in the World?……

  5. Geo said

    Wondering why recently, the authorities are spending so much tax payers money on these cases, nothing better to do then mobilization of police, the courts and what “not” civil services to dig, investigate and charge these cases, especially the underage girl case .

  6. Ah Loot said

    For her she should start applying for PR to China.

  7. Ben said

    Should let her have some space. Tt is too much.

  8. Dogmeat said

    Pang Chor Mui is a “simple” and “naive” woman, who will go down on other married men strictly for business.

  9. Ron said

    Let’s not mince words. All these women are no different from prostitutes. They sell their bodies for fat sales commissions. The prostitutes in Geylang collect after one session. These women hope to collect far more after multiple sessions. If not, they probably black-mailed him or even leak it to the CPIB. Someone must have nailed this SCDF chief.

    And to be exposed for all their friends to know that they were are whores is such an embarrassment. The law cannot hide them as they are adults and knew what they were doing. The trial will bring out more lurid details unless this criminal (again I wil not mince my words) pleads guilty.

    Such despicable practices bring shame to Singapore, to the multitudes who earn an honest living in ethical ways. Peter Lim has lost his career, his hard-earned prestige. His scholar achievements are useless now. His family is suffering such great shame. He friends are aghast as his wrong-doing. All because he could not control his Dick. And all because we have whores in the IT industry too.

    • Steve Lee said

      @Ron. Thank you Ron. Well said.

    • Small head win big head lose said

      He let his small head rules over his big head. May be he does not like to be the head of SCDF, too big for him as he prefers small head?

    • peter is product of PAP said

      come off it Ron, these women are alot better than the prostitutes we see in parliament who take taxpayers’ money but suck cocks of one father and son

  10. big head and small head said

    He let his small head rule over his big head…
    May be as a head of SCDF is too big for him, that’s why he choose small head over big head?

  11. joker said

    Now the whole world knows how cheap Singaporean white collar women are. These 3 women do not realise how ‘sia sway’ they are in the eyes of the public ah!

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