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Massive outcry against DPM Teo arranging ‘special’ meeting with Reuben Wang and his parents

Posted by temasektimes on June 9, 2012

A massive outcry has erupted in cyberspace against Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean’s unprecedented move of arranging a special meeting with Saint Andrew Junior College student Reuben Wang and his parents during office hours after which the teenager apologized profusely for hurting his feelings in a blog post publicly.

Reuben had ranted at DPM Teo for not dodging the questions posed by students during the recently held Pre-University seminar:

“The participants made it extremely clear they were dissatisfied with DPM Teo- and when we asked about our concerns which we do not know what can be done to solved, he will give the fucking ridiculous reply “What do you think (can be done)?”.

Though Reuben was only expressing his personal opinion on his personal blog, the state media soon picked it up, smearing him as a ‘keyboard thug’ to save the ‘face’ of DPM Teo who seemed pleased that he had won an apology from the student:

“I am glad he has taken the time to reflect, and recognises that what he said, as well as the way he said it, were wrong.”

Reuben’s sudden capitulation and public apology caught many by surprise with some speculating that he was pressurized to do so by his school or by other ‘agencies’.

Many Singaporeans were outraged at the way DPM Teo and the state media bullied a JC student into submission to extract an obviously forced ‘apology’ from him.

Jerry Hwang was absolutely disgusted:

“DPM is pathetic. Picking on a kid n his parents. Look, it is the general sentiment of the population. We were born free, free to roam n free to speak. When Low Thia Khiang spoke up, he got criticised. When the JC student vented his frustration, he get reprimanded. – there is talk he may be expelled? it is sad to see freedom of speech deprived in a 1st world country like SG. PAP should reflect on the culture they are inducing on the population. do you want thinkers or “shut up n conform” workers. if u can’t handle criticisms, u r not fit to lead.”

Bennett Teo posted on Facebook

“It’s an easy prey for him and thus he rather prey on a jc students (he has no choice becos his studies is a stake) then on the millions who scold him in media. What a “great” attitude he has shown, it’s equivalent to 下贱, lowly behavior. Trying to use a vulnerable student life to show his “greatness”.”

While some agreed that Reuben may be rude, they don’t think it is a big deal as Toh Tai Hoe wrote:

“Agree. It is rude but I think no big deal. They are behaving like olden days china where peasants gets beheaded if they dare to behave rudely to the emperor. Pap leaders are forever so obnoxious.”

When Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak gave a speech in London recently, he was heckled throughout by Malaysian protesters who hurled profanities at him, embarrassing him greatly in front of an international audience.

We are living in the internet age now. We have every right to express our views freely even if they may sound rude, there is no absolute right or wrong. Nobody has a monopoly to the truth and nobody has the right to impose their views on us.


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68 Responses to “Massive outcry against DPM Teo arranging ‘special’ meeting with Reuben Wang and his parents”

  1. singapore citizen said

    DPM loses all my respect of him. Instead of taking the criticisms in his own stride, to reflect on why these sentiments, he chose the wrong path and used ‘force’ to shut the poor kid up (forever). I’m very very very disappointed with his snobbish and obnoxious behavior. Respect has to be earned, bro.

    • Kate Monster said

      “Forever”? ‘Forever’ is a strong word.

      Surely you exaggerate?

    • no F word please said

      Shouldnt use the F word, there are many other words and can convey a sentiment more negatively than the F word.
      F word is the short way out, the kid should study harder and hantum in way that they cant pick on him

  2. thecakeisalie said

    DPM Teo’s ‘successful’ attempt at cyber-bullying.

  3. Rustle said

    Get your perspective right! The boy using vulgar language was acceptable to you but the DPM arranging for a meeting to talk with the boy is called ‘bullying’?
    Do you even know what transpired during the meeting before you jump to all your conclusions?
    So the internet age means values must go down the drain?
    Is this article considered as ‘imposing your views on others’?

    • no right or wrong said

      What values are you talking about?
      The poor boy just put across his frustrations in a drastic way instead of a proper way.
      Respect is to earn not to demand.

