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DPM Teo: I am concerned about the many ‘lies’ in the New Media

Posted by temasektimes on June 10, 2012

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean has expressed his concerns about the many ‘untruths and lies’ found in the New Media.

Speaking in response to a question by a JC student during the recently held Pre-University seminar on the issue of press control in Singapore, DPM Teo said all countries, including the democratic ones have some sort of press control.

He used the example of the United States to illustrate the ‘demise’ of the mainstream media and of its media becoming an ‘echo chamber’ for people to hear only what they believe in.

“The more important question is how to have a responsible media. When I see some of the things going on in the New Media, I am quite concerned about it because there are untruths a lot of lies out there…,” he said.

DPM Teo added that what Singapore needs to have is a ‘responsible’ media to facilitate a ‘reasonable’ discussion among Singaporeans instead of ‘shouting’ at each other.

There is no independent media in Singapore. The only print media company Singapore Press Holdings is owned by the Singapore government while the only broadcasting station MediaCorp is owned by Temasek Holdings which in turn is owned by the Ministry of Finance.

The Singapore media is ranked 150th globally in terms of press freedom by U.S. NGO Freedom House this year.

*Above meme done by Daniel Tan

Watch DPM Teo speaks below:


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39 Responses to “DPM Teo: I am concerned about the many ‘lies’ in the New Media”

  1. SPH no 1 said

    everyone should only read, watch, listen to SPH and mediacock

  2. Lim said

    In that case Teo need not be there at all. The students ask each other questions, they answer them by themselves and they just send on all the questions and answers to DPM to implement and digest.

  3. Hannsg said

    From the video clip I certainly felt the same way as Reuben Wang felt. This DPM explanation is so hesitant and so “smoky”. When he criticized Mr. Low Thia Kiang and Mr. Png Eng Huat he never mince his words and came out so fluently.

  4. Sinkaporean said

    what do you think?

  5. sad said

    What do you think can be done? I will ask all of you(MP) the same question… …

    • DDmVoP said

      Just another trick question.

      “What do you think can be done” will only let people explore and explain away their initiatives if they have any. Whilst the Person in Question does not need to entertain said responses or even come up with his own response.

      Furthermore, what CAN be done, will not necessarily be done. Of course Singapore can survive without the influx of low to mid skilled foreigners. We have our own homebred locals who have arduously gone through the challenging life and educational process in Singapore. But will the jobs be given to us? Will it be done? I think not.

  6. Social media and New media are a good check against the lies propagated by the Mainstream Media. There was a CNA debate on this. Here is my input.

    CNA Debate: Social Media can do more harm than good (featuring PAP’s Vikram Nair)

  7. John said

    Are you fucking kidding me?
    MediaCorp is completely controlled by the government and all our mainstream media are PAP cheerleaders.
    If that is the only point he’s trying to make, he is extremely deluded.

  8. Ng Bee Ling said

    What about truths that are brushed off as though it never took place? It doesn’t matter if it goes to right media, but to have the right team of ppl to response and act on it. Talk is cheap.

  9. +60 said

    DPM, give the student one month of your pay, if their solution is implemented.
    You useless Papigs.

  10. LkySi said

    PAP Ministers, MPs, Straits Times, SPH and its associates are the genesis of all the lies, untruths. The pot should not call the kettle black.Shame on you Teo Chee Hean

  11. Who's that Farker ?? said

    This guy can star in a Frankenstein movie without any make up at all… and still frighten the daylights out of me. LOL !!!

  12. mahbok tan said

    Allo “wat du u tink” minister ,

    wat da fug are you talking about lies on new media , care to clarify….???

    Or u want us fellow SGporean sit one corner and do the thinking is it….????

    OK then clarify to us , whether temasek holding have make big losses…..did the GOVT of the day admit and release any information about it?????

    If there’s no transparency then better not talk about lies…..its just a matter of public perception and the onus is up to you all being paid millions to come out with an explanation to the common people……but prease…..prease….arh don’t come and tell me its a national security issue….!!!!

  13. Facts said

    I’m concerned about all the fiction stories I read in Straits Times too, where do I complain??

  14. Alvin said

    And you think we are not concern about the “truths” found in the current local Singapore media? Consider the reality of the current administration believing in the “truths” sprouted from their own system. Truth is, you can only ‘Polish the turd” that many times.

    • CKMPD said

      Well said, Alvin. It’s because Singaporeans dont trust the SG media that we turn to new and social media

  15. Alan Lau said

    how can we have responsible media when our very own media at our doorstep is already lying?

  16. MediaMan said

    So is DPM Teo admitting that the press media in Singapore is controlled by the Govt?? What he says contradicts what the Chief Editor of ST has said. And since he says there’s so many lies in the new media, the why doesn’t he come out to correct them??

  17. This calls for the Minister who ever he is, saying that the MEDIA is full of lies that worries him then he should have appeared from hiding not behind these lie and rebutted them because since it is state controlled. So either Minister or the Media have to be CORRECTED.

  18. CKMPD said

    What SG needs is an independent media which reports the whole truth.

    The SG media have failed badly. Singaporeans resort to new and alternative media because SG media have lost their credibility and Singaporeans dont trust them

  19. Blood suckers said

    I have only one sentence for you,

    Fuck you Teo……. You fucking useless bum that has no contribution from your stinky arse brain.

    Your parents never teach you manners. People ask you a question nicely. Don’t reply with a open ended question. You are million dollar minister who boastfully proclaim your intelligence. So give solutions, understand motherfucker.

    • CKMPD said

      Well said!! TCH needs to show some manners and respect for others. Otherwise, he should be prepared to be scolded

  20. Disgusted said

    I am concerned about many lies in the MSM too.

  21. Ken Lee said

    what do you think? i was pay millions, what do you think? i eat more salt then you what do you think??

  22. Von said

    What do I think? I suggest migrating to the other country.

    So what do you think of my suggestion, Mr. DPM Teo?

    • Migrate is the only way out said

      Yes, calling all able S’poreans to migrate while you still can and eligible.
      Remember to do your part by coming back to S’pore in every GE or to vote in overseas against PAP.

  23. Wolfglare said

    We Singaporean are more concern about the lies that PAP have been telling us all these years….the Singapore now does not belong to us Singaporean anymore cos u the PAP have sold us out to all your so call FT….who are useless just like our PAP government

  24. Tony said

    Want lies? Read Straits Times.

    Want more lies? Listen to PAP.

    • mother of all lies said

      agree with you.
      and the combination of lies from Straits Times and PAP = mother of all Lies.

      • S'pore for S'poreans said

        One of the criteria of a true democracy country is – independent press and media (with this TCH can never call new media untruth and full of lies), not forgetting freedom of speech, peaceful assembly, independent elections dept, abolishment of ISA.
        Let us not forget the meaning of 5 stars in our national flag, let us take back S’pore that truly belong to S’poreans in 2016.

  25. Who is the Greatest Liar? said

    Dear DPM, I see so many thousands of native Singaporeans out of work & jobless currently displaced by the relentless influx of your so-called ‘FTs’ that came from all over the world which you all, Pappigs happily imported & yet MSM & State Controlled ST had reported & published the Unemployment Rate in Singapore presently at a low of only 2%?

    How can this be & now you tell us who is the greatest liar of all times?

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