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JC student ‘fxxked’ DPM Teo saga: Are we having the best leaders for Singapore?

Posted by temasektimes on June 9, 2012

I do indeed applaud the bravery of the student who hurled strong words of abuse at dpm. to us all, the all powerful DPM deserves it, maybe with him and his party clutching by their tips at the seats of power, he probably has obligations to follow, every word he says can be used against him, and in such times of uncertainty, he has little choice but to try and bounce the questions back to the audience for fear of embarrassing the party and himself.

However, the irony of it all is that he has reflected to us his incompetence as a deputy prime minister,and really, if we were to continue leaving our beloved country in the hands of such people, then the future of singapore is definitely compromised.

They say experience is the best teacher, yet these people who have a wide pool of experience under their belts seem to have no means to answer questions that are aimed at them by the audience, and that is a rather petrifying thought to us all. could these men who are currently leading sgp have become incapable of giving wise opinions and answers in the heat of the moment?

The incompetence of them to provide even politically right answers under stressful conditions let us wonder whether its time to drain the old blood, and fill it up with a new generation of ministers that are able to be even more competent and efficient than the current batch of parliament…

Daryl LIM

*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times


17 Responses to “JC student ‘fxxked’ DPM Teo saga: Are we having the best leaders for Singapore?”

  1. CKMPD said

    A strategy of weak leaders when they have no answer is to try to buy time and substance by bouncing the question to others. TCH lacks substance and had no answer to many questions posed and tried his luck by diverting the questions to the audience. This is a known and age old strategy of poor and ineffective leaders.

    Strong leaders will just impose his views and opinions on others.

    TCH is no LKY.

  2. simon foreman said

    DPM Teo should step down for the good of the PAP and also to singaporeans ,” his phrases are often insensitive and outdated.

  3. Wmulew said

    The author have either never attended any institute of higher learning or never been to any thought provoking seminar. Asking the opinions of an audience is a common technique used by most speakers to allow more participation from the audience. In this case where political issues are concern, there is no such thing as a right or wrong answer. To think that PAP is always wrong or always right is just stupid. For every action there are consequences, what DPM Teo did was to ask the student what they did and then told them the possible consequences of their actions. This of coz only works if the audience are mature enough to think and open minded enough to accept new ideas. It is apparently loss of the author, at least the 17 yr-old student realize why the event was done in such a way after thinking about it. U can tell from his blog that when he went to the event his mind was already closed and everything that DPM said was going to be wrong but it made sense after he open up his mind and actually make use of his brain to think rather then hate

    • CKMPD said

      It was not a tutorial nor discussion where the facilitator solicits different views and opinions. It was a DPM speaking to 17 yr old Singaporeans. It showed a weak leader without answers evading tough questions.

      I cant imagine LKY at his prime doing what TCH did. That’s the difference between a strong and effective leader who gets the audience to see his point of view and a weak leader like TCH who tries to musk his weakness by trying to convince us that he was getting audience feedback and discussion.

    • CKMPD said

      “There is also an epidemic on dodging questions. Whenever a question which hit home was asked, he simply asked for the next question. To the point where he skipped 7-8 question in a row on freedom of speech and other topics the PAP is scared of. He also maneuvered as a politician would- when asked about freedom of press, he diverted into the problems of the US press and not mention about the state of Singapore- fearing cooperate interests in free press, championing “responsible press”

      Dear WMulew,

      Does the above account give you a better understanding of TCH’s leadership qualities? I hope WP challenges TCH in the People’s Court at the next GE and send in a team to contest TCH’s GRC. TCH was overconfident when he challenged LTK to sue him in the SG Courts. But we know the SG electors will be a better judge than SG Judiciary

    • CKMPD said

      “Asking for solutions from the students at the first instance questions are asked, to be followed by grilling the students on their solutions, will leave the audience still at a loss what the govt’s official stand is, a very unsatisfactory outcome.

      The DPM in this instance looked upon the students in a condescending way and did not prepare well for the occasion, the same way he had insulted the intelligence of the electorate at Hougang with his allegations. In both cases he had underestimated his audience.”

      Dear Wmulew,

      The above comments debunk your comments. They show that TCH is a weak leader

    • Use your EQ said

      What do you think should be done?

  4. durianking said

    we have to look at TCH’s boss too….the most useless of all.
    a weak leader begets weak leaders.

    the positive thing that can come out from this mini saga is for all students in Singapore to see their parents’ hard earned tax money being wasted on good for nothing ministers, bearing in mind they are the highest paid on the planet…and remember this when they reach 21.

  5. Unbalance work distribution for the two DPM said

    Unbalance work load distribution for the two DPM

    Please do not blame him, as he hadn been shouldered with too many responsibility,and he is “overloaded” unlike the other deputy PM. Our PM LSL should look into how to distribute work more balance to these two DPM.

    • CKMPD said

      TCH is overworked? Which other country has one PM two DPMs?

      A small country like SG needs one PM and two DPMs because we have weak leaders.

      Despite having PM and DPMs, SG is so fragmented and badly governed.

  6. Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Teo, KCMG, PBM, BA(Hons), MSc said

    As Teo Chee Hean’s nephew, I feel obliged to speak up in his defence. My uncle is charged with the enviable task of being 2i/c of this country; an onerous job that few admittedly have the courage and moral fibre to step up to. Uncle Chee Hean is putting up an insurmountable effort against overwhelming odds because he has the guts to.
    And more than that — from young, I have been brought up to believe that we select few at the top are a breed apart; morally infallible and logically endowed. Everyone else is a lower form of life. The leadership of this nation and the responsibility of steering it onto the path of glory is ours by birthright because we are gentlemen that keep our cool under pressure.
    Please, Singapore society is inherently unequal and socially immobile; has always been and must be to ensure our prosperity. It is as much for your good, the commoners, as it is for us aristocrats. Accept it as the serfs of the Russian and French Empires did.
    Maybe one day, just maybe, your sons and daughters might become a Professor or a Prime Minister. Anything is possible if you love the system. For the moment, accept that the battle for Singaporean hearts and minds was won at the playing-fields of Raffles.

    Thank you for your obedient understanding.


    • mahbok tan said

      Wat da fug are you talking about….!!!!

      breeding dogs…..????

      “Everyone else is a lower form of life….?????

      Disagree can…..FUCK U….!!!! or I do not understanf ur england english,….!!!!

    • Datuk Seri Robert VII Teo KNNB, CCB said

      Who is this Lt-Col Teo? And what the hell is KCMG, PBM? Wait till 2016 and all these pigs are overthrown then I shall look for you and fart right in your face.

    • B. C. said

      Dis message is for real or just posted by a troll trying to defame a ‘LTC Robert Teo’ if he so exists…. my suggestion here is that it would perhaps be good if TT could be like HWZ or A1 forums whereby every message is preceded by a registered username, registration date, post count as well as a review-able list of previous posts by a particular user- that would make comments on TT much more credible. For now, I must take comments on TT w a pinch of salt becos any tom dick harry can post any nonsense anonymously- in fact, TT is perhaps asking to be sued since it does review EVERY follow up comment before publication… as such, if SAF were to clarify the veracity of the a/m post, TT might be asking for trouble here.

      Just my 2c.

  7. Sad... So Sad said

    Hey!! Wat tok cock U???
    Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Teo, KCMG, PBM, BA(Hons), MSc said

  8. Daft Peasants said

    “JC student ‘fxxked’ DPM Teo saga: Are we having the best leaders for Singapore?”

    The answer is: WHAT DO YOU THINK?

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