      • +60 said

        what the f__k, his million salary is to meet JC student, something not right here, I can do it on his behalf for $100. WTF

    • Hi said

      if values means abuse of power, yes

    • dictators deserve it said

      it is no better than Saddam arranging for a meeting to talk with a Iraqi student who called him a fucking dictator, or Kim jr doing the same with a N Korean student who called him a fucking tyrant.

      have you considered the fact many singaporeans including students actually view Ah Teo as a fucking dictator, just like the rest of his colleagues?
      > how you treat your citizens, you will eventually reap the same in return <

      remember to consider the fact students have parents who could be badly fucked by PAP policies, and hence, they are merely reacting like what filial sons and daughters will tend to do.

      so for fucks sake, try to see things from a different perspective.

    • Passerby A said

      Dear Rustle,

      If the meeting is just a simple one between DPM Teo and the student himself, then we wouldn’t be so agitated. But the problem is that his parents and teacher were called into the meeting as well. In Singapore, when one’s parents and teacher had to meet someone of authority (e.g. police), it means that the child has done something seriously wrong (e.g. a crime). While nothing might have happened during the meeting, having the student’s parents and teacher in the same room puts a great deal of pressure on the student, and that alone would have been enough to force an apology from him, out of fear that his parents and studies would be implicated.

      That’s why we, the cyber community, are so angry. Using psychological warfare on a student for a seemingly light matter (a warning to the student would have sufficed) deepens our disgust towards the government, for we see them as nothing but bullies who don’t dare to pick on someone their own size.

      You might not share our views here, that’s okay, but I just want you to know that not all of the cyber community are mindless trolls. We do have our reasons when we doubt something.

      P.S. Why do I say that it’s psychological warfare? Because I’ve been in a similar situation as the student, and I know how it feels. I had to watch my tongue during the entire meeting, so I almost didn’t say a word , and the atmosphere was so solemn, it’s nearing the point of suffocation. How do you expect the student to give a sincere apology in a situation like this?

    • haha said

      u are either pure ignorant behind the true meaning of the meeting or u’re just really plain dumb. no wonder u’re being called daft. lemme give u an example of hypocrisy: Someone stole your food so you punch the guy in the face, the guy gets mad and takes your parents hostage so that you’ll say sorry and admit it’s your mistake, ignoring the fact that it was him who started it in the first place. The guy gets compensation and glory when you just have to swallow your pride and move on because of his underhand tactics. End of story. Sounds familiar? So who’s getting their perspective wrong now?

    • Ryan said

      No sir the internet age does not warrant a discharge of civility. But uncivil behaviour on the net while espousing your views reflects on poor upbringing of the individual. In other words it is up to the parents to discipline the child. Why must he be made to apologise to the DPM publicly (as in apology gone public)? Has no one hurled abuse at another before over online media? Do we round all these people up and demand that they apologize to the “transgressee’s” (Xiaxue would be the first to go haha)? In fact I’m surprised at the reactions of others. The internet is wonderful but it contains sordid material as well. It is up to the reader to be discerning and filter out irrelevant information. As such what people should be focusing on is the OPINIONS this boy is trying to express, not the way he expressed it. In fact I’ve seen worse thrown at our government online and they were simply mindless assaults, why not round these fools up instead? Why target a kid from JC, expose him and put his future at risk? Is it because he is still a child and is easy to deal with? What’s with all this policing? Shouldn’t one have the freedom to say anything one wants on the internet as long as it doesn’t contravene any laws? And who are you to say what are “right” and “wrong” values? If you can’t stand strong personal views and language, stay off the net and stick to the highly filtered and regulated MSM.

    • Use your EQ said

      What do you think ?

    • Beenthereseenit said

      It is wrong for the boy to use vulgar language on anyone but this happens in our society in reality, why are not vulgar language users all condemned and made to apologize? If someone use vulgar language on me, can I go to the police to lodge a complaint? Will the police take action? I very much doubt so! That’s freedom of speech, whether we approve of the speech or language. What TCH did, in his capacity as a Minister, is bullying. The boy and his parents have little choice or option. Could he say he won’t apologize and have no worries that no underhanded action will be taken against him? There will be a fear about his being able to continue his education, his future in NS, his future in SG.
      The PAP ministers see themselves as Demi-gods. All SGeans, bow down before your ‘kings’.

