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Reuben Wang was ‘counseled’ by Saint Andrews Junior College before making ‘apology’ to DPM Teo

Posted by temasektimes on June 9, 2012

Saint Andrews Junior College (SAJC) student Reuben Wang who caused a stir lately by hurling profanities at Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean was ‘counseled’ by his school after his blog posting went viral online.

According to a friend of Reuben who attended the Pre-University seminar, he was a ‘quiet’ guy who kept a ‘low profile’ in JC and was surprised at his new found ‘fame’.

“Reuben did not say much during the seminar and appeared to be pretty much disinterested. I am quite surprised he later blogged about it,” he wrote.

Reuben’s blog was known only to a few close friends and it is likely that one of them may have tipped the school off after which he was called up for a ‘counseling’ session.

Reuben initially stood by his words, but capitulated after being ‘counseled’ by representatives from SAJC.

“I don’t know what happened, but he appeared to be in a state of distraught after the meeting.”

Reuben subsequently met DPM Teo together with his parents and apologized to him in person. His blog has since been taken down.

The entire fracas was turned into an ‘education session’ by the mainstream media which has jumped on it to remind young Singaporeans of the proper ‘online etiquette’ when dealing with PAP ministers and MPs.


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37 Responses to “Reuben Wang was ‘counseled’ by Saint Andrews Junior College before making ‘apology’ to DPM Teo”

  1. CKMPD said

    TCH cant take criticisms?

  2. Fair Minded said

    Reuben is not only rude, but he is also wrong in the statements on his blog.

    The government is now trying to engage the citizens in policy making. That’s why it’s no longer top-down “I tell you”. The citizens themselves must also be willing to participate and share. If all that people like Reuben want to do is to just ask questions, then what constructive participation is that. Then there’s no need for Reuben or any citizens to be consulted, any professional auditors can ask millions of questions. But does auditing offer solutions to the complicated problems at hand? Does auditing help a company innovate and improve? The answer is obvious.

    On the one hand, Reuben wants to have a say in policies. On the other hand, he expects the government to come out with all the solutions without bothering him to make any efforts. He’s contradicting himself. Such attitude is unproductive to Singapore.

    • na said

      u say the government is trying to engage the citizens? or do u mean the government is trying to engage the elites in policy making? the citizens on the ground are willing to participate but is the government willing to listen? if the DPM is not willing to take what a 17 year old said from the bottom of his heart then how can the government as a whole take criticism from the citizens?

      • Fair Minded said

        This is not criticism. This is a naive simpleton filled with irrational emotions. Reuben basically wants the government to provide solutions to make his life good and easy without considering the intricate issues and challenges facing Singapore. He’s not interested in the challenges and issues and he just wants the solution served up to him without him making any efforts.

      • Brainwashed said

        Were they voted in by 60.1% in GE2011 to form the govt? Were they paid to do their job? The govt unfortunately is the problem not the solution to the problem.

    • too late for damage control lah! said

      “The govt is now trying to engage the citizens in policy making”
      so you are implying the fucking govt has not been doing so all these years.
      tell that to sporeans who pay tax and serve NS but happen to stay in PP or Hougang.
      I don’t stay in either estate but I have done my NS and still pay tax, and I don’t agree with the fucking govt’s policy of penalising my fellow sporeans in these estates.
      I can give you a long list of the govt’s fucking policies that have fucked ordinary sporeans lives and these policies have been around for a long time but have these bastards listen to the numerous feedback.

      • Aussie Bogan said

        Citizens ask, Governments respond- that has always been the right way, I don’t see anything wrong with that. In fact, that has been the only way in Singapore. What constructive advice would you like a 17 year old student to give? Anyway, the last I remembered, constructive advice has always been frowned upon and ignored- take the minimum wage saga as example. So, what you argue is both impossible and illogical.

        Please, the government has always been top-down ‘I tell you’. Are they not already doing so, your statements are contradictory. Besides,to have a large percentage of the cabinet come from military backgrounds, it is expected. I don’t expect things to change for a decade or so. Hopefully, with the next GE, there will be improvements, but to attain the level of democracy and freedom of speech of western counties? Wait long long la.

      • kenza said

        Agreed! Hope things will be better after the next GE. Anyway, our Gov is a profit organanization.

    • Alvin said

      Dear Fair Minded,
      I think it is presumpltive of you to view Reuben’s reaction as rude. He is simply expressing the feelings of numerous Singaporeans on the state of the nation we live in. Since when is expressing ones feelings or thoughts is wrong and offering alternative point of views and questions not constructive participation?
      You seem to forget that all listed companies – companies that are publicly listed – companies which have sold shares of the company in order to acquire funding from the public have to go through auditing – it is a requirement of SGX and of the company listing act. It is a form of ACCOUNTABILITY! And yes, Auditing does help a company innovate and improve – when the company is aware of what has gone wrong. The company can manage their wastage better, innovate better ethical and financial returns to the shareholders and more importantly- able to allocate much needed resources to areas that require improvement. So your argument of questions not being constructive participation does not hold water.

      On another note, at least over 40% of Singaporeans – approximated from the last GE results – are tired of the lip service the current adminstration is giving to Singaporeans. Glossing over issues and providing sweeping generalizations of problems does not address the situation or provide any accountability. Constructive participation is a two way street. If one party does not understand the nature of the intent – it is the burden of the originating party to provide the reasons of the intent before and not after the misunderstanding has occurred.

