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Drunk Singaporean arrested for scolding PRC carpark warden ‘Go back to China!’

Posted by temasektimes on June 10, 2012

When a PRC family of five ‘hijacked’ a SBS Transit bus for five hours, the Singapore police dared not arrest them and even ‘escorted’ them down the bus after a taxi was called for them. However, when a Singaporean raised his voice at a PRC carpark warden, he was arrested on the spot.

A Singaporean man in his 50s who appeared to be drunk tried to borrow money from a PRC carpark warden doing his rounds, but was rebuffed. He then shouted at him repeatedly to ‘go back to China’.

The PRC carpark warden was peeved and called the police who arrived in double-quick time to arrest the Singaporean for ‘disorderly behavior’.

Despite the arrest, the PRC carpark warden refused to let the matter rest and said he intends to pursue it using whatever means possible.



39 Responses to “Drunk Singaporean arrested for scolding PRC carpark warden ‘Go back to China!’”

  1. Ken Lee said

    o he is the one that vote for WP? are this places call Singapore still the place we born? can we still call this our home?

  2. singaporeans said

    They are descendants of imperial scholars. Dun complain lar peasants.

  3. FR said

    He should get a warning. The PRC woman on a flight from China to Singapore who threatened to make a whole plane disappear, was only given a warning.

    • FR said

      A woman allegedly threatened to make the Tiger Airways plane she was travelling on disappear during a four-hour fiasco.

      The incident happened at 10.40am on 20 May when the flight was travelling from Guangzhou to Singapore. After the plane had taken off, the woman asked to have her seat changed.

      When her request was denied, she began making a scene.

      According to an eyewitness, Lin Baoguang, the woman shouted at the passengers asking them whether they remember the 911 incident.

      She allegedly said that she has the ability to make the plane disappear.

      Mr Lin said the woman – dressed in t-shirt and jeans – appeared to be in her thirties and was around 1.7m tall.

      There was drama brewing even before the plane took off.

      The woman was said to have started screaming that she was hungry and questioned why there was no food being served.

      An air steward explained to her that food items could only be sold after take-off.

      Furthermore, during landing the woman refused to fasten her seat belt.

      The police confirmed that they received a call for assistance at the Budget Terminal. A spokesperson from the budget carrier said that the woman has been warned and that she promised not to repeat her behavior.

      • YOUR GRAND FATHER said

        such a serious matter just teceived warning. when a citizen shouting at PAP MP he got arrested and sued.

      • Big Daddy said

        This old slut needs a good fuck also, send her to me, I will fuck her till she can’t stand up.

      • Daft Peasants said

        wah ha ha ha ha……………………..she can make the plane disappeared huh??

        She better than David Copperfield !!!!

        Ha ha ha ha ha……….si beh ho chio…….

  4. sweetee said

    Funny Sg laws, if you hit someone, the police say, “go make a magistrate’s complaint”. But saying “go back” you get arrested?
    So in sg, assault is minor compared to words. Well done!!.

  5. True Singaporean said

    Not surprised. Singapore has become Cheena-pore – a province of China, SPF must protect the PRC citizens otherwise they will called up by LKY, LHL and their PAP government who prefer these foreigners rather than their Singapore-born citizens. Singapore no longer belongs to SIngaporeans and this is no longer the place that we can call home.
    Too many foreigners and Singaporeans are being deprived of their jobs by these foreigners who are controlling the private companies.

  6. funnylitteboy said

    Hi Temasek times, where’s the tread to PRC family of five ‘hijacked’ a SBS Transit bus for five hours?

  7. Wolfglare said

    Nowadays these PRC FT or any other FT have more protection than us Singaporean cos there have the backing of PAP now these FT are 1st class citizen while we Singaporean are are worse than dog in the eye of our PAP government

  8. Sean said

    such is the corrupt state of things when certis cisco issues summons for the police, in the name of profits, therefore turning law enforcement into a for-profit business, & chinarians/foreigners are also allowed to fine Singaporeans as their jobs.

  9. Sam Gunner said

    Car park Wardens?
    Ive seen PRC people employed by LTA as Parking Wardens going around and issuing fines for illegal parking.
    Wearing the LTA uniform.
    Can anyone confirm this?

  10. Jenny said

    Double standard at its best.

    SPF is always fast to arrest Singaporeans.

  11. HUAN-DUI-TONG said


  12. voice fron the origin singapore said

    Fuuk all foreign bastard..esp Pinoy bastard

  13. Free Trolley said

    This one is the fault of the Singaporean.

  14. LkySi said

    The PRC carpark warden should be patrolling Joo Chiat/ Geylang areas. She can moonlight there and income is much more than the peanuts she is getting

    • Big Daddy said

      I will fuck her in her carpark warden uniform, I’ve always want to fuck one of these hard, but the local ones cannot make it. If it’s a PRC sluts in carpark warden uniform, I will fuck her till her vagina tear and she scream for help.

  15. Ken said

    hmmmm…but it is the man;s fault in this case, right ? You cannot ask that PRC to go back as you are asking money from someone. I would say that drunker should be penalized. Let’s be fair and open on all social issues, Singaporeans.


      you are the ass licker?


      Mr racist Pro-PRC foreign talent man from TREmeritus is here!

      So how many Minority Singaporeans have you discriminated against today?

    • Jack sparrow said

      My friend, are you ok?

      A PRC calling singaporean dogs, a pinoy calling malays fuking bastards, and they get away scot free? A fellow singaporean telling a prc to go home gets arrested?

      You mad bro?

  16. 龙的传人 said


  17. The Decay of society

  18. Steve Lee said

    If what @FR said was true, then perhaps the drunk Singaporean should be treated equally with the PRC in the plane incident and be given a warning too and be told not to repeat his bad behaviour.

  19. cost that cost ! said

    singapore so double standard???? … why like that? i think will not be so simple.

  20. siangneng said

    When it’s Chinaporean vs Singaporean, it seems Singaporean is always the loser! It’s saddening.

  21. Daft Peasants said

    I like this kind of news……i want this kind of situation to happen everyday till GE2016…….so that the anger will once and for all explode in the pappies’ faces…….

    ha ha ha ha….more, more……..

  22. SG said

    KNN PRC – Waiting for racial riot to kick off between the local & the PRC..

  23. Ben said

    By reading the chinese article , I don’t see the PRC is wrong . Ask your heart , if anybody ask money from you , will u give ? Moreover he is drunk .And if u refuse to gv it to him or her they don’t give up and cont harass u wat u do ? Report police right ? As a Singaporean we must know the fact and don’t just put the blame on others . Right ? Why should we act so uncivilized

  24. Pro FT is the result of it said

    This is worse than racial discrimination, it is country discrimination, so it is the pro-FT policy had resulted in it!

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