      • Julie Ong said

        DPM could have been more gracious in the face of the stinging criticism from the young man by being forgiving and letting the matter die a natural death. By taking action in the way he has reveals that he is not a magnanimous person. Besides leaving things as is would have actually enhance the standing of the DPM. After all the words uttered although vulgar were those of a young man . One can only conclude that the senior ranks in the PAP are over sensitive following after Mr Lee Kuan Yew who is forever obsessed with his reputation and integrity and will not hesitate to sue for libel at the least hint of smearing of his character and honesty. What petty and small minded leaders we have! In liberal democracies the leaders are severely criticized and even ridiculed yet they just brush the attacks aside and move on. The point is: If the leaders cannot take the heat then leave the kitchen! Speak your mind Singaporeans and do not be afraid of the government. If they are no good pick up the good opposition candidates and send the PAP packing. Dissent and debate are good. Blind compliance and obedience only leads to stupidity. Remember the emperor with no clothes. Therefore I would strongly encourage you to speak freely and question the policies of the government if you object to them. However at all times do have the best interests of Singapore and Singaporeans first and foremost.

      • Ptui! said

        Look at the top positions within the PAP. Only career Army, Navy, civil servants who are used to ordering people around. They can’t take criticism/suggestions, thin faced and utterly inexperienced in real world affairs. Are they really leaders? The current sorry state we the citizens are in is beacause they plan in a vacuum. Everything is binary and economic. They don’t know qualitative objectives.
        Kayu la.

      • Duncan said

        The boy has no choice but to bow his head to the tyrant as he knows that his parent will be implicated, be it directly or indirectly.

  4. Ron said

    Calm down. I think DPM was being gracious to spare time to meet and to reconcile with a young Singaporean. DPM Teo has much more important affairs of state to handle than being vindictive. Here is a young youngster who shot off vulgarities without thinking that in the working world he will be in much hotter soup if he cannot conduct debates in a rational manner.

    Obviously there was a need to display statemanship and to be conciliatory. And that is very much what DPM Teo is about. I recall when there were a spate of accidents and incidents in the SAF, he called a stand-down meeting of all the SAF senior officers. He did not give a public dressing-down. He just wanted everyone to understand the gravity of the situation and to improve. Those events (the ship collision, etc.) were soon history.

    I give credit to DPM Teo for being kind enough to meet and reconcile. For Rueben Wang, he can build on this experience and head for a better future. A youngster who thinks, who questions, who challenges, is good for Singapore. Temper that with control and he will be an asset for Singapore. Good luck Rueben

    • judgement day for PAPies said

      Want to suck his banana, at least try not to make it so obvious lah!
      DPM is gracious, a statesman some more, according to you…LOL
      Ask the people in Hougang whether they agree with you.
      Are you clueless, just plain daft or openly subservient to the PAPies ?
      Do you recall how he tried to run PngEH down while campaigning for his stooge in Hougang? Can he be a statesman when he see no wrong in his govt penalising those who live in PP and Hougang ? Did he have any opinion about his govt putting ChiaTP, Dr LimHS and many others in detention without justification and due process ? He better understand that silence implies complicity when judgement day comes…and he deserves to be fucked big time.

      • stevenado said

        ya lor….pig can fly if dpm is gracious.he shows his true color during the by-election! anyone saying dpm is gracious is either new citizen or prs…My foot he is…just read and read and read Judgement Day For PAPies’s article above.Instead of using ISA, he is using his teachers and parent to make sudden change of Rueben.Not everybody got the opportunity to %&^ th dpm…maybe his first time.So dpm must do something to save face…can you the point…???

    • Mugger Scholar said

      Why were his parents and principal called up for the meeting too? Spare time to counsel the student? I’d say the meeting was meant to intimidate the poor kid into making a public apology.

      You just need to look at the way this DPM TCH conducted himself during the by-election to know that he is a arrogant, petty and vindictive politician.

    • Jack Ng said

      I am keen to meet DPM too, I can bring along my parents and my teachers, pls arrange. Thanks.

      We pay him so well just to avoid questions and meet student anyhow, pls show us some real work for the country.