      So if you are really being fair minded – I suggest you consider the alternative view and provide a truly fair, ethical and logical rebuttal before you shoot your mouth off again. But wait, I just realize, it is not really your fault when you are never exposed or asked to consider alternative views and information before.

    • more than 'Fairminded' said

      You expect a 17-year-old to come up with solutions to problems the government cannot solve? Are you insinuating that underaged citizens are smarter than our DPM? How dare you!

    • fxxk you, fairminded said

      Fxxk you ok. Fairminded? Fxxk minded.

      As long as PAP is government, no citizen should offer the fxxkers any help or suggestion.

      Even if Singapore must fail to make PAP fall, all citizens must make this sacrifice. If not, the citizen must be a traitor to Singapore.

      Don’t listen to fxxkedminded. He’s a traitor to Singapore.

  3. Passerby A said

    First a “counselling session” from the school, then a 30-minute “meeting” with both parent and teacher in the same room? Such kind of psychological warfare on a young student makes me want to puke!!

  4. Siva said

    Fuck the corrupt government… there… hows that? o.O

  5. Annoymous said

    The school scare next year gov won’t give them budget lah, if you know what I mean.

  6. Tan Yan ren said

    Now that Reuben Wong had apologized to the DPM,
    I expect the DPM to apologize to the attendees for ANSWERING aQUESTION with a QUESTION.This is RUDE and lacking in RESPECT for the other party and in this case , since the DPM is a public figure and a SERVANT of the Singaporeans, (CIVIL SERVANT),he mUst apologize to US Singaporeans.

  7. Kate Monster, MD said

    ‘“I don’t know what happened, but he appeared to be in a state of distraught after the meeting.”’

    Didn’t he mean to say, “In a state of distress”? SAJC? Isn’t that supposed to be an élite school? Can’t teach proper England there?

    • Mugger Scholar said

      SAJC is not elite. It is ranked below the top five of RI, HCI, TJC, VJC and NJC. Even AJC, ACJC and MJC are ranked above it.

      But that’s not the point. The point is that this incident shows how far the government is willing to go to silence dissent. Imagine the school principal, teachers and parents are all implicated. Tremendous pressure on the teenager isn’t it? It’s no wonder that he has to apologize. Poor kid.

    • Aussie Bogan said

      Anything school without raffles in it is not elite. Don’t you know?

  8. Ron said

    Everyone makes mistakes. In our hot-headed moments we say things that hurt others and we regret. To apologise is noble, not an act of cowardice. All those who scream at the government and at DPM Teo over this incident, are wrong. There is a need for decorum.

    We do not want to see someone throwing shoes at the PM or DPM just to be become infamous. We do not want someone to streak stark naked across the football pitch just to show off and get the wrong type of fame. We want robust debate but with decorum. No problem with grilling the PM, DPM and whoever in a debate. Show your verbal vertuoso. Just do not succumb to gutter language and being rude.

    • morons deserve shafting said

      No choice lah Ron! I don’t blame citizens one bit because they are dealing with fucking morons masquerading as govt leaders who only know how to help themselves to taxpayers money.

    • Shawn the Train said

      Ron has satan come over you?

  9. Jack Ng said

    what did the school do to this boy? an independence party hearing is required to understand if he was under pressure to apolozise to the superior being

  10. Sean said

    robust debate with decorum! i’m sure that’s what we’re getting a lot of in the PAP dominated parliament, right? please keep cut the crap.

  11. jaded said

    if he apologies on his own, fair enough. but as school rep and father was around, go figure it out

  12. Reuben really needed to be taught manners…..but We still donot get a straight answer for the DPMs…evasive performance ……What has DPM got to say….Will He apologiseto theStdents for taking them for a ride?

  13. Toh Kian Hwee said

    DPM Teo is a joke. Fancy bullying a 17-yr old kid.

    • kenza said

      Agreed. Am sick of all the smoke screen and wayang show from the PAP. After this incident, I have no respect for DPM.

  14. Ron said

    This incident happened arising from the event in the school. Our schools cannot be an open forum. Either behave in a responsible manner or go find yourself another school that tolerates such unacceptable outbursts.

    Of course the school will tender its apologies too. Of course his parents are shocked and has probably given this kid a major scolding or worse. He has to learn his lesson. Just do not open your mouth and utter profanities at others. Learn to respect others. This is our DPM.

    If we allow a free-for-all, we can also tolerate street violence and worse. It is good to have a closure with the apology. At least the student escaped worse punishments. He better behave himself if he wants to make his future in Singapore. And it does not mean he cannot debate, be having dissenting opinions. Just argue his case eloquently without profanities.

    • Zheng Huiting PuaCB said

      Teo is just a SERVANT DOG. So what if he is DPM? Can he rape your daughter and get away scott-free?

  15. sad said

    What do you think can be done? I will ask all of you(MP) the same question… …

  16. LkySi said

    MOE must have prevailed upon SJC to extort an apology from the student. The school must have threatened him with expulsion. I applaud the student for standing by his ground. Unfortunately this is Singapore. No independence in any government machinery and or organ. Shame on you TEO CHEE HEAN

  17. Alvin said

    This heavy handed management of a shy, introverted Pre-U student will come back to haunt the DPM. They seem to forget that in a true democracy – accountability is something they all have to answer to.

  18. Govt Out of touch said

    Come on – be a big man and move on.

  19. Shawn the Train said

    Poor boy…. just one of the many many youths that will be hurt if you dont listen to the old man. And you want to tell me 60% still support this OPEN DICTATORSHIP!??!?!?! OPEN YOUR EYES SINKIES OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!

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