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Nicole Seah pays respect to the late Dr Lim Hock Siew

Posted by temasektimes on June 9, 2012

Popular young politician Nicole Seah went to pay respect at the wake of Dr Lim Hock Siew two nights ago and praised him for his contributions to Singapore.

In a post on her Facebook, Nicole wrote:

“Went to pay respect to Dr Lim Hock Siew last night. The trials and tribulations he went through is unimaginable to most people in my generation. This is because the setbacks and challenges we face in oppositional politics today pale in comparison to what he withstood and survived back in his day.”

Dr Lim Hock Siew was a founding member of the ruling People’s Action Party and its splinter group the Barisan Sosialist. He was detained for 19 years without trial under the draconian Internal Security Act.

Nicole paid tribute to Dr Lim’s strength of character to withstand whatever his captors threw at him:

“Yet, Dr Lim had the gumption to brave the adversity and remained principled his whole life. The strength of his character, his actions and words has forged a path for many of us today. Through him, many of us have and will continue to learn about the alternative history of Singapore.”

Dr Lim and many of his ‘leftist’ communists were unfairly portrayed as communists and ‘trouble-makers’ in Singapore’s history textbooks, but with the internet providing an alternative information source, future generations of Singaporeans may come to see him in a different light and better appreciate his sacrifices for Singapore.


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14 Responses to “Nicole Seah pays respect to the late Dr Lim Hock Siew”

  1. Leica Lim said

    We will all remember this great man forever.

  2. Jack Ng said

    yes, the new voters are tech savvy in the next GE

  3. voice fron the origin singapore said

    Well said

  4. P Koh said

    I loathe to think of the sufferings that he went through under detention in order to fulfil a dream that he could do something good for the populace although it was in opposition to the views of the party which captured the hearts of Singaporeans at that time. God Bless his soul and I pray that he knows that his sacrifice has not been in vain.

  5. Old Singaporean said

    Hope there are more and more talents like Dr Lim, etc ome forward to help this country… teach these world highest pay cabinet a lesson… ..

    PAP is just too comfortable, too “fat” and too content to think of new innovative ideas to help singaporean to move forward “together”….actual fact, They neglect and dump the majority of low/middle income singaporean while bring along their bags of “gold” together with batches of foreign cheap”slaves” with them towards their “illusion” goal as developed country!!?

  6. Why still need ISA said

    She stop short from calling for ISA to be abolished.

    • DIY said

      Singapore still need the ISA. This is a historical fact, as long as there is armed struggle to overthrow any form of government. Communist ideology dictates this revolution.

      When Chairman Deng opened up China to the world, he mentioned an analogy that “it doesn’t matter whether it is a white or black cat so long as it catches a mouse”. When the Berlin wall collapsed and the statue of Karl Marx was destroyed, China adopted capitalist economy, but retained the communist ideology. Please remember China has 5000 years of history. They only archived the ‘thoughts of Mao Tse Tung’. When there is conflict there is progress. It’s a matter of time before it can be activated.

      In 1980s when Singapore have cordial relation with Communist China, LKY clarified with Premier Hua Gu Feng whether China still support the Communist Party Malaya?

      The answer was straightforward. He said government to government has nothing to do with party to party basis. CCP provides the moral support for CPM.

      So be mindful of future events.

      • Jack said

        So, Government is Government, Party is Party, correct? If so, why PAP is using Government fund for their party interest e.g. People Association is only for the use of PAP MPs and HDB upgrading is only given to PAP wards and not those block that are the oldest?

      • DIY said

        ‘So, Government is Government, Party is Party’ . Only correct when dealing with communist China. Their philosophy can be extreme when dealing with neighbouring countries. Their history dictates that China as the middle kingdom and the South China Sea as their ‘great lakes’. That’s why China is pushing around to claim Scaborough Atoll, Paracel Island and many other islands for oil.

        Don’t get confused.

        The People’s Association is a statutory board. The set up of PA is 50 – 50. That means for every dollar being raised; government will match dollar for dollar. Jack can visit at No.194 Thomson Community Club near Shunfu Gardens and see the contributions by member of the public. The role of PA is to explain government policies. PA and their constituencies participate in NDP. Simple as that. MPs are there because they represent the government.

        HDB is another statutory board. Any upgrading projects must undergo balloting process which requires 75% of the residence to say ‘Yes’.

        I lived in HDB flat for 22 years. I voted for LUP. Pay up the premium cost and I got access to the lift. Very convenient indeed!

      • Jack said

        @ DIY,

        Are you saying Party is Government and Government is Party, then it is not Communist? Where do you get this definition from?

        Can non PAP MPs explain the government policies to the people who have elected the MPs? All MPs are elected by the people, Can they perform the roles as you mentioned, at least 50% of the role, since 50% of the fund is from the taxpayers?

        Also, this means that when nobody donate to PA, the government will not top up the 50%, i.e. PA can run out of fund?

        If PA is only allowing PAP MPs to operate, it should be defined as a Political Association, correct?

        Thank you for your reply

      • DIY said

        Jack really missed the point and confusion set in and become idealistic one way or another.

        I read ST article 2 months after GE2011. There was loud demand in social media that Opposition MPs can also run the grassroots organisation.
        The journalist had clearly explained why only the MP from the ruling party can be the adviser. The Venn diagram clearly illustrates his explanation. There are three concepts to governance.

        (a) Political Parties
        (b) Parliament
        (c) Ministries of Government

        Formation of the government.

        (a.1) After a GE, the political party with the majority votes has the mandate to form the government. In this instance the PAP secured 60% with 75 seats in Parliament.
        (b.1) The WP won 40% votes with 6 seats becomes the Opposition MPs.
        (c.1) MPs from PAP were sworn in to become Ministers of the various Ministries of Government.

        From the Venn diagram, where the three concepts had overlapped then it is called ‘The Government’. The 6 Opposition MPs sit in Parliament to debate issues and provide alternative versions.

        Question arises if nobody contributes to PA. This is where good leadership play their part. Members of the public participate in PA activities when they see the standards of governance is excellent.

        Majullah Singapure. See you in NDP 2012.

      • DIY said

        Correction : “In this instance the PAP secured 60 % with 87 seats in Parliament.”

        The Venn diagram remains.

  7. why still need isa said

    She stop short from calling ISA to be abolished…
    This should be one of her agenda in GE2016.

  8. It wld be so much better for Nicole to go one step farther to leave NSP and join WP for her talents and eloquence to be tapped in the ppl.’s interest. By aspiring to be an opp competitor come next GE, she wld only be a divisive factor to the ppl’s loss and PAPies’ gain. But wld she sacrifice her personal ambitions for the ppl.? Looks much like she’s more intent on pursuing her personal agenda than retreat a little to join the WP for the greater advancement of the commoner’s general good. Sad.

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