    • haha said

      well, looks like an actor cum bully to me. He doesnt seem to have more important state affairs for his fat paycheck hah

    • JP431010 said

      You, must be one of the 60%????? tsk tsk tsk

  5. […] this entry from The Temasek Times made my blood boil even […]

  6. Leo said

    Agree with Rustle on the moral issue. The brave boy should not have use vulgar language. However that’s all he needs to apologise to DPM Teo. Everyone of us has the freedom of speech. This is a democratic country. DPM should not call it a Q&A session when he could not even gives a proper answer. The boy has all the right to comment on that.
    As for the meeting, we have not known what was discussed and thus we should not jump into conclusion. We just hope the boy will not lose hope in fighting for what he believes in. And PAP should stop control others by low rat tatics. Look at Dr Chee’s Hong Lim Park police approved silent protest and you will be shocked how the police treats them.

  7. Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Teo, KCMG, PBM, BA(Hons), MSc said

    As Teo Chee Hean’s nephew, I feel obliged to speak up in his defence. My uncle is charged with the enviable task of being 2i/c of this country; an onerous job that few admittedly have the courage and moral fibre to step up to. Uncle Chee Hean is putting up an insurmountable effort against overwhelming odds because he has the guts to.
    And more than that — from young, I have been brought up to believe that we select few at the top are a breed apart; morally infallible and logically endowed. Everyone else is a lower form of life. The leadership of this nation and the responsibility of steering it onto the path of glory is ours by birthright because we are gentlemen that keep our cool under pressure.
    Please, Singapore society is inherently unequal and socially immobile; has always been and must be to ensure our prosperity. It is as much for your good, the commoners, as it is for us aristocrats. Accept it as the serfs of the Russian and French Empires did.
    Maybe one day, just maybe, your sons and daughters might become a Professor or a Prime Minister. Anything is possible if you love the system. For the moment, accept that the battle for Singaporean hearts and minds was won at the playing-fields of Raffles.

    We wish for Singaporeans to give their lives to Singapore cheerfully in both war and peace.

    Thank you for your obedient understanding.

    • Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Teo, KCMG, PBM, BA(Hons), MSc said
      Quote: I have been brought up to believe that we select few at the top are a breed apart; morally infallible and logically endowed. Everyone else is a lower form of life. The leadership of this nation and the responsibility of steering it onto the path of glory is ours by birthright because we are gentlemen that keep our cool under pressure.

      Singapore society is inherently unequal and socially immobile; has always been and must be to ensure our prosperity. It is as much for your good, the commoners, as it is for us aristocrats. Accept it as the serfs of the Russian and French Empires did.

      So, you mean you people are GOD…………WTF!

      ‘What Do You Think!’

      “I Stand Corrected!”

    • Lieutenant-Colonel Robert KNNBCCB said

      Who is this Lt-Col Teo? And what the hell is KCMG, PBM? Wait till 2016 and all these pigs are overthrown then I shall look for you and fart right in your face.

    • mahbok tan said

      Tell u wat….FUCK YOU from all the Citizen of Singapore….!!!

      U want to carry ball arh no need to put your LTC and bullshits sgnature here….!!!

      How many DPM are there….your bloody a$$4o73 uncle are one of the 3 dpm so what so BIG COCK is it….????

      F U …..!

      • Duncan said

        Hahahaha. That LTC Robert teo fella is shocked and shut. Hey Ltc robert teo, if u are not happy, get your M-16 over and shoot me. I doubt that you know how to use a rifle. Look u no up lah.

    • haha said

      Temasek Review, please check the authenticity of this message to see if it truly is one of the elitist buggers. If this is truly how they think, i’ll be so pissed.

    • +60 said

      F__k you, I am 60+, you are just as idiot as TCH

    • oneeyesnaku said

      LOL, you are funny. I stand erected. How about I bed you elites’ daughters so that my next generation can be a prime minister? 😀 I realized a lot of the parents look pretty ugly. Maybe some beauty genes from the commoner might help. A handsome or pretty prime minister definitely a plus. I am very sure by then, not only their logic is endowed.

