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Singapore girl: NSFs doing 24km Road March are LOSERS!

Posted by temasektimes on June 10, 2012

The 24 km road march during Basic Military Training (BMT) is a compulsory ‘ritual’ for all recruits before they can pass out. However one Singapore girl does not seem to think much of it.

Miss Ong posted a single word on a Facebook photo depicting a group of NSFs doing the road march:


Her view was shared by another Singapore girl Jennifer Wong who retorted:

“What is the big deal?”

Her comment sparked an outroar in Hardwarezone forum with many forumers condemning her for it.

According to information posted on her Facebook, Angie Ong is currently studying Business at Nanyang Technological University:

All Singapore-born males have the serve two years of compulsory National Service followed by many more years of reservist to protect the nation to provide a safe and secure environment for foreigners from all over the world to find work and enjoy life in Singapore.


64 Responses to “Singapore girl: NSFs doing 24km Road March are LOSERS!”

  1. Mark Roche said

    CB mouth

    • lost cause said

      this shows our complete failure in educating even our female better halves in understanding the need to sacrifice 2 years followed by more than 10 years of national service for the defense of this nation.

      this gal need some serious re-education and Mr Heng Swee Kiat needs to add a new national defense textbook that will be tested.

      if we cant even educated our gals properly, how are we to educate and integration the foreigners who outnumber us?

      its wishful thinking, very wishful dreams in your deepest of sleep.

  2. Ken Lee said

    “LOSER” ya she right! all kanna con by serving NS! should get the new citizen and PR to do it instead! once they step in singapore and wanted to be PR or citizen they should on the sport get call up! serve 3 year and finish the reservist also!

    • DDmVoP said


      As a sign of ‘dedication’ to the PR status. Hahah then we see who will come.

      We forgetting WWII ready. You let ‘foreigners’ come here work here. Trouble happens, and whos the first to hightail it back to their country???

      • Myopinion said

        I’m a citizen too. For your info, pr and new citizen of age 21 and below have to serve NS too.

      • Fuck China said

        To “Myopinion”. For your info, alot of PRs and new citizen wait until after age 21 then they convert to AVOID NS!!!. yet those who have served NS still have to reservist until fucking 40!!! for wospecs and 50!!! for officers. Fucking big loop hole for them to avoid NS. wtf….. Sg should follow south korea increase the age limit till 30-35. No reason why they cant serve NS after 21 when pp like us who have served NS can still reservist untill 40/50. The government are attracting foreigners (esp tiong kok) at the expense of legitimate Singaporeans!!!

  3. FUCK THIS BITCH! said

    All these cuntwhorebitches should be sent to a concentration camp as comfort woman, get fucked by a few hundred NSF everyday till their pussy swell, their small breast pinch until blue black!

  4. Shoot It Down said

    It’s time to abolish the draft!

    When our own girls don’t think too much of it, you know that mandatory national service is going the way of the dinosaurs. Workers’ Party, wake up, and stop giving support to this PAP-conceived meaningless conscription.

    • Azure said

      It’s time to stop the Internet generalisation.

      When our own people think that a single person represents the entire population, we know that we need to invest more into education. Workers’ Party/PAP, stop scandals and dramas, instead, focus on making Singapore a better country.

  5. aloysius12 said

    Ignored these damsels of pinoys; cheap way of getting attention to themselves.

  6. Wilson said

    Agrees. Us guys who are forced to sacrifice our youth to the male-mandatory National Slavery to defend PES-A females and FTs are truly the losers indeed.

    • Fuck New citizens and PRs who never serve NS said

      What she meant might be losers for forcing legitimate singaporeans to serve NS (where many NSFs died) while fucking PRs and new citizens can avoid NS after 21.

  7. Free Trolley said

    Jennifer’s pose: Wow.

  8. lol said

    all the single ladies! lol forever single.

  9. thecakeisalie said

    NSFs are just there to take the blame whenever screw-ups occur in camp. It’s true, we are WEAK LOSERs.

  10. Danzel Ang said

    u do 24 km they tired of cos slp on mrt la but for those people not NS de yea scold them :)btw we are all human we are all equal

    • Jl2nUvv said

      Yah lor. You pay, i pay. Everybody pay. Some more we do route march, train to protect citizens and fts. Underpaid summore. We are the ones who deserve to sit, of all people.

      Cb mouth neh do anythg still complain if cannot get seat. What have you done mann?

  11. Yes, she is right

  12. Mikey said

    Major typo in the article!!

    She spelt “I love ang mo cock!” wrongly..

    Kids these days… tsk tsk..

  13. Andy said

    I got 99 problems in NS but a bitch aint one.

  14. studentinsg said

    I find it funny how her name was censored in the first picture and later revealed in the last one.

