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‘Sex for tender’ exchange is pretty ‘common’ in the IT industry

Posted by temasektimes on June 9, 2012

Offering sex in exchange for tenders is pretty common in the IT industry because of the intense competition and high commission on the table, said insiders familiar with the scene.

The recent exposure of ex-SCDF Chief Peter Lim Sin Pang obtaining sexual favors from three women working in the IT industry may have shocked many Singaporeans, but the ‘hanky-panky’ businesses have been going on discreetly behind the scene for a number of years.

According to an IT engineer who spoke to a Chinese tabloid, his company lost out on a major IT deal ten years ago because its competitor’s team comprised of young slutty ladies.

“Our rival arranged for its sales reps to go on a holiday trip to Malaysia with the client. I heard the girls slept with the customers in the same hotel room, no surprise they clinched the deal,” he said.

Another sales engineer said the IT sales personnel are under heavy pressure to clinch deals as their pay depends largely on commission which caused them to resort to anything to please potential customers:

“Sales agents can get as much as 10% commission. For a deal worth $1 million dollars, this means a cool $100,000 in the pocket.”

In a materialistic society like Singapore where money counts above everything else, it is not a surprise to see career women offering their bodies in exchange for a quick buck or a climb up the corporate ladder.

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20 Responses to “‘Sex for tender’ exchange is pretty ‘common’ in the IT industry”

  1. Kate Monster, MD said

    Singapore — a sexist, racist, xenophobic and homophobic society. Where females can never hope to be seen as the equal of men. Where ladies are but the playthings of the Alpha Male.

    The original Swedish-language title of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” is Män som hatar kvinnor — “Men Who Hate Women”.
    Maybe Stieg was on to something there.

    • Steve Lee said

      You must be so bored with the downtrodden men in the west whereby over half of all marriages end in divorce with the majority of divorces initiated by women to deign to comment on us. In the west, in 9 out of 10 instances, women obtain custody of the children and men end up paying child support with payments linked to income so if a man decided to get his act together and build a new life, the more he earns, the more child support he pays. Furthermore, the payment of child support is not linked to the ability of the man to see his children. Males in the west can never hope to be the equal of their women. They lose their children and cry themselves to sleep at night.
      I am sure alpha females in the west have their playthings too.
      No one in the world is more racist and xenophobic than people in the west. The western world was responsible for Hitler in Germany, apartheid in South Africa and Rhodesia, the British Empire, slavery/segregation in the United States and the Cronulla race riots in Australia to name but a few. Singaporeans are made up of Indians, Malays, Chinese, Eurasians and a scattering of others who by and large get along very well with each other thank you. The problem facing Singaporeans too many foreigners too quickly without giving them and native Singaporeans enough time to get to know each other well. Scatch many whites and you find loathing, disdain and dimissiveness for non western cultures.

  2. P Koh said

    Products for sale with bonus (body) thrown in for good measure. Is this the norm or the one offs?. If so, then I believe that this may not just be the only industry practising it.

  3. The ONLY country in the world where Politicians are paid to be Politicians at the highest rate in the World has its effects on the Moral fibre of the Business Socienty.

    • Puzzled said

      I don’t believe SG is the only country with sex for favours. In the west, they even have sex for promotion! I believe the practice is for both men & women.

  4. Hoseek. said

    Any corporate whores got sacked or any willing prostitutes who are willing to whore themselves for the company, please contact me, I have a vacant for you.

    Minimum C cup.
    Age negotiable so long you look good for you age.
    Educational requirements is not important.

  5. St.AndrewsJC Rocks! said

    young women of today have a distorted view on chastity which is rather disturbing. They most likely see sex as a mere exchange of fluid with nothing else at stake. To them, material possessions and career advancement are more important than chastity.

  6. Geo said

    Not only in IT industry, the oil and gas industry since time memorable is norm for such entertainment. No entertainment, no deals.

  7. jack the horny toad neo king of all horny toads said

    ya in banking too! alot of sluts (single and married) throwing themselves to rich fugly old men with lots of $$$!!!

  8. lu now said

    what about private bankers?

    • Facts said

      If they have a vagina, they have the option to sell it as a side dish to whatever else they are selling, and these women do, even if they are married. When they get caught, they will act victim. Cheap sluts.

  9. PRC really put a shame on everywhere said

    this is a open market if you have a pussy….. small head rules over small head!

  10. Ren said

    Never mind I’ll find someone like you…

  11. SingapuraboiEdivaroux said

    All industries have sleazy money mongering people. In my last job, the sales director, a woman, insisted that her female sales execs (and she hired only females) wear short skirts, high heels and low cut tops to work and meet clients. Pants r banned. Of course many girls tendered their resignation as they believed is was a personal insult as well as an insult to women in general. Those who remained took client out very night to nightclubs. Then they got a gay client and the sales director sneakily tried to send me to the arms of the customer. She asked me to meet the client at his home around 10pm to help the guy fixed his computer. She begged me to help as this is a big client and her girls are computer idiots. I found out about her hideous plan when the lecherous client called me and told me excitedly of the lavish candlelight dinner he had painstakingly planned for us. I refused to go that evening and my sale manager complained to my boss that I am not a team player and that I had jeopardise the sale. My female boss told me that I m a prude and that I not a woman and going to bed with another guy is not going to get me pregnant. Wat crap! I tendered my resignation. So let’s not blame men for perpetuating this gender bias.
    There r many women in positions of power and they r just as guilty of perpetuating this stereotype. I now understand that women can betray themselves so easily for money and not bat an eyelid. There r so many female prostitutes and there r very little prostitutes the world over and historically.

  12. patin said

    一個願打,一個願挨..兩个銅錢才能发出響聲…近年來..世界各地的暴發戶, 億万富豪, 裸官, 己退的政治者, 商者….都一股腦兒的移居新加坡..帶進來大量金錢..不論是..黑白.光暗..贪來的..搶來的..都存進入本地銀行..這些…巨鱷..在本地..有頭有臉..背後是怎樣的真面孔…沒人知道..知道也沒能理…受本地一張永久居民權所保護..這些巨鱷..讓本地人..又爱又恨..‧更有些人想跟, 想学..但他們沒想到..本地…只能养鱷..不准生鱷….要生也要学他們一樣…移居到外國生…..

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