    • Mdm Japhrien Teo nee Beo M. L., KCMG, M-Sc, PhD (Socialogy), PhD (Animal Cognition) said

      As the wife of LTC Robert Teo, I stand amazed at the unfair insults hurled at my husband. I’m usually reticient online and avoid expressing my opinions publicly, as I am the type who is content to play out my role as the supportive wife behind the successful man; but, I have to stand up to defend Robert here as I find your insults not only unjust but also underhanded.

      First of all, my husband has dedicated a big part of his life to defending this nation. So, to Duncan, please, go and do your research properly…it runs in the family – I know both uncle and nephew – I can assure you that Robert is more than capable of using his M-16. He has trained hard all these years so while some may imagine that as a LTC now, he is sitting high up in his air-con Ivory Tower, I know he regularly practices and maintains his weaponry skills. So, I will not be surprised that Robert is probably even more capable than you in using guns…mind you!

      Prakass, no silly, of course we know we are not GOD. But we are like the chosen people, you know, you can think of us as the special elite who rise above. You know, in every society, there is what is known as a struggle of class. The high class is tasked with the job to govern and serve the low class. It’s a tough job really. But fortunately, we elites are gifted god-like intellect, enviable physique and looks, not to forget our ability to empathise and connect with just about everyone in all walks of life. If you cannot understand the underlying intent in my husband’s original post, then I suggest you re-read it…this time with your eyes open.

      And to Mahbok Tan, don’t think that you can just use a familiar name and pretend to be our family friend. I am sure you are not the same person as the gentleman who attended our daughter’s birthday when she turned 12 last last Sep. Shame on you! To set the record straight, just because there are more than 1 DPM does not mean that my Uncle Chee Hean’s job is any less challenging. Do you have any idea the kind of hardships he has to go through everyday. You think it’s easy to be the second man in charge of a country of 5 million people? Mind you, if only you have seen through my eyes how his hair has turned white and his shoulders bent over all these years. You can at least express your gratitude for an altrustic man who goes out of his way to engage even with Pre U students…do you even know that he actually has a golf appointment that day with KCMG President & CEO visiting from the US and A, and he kindly postponed it to the next day.

      Oneeyesnaku, shame on you too! Robert and I have plans for our daughter and you can be assured they will not include you nor any one from your petty and uncouth community. No, thank you…my RObert looks like a mix between Brad Pit and Tony Leung C.W. And, Uncle Chee Hean…he looks just a little strange but always in a dignified and composed way. Some say his eyes look a bit darty (I don’t agree) and too small (I agree half-heartedly). To me, they are hallmark of a hunter, a powerful stalking predator in the concrete jungle who is alert and prepared at all times, never thinking twice about laying down his life or his principles for the progress of the nation and the welfare of her people. So, no thanks…RObert and I can take care of our own family matters while you take care of your own.

  8. Who's that Farker ?? said

    The title of Deputy Prime Minister is big…

    But the man holding it is terribly small.. in character and behaviour

    Unbecoming, obnoxious and unspeakly low class.

    No wonder the popularity of the PAP is going down the drain and into the sewer.

    • stevenado said

      Well said…such a BIG TITLE, but very small heart…true color was shown during the by-election.Yet someone got the nerve to say Unlce Teo is playing God!!!

  9. Leica Lim said

    The only way for DPM to win the respect of all Singaporeans as well as the 17-year- old kids is for him to show that he is worth the $3m per year which he pays himself out of taxpayers’ funds. For this huge sum of money he has to show that he can answer reasonable and intelligent questions from the 17-year-old kids. Unlike money, respect cannot be earned by bull force.

  10. Sean said

    Rustle: get over yourself. it’s not up to the dumb-ass government to instil VALUES. if you can’t teach YOUR kids well it’s YOUR problem.

  11. SG Guy said

    “Massive outcry”… Really, Temasek Times?? Where’s the proof? Or was it just within your editorial room? I thought DPM did horribly but I didn’t agree with the student and I thought it was a good thing that he apologised. I don’t care whether his parents talked sense into him or whether he was “pressured” by the school (which probably happened), the student was totally wrong in the manner he expressed his thoughts publicly and this KID needs to be taught.

    Temasek Times, if you guys want to be really an “independent voice”, then please practise independence AND ethical reporting. My respect for your site just went down a couple more notches.