  15. Alan Lau said

    in the MRT …. 95% are bitches who takes the seat and refuses to give it up when a needy person comes along …

    • Toh Kian Hwee said

      Sg girls are pampered bunch of spoilt brats. Sg guys are finding them increasingly undesirable. No wonder our government is importing young foreign ladies (PRCs, pinays, Vietnamese, blondes, etc.) by the truckloads to increase the birth rate.

    • joe said

      you are damn right…

  16. Mark said

    Angie Ong. Tell me what is winner please. Loser.

    • Angie the whore said

      When she organise a gang bang, invite 100000, then 50 bangla turn up and fuck her till her cheebye smelly smelly, that’s a winner.

  17. truthopensecret said

    thats why taiwanese women r better. they understand what their males r going thru and respect them. sg women r too materistic..

  18. Just expose her Parents…and this little big mouth bitch will be sorry for her remarks.

  19. Steve Lee said

    Is she right? Are the winners FT’s, Ang Moh’s, foreigners and Singapore women who continue to progress up the corporate ladder, acquire higher qualifications, achieve higher positions and make real money? Someone please say that I am wrong.

  20. i5htar said

    if there is WAR she is 1st to be rape!!! History tell us the truth!!!

  21. CockroachFaceLady said

    Seriously congrats for your sincere yet dumb opinion bitch…

  22. IronMan said

    We go thru shit, yet still being treated like shit, by our own people. Where is the pride in serving NS, PAP govt?

  23. RC said

    I think she meant that some people fall into the ‘loser’ category. Looks like a response to the picture.

  24. These days there are a lot of insensitive comments made online about how NS is easy. I think partly is because many women do not understand what NS is about and the military jargon used could be a major factor in creating the knowledge gap.

    To solve this problem, I have made this dictionary a Guide to NS Lingo for girls. Please pass this on so that girls can be educated about NS lingo and from there understand what NS is really about when guys talk abt it! =)

  25. lu now said

    Angie, your face look like shxx!

  26. ASH said

    Fuck you bitch!Don’t talk as though you have been through NS. Fucking bitch do not know how of hardship our NS boys go through while training. Must put these type of shallow people in the army first so that they would think twice before posting a comment about how weak or strong our Ns men are.

  27. annyhow said

    her context of losers refers to the picture shared in 9gag. use some brains people, before cursing and swearing and ask her her to be F* by NS man. Are you guys saying that NS are so desperate and lusty?

    • Nasty said

      When we say fuck, it doesn’t necessarily mean a cock into that pussy, you can fuck someone with a broomstick too…

      just saying.
      She would look like a great lollypop with a broomstick up her cb.

    • DisLev said

      yup, you people really need to really know what she meant -_-, dont be blinded by some HWZ seeking attention guy RJ45Cable guy who laugh at a nsf dieing last year and trying to gain net fame again by ripping off post from his FB without the actual comments and pasting everywhere -.-

  28. If you got the gut, ask the government to scrape off NS lah. You think we guys like to serve ns ar?

    • Joel Tan said

      Mr Huang, I am glad that unlike other anonymous users you have the guts to use your real name. I propose that you let us know how you came to the conclusion that she was referring to the NSFs shown in the photograph.

  29. hateSPG said

    if you been through it (NS) and thinks nothing of it… well i respect your opinion and you have your rights… but if you never go through what we went through… then take your shallow comments and shove it up your loose CB, and ask your loser fat angmo bf to hold on to them (your f-ed up comments) while he camp inside your smelly cb…

  30. James said

    Yes, we are losers in your eyes Angie. But when the real shit hits the fan, I will make sure I go feed you to the enemies that come knockin’ our shores so they can queue and hump you like there’s no tomorrow for them. Of course, when it’s over, there won’t be any tomorrows for the enemies cos we NSFs will wipe them off our shores. But after they have had a good hump with you. Yup we NSFs are losers! You can bet your hump on it!

  31. Invictus said

    Should follow the Isrealis where woman too perform national service. Let these ladies feel how it’s like to become loser in Singapore.
    Sadly, in this case, a degree doesn’t give one wisdom

  32. Gerlyn said

    I agree with HateSPG and James. Angie you have not been to NS and I’m sure you have totally no idea of what the guys are going through. My bf is a PR and he is serving NS in OCS now. I only get to see him on weekends and sometimes, once in a month if he is away oveseas for training. You have no idea how they have survived it.

    Have you tried waking up everyday in the morning at 5am and run 3km?
    Have you tried carrying a 40kg field bag and march 6km? (You might not even be able to lift the bag up, let alone walk with the bag on your shoulders)
    Have you tried getting your feet soaked wet in mud, not being able to change your socks for the whole entire day and getting foot rot for the entire 2 weeks?
    Have you tried getting bitten by hundreds of mosquitoes whenever you wanna take a dump in the forest?
    Have you tried rushing through the exercise but still get punished to do 200 push ups yet unable to utter a complaint?
    Have you even thought of all these?
    You may think they are just dirty loser soldiers, but they are dirty because they fight for our country.

    You have not stepped on the path they have ran through. I feel proud of the men serving NS. The song that they sang during POP still lingers in my mind. 2 years of their time is never wasted.

  33. Joel Tan said

    This is nothing more than an attendance list for the grammatically inept. If you can read, you should know that Ms Angie Ong here was answering to the question as shown in caption. To take her only word out of context and claim that she made a reference to anyone else but herself does her injustice.

  34. Zhang said

    Singaporean themselves mocking their point blaming and flaming foreigners

  35. banana said

    Jennifer Wong

    The one who said
    What’s the big deal???
    if these boys r so “strong” ask them TO GIVE UP SEAT IN MRT and not pretend to sleep then wake up in their stop, such a disgrace to see such act!
    where are the maids army? they are the strongest army in the world!

    What’s the use of having a not bad looking face but spout utter nonsense without going through her brain? Hey, Jennifer Wong, you didn’t even serve NS you have no right to comment on them! The NS guys are tired from their day serving the country, and you? Should they just give up their seat to let you, who is not pregnant, not old, not a child, and not handicapped sit just because you’re a female who had perhaps just finished shopping? NO.

  36. Angus said

    So another of these girls acting like this, and you all no-lifers come in a rage the hell out…

    What is wrong with you people? you know that we have some hopeless generation of youths like this bimbo acting out her ignorance and you people are following suit?

    and what more? this site adds in the picture to create distractions for the all the people to rage, rage, rage rage

    This Bitch should be worked out by a good punishment, or maybe she can give an excuse of mental disorder and get away with it

    In the end we are being the fools…

    On the other hand read positive articles! such as Singaporean sports, how our athletes are doing, how are our musicians, artists? how about you guys pay attention to that to feel proud!?

    This type of article not only stirs negative emotion, it can also be responsible for how you day might turn up?!

    So Please can TT try to put up some good national articles and can please Singaporeans try to appreciate them?

    This site is next to STOMP if not

  37. john said

    another prostitute like girl.

  38. Joel Tan said

    Ask yourself, what gives you the right to claim that she was referring to the NSFs depicted in the photo?

  39. Wj said

    Ns man 24km route march is a loser, why don’t she go carry the field pack, full of stuff inside inside, carry a rifle and walk the 24km route march. Let her feel pain.

  40. Alex said

    Aftet all I don’t understand why do we have to care about her comment. She haven’t nvr even serve army for 2 mth. May be after 2km walk with army boot can already kill her. Or may be her papa also chao keng one.

  41. Alex said

    Oh one more thing to add, if there is no seat u girl can always sit on our lap and stop complaining. It is just that u all choose not to sit. Then too bad

  42. Foxy said

    Angie ong, your face looks sucks! BJ me also I feel dirty, later have to wash with soap!

  43. Elsa said

    I am truly upset about how the youth and public react to such trivial matter. It is a matter of misunderstanding from the public. Whether this misunderstanding came from one of her friend on her friend list to frame her to post it on the forums or she posted it to make herself famous is not the main issue. I think we should go into the correct and considerate behaviour on the internet.

    I manage to screen through a few pages in the forum and noticed that one of the ex principal was also accused. Does these netizen know what you are typing up on the internet? Maybe these the girl has no power to go against all these slanders but other who were not involved and being mentioned might take actions too.

    I urged the public to be more sensitive with usage of words on the social media and also to look deeper into the situations before concluding nasty sentences like these. It will only tarnish the impression of Singaporeans if we were to behave this way (referring to the attitude and words being use on the internet)

    • Azure said

      That is true, but we cannot deny the fact that anonymity results in bolder statements being made on the Internet. If you look at the Internet from the perspective of an internet-proficient user, you will realise that the Internet is not built to turn out the same as a newspaper. To put it simply, many people “trashtalk” on the Internet without much care of the consequences. You could say that the Internet community has, as a whole, arrived at a consensus that downplays the significance of contents put up on the Internet. You insulted my family? I will insult yours too. In the end, nobody is going to pay much attention to it. It doesn’t turn out to be as bad when compared to real life interactions because when people are using the Internet, they have already made up their mind that whatever happens on it is NOT AS IMPORTANT.

      What is important is WHERE exactly is the Internet headed? Are we going to continue using Internet the same way? Or are we going to be placing more emphasis on the Internet community’s behaviour and start saying “What is put up there actually DOES matter.”? It really is a decision that people are going to be making in the near future.

  44. D D said

    Know why she complained and said loser, cos her boyfriend is a Full Time NS Man. After 24km gave excuse that tired cannot F her. She pissed off posed this la….Actual reason is boyfriend see her face also sian so use tired as excuse not to F her……

  45. comment said

    Angie Ong –

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