    • ahbeng said

      another pap troll barking for its master again

      • SG Guy said

        Hey, I’m done with this website. Thought I can get independent and balanced views here but people who come here seems to be jerks and psychos. The website posts nothing other than baits to incite you guys to have an excuse to post vulgarities. Really, I voted for the opposition but I don’t want to be associated with any of you.

      • Dogmeat said

        “independent and balanced views” – go look for people who studied journalism and get employed to write balanced views. This basically boils down to the “MSMs”.

        Everywhere else, it is just about getting hits, and, to do that, producing stuffs that entices and invoke the emotions of people living in this boring world. You can put up a balanced, thoughtful article, but nobody read it, did the article actually exist?

        Wait a few generations for Singaporeans to grow up first.

    • Jack said

      let me guess, you are reporting to Mr Ng Eng Heng, the PAP Internet Bridge team?

    • Agree with you Reuben was out of line and an apology was appropriate……however I still think the DPM owes an apology to Singaporeans and the students for NOT ANSWERING LEGITIMATE QUESTIONS POSED TO HIM….afterall it was supposed to be a Q&A session not a Q&Q and DODGING SESSION….So the world Highest paid DPM still owes the Citizens and those students answers…

  12. Indignant said

    Definite bullying with all the “counseling” . Reveal what transpired during the counseling , then we know he was not ‘ threatened’ into this position. The boy is only 17, God knows what they had said to scare the shit out of him and his family . My condolences to the family…

    • stevenado said

      sori lah….all that was transpired during the counselling will be censorsed!!!!
      We need to believe in our own common senses.Not only the 17 years old boy got scare but his parent must be trembelling…cheng hu lang…mai sng sng!!!

  13. Tony said

    TCH is using the usual PAP intimidation tactic against those who disagree with PAP. PAP stayed in power so long through fear, intimidation and cheating. Everybody know this.

  14. Tony said

    TCH asked student “what do you think?” because he either does not know “the answer” to student’s question and/or he does not know how to think being an ex-SAF moron.

  15. InReplyToAnAboveMORONICComment said

    I am a Singaporean. Saying “Everyone else is a lower form of life” is an absolute insult to THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE! I don’t give a hoot if you consider YOURSELF a lower form of life. EVERYONE IS BORN INNOCENT AND EQUAL on this planet.. You can kowtow/submit to the pappigs all you want, but do not bring us with back bones down to your lower life kingdom, thank you.

  16. jack the horny toad neo king of all horny toads said

    blatant bully!!!

  17. jobless local said

    this espisode illustrate 2 points.

    Vagularities can only be directed from SAF regulars to NS slaves. The JC studients not been into 2 years of NS so they dont know.

    SAF regulars represent the bottom feeders in society. They only know how to PULL RANK to hide their stupdity.

    NS is killing Sg and I hope the current batch of JC students will riot in tekong and burn SAF down.

  18. kaypoh said

    At least he no need pay $500,000 + public apology in NST :)) Dun play play leh

  19. kaypoh said

    Where F**king is concerned, please refer to Mr Peter Lim our resident expert, he will tell you what to think, and you can think better when you bend down & pass the soap…

  20. LkySi said

    All principal, head of departments, teachers of St Andrews Junior College, should hang down their heads in shame and tender in their resignation, if they are born out of a single father or TCH has a pie in your birth

  21. Clare said

    There’s the reason for brain drain in singapore

  22. F You See K said

    MIW do not allow FU@K then obviously cannot expect to have high replacement birth rate.
    I say, if MIW change their mentality it will change the country’s problem.

  23. 0.0 said

    Renowned blogger Xiaxue uses F words on her blog and post photos of men who insulted her; everyone praises her. AWARE supports her.
    Teenager blogs about his own experience with DPM Teo on his own personal blog; kena media exposed and counselling. Well done

    • Jack said

      that is because the subject is DMP in this case, who dares to go against our mighty goverment and a Bridgade General?

  24. Dogmeat said

    It is up to Reuben Wang, his parents, and DPM Teo to resolve their business their own way.

    So, fuck off regarding other people’s